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English 12


Your Presentation Date: _____________________
Dec.6: submit !em y!u "i## be $ea%i&'( a#!&' "it) t)e !et*s &ame( a&% y!u$
Were starting poetry! This will be a brief unit and !ostly a re"iew# Poetry is an aspe$t
of the %& e'a! and therefore its i!portant that we e'plore it as part of English 12#
(side fro! loo)ing at the %&E and what will be re*uired for that were going to try to
ha"e a little fun with poetry by staging our own in+$lass poetry readings#
( $offee house is different fro! a pla$e where you $an ,ust buy $offee# ( $offee house is
a pla$e where $reati"e people gather to share their talents in the arts o"er $offee# -ne
$o!!on aspe$t of a $offee house is sharing poetry. the persons personal poetry or their
interpretation orally and through other $reati"e for!s of a poe!# Were are going to
ha"e our own $offee house poetry readings / so bring $offee!
Acti+ity Desc$iti!& / The first and fore!ost thing to )now about poetry is that it is
!eant to be read aloud# You will ea$h $hoose one poe! by a well+)nown poet 0not a
songwriter1 and present that poe! to the $lass#
P$ese&tati!& Re,ui$eme&ts:
The poe! !ust be !eaningful to you#
Poe!s !ust be at least 12 lines long#
Deal with appropriate $ontent#
Poe!s should be !e!ori3ed but you will be per!itted to ha"e a $opy with you
0in $ase you need it1 during the presentation#
(bo"e all you are to fo$us on how Y-4 feel the poe! is !eant to be read# What
words should be e!phasi3ed5 6ow should the words be said5 What rhyth! do
the words ha"e5
You !ay $hoose to be $reati"e in your reading by in$orporating one or se"eral of
the following into your interpretation: 7usi$ Dan$e 7i!e (rt Dra!a Props
or $ostu!es -ther appro"ed by tea$her#
The final $o!ponent of the presentation will be your $o!!entary on the poe!
0not !e!ori3ed1# This dis$ussion should address the following:
1# Why you $hose the poe! and what spe$ifi$ally you li)e about it 0poets $hoi$e of
words topi$ i!agery use of figurati"e language et$#1
2# What you thin) the poe! is about and why you thin) that#
P$ese&tai!& E+a#uati!&
These presentations will be e"aluated on the following rubri$+based $riteria:
Poor satisfa$tory good "#good e'$ellent
a# 7e!ori3ation 1 2 8 9 2 021
b# :o$al ;nterpretation 2 9 < = 1> 01>1
$# Eye ?onta$t 1 2 8 9 2 021
d# :o$al ?larity 1 2 8 9 2 021
e# (ppropriate @estures 1 2 8 9 2 021
f# ?o!!entary 2 9 < = 1> 01>1
g# -"erall ;!pression 2 9 < = 1> 01>1
total 2>