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Tampa Bay Chapter

Volume XXXI, No.5


“Working Together for Peace, Freedom and Justice” Tel: 727-345-4280

Vol. XXXI No.8 Nov 2007

Jun 2007

Date: Saturday, November 10, 2007 Time: 10:00 am-12:00 noon Location: The University of Tampa Riverside Building, Alumni Room 401 W. Kennedy Boulevard , Tampa, FL 33606
(Parking is available in faculty parking lot opposite the Vaughn Center and on the first floor of the Thompson Parking Garage at the North Boulevard entrance to the University just off Kennedy.)

Reservations Requested: RSVP on line, complementary refreshments. See coupon page 3.

ANNUAL MEETING to Elect Officers and Directors for 2008
Bring a Pen to Mark Your Ballot

Future Meetings: Board of Directors, Wed, Nov 14, 7 pm
Chapter Holiday Party and Membership Awards, Mon, Dec 3, 7 pm at Spain’s in Tampa


From the PRESIDENT'S Desk…..
*************************************************** As we head into this Annual Meeting, I feel it’s very important to give our members an insight as to the opportunities to serve and help the UNA to make the world a better place. Consequently, we have included for the first time details of our committee structure. That is my message to you in this issue. --- Paul Yingst, President ——————————.Opportunities (cont’d from pg 3) V. NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION (NGO) RELATIONS – Work with local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to further the purpose of the United Nations System and the efforts in support of the United Nations. This involves maintaining an up-to-date list of key contacts in each organization, developing a supportive relationship with each, and soliciting active support from each on UN issues, particularly in response to UNA action alerts. Requires familiarity with NGOs locally’ and proficiency with the PC in MSWord and the Internet. VI. COMMUNICATIONS a. NEWSLETTER – Requires excellent writing and composition skills, and involves monitoring chapter, state and national UNA and UN critical issues, and national and international news. Material selected for publishing in the newsletter shall be related to the topic of the meeting so as to give the reader some background in the topic. New membership and renewal information shall be regularly published. The newsletter shall be composed using software such as MS Publisher 2003 or later edition. MSWord may be used as an alternative providing an acceptable format and appearance is maintained. Time is of the essence in completing the newsletter. (The approved copy will be converted to PDF format by the Electronic Communications Coordinator and distribution made via email with hardcopies sent via USPS to only those on the mail list who do not have email.) b. ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS Requires maintaining an up-to-date electronic distribution list of UNA-USA Tampa Bay Chapter Members, and a similar distribution list of Non-Members (friends and potential members) who are on the Chapters regular mailing list. At least monthly, updates to these lists are to be provided by the VP of Membership in sufficient time for the monthly mailing. This requires considerable proficiency in the use of the PC. c. MAINTAIN TAMPA BAY CHAPTER WEB SITE The Web Site, www.unatampabay.org, shall be done in a

professional manner, provide links to as many other sites as practical and appropriate, and be a comprehensive information utility. The monthly Newsletter shall be posted at least 16 days before each meeting date to enable UNA members and the public to keep current through this excellent medium. The site shall list the Tampa Bay Board of Directors and a means for making contact with chapter officers and chairpersons. The site shall include considerable information about the chapter activities, provide an arrays of links, provide for RSVPing (to Treasurer and VP of Membership) and paying on line if practical. This function requires

extensive on line and internet skills and experience of a highly technical nature.
d. PUBLICITY AND MEDIA – Publicize Chapter activities and the work of the UNA-USA in general through meeting notices, news releases and arranging for UNA speakers at civic affairs; and endeavor to ensure balanced coverage in the media of the United Nations and global affairs. e. SPEAKERS BUREAU This involves recruiting and maintaining a list of people that can be called on to serve as featured speakers or provide programs for civic organizations, business meetings, and generally for Non-Governmental Organizations or professional groups as part of our effort to create public awareness of the UNA and the United Nations activities and benefits to the local community, the nation and the world. A file of speeches, program material and presentation aids shall be accumulated and maintained for use by bureau participants. Work closely with other organizations, the Media and Publicity Chair to arrange for filling speaking engagements. VII. YPIC (Young Professionals for International Cooperation) YPIC Committee is comprised of UNA dues paying members between the ages of 21 and 40 years. YPIC Committee works closely with the Chapter leaders to ensure unity of purpose. YPIC will plan its own events and publicize to its e-mail list other events put on by the Chapter. Thus YPIC will add to the number of programs put on by the chapter in addition to providing a wider audience for Chapter events, which in turn can lead to increased membership. VIII. FINANCE This function is chaired by the Treasurer. Requires organizational, financial, and bookkeeping skills with a determination for accuracy and timely reporting. Must be dependable and reliable with a strong working knowledge of PC accounting, Subject to annual audit per chapter by-laws. Prepares annual report for National, and receives reservations for all meetings and maintains accountability. Includes responsibility for fundraising.


