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Tampa Bay Chapter

Volume XXXI, No.5

“Working Together for Peace, Freedom and Justice” Tel: 727-345-4280

Vol. XXXI No.6

Sept 2007

Jun 2007

Monthly Speaker Series (The People Speak)
Date: Saturday, Sep 29, 2007 Time: 11:45 AM Location: The University of Tampa The Vaughn Center, 9th Floor –Crescent Room 401 W. Kennedy Boulevard , Tampa, FL 33606 (Parking is available anywhere on campus, including the faculty car park opposite the Vaughn Center entrance and the faculty parking area on the first floor of the Thompson Parking Garage at the North Boulevard entrance to the University just off Kennedy.) Reservations Required: RSVP at http://unatampabay.org, and Make Payment, see coupon on page 3.

The Topic this month, presented by Dean Frank Ghannadian Ph.D. will be:

“Financing Development in the 21st Century”
(Economic Objectives and Agenda of the UN)
Dr. Frank Ghannadian, is Dean of the College of Business at the University of Tampa. The new dean of UT’s John H. Sykes College of Business brought a wealth of international experience to The University of Tampa when he assumed his new role this fall. “Globalization is becoming one of the major thrusts of the world economy, and students need to learn that we’re all connected,” says Dr. Ghannadian. He served as associate dean and chief operating officer of the Stetson School of Business at Mercer University’s Atlanta campus. In his tenure at Stetson, he directed the studies abroad program, initiated an international business concentration and an executive MBA program, and developed relationships with more than 130 multinational companies. He also has forged partnerships with three universities on different continents, including Hong Kong Baptist University. A native of Azerbaijan, Ghannadian speaks four languages, including Farsi and Turkish. He would like to focus on expanding the international component of the business school, he said, and create more international connections and opportunities in Europe and Asia for the Sykes College of Business. “The mechanism is already there to be able to do that,” he said. “UT has outstanding international programs, and I would like to see all business students be a part of the Study abroad program.” In addition to establishing the executive MBA program at Stetson, Ghannadian shepherded the school through the accreditation process for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This experience prepares him for Sykes reaccreditation, he said, which comes due in the next two years. “The no. one goal is to make sure we get
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From the PRESIDENT'S Desk…..
At a summit in Sept. 2000 the largest gathering of world leaders in history adopted the UN Millennium Declaration, committing their nations to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty and hunger, achieve universal primary education, promote gender equality, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases, ensure environmental sustainability, and development global partnership for development. These are a set of clearly-defined, measurable and broadly-endorsed development objectives that are the focus of an unprecedented global effort with a time-bound target of 2015. International organizations, governments, and private sector groups have all coordinated their development work around the MDGs. Consequently the world has made a lot of progress toward these goals. Between 1990 and 2002, average incomes have increased by 21%,. The number of people in extreme poverty has declined an estimated 130 million. Child mortality rates fell by 14%. Life expectancy increased by 3%. An additional 8% of the developing world’s people received access to water. And an additional 15% acquired access to improved sanitation. There is a problem with these numbers because progress has been far from uniform On January 17, 2005, the United Nations Secretary-General launched the UN Millennium’s report entitled “Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to Achieve the MDGs.” The report recommends that rich countries double their investments in poor countries to reach the Millennium Development Goals. Halving extreme poverty by 2015 and going beyond to eliminate it by 2025. Looking ahead, it is up to people like you and me to be unrelenting advocates to assure that our country’s political will and fair share of the economic where-with-all is provided. That’s part of “financing development for the 21st century.” --- Paul Yingst ——————————PROGRAM Continued from pg 1 reaffirmed with AACSB,” he said. “That takes priority over everything else, and everything will be facultydriven.” In addition, Ghannadian said he would like the faculty to have more time to do research and publish articles. He hopes to offer more executive programs and either expand or consolidate the centers and institutes already in place. “As a long-term goal, I would like Sykes to be the premier business school in the Southeast,” he said. Ghannadian holds a doctorate from Georgia State University, a master’s degree in business administration from Queens College and a bachelor’s degree with a major in industrial management from the University of Tennessee.

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR! ————————————————————— Roslyn Linnen, Tampa Bay UNA VP of Membership, was recently voted Volunteer of the Year by the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. She has served on their Board of Directors as Corresponding Secretary and volunteers continuously in many of their projects such as the "3 Days of Caring," the Arts & Crafts Committee, Membership Tea Committee, has attended the FFWC Spring and Fall Conventions in Orlando, and is her club's liaison for the Coalition for the Homeless. She also recently served as co=chair of the Club’s Annual Charity Lunch and Fashion Show to benefit 36 different charities which address health, education, safety, the environment, and the arts for children, women and the community. In addition, she is an Elder at the Church on the Bayou, Chair of Christian Education there, does Adult Bible Study, and helped to develop the Youth Ministry Committee. She is a volunteer at the Shepherd Center, works in the soup kitchens, at the reception desk dispensing groceries, and serves the Shepherd Center as their liaison to the Pinellas County Coalition for the Homeless. She is the Coalition contact person for the North Pinellas Cold Night Shelter. She's active in the African American Club of West Pasco County, is Secretary of the AARP Chapter of Pasco County, and attended the Conference on the Status of Women at the United Na-tions for the National Council of Women this past March. As Vice President of Membership for the United Nations Association of Tampa Bay, she went to Washington, D.C. to receive the award for the second highest increase in membership of the 175 UNA Chapters in the United States. Under Roslyn‘s leadership Tampa Bay UNA has grown to 201 members as of July 1, and our membership records have been closely and accurately coordinated with National’s, and our mailing lists, email and USPS, continuously scrutinized. Roslyn has served as Co-Chair, with Judy Hoffman, of the 2007 Nominating Committee. Roslyn has chosen to step down at the end of 2007 for personal reasons. We will miss her dedication, dependability, and friendliness. —————————TAMPA BAY CHAPTER MEMBERSHIPS
We wish to welcome the following since our last report: New members (12): Corey Lilburn; Rebecca Gross-Tieder & William Tieder; Jaimie Acosta; Kimberley Williams; Mr Raju Chetty; Mr Sadi Fackih; Mary Gura; Jamie Pilarczyk; Lorena Villavicencio; Ashlee Minehart,; and Sharon Qureshi. Renewals (12): Dr. Cathy Eberhart; Professor William Felice; Joyanna Gamble-George; Merle & Myrna Allshouse; Cordell Chavis; Dena & Hansel Leavengood; Ryan Nevel; Ira Spear; Dorothy Steiniger; and John Volger.

