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A A Pallis - Racial Migrations in the Balkans during the Years 1912-1924.

A. Evans_The_Early_Medieval_Archeology_of_Croatia
A. Vasilev The Second Russian Attack on Constantinople.txt
About Winged Words.txt
Alan Ogilvie - Contribution to the Geography of Macedonia.txt
Albert B. Lord -History and Tradition in Balkan Oral Epic and Ballad.txt
Albert B. Lord Yugoslav Epic Folk Poetry.txt
Albert Bates Lord Composition by Theme in Homer and Southslavic Epos.txt
Albert Mousset Slav Solidarity in the Balkans.txt
Albert ReissThe Churchill-Stalin Secret ''Percentages'' Agreement on the Balkans, Moscow, October 1944.txt
Alex Devine Montenegrin History in 1912 A Reply to Miss Durhams Review in the February Journal.txt
Alex N. Dragnich - Leadership and Politics - Nineteenth Century Serbia.txt
Alex N. Dragnich The Anatomy of a Myth - Serbian Hegemony.txt
Alex Rentoul - Preservation of Pedigrees and Commemoration of Ancestors in Montenegro.txt
Alexander Callander Murray Chronology and the Composition of the ''Histories'' of Gregory of Tours.txt
Alexander Lopasic Bosnian Muslims A Search for Identity.txt
Alexander Vasilev - Notes on Some Episodes concerning the Relations between the Arabs and the Byzantine Empire from the Fourth to the Sixth Century.txt
Ali Eminov Turks and Tatars in Bulgaria and the Balkans.txt
Alison Frantz From Paganism to Christianity in the Temples of Athens.txt
ANASTASIA KARAKASIDOU - The Burden of the Balkans.txt
Andreja Zibrat Gasparic - Archaeometrical analysis of Neolithic pottery from the Divaca region Slovenia
Andrew Ludanyi Titoist Integration of Yugoslavia The Partisan Myth & the Hungarians of the Vojvodina, 1945-1975.txt
Andrew Rossos - Incompatible Allies - Greek Communism and Macedonian Nationalism in the Civil War in Greece, 1943-1949.txt
Andrew Rossos The British Foreign Office and Macedonian National Identity, 1918-1941.txt
Anita_Dalal_Myths_of Russians_and_the_Slavs
Annali di Ragusa Lucari
Ante Kadic The Importance of Kacic-Miocic.txt
Ante Kadic Vladimir Soloviev and Bishop Strossmaye.txt
AntonÃ-n Dostál The Origins of the Slavonic Liturgy.txt
Antonio Bernolak - Grammatica Slavica
Antun Dabinovic - EARLY BALKAN MIGRATION.txt
Arbitration Treaty between the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and the United States 2.txt
Aristotle Kallis - Territory, Generic Fascism and the Quest for an 'Ideal Fatherland'.txt
Arnaldo Marcone A Long Late Antiquity -Considerations on a Controversial Periodization.txt
Arnold Wolfers The Balkans and the Great Powers.txt
Arthur Evans The Adriatic Slavs and the Overland Route to Constantinople.txt
Asen Balikci - Quarrels in a Balkan Village.txt
August Kossutitch The Croatian Problem.txt
Austro_Hungarian_''Red Book''_1914
B. C. Wallis The Slavs of Southern Hungary.txt
B. Korbalev - Actes de Chilandar
Balkan Idols. Religion and Nationalism in Yugoslav States
Barbara Krader - Slavic Folk Music - Forms of Singing and Self-Identity.txt
Benjamin Miller - The Great Powers and Regional Conflicts - Eastern Europe and the Balkans from the Post-Napoleonic Era to the Post-Cold War Era.txt
Bojan Aleksov - Perceptions of Islamization in the Serbian National Dicsourse.txt
Boris Kremenliev Social and Cultural Changes in Balkan Music.txt
Borivoje Z Milojevic The Kingdom of the Serbs Croats and Slovenes Administrative Divisions in Relation to Natural Regions.txt
Branislav Rusic - The Mute Language in the Tradition and Oral Literature of the South Slavs.txt
Burn This House. The Making and Unmaking of Yugoslavia
Byzantium - Capital of an Ancient Empire (Pocket Essentials)
C. Douglas Booth The Political Situation in South-Eastern Europe I. Hungary and Jugoslavia.txt
Carl Darling Buck - A dictionary of selected synonyms in the principal IE languages.txt
Carl Kortepeter - Ottoman Imperial Policy and the Economy of the Black Sea Region in the Sixteenth Century.txt
Caroli dv fresne domini dv cange Illyricvm vetvs et novum...
