An Open Letter to the Sponsors of the Chronicle Journal

Re: Publication of Tamara Ward Johnson’s anti-Indigenous ad
June 11, 2014
Dear Sponsor,
We, the undersigned, as treaty people, wish to bring your attention to the fact that your
sponsorship of the Chronicle Journal has effectively given a platform to racism in Thunder Bay.
You will note on page A12 of the June 10th 2014 edition of the Chronicle Journal, Tamara Ward
Johnson, on behalf of the Ontario Libertarian Party, has demonized Indigenous peoples, both
directly and indirectly, as leaches benefitting unfairly from the Canadian tax system. As such,
the Chronicle Journal is serving to legitimize hate towards Indigenous peoples and to spread
misinformation about First Nations, our treaties and our relationships with Canadians. This is
putting Indigenous individuals at increased risk of experiencing physical violence on the streets
of Thunder Bay. With more than one thousand Indigenous women missing, murdered and/or
traded in Canada, we find the Chronicle Journal’s willingness to publish Tamara Ward Johnson’s
ad to be incredibly concerning.
We write to you now because your decision to advertise in the Chronicle Journal has made you a
sponsor of this news outlet. It is fair to assume that, as businesses operating in and near Thunder
Bay, some of your customers identify as Indigenous peoples. We therefore request your action
on the following:
1. That you pull your financial support from the Chronicle Journal specifically for its uncritical
publishing of what is clearly anti-Indigenous hate speech.
2. If you do not opt to pull such support, we therefore request that you explain publicly how you
reconcile taking money from Indigenous peoples, only then to fund anti-Indigenous
sentiments in the public forum through the Chronicle Journal.
In closing, we would like to say that while we support free speech, the above described situation
is beyond acceptable. Free speech should not include hate speech.
Best wishes,
Debbie Sault Jana-Rae Yerxa
President Biskaabiiyang Collective
Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre
Damien Lee Willow Blasizzo
Biskaabiiyang Collective Biskaabiiyang Collective
Collin Graham Adam Barker
Biskaabiiyang Collective Biskaabiiyang Collective
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