New: If you have email, please RSVP on-line at www.unatampabay.org,
UNA-USA Tampa Bay Chapter Annual Meeting Reservation Saturday, Nov. 10, 2007 10:00am-12:00 noon Location: Univ. of Tampa, Alumni Room Tampa Bay Chapter UNA-USA and mail by Tuesday, November 6 to: Ms Sujatha Chetty, Treasurer 5222 Beach Breeze Court Tampa FL 33609 Name______________________________________ Phone ______________________________________ e-mail Address _______________________________ [ ] $_____ Donation (Tax Deductible)

Committee Volunteer Opportunities
Participation in Committees gives members an opportunity to support the Chapter, the UNA-USA and the United Nations by showing their interest and applying their expertise. Our Chapter’s success depends on the enthusiasm and each member’s willingness to help. Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the President and approved by the Board, or nominated by the Board. Committee members are appointed by the President upon recommendation of the Committee Chairperson, and approved by the Board.

Plan and conduct the program for the regular monthly and special meetings, and coordinate the annual celebration of United Nations Day in October of each year. Requires extraordinary self motivation, extensive knowledge of the community, and experience with the UNA-USA and the UN
Also requires versatility in the use of the personal computer. Includes: a. Speaker Series; b. Hospitality; and

Promote and solicit membership and active participation in the UNA-USA. Work to increase membership in the Chapter by a minimum of ten per cent per year. Maintain a current computerized Membership Roster, an inactive list of those that remain potential renewals, and a list of prospective members and other UN/UNA interested parties. This includes maintaining a current telephone-mailing list with expiration dates showing for all members, and regularly providing changes to the Chapter’s member and nonmember email lists. Monthly provide a mail label file for those members and non-members that do not have email. Requires proficient PC skills particularly with MSWord and Excel.

c. Facilities

Remain constantly vigilant to the need for educational thrust of all meetings and other activities of the Chapter, and endeavor to influence the content and frequency so as to meet the overall mission of the UNA-USA. Also maintain cloase liaison with Model UN at all levels. Requires strong familiarity and knowledge of the UNA-USA, Model UN, and the UN. Established relationship with Tampa Bay colleges and universities, and High and Middle schools preferred.

Monitor the Congress and the Administration on International Affairs, and their support of the United Nations and the United Nations System. Likewise, monitor the United Nations, their position and actions on world issues, and maintain an up-to-date understanding of how these correspond to the political environment in the United States. Inform and alert government officials and Chapter members about the importance of United Nations issues, and the UNA position on U.S. policy on those issues. Requires strong
interests in, knowledge of, and experience with the Congressional and Administration political environment, the UN and the UNA-USA. Requires proficient PC skills with MSWord and use of the Internet. (cont’d on pg 2-Opportunities)


G IN ET ME 8 A L r 200 7833 2nd Avenue South NU fo St Petersburg FL 33707-1021 AN tors R c Paul V. Yingst, President TE ire AP nd D Time Sensitive Material CH a Y icers BA ff PA ect O M El TA
TAMPA BAY CHAPTER United Nations Association-USA

Paul Yingst , President Jill Isaac, VP- Programs Roslyn Linnen,VP-Membership Kelly Miliziano,VP-Education Dr. Jeffrey Maddux,VP-Advocacy Rajeev Ratra, VP-Technology Sujatha Chetty, Treasurer Alana Cefaratti, Secretary Rush Dozier Sr, Director Heather Kathrens, Director NGO Chr Shrimatee Ojah-Maharaj, Director Stacey Roussel, Director Ryan Nevel,YPIC Chair Dr. Robert Strickler, Director Cordell Chavis, CoRep USF Elizabeth Dunn Natasha Ghent-Rodriguez Jennifer Kon The Hon. Maurice Williams, Advisor

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION TAMPA BAY CHAPTER UNA-USA Membership Categories Name_______________________________ Introductory (1st yr. only)/Fixed Inc. $ 25 please print Member (Individual or Household) 40 Organization 40 Address_____________________________ Limited Income (Indiv or Family ) 25 Student 10 ___________________________________ Sponsor 100 city state zip Patron 500 Lifetime (one time payment ) 1,000 Tel. No.____________ Fax No.____________ E-mail _____________________ Send application to:
UNA-USA Membership Services 801 Second Avenue New York, NY 10017-4706 Phone: 212-907-1300 My check for $______ is enclosed Make check payable to UNA-USA (Dues are tax deductible)

New Member Drive Extension
The recruitment period for the New Member Drive has been extended from 10/31/07 to 11/15/07. Sponsors of NEW members during this drive will receive gifts with the United Nations logo from the UN Gift Shop. Presentations will be made at the Holiday Party on December 3, 2007. All members are invited. Please help your organization to continue to grow and to make a difference locally and around the world.