Carolyn S. Snively Archaeological Investigation at Konjuh, Republic of Macedonia, in 2000.txt
Catherine Perles - The Early Neolithic in Greece
Cedomil MIjatovic - Despot Djuradj Brankovic
Charles Jelavich Serbian Textbooks - Toward Greater Serbia or Yugoslavia.txt
Charles Jelavich Some Aspects of Serbian Religious Development in the Eighteenth Century.txt
Charles Woods - The Balkans, Macedonia, and the War.txt
Chris Wickham The Mediterranean around 800 On the Brink of the Second Trade Cycle.txt
Christopher Boehm - Exposing the Moral Self in Montenegro -The Use of Natural Definitions to Keep Ethnography Descriptive.txt
Clifford Ando - Late Antiquity - Decline, Fall, and Transformation.txt
Conciliation Treaty between the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and the United States.txt
Cotton Minchin and Miss Durham The Future of the Albanian State Discussion.txt
D. Fabianich - Firmani inediti dei Sultani di Costantinop...
DARKO BEKICH - Soviet Goals in Yugoslavia and the Balkans.txt
David A. T. Stafford Soe and British Involvement in the Belgrade Coup d'État of March 1941.txt
David Binder Vlachs a Peaceful Balkan People.txt
David Bruce Macdonald - Balkan Holocausts_Serbian and Croatian Victim Centered Propaganda and the War in Yugoslavia
David MacKenzie - Panslavism in Practice - Cherniaev in Serbia (1876).txt
Demetar Ivan Vasiljevic - Esame_critico_con_documenti_inediti_dell
Demographic Problems of Southeastern Europe.txt
Deus Per Naturam, Deus Per Gratiam - A Note on Mediaeval Political Theology.txt
Dimitri Obolensky The Heritage of Cyril and Methodius in Russia.txt
Dimitrije Djordjevic Historians in Politics Slobodan Jovanovic.txt
Dinko Tomasic - The structure of Balkan society.txt
DINKO TOMASICH - Sociology in Yugoslavia.txt
DINKO TOMASICH - The Family in the Balkans.txt
DINKO TOMASICH - The Family in the Balkans.txt
Dr. Seton-Watson, Charles Woods, Prof. Lyde and Arthur Evans The Adriatic Slavs and the Overland Route to Constantinople Discussion.txt
Dragoslav Ortakov - Approaches to the Study of Macedonian Musical History.txt
Dragovan Sepic The Question of Yugoslav Union in 1918.txt
Dusan Bjelic & Obrad Savic - Balkan as metaphor
Dzamutra, or the Bridegroom - Some Marriage Customs in the Villages around Tetovo in Serbian Macedonia or Southern Serbia. (Part I. ).txt
Dzamutra, or the Bridegroom - Some Marriage Customs in the Villages around Tetovo in Serbian Macedonia or Southern Serbia. (Part II. ).txt
E. A. Hammel - Demographic Constraints on the Formation of Traditional Balkan Households.txt
Edith Durham - Head-Hunting in the Balkans.txt
Edith Durham Burning the Yule Log in Montenegro.txt
Edith Durham The Seclusion of Maidens from the Light of the Sun, and a Further Note on the Bird Tradition in the Balkans.txt
Edward James The Rise and Function of the Concept ''Late Antiquity'.txt
Emil von Laveleye - Die Balkanlander.pdf
Encyclopedia Of The Barbarian World-Ancient Europe, 8000 ...