- New> If you have email, please RSVP on-line at http://unatampabay.org, You can still fill out The University of Tampa this coupon and mail with your check. Payment in advance highly preferred. From the North: UNA-USA Tampa Bay Chapter Luncheon Meeting Reservation I-75 South to I-275 South. Exit 45A (Downtown EastSaturday, Sept 29, 2007 11:45 am Location: The Univ. of Tampa, Vaughn Center, 9th Flr West). Follow signs for reserve yourWestfor lunch send this coupon with your check made payable to: To Downtown seat and then take the Ashley Dr./Tampa St. Exit. StayChapterright for Ashleymail by Monday Sept 24 to: Tampa Bay to the UNA-USA and Dr. and follow to Kennedy Blvd. Turn right on Kennedy Blvd., Ms Sujatha Chetty, Treasurer crossing the Hillsborough River. Turn right at the first light 5222 Beach Breeze Court at the main entrance of the University. Tampa FL 33609 [ ] $ 15.00 Students Name______________________________________ From the East: [ ] $ 18.00 Members Phone ______________________________________ I-4 West to I-275 Exit 45A 20.00 Non-Members [ ] $ (Downtown East-West). Exit will e-mail Address _______________________________ be just west of the I-4 and I-275Donation (Tax signs for [ ] $_____ split. Follow Deductible) Downtown West and then take the Ashley Dr./Tampa St. -Exit. Stay to the right for Ashley Dr. and follow to Kennedy Blvd. Turn right on Kennedy Blvd., crossing the Hillsborough River. Turn right at the first light at the main entrance ****************** of the University. From the South: I-75 North to Exit 256 (Crosstown Expressway). CrossThe United Nations and all Ave./Davis and town Expressway to Exit 5 “Hyde Park its agencies Islands” funds spend crossing the Hillsborough River). Turn right exit (right after about $20 billion each year, or about $3 for on each of the world's inhabitants. at Kennedy Blvd. Turn Plant Ave., go to the dead end This is a very small sum leftcompared to most government budgets and itat the main on Kennedy Blvd. Turn right at the first light is just a tiny fraction University. entrance of the of the world's military spending. Yet for

UN Finance

The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be!
There is so much misinformation out of Washington, the average person doesn’t know what to believe. One official who has been sounding off a lot is David Walker, Comptroller General of the United States. He heads the General Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress. He’s jolted a lot of top government officials with his strait talk that the US Government is on a “burning platform” of unsustainable policies and practices with fiscal deficits, chronic healthcare underfunding, overseas military commitments, immigration, etc. With the looming retirement of baby boomers, spiraling healthcare costs, plummeting savings rates and increasing reliance on foreign lenders, the US faces unprecedented fiscal risks. Our very prosperity is placing greater demands on our infrastructure, and we’re not keeping up with maintenance, a large obligation. Walker says that we are not taking all this seriously enough, and that he is trying to issue a wake-up call to government officials. The people have got to be told the truth so that they will put the pressure on the government. Walker was appointed to his position by the President in the mid-nineties. His job carries a 15-year term which puts him in a more non-partisan position. He recognizes that some of his long-term simulations are chilling. But our future requires tough decisions today. The trillions of dollars that the US owes to China, Japan, and oil-producing countries of the Middle East, countries that finance our national debt and balance of payments, are a great concern at a time of global financial instability. In his many speeches, Walker has related many real scenarios that could result. Some are scary. And finally, he even likened the position of the US to the fall of the Roman Empire which fell, among

nearly two decades, the UN has faced financial difficulFrom the West: been forced to cut back on important proties and it has I-275 North to Exit 44 Many member states have not paid grams in all areas. (Downtown West). Ashley Dr. south to Kennedy dues and have cut their donations to the UN's their full Blvd. Turn right on Kennedy Blvd., crossing the Hillsborough River. Turn right at the first light at the voluntary funds. As of March 31, 2007, members' armain entrance of the University.

rears to the Regular Budget topped $1,355 million, of which the United States alone owed $785 million (58% RESERVATIONS & Payment in Advance Reof the regular budget arrears). quested: Use coupon on pg 3. Note amount and deadline. Many proposals for UN reform deal with restructuring the UN's funding. Some suggest that the UN must seek alternative financing sources to fund its programs. Proposals include instituting a global tax on currency transactions, while others propose environmental taxes and taxes on the arms-trade. However, member states responsible for the highest contributions are reluctant to reform the system, fearing they would lose political leverage. This section examines the UN’s financial condition and offers proposals for alternative financing of the UN.

———————— Cont’d from Col.2 other reasons, because(1)declining moral and ethical values and political comity at home, (2)overconfidence and overextension abroad, and (3)fiscal irresponsibility by the central government. He acknowledges that the third area is the focus of his responsibility, and that we must act now before it’s too late.
Source: Search web at David Walker GAO

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