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'------------------------------------< Game Reversing >-'
Mount+Blade: Warband v1.1
(c)Paradox +9 Trainer
1) Start the game
2) Start the trainer
3) Refer to the hotkeys below
4) Enjoy!
If you encounter issues with the trainer not working, please ensure you
disable any security software temporarily (particularly firewalls).
If using Vista or Windows 7, make sure you run the game and the trainer
as/in an Administrator user/mode and/or disable UAC from control panel.
Users with x64 (64-bit) Windows operating systems should bear this in
mind. My trainers are created for x86 (32-bit games). If a game has a
64-bit component, then you should refrain from using it, unless my
trainer notes specifically state that it's for such an environment.
A minority of anti-virus software may detect this release as malicious.
This is a false-positive as a result of the trainers compression.
Please add it to your exceptions/whitelist if it becomes a problem.
Trainer options are activated using the NUMPAD on the right side of the
keyboard. You will need NUMLOCK 'On' for the hotkeys to works properly.
Laptop users may need to plug in a USB keyboard to get these keys.
All options are toggles with the exception of teleport and 'add' hacks.
Turn off the options when not needed and between loads/saves changes.
Hotkey # Option
------ -- ------
Num1 1 Infinite Attribute Points
Num2 2 Infinite Skill Points
Num3 3 Infinite Weapon Points
Num4 4 Add 10,000 Denars (Money)
Num5 5 Add 1000 Experience
Num6 6 Infinite Health
Num7 7 One-Hit Kill
Num / 8 [Teleport] Save Location
Num * - [Teleport] Load Location
Num - - [Teleport] Undo Last Load
Num0 9 Freeze People
Detailed Notes
Most of the trainer options require no further explanation, but there
are some which need to be used in a certain way, or with a degree of
care. I have explained such options below to remove any confusion:
#1-3 - Gives you limitless points to spend on the character screen.
#4-5 - Activate and then enter (or re-enter) the inventory screen.
#6 - You can't die. Certain special game events may kill you though.
This won't work for your horse or any other enemies and so on.
#7 - Allows you to take out enemies in one-hit only!
#8 - Teleport works as follows. Use the first hotkey to backup your
current position in the game world. After moving about for a
while you can use the second hotkey to recall this saved place
and immediately revert back to this spot. You can make use of
the third (safety) hotkey to jump back to the last load.
#9 - Causes all non-player NPC's to freeze on the spot.
If you haven't purchased the full trainer then don't expect a fast
(or any) reply. Customers will always receive priority support.
Spam and abuse will be reported and pursued through the relevant
channels. Don't like what I do? Then keep it to yourself! Period.
Have fun!

This trainer release is intended for singleplayer use only! I
don't support MP cheating of any kind. Any queries relating to
this trainer not working in MP will simply be ignored.

Full version releases are personalized and encrypted upon download.
This is to prevent illegal distribution. Users who are found to be
engaged in such action will have their rights revoked and will not
be eligible for future trainers and updates. Please respect the work!
Promo trainers may be spread freely so long as they are not altered.
Such releases are provided in order for you to test the compatibility
with your system before purchasing the full version. As such, they
may have limited features and are not guaranteed to work for you.
|Credits |
|~~~~~~~ |
| |
|Thanks to STN for the use of his trainer engine work, which I've |
|modified for the GUI part of my releases. SaxxonP for the tune. |
|Finally, thanks to CheatScapes and the team for the opportunity |
|to use their store. It's great to be able to make even a little |
|back, in exchange for the many hours of hard work that goes into |
|creating decent trainers. I'd encourage others to do the same. |