Encyclopedia Of The Barbarian World-Ancient Europe, 8000 ...
Ernst L. Presseisen Prelude to Barbarossa Germany and the Balkans 1940-1941.txt
Eugene Hammel-Medieval Serbian Households.txt
Evel Gasparini Studies in Old Slavic Religion Ubrus.txt
F L Carsten - Slavs in North-Eastern Germany.txt
F S Copeland - Slovene Folklore.txt
F. Copeland Some Aspects of Slovene Folklore.txt
F. S. Stevenson - A history of Montenegro
F. Serafino Razzi - La storia di Ragusa.pdf
F. W. CARTER - An Analysis of the Medieval Serbian Oecumene (A Theoretical Approach).txt
Fatma Muge Gocek - Ethnic Segmentation, Western Education, and Political Outcomes - Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Society.txt
Felix J. Oinas Karelian-Finnish Negative Analogy A Construction of Slavic Origin.txt
Florin Curta _Borders_Barriers_and_Ethnogenesis
Franc Miklosic - Die Serbichen dynasten Crnojevic.pdf
Francie Friedman The Muslim Slavs of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Islam as National Identity.txt
Francis Dvornik Byzantine Political Ideas in Kievan Russia.txt
Francis Dvornik The First Wave of the Drang Nach Osten.txt
Francis Dvornik The Mediaeval Cultural Heritage of the Mid-European Area.txt
Francis Dvornik The Significance of the Missions of Cyril and Methodius.txt
Francis R. Preveden - A hstory of the Croatian people - Volume I
Francis R. Preveden - A hstory of the Croatian people - Volume II
Francisius Maixner De Infinitivi usu vergiliano.txt
Franjo Racki - Documenta historiae Croaticae periodum antiquam
Frank Harvey - Primordialism, Evolutionary Theory and Ethnic Violence in the Balkans - Opportunities and Constraints for Theory and Policy.txt
G E Rotenberg Christian Insurection in Turkish Dalmatia.txt
G. Diouritch A Survey of the Development of the Serbian (Southern Slav) Nation An Economic and Statistical Study.txt
G. Sotiroff - The assassination of Justinian's personality.txt
Gale Stokes Review - Matica Srpska.txt
Gale Stokes Svetozar Markovic in Russia.txt
Gary B Miles - Roman and Modern Imperialism - A Reassessment.txt
GARY K. BERTSCH - Ethnicity and Politics in Socialist Yugoslavia.txt
George C. Guins The Degeneration of 'Pan-Slavism'.txt
George C. Guins The Politics of 'Pan-Slavism'.txt
George C. Guins The Prospects of 'Pan-Slavism'.txt
George C. Soulis The Legacy of Cyril and Methodius to the Southern Slavs.txt
George Hoffman The Problem of the Underdeveloped Regions in Southeast Europe - A Comparative Analysis of Romania, Yugoslavia, and Greece.txt
George Ostrogorsky Byzantine Cities in the Early Middle Ages.txt
George Ostrogorsky The Byzantine Background of the Moravian Mission.txt
George Soulis - The Gypsies in the Byzantine Empire and the Balkans in the Late Middle Ages.txt
Gertrude Bell, Arthur Evans and Henry Trotter The Balkan Peninsula Discussion.txt
Gordon Childe - New Views on the Relations of the Aegean and the North Balkans.txt
Grigore Nandris - Slavonic culture in Romania..txt
Group of authors - An_Universal_History
Group of authors - Paternal and Maternal Lineages in the Balkans..txt
Group of authors - RUSIJA-Human Biology - Volume 76, Number 6, December 2004..txt
Group of Authors - SLAVS-Human Biology - Volume 78, Number 6, December 2006..txt
Grupa autora - Jungstzeit in Bulgarien
Guigno Resti - Scriptores II.txt
Gunter E Rothenberg - The Austro-Hungarian Campaign Against Serbia in 1914.txt
Gunther E. Rothenberg The Struggle over the Dissolution of the Croatian Military Border, 1850- 1871.txt
H. H. Howorth The Spread of the Slaves Part I. The Croats.txt
H. H. Howorth The Spread of the Slaves. Part II. The Southern Serbs, Bosnians, Montenegrins, and Herzegovinians.txt
