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Jacob P 5/6/14


How do natural disasters affect our world?
Natural Disasters are natural events that kill people damages property or the Environment.
There are many different kinds of natural disasters, some of which are common and others
of which only happen occasionally. The three Disasters I am going to tell you are Tsunamis,
Earthquakes, and Floods all of these are deadly. But all of these disasters cant be avoided,
people can learn from their effects and be prepared for the aftermath. So look out for the

Tsunamis occur in all parts of the word. A Tsunami is an ocean wave or
group of waves caused by a giant movement of the seabed, usually an
earthquake. The Tsunami reaches land, the waves increase size and
crash ashore, causing terrible damage to low-lying coastal areas. the
Tectonic plates in this area had been pushing against each other, they
continue to do so and will likely cause underwater earthquakes and
Tsunamis in the future. A tsunami is a series of waves, and the first
wave may not be the most dangerous. A tsunami wave train may
come five minutes to an Hour.

On 26 December 2004 near the west cost of the Indonesian island of Sumratra . The violent
movement of sections of the Earths crusts known as
tectonic plates displaced an enormous amount of
water, sending powerful shock waves in every
direction. Measuring 9.0 and 600 miles long created
tsunamis that killed 200,000 people in 11 countries
and including 155 British citizens. Some of the waves
we were as high as 10 metres, taller than a three-
storey building. More of the immense waves raced
to Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, and African.
Tsunamis make damage but look out for over

2004 Tsunami hits
The Tsunami
Jacob P 5/6/14


Earth quakes occur in all parts of the world. Earthquakes dont
kill people buildings do. Earthquake a shaking of the Earths
surface. When the ground shaks, everything attached to it also
shaks. They occur when Layers of underground rock suddenly
change position. Scientists think that more than 8,000 small
earthquakes happen every day, but we do not feel most of
them. There are three types of Earthquakes tectonic, Volcanic
and explosion. It can take less than a minute for an earthquake
to destroy everything.

In July 1201, The Historys Deadliest Earthquakes, a powerful earth quake struck the area
around the east Mediterranean Sea. More than one million people died. Most of the deaths
were in the area that is now the countries Egypt and Syria, No other earth quakes ever
recorded has killed so many people. That is scary. Earthquakes make damage but look out
for over disasters
Floods occur in all parts of the world. A flood occurs when a
large amount of waste covers land that is usually is usually
dry.. Heavy rain and storms can cause flooding, mudslides
and landslides. Many floods take several days or weeks to
build up, but flash floods can for in just a few hours. A heavy
downpour of rain in one place quickly fills gorges and
valleys. Some flash floods occur in deserts the last place you
might expect a flood.
In 1993, heavy rain caused flooding along the Mississippi
and Missouri Rivers in the U.S.A. Towns were destroyed in
the city of St Louis, where the rivers meet, some places
remained underwater for 200 days, the flooding caused $20
billion worth of damage.
1990 floods from the Mississippi and Missouri rivers Hits
How a flood looks
An earthquake
Jacob P 5/6/14
All of the disaster are deadly and people get home less because all of their homes are
destyed our building are as well and the another disaster are deadly as well and the
another disaster are deadly as well as Tsunami, Earthquakes and Floods. The most deadliest
disaster is the

increase -become or make greater in size
seabed- The ground under the sea or the ocean floor
Wave train- a group of waves of equal or similar in the same direction.
tectonic plates- massive, irregularly shaped slab of solid rock