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“Working Together for Peace, Freedom and Justice”

Volume XXXI, No.4

May 2007

Regular Monthly Meeting
Date: Saturday, May 26, 2007 Time: 11:45 th St. N. Largo FL 33760 Location: . St. Petersburg College EpiCenter - 13805 58 Directions: From Tampa I-275 – South Right on Route 688, Ulmerton Rd. (Exit 31) to 58th St. Turn right. EpiCenter 13805 North located on right hand side. From St. Petersburg I-275 North, take Exit 30 (Largo-Roosevelt Blvd.) Route 686 to Ulmerton Rd.(Route 688) Left on Ulmerton to 58th St. Turn Right and EpiCenter 13805 N right side. RESERVATIONS & Payment in Advance Requested: Use coupon on pg 3. Note amount and deadline.

The Topic this month, presented by Dr. Carl Kuttler will be:

“Russia — a Personal Perspective”
Dr. Kuttler has been president of St. Petersburg College, formerly St. Petersburg Junior College, since 1978. He is a native of St. Petersburg, a graduate of St. Petersburg High School, St. Petersburg Junior College (A.A.), Florida State University (B.S., Management) and Stetson University College of Law (Juris Doctorate). Over the years he has received numerous awards and recognitions. In 1998, he was named the outstanding community college president in the USA by the national Association of Community College Trustees. In 2002, he was named the outstanding college president in Florida by the Florida Association of Community Colleges’ Hall of Fame. Honor students (Phi Theta Kappa members) of community colleges internationally have presented him with their highest award and the St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus chapter of Phi Theta Kappa has been designated the most distinguished in the world – for an unprecedented five times. Dr. Kuttler was co-chairman of the Pinellas County Millennium Celebration and chairman of the 100 /300 anniversary celebrations of St. Petersburg, Florida, and St. Petersburg, Russia. He was honored by the President of Russia with a gold medal of service for this effort. In May 2003, President Putin of the Russian Federation invited him to participate in an International Law panel of 25 leaders, along with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and French President Jacques Chirac. In 2004 he was named Honorary Consul to the Russian Federation. Dr. Kuttler led St. Petersburg College into a new era as a four-year school offering baccalaureate degrees, the first community college in Florida to be given such a privilege. SPC now offers 15 bachelor’s degrees Dr. Kuttler’s presidency is perhaps best known for the successful business partnerships he has formed. Among the most recent are: —-continued on page 2

Events: Board Mtg at 10:15 AM on day of Regular Monthly Meetings at 11:45 AM to 2 PM.

From the PRESIDENT'S Desk….. TAMPA BAY CHAPTER MEMBERSHIPS What a wonderful month April has been! It started off as a busy month even though we did not hold our Regular Monthly meeting. The Ambassador's Luncheon on April 4th was planned with only three weeks of preparations, and gathered a full house of Diplomats, CEO's and various Tampa Bay global leaders. This was done in honor of the Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations who was our keynote speaker. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay served as a Co-sponsor along with the High Consulate of Canada. Soon after, on Apr. 20, the Florida Div of the UNA-USA held their Annual Convention in Sarasota. Each year one of the chapters in Florida hosts the Convention. Tampa Bay last hosted it in 2002 when it was held at the Eckerd College Conference Center. Guess what? They have singled out Tampa Bay to host the Convention again in 2008. On Apr 28, our Board accepted the challenge of holding this great event. On Apr. 28, our Tampa Bay Chapter Board of Directors took a major step in working on and adopting amended By-Laws. These have now been sent to New York for approval. After that, the last step is for the ByLaws to be submitted to a Tampa Bay Membership meeting for approval. This will put the Board in a better position to operate as a team and better manage the activities of the Chapter and move forward at a grander scale. As for our upcoming monthly meetings, the next meeting, May 26, will again be held at the St Petersburg College EpiCenter in east Largo/north St Petersburg. For those who attended in March, I think you'll agree that it's an excellent meeting place with outstanding media facilities. It will easily accommodate 100 people at table settings. The problem is that we need that size attendance to be able to afford a place like that. I'd like to encourage all of you to take advantage of the outstanding programs and support the events by bringing others with you. Make your reservations early and make them now! Just recently, we built a new committee structure with people from various international and professional backgrounds. Also, our dynamic membership list consists of people from various international backgrounds, therefore, we hope to have more of our members involved in planning and running the Chapter. Programs, Hospitality, and Facilities; Education; Membership; Advocacy and Government Relations; Communications: Newsletter, Public Relations, and Web Site; and Young Professionals for International Cooperation …these are areas where you could participate. Where do you wish to get involved? Contact me at pyingst@verizon.net and I'll put you in touch. --- Paul Yingst
New Members (5): Mr. Abdul Guice, Ms. Susan Gulcse, Ms. Rebecca Gross- Tieder, Mr. William Tieder, and Mr. Corey Lilbrun ***************