H. H. Howorth The Spread of the Slaves. Part III. The Northern Serbs or Sorabians and the Obodriti.txt
H. H. Howorth The Spread of the Slaves.- Part IV. The Bulgariansi.txt
H. J. Savory Settlement in the Glamocko Polje.txt
H. R. Wilkinson Jugoslav Kosmet The Evolution of a Frontier Province and Its Landscape.txt
H.H. Howorth - On the Westerly Drifting of Nomades, from the Fifth to the Nineteenth Century.txt
Halil Inalcik - Ottoman Methods of Conquest.txt
Hans Kohn The Viability of the Habsburg Monarchy.txt
Hansjakob Stehle - Eastern politics of the Vatican 1917-1979
Harvey L. Dyck New Serbia and the Origins of the Eastern Question, 1751-55 A Habsburg Perspective.txt
Henrik Birnbaum Serbian Models in the Literature and Literary Language of Medieval Russia.txt
Henry H. Howorth The Avares, or Eastern Huns.txt
Hierarchia catholica Medii Aevi vol. 1.pdf
Hierarchia catholica Medii Aevi vol. 2.pdf
Hierarchia catholica Medii Aevi vol. 3.pdf
Historiae Hungaricae - Fontes Domestici - Scriptores vol....
Homer and Huso I - The Singer's Rests in Greek and Southslavic Heroic Song.txt
Homer and Huso II - Narrative Inconsistencies in Homer and Oral Poetry.txt
Homer and Huso III - Enjambement in Greek and Southslavic Heroic Song.txt
Homer's Originality - Oral Dictated Texts.txt
HORACE G. LUNT - History, Nationalism, and the Written Language of Early Rus.txt
HORACE G. LUNT - On Interpreting the Russian Primary Chronicle (the Year 1037.txt
HORACE G. LUNT - On Macedonian Nationality.txt
HORACE G. LUNT - The Beginning of Written Slavic.txt
Hugh Poulton The Muslim Experience in the Balkan States (1919-1991).txt
Huxley Roller - Notes on Some South Slav Beliefs and Festivals.txt
Ian Matley Transhumance in Bosnia and Herzegovina.txt
Ian Whitaker - Some Notes on the Peasant Houses of Montenegro.txt
Imre Boba_Moravias_history_reconsidered
Imre Boba_Nomads_Northmen_and_Slavs
Ioanne Gotthilf Strittero - Scriptoribvs Historiae Byzantinae - Vol.2
Ioanne Gotthilf Strittero - Scriptoribvs Historiae Byzantinae - Vol.4
Ioanne Gotthilf Strrittero - Scriporibvs historiae Byzantinae pt.1
IVO BANAC - The Confessional ''Rule'' and the Dubrovnik Exception (Srbo-Katolici).txt
Ivo Banac The Confessional Rule and the Dubrovnik Exception The Origins of the Serb-Catholic Circle in Nineteenth-Century Dalmatia.txt
Ivo Banac Yugoslavia.txt
J. A. Buchon - Histoire de Constantinople vol.I
J. A. Buchon - Histoire de Constantinople vol.II
J. B. Colbert - Historia Byzantina duplici commentario illustrata vol I
J. B. Colbert - Historia Byzantina duplici commentario illustrata vol II
J. C von Engel - Geschichte des Freystaates Ragusa
J. Dyneley Prince A Rare Old Slavonic Religious Manual.txt
J. Dyneley Prince Slav and Celt.txt
J. H. Jenkins - Constantine Porphyrogenitus. De Administrando Imperio Vol 1.txt
J.F. Niermeyer - Mediae Latinitatis lexicon minus.txt
J.P. Jordan - Jahrbucher fur slawiche Literatur, Kunst unt Wissenschaft
Jacques Le Goff - Medieval Civilization.pdf
James F. Clarke Serbia and the Bulgarian Revival (1762-1872).txt
James J. O'Donnell - Late Antiquity - Before and After.txt
James Pettifer The New Macedonian Question.txt
James Westfall Thomson Early Trade Relations between the Germans and the Slavs.txt
Janko Lavrin - Khomyakov and the Slavs.txt
Janko Lavrin The Slav Idea and Russia.txt
Janko Lavrin Vladimir Soloviev and Slavophilism.txt
Jaroslav Bidlo-The Slavs in Medieval History.txt
Jaroslav Polach - The Beginnings of Trade Unionism among the Slavs of the Austrian Empire.txt
Jernej Kopitar - Serbica
Johannis Petri Kohli - Introductio in historiam et rem li...
John Bakeless The Macedonian Question.txt
John Connelly - Nazis and Slavs - From Racial Theory to Racist Practice.txt
John Lampe Varieties of Unsuccessful Industrialization - The Balkan States Before 1914.txt
John Martin Creed The Slavonic Version of Josephus' History of the Jewish War.txt
John Wilkes - The Illyrians.txt
Jonathan Dewald - Europe 1450-1789.
Josef Jirecek - Paul Jos. Safarik\'s Geschichte des Serbi...
Josef Poulik The Origins of Christianity in Slavonic Countries North of the Middle Danube Basin.txt
JOSEPH S. ROUCEK - The Geopolitics of the Balkans.txt
Josephi_Dobrowsky - Linguae Slavicae
JOVAN CVIJIC - The Geographical Distribution of the Balkan Peoples.txt
Jovan Cvijic The Geographical Distribution of the Balkan Peoples.txt
Jovan Cvijic The Zones of Civilization of the Balkan Peninsula.txt
KARL KASER - The Balkan Joint Family (Redefining a Problem).txt
Karl Kaser The Balkan Joint Family - Redefining a Problem.txt
Karol Libelt - His Idea of Slav Federalism.txt
Kemal Karpat The Transformation of the Ottoman State, 1789-1908.txt
Kenneth Setton - The Bulgars in the Balkans and the Occupation of Corinth in the Seventh Century.txt
Kenneth Setton - The Emperor Constans II and the Capture of Corinth by the Onogur Bulgars.txt
Klaus J. Bade - Migration in European history
Konstantin Jirecek - Die Handelsstrassen und Bergwerke vo...
L C Wharton - Recent Work in Slavonic Folklore.txt
L.L. Farrar - Aggression Versus Apathy - The Limits of Nationalism During the Balkan Wars (1912-1913).txt
Lane Fox - The Arian Nomades. Part I. The Sauromatae or Sarmatae.txt
LARRY WOLFF - The Enlightened Anthropology of Friendship in Venetian Dalmatia.txt
Larry Wolff Venice and the Slavs of Dalmatia The Drama of the Adriatic Empire in the Venetian Enlightenment.txt
Lazaro Soranzo - The Ottoman(1603)
Lene Hansen - Past as Preface - Civilizational Politics and the 'Third' Balkan War.txt
Liddell-Scott Greek-English Lexicon
Loring Danforth Claims to Macedonian Identity - The Macedonian Question and the Breakup of Yugoslavia.txt
Louis Levine - Pan-Slavism and European Politics.txt
M B Cooper British Policy in the Balkans, 1908-9.txt
M. Caloyanni The Balkan Union, the Balkan Conferences, and the Balkan Pact.txt
M. Kowalewsky - Marriage among the Early Slavs.txt
Marcus Tanner - Croatia, a nation forged in war, 2nd Ed
Margaret Beissinger - Gender and Power in the Balkan Return Song.txt
Margot Lawrence The Serbian Divisions in Russia, 1916-17.txt
Maria Luisa Rivero Clause Structure and V-Movement in the Languages of the Balkans.txt
MARIAN WENZEL - A Mediaeval Mystery Cult in Bosnia and Herzegovina.txt
MARIAN WENZEL - Graveside Feasts and Dances in Yugoslavia.txt
MARIAN WENZEL - The Dioscuri in the Balkans.txt