KUTTLER (cont’d from page 1) • Construction of the EpiCenter with Pinellas County, a $32 million, high-tech facility that offers economic, workforce and community development resources for the region and the state. • New joint-use libraries with the cities of St. Petersburg and Seminole. The dual-purpose facilities, built on college property, are used by city residents and college faculty and students. The joint-use libraries save taxpayers millions of dollars by reducing the need for two libraries within the same geographical area. • New nursing programs to relieve the nursing shortage in the Tampa Bay area offered in conjunction with area hospital corporations including Bay Care and HCA. • A partnership with the University of Florida that brought a College of Pharmacy and a Dental School to SPC’s Seminole Campus. • Construction of the Leepa-Rattner Museum on the Tarpon Springs Campus of SPC. The museum and its contents were the result of a $21-million donation from Alan and Isabelle Leepa. The construction of the new SPC Downtown Center in the heart of St. Petersburg. The college and the Florida International Museum share space in the new building. Dr. Kuttler worked with FIM on several previous projects including bringing the John F. Kennedy Exhibit to FIM as well as two Russian exhibits during the 100-300 birthday celebrations of the two St. Petersburgs. In February 2006, Dr. Kuttler was inducted into the Tampa Bay Business Hall of Fame.
In 1982, Dr. Kuttler and a college trustee attended a national meeting where Dr. Paul Ylvisaker, then Dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, challenged them to include Applied Ethics in the SPC curriculum. As a result, and with the encouragement of all the SPC trustees, the College developed and approved a required Ethics course. More than 75,000 students have successfully completed the course. SPC also published Ethics Applied, a textbook now in its fourth edition that is used by a number of other colleges. In 2004, Dr. Kuttler and Harvard University were co-hosts at an Information Technology seminar for government leaders at the Seminole Campus of SPC. In 1992, Dr. Kuttler received the prestigious Liberty Bell Award from the American Bar Association through the St. Petersburg Bar Association. He is co-editor of a book, 1001 Exemplary Practices in America’s Two-Year Colleges (McGraw-Hill, 1994), a compilation of the best ideas used by American community colleges at that time.

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U.S. Risks $1 Billion in Debt to UN Peacekeeping
Warning that the United States risks being $1 billion in debt to the United Nations for international peacekeeping efforts, the Better World Campaign announced on May 1 the launch of its new web-based campaign to engage Americans and encourage the U.S. government to pay its full and fair share of these crucial missions in Fiscal Year 2008. The United States currently owes over $500 million to the UN peacekeeping account; and the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2008 budget request under-funds this account by an additional $500 million. This means that unless Congress acts soon, U.S. shortfalls in UN peacekeeping dues will grow to over $1 billion. Www.PriceOfPeace.org hosts an online petition asking Congress to fully fund UN peacekeeping efforts. This petition will be delivered to Members of Congress in the coming weeks. “UN peacekeeping is a great value for the United States—it promotes global political and economic stability, and is a key means of ensuring that no one country must shoulder all of the costs and risks in promoting our shared security,” said Timothy E. Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation, a sister organization to the Better World Campaign. “Simply put, fully funding UN peacekeeping is in U.S. national security interests. And who better to send this message to Congress than the American people,” he said. “Although the United States has repeatedly called and voted for renewed or expanded UN peacekeeping efforts in countries like Sudan, Lebanon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Haiti, Congress and the Administration are shortchanging these very efforts by letting UN peacekeeping bills go unpaid,” said Deborah Derrick, Executive Director of The Better World Campaign, an organization dedicated to strengthening the relationship between the United States and the United Nations. She added: “At a time when the United States is calling on the UN to increase its peacekeeping operations, it is crucial that Congress address this major shortfall in the FY 2008 appropriations process and begin formulating a plan to pay back our debt and keep our promise to the international community.” UN peacekeeping has received favorable ratings from the highest levels of the U.S. government and from other respected sources. A U.S. Government Accountability Office report found UN peacekeeping to be eight times less expensive than funding a comparable U.S. force. The White House Office of Management and Budget rated U.S. contributions to UN peacekeeping with three stars—its highest rating—judging it to be “effective, achieving its stated goals, and contributing to U.S. objectives.” Finally, a 2005 RAND report found that UN peacekeeping operations have a high rate of success. The PriceOfPeace.org campaign was initiated by The Better World Campaign and is supported by the the UNA-USA and a growing list of NGOs. You are encouraged to go to www.PriceofPeace.org now and sign the petition.

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“More than ever, our words need to be translated into sustained, concrete progress. Regional and international cooperation in support of Iraq must be one of our top priorities. Without it, the reach of the violence may know no boundaries, and the people of Iraq will know no peace,” Secretary-General Ban Si-moon at the meeting on Iraq in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt May 4, 2007