Martin van Creveld In the Shadow of Barbarossa Germany and Albania, January-March 1941.txt
Melvin Wren - Pobedonostsev and Russian Influence in the Balkans, 1881-1888.txt
Michael Angold - The Byzantine Empire, 1025-1204.pdf
Michael B. Petrovich Croatian Humanists and the Writing of History in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.txt
Michael Boyd - The Evolution of Agrarian Institutions - The Case of Medieval and Ottoman Serbia.txt
Michael Mccgwire Why did We Bomb Belgrade.txt
Michael Palairet - Fiscal Pressure and Peasant Impoverishment in Serbia before World War I.txt
Michael Sells - Crosses of Blood - Sacred Space, Religion, and Violence in Bosnia-Hercegovina.txt
Michael Speidel Berserks - A History of Indo-European ''Mad Warriors''.txt
Michael_Graebner_The_role_of_the_Slavs_within_the_Byzantine_empire_ from_500_to_1018
Mil. S. Filipovic Vicarious Paternity among Serbs and Croats.txt
Milenko S. Filipovic Symbolic Adoption among the Serbs.txt
Milivoy Stanoyevich - The Ethnography of the Yugo-Slavs.txt
Milman Parry - The Distinctive Character of Enjambement in Homeric Verse.txt
Milman Parry - The Homeric Gloss - A Study in Word-Sense.txt
Milman Parry Studies in the Epic Technique of Oral Verse-Making - I. - The Homeric Language as the Language of an Oral Poetry.txt
Milman Parry Studies in the Epic Technique of Oral Verse-Making - II. - The Homeric Language as the Language of an Oral Poetry.txt
Milman Parry The Traditional Metaphor in Homer.txt
Milman Parry Whole Formulaic Verses in Greek and Southslavic Heroic Song.txt
Milos Velimirovic The Present Status of Research in Slavic Chant.txt
Miodrag Grbic - Preclassical Pottery in the Central Balkans - Connection and Parallels with the Aegea, the Central Danube Area and Anatolia.txt
Mitja Velikonja - Slovenian and Polish Religio-National Mythologies - A Comparative Analysis.txt
Monumenta Hungariae historica - Magyar tortenelmi emlekek...
Monumenta spectantia historiam slavorum meridionalium - knjiga 23 - Actae Bosnae potissium ecclesiastica
Moriz Hoernes - Wissenschaftliche mittheilungen aus Bosnien und der Hercegovina
Myron Weiner - The Macedonian Syndrome - An Historical Model of International Relations and Political Development.txt
N. Huxley Roller and Nettie Huxley Roller Notes on Some South Slav Beliefs and Festivals.txt
N.H. Baynes and L. B. Moss, Byzantium An Introduction to East Roman Civilization
Nebojsa Vladisavljevic Nationalism, Social Movement Theory and the Grass Roots Movement of Kosovo Serbs, 1985-1988.txt
Nicolas Oikonomides Mount Athos Levels of Literacy.txt
Nimira, Martinus de Sermo de passione Domini.txt
Norman Dwight Harris - The Macedonian Question and the Balkan War.txt
Norman Dwight Harris The Effect of the Balkan Wars on European Alliances and the Future of the Ottoman Empire.txt
Norman Dwight Harris The Southern Slav Question.txt
Olga Miseska Tomic The Balkan Slavic Clausal Clitics.txt
Osprey - Campaign Series #064. David Nicolle. Nicopolis 1396. The Last Crusade
Oswald Weigel - Staroslovan II 1914
Otto Blau - Reisen in Bosnien un der Hertzegowina
P A Brunt - Reflections on British and Roman Imperialism.txt
P. Balan - Delle relazioni fra la chiesa cattolica e gli ...
P. G. W. Glare - Oxford Latin Dictionary
P. M. KEMP - Notes on Slavonic Religious Vocabulary.txt
Pal Liptak_Avars And Hungarians
Paul_Alexander_Religious_and_Political_history_and _thought_in_the_Byzantine_Empire
Paul_J. Safarik - Geschichte_der sudslawischen literatur vol. 1
Pedro Ramet - Religion and Nationalism in Soviet and Eastern European Politics
PETER CHARANIS - Ethnic Changes in the Byzantine Empire in the Seventh Century.txt
Peter Charanis - On the Capture of Corinth by the Onogurs and Its Recapture by the Byzantines.txt
PETER CHARANIS - The Chronicle of Monemvasia and the Question of the Slavonic Settlements in Greece.txt
PETER CHARANIS - The Transfer of Population as a Policy in the Byzantine Empire.txt
Philip J. Adler Habsburg School Reform among the Orthodox Minorities, 1770-1780.txt
Philip Schrodt - An Event Data Analysis of Third-Party Mediation in the Middle East and Balkans.txt
Pietro Balan - Delle relazioni fra la chiesa cattolica e gli slavi della Bulgaria, Bosnia, Serbia, Erzegovina
R. Auty - The Linguistic Revival among the Slavs of the Austrian Empire, 1780-1850 - The Role of Individuals in the Codification and Acceptance of New Literary Languages.txt
R. W. Seton-Watson Jugoslavia and Croatia.txt
Radoslav Katicic_ Ancient_Language
Research Report - Pastoral Transhumance in the Southern Balkans as a Social Ideology - Ethnoarcheological Research in Northern Greece.txt
ROBERT D. GREENBERG - Language Politics in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - The Crisis over the Future of Serbian.txt
Robert D. Greenberg Dialects and Ethnicity in the Former Yugoslavia The Case of Southern Baranja (Croatia).txt
Robert D. Greenberg Language Politics in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia The Crisis over the Future of Serbian.txt
Robert Lee Wolf The `Second Bulgarian Empire.' Its Origin and History to 1204.txt
Robert Sherk - Roman Imperial Troops in Macedonia and Achaea.txt
Roberto Sabatino Lopez - An Aristocracy of Money in the Early Middle Ages.txt
Roberto Salinas Price - Atlas of Homeric geography
Roderick Murchison - Notes on a Journey into the Balkan, or Mount Haemus, in 1847.txt
Rodney Gallop - Folk-Music of the Southern Slavs.txt
Roksanda Pejovic - A Historical Survey of Musical Instruments as Portrayed in Mediaeval Art in Serbia and Macedonia.txt
Roman Jakobson The Byzantine Mission to the Slavs. Report on the Dumbarton Oaks Symposium of 1964 and Concluding Remarks about Crucial Problems of Cyrillo-Methodian Studies.txt
Ronald Bobroff - Behind the Balkan Wars - Russian Policy toward Bulgaria and the Turkish Straits, 1912-13.txt
Ronald Gorny - Anatolia and the Balkans.txt
Roy Trevor - Montenegro - a land of warriors
S H Cross - Primitive Civilization of the Eastern Slavs.txt
S_Pavlovic_THE_MOUNTAIN_WREATH_(Poetry_or_a Blueprint_for_the_Final_Solution).txt
Sava Peic - Medieval Serbian Culture
Scott Peterson Depleted Uranium Haunts Kosovo and Iraq.txt
Scriptores I Nicolai de Ragnina
Sebastian Brather The Beginnings of Slavic Settlement East of the River Elbe.txt
SEKULIC, HODSON, MASSEY - Who Were the Yugoslavs.txt
Sevket Pamuk - Institutional Change and the Longevity of the Ottoman Empire, 1500-1800.txt
Simon Franklin - The Igor Tale - A Bohemian Rhapsody.txt
Slobodan Curcic The Role of Late Byzantine Thessalonike in Church Architecture in the Balkans.txt
Stanford Shaw - The Aims and Achievements of Ottoman Rule in the Balkans.txt
Stanley B. Kimball The Austro-Slav Revival A Study of Nineteenth-Century Literary Foundations.txt
Stanley Pech The Press of the Habsburg Slavs in 1848. - Contribution to a Political Profile.txt
Stavro Skendi Crypto-Christianity in the Balkan Area under the Ottomans.txt
Stavro Skendi Language as a Factor of National Identity in the Balkans of the Nineteenth Century.txt
Stella Alexander - Church and State in Yugoslavia since 1945
Stephen Duggan - European Diplomacy and the Balkan Problem.txt
Stephen P. Duggan The Balkan Adjustment.txt
Stevan K. Pavlowitch - Early Nineteenth-Century Serbia in the Eyes of British Travelers.txt
Stevan K. Pavlowitch Out of Context - The Yugoslav Government in London 1941-1945.txt
Stevan Pavlovitch Serbia and Yugoslavia - The Relationship.txt
STEVEN L. BURG - Elite Conflict in Post-Tito Yugoslavia.txt
Stoyan Pribichevich Yugoslavia in the Balkans and Central Europe.txt
Svetozar Culibrk Cvijics Sociological Research into Society in the Balkans.txt
T P Vukanovic - Playing Jacks in the Balkan Nations.txt
T Sulimirski - Scythian Antiquities in Western Asia.txt
T. P. Vukanovic Monogamic Wives of Orthodox Priests.txt
T. P. Vukanovic Neolithic Blind Statues and Balkan Folklore of the Blind.txt
T. P. Vukanovic Witchcraft in the Central Balkans I Characteristics of Witches.txt
T. P. Vukanovic Witchcraft in the Central Balkans II Protection against Witches.txt
T. Sulimirski The Problem of the Origin of the Slavs.txt
TATOMIR P. VUKANOVIC - Shepherd Call Songs in the Balkans.txt
The Economic History of Byzantium.pdf
The Mark Steel Collection - Lecture, Revolution, Solution, - Complete - 40 Episodes - Audio Comedy - 128k - MP3 - Slimoo\The Mark Steel Solution - S04 - E01 - Religion.mp3
The Natural Regions of the Balkan Peninsula (After Cvijic).txt
The Sanjak of Novibazar.txt
Thomas Cushman Anthropology and Genocide in the Balkans.txt
Thomas J. Butler Jernej Kopitar's Role in the Serbian Language Controversy.txt
Tih. R. Georgevitch Serbian Habits and Customs.txt
Timoty Taylor Believing the Ancients - Quantitative and Qualitative Dimensions of Slavery and the Slave Trade in Later Prehistoric Eurasia.txt
Traian Stoianovich - Factors in the Decline of Ottoman Society in the Balkans.txt
Traian Stoianovich - Land Tenure and Related Sectors of the Balkan Economy, 1600-1800.txt
Traian Stoianovich The Conquering Balkan Orthodox Merchant.txt
Traian Stoianovich The Pattern of Serbian Intellectual Evolution, 1830-1880.txt
Treaty between Italy and the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.txt
V.P. Gagnom Jr. - Ethnic Nationalism and International Conflict - The Case of Serbia.txt
Vaso Trivanovitch Serbia, Russia, and Austria during the Rule of Milan Obrenovich, 1868-78.txt
Vatroslav Jagic - Archiv fur Slavische philologie
Veljko Vujacic - Historical Legacies, Nationalist Mobilization, and Political Outcomes in Russia and Serbia - A Weberian View.txt
Victor Roudometof - Invented Traditions, Symbolic Boundaries, and National Identity in Southeastern Europe.txt
Victor Roudometof - Mediterranean Quarterly - Volume 11, Number 3, Summer 2000.txt
W. Joerg - The New Boundaries of the Balkan States and Their Significance.txt
W. Miller Bosnia before the Turkish Conquest.txt
Wayne S. Vucinich The Nature of Balkan Society under Ottoman Rule.txt
Wayne Vucinich The Yugoslav Lands in the Ottoman Period -Postwar Marxist Interpretations of Indigenous and Ottoman Institutions.txt
William G. Lockwood Converts and Consanguinity The Social Organization of Moslem Slavs in Western Bosnia.txt
William Lockwood - Converts and Consanguinity - The Social Organization of Moslem Slavs in Western Bosnia.txt
Zora Devrnja Zimmerman The Changing Roles of the Vila in Serbian Traditional Literature.txt