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Oregon, WI




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Oregon Observer

Oregon School District

make deal
2.07 percent
increase only
applies to 2013-14
Scott De Laruelle
Unified Newspaper Group

Photos by Scott De Laruelle


It was a picture-perfect day
Sunday for Oregon High
School’s Class of 2014 graduation. Several student speakers
encouraged students to overcome their failures on their way
to success as they leave school.

Buy/View photos
Browse and purchase
gradute photos online at

With the last weeks of
the school year ticking
away, the Oregon School
Board approved the 201314 Collective Bargaining
Agreement with the Oregon Education Association
(OEA) Monday night.
As part of the deal, most
educators will receive
a 2.07 percent wage
increase. The exceptions
are a handful of teachers in
technology education and
agriculture departments
who had already received a
separate supplemental pay
contract for the 2014-15
school year – for some as

high as $10,000 – as their
positions were deemed to
be high demand.
Also, instead of a previous proposal to increase
starting salaries of teachers to $38,000, the board
opted to take that $51,025
and divide it in a flat dollar amount among the educators who worked in the
district this past year who
were hired for the 201213 school year or earlier
(aside from those few who
will receive supplemental
The board and OEA had
been negotiating since
October, with a pause in
March, and reached a tentative agreement earlier in
the month with the help of
Wisconsin Employment
Relations Commission
(WERC) mediator Bill
Houlihan. The agreement

Turn to Contract/Page 16

Relay For Life
organizers aim
to raise $110K
Optimistic they’ll hit
goal by event date
Victoria Vlisides
Unified Newspaper Group

If you go
What: Relay For Life
of Stoughton/McFarland/
When: Friday, June 20,
6 p.m.
Where: Mandt Park,
South Fourth St.

Cancer for many can be
a 365-days-a-year battle,
and that’s why Relay For
Life fundraising has gone
the same route, said organizer Amy Ketterer.
The total funding goal is Relay For Life set for
$110,000 and Ketterer is June 20 at Mandt Park in
confident they will reach Stoughton.
“Our fundraising is
that goal for the Stoughton-McFarland-Oregon
Turn to Relay/Page 3

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(608) 833-5244 • • Mon.-Sat. 9-7; Sun. 9-6UN353938


June 12, 2014

Oregon Observer

Photos by Scott De Laruelle

Long-time Oregon School District crossing guard Nina
Noyce retires after last 20 spent keeping watch at the
intersection of Soden and Lincoln.

Fond Farewell for Noyce
Scott De Laruelle

Unified Newspaper Group

Long-time Oregon School District
crossing guard Nina Noyce has seen
a lot in her 92 years – with the last
20 spent keeping a watch on students
crossing the intersection of Soden and
The long-time crossing guard said
goodbye Friday afternoon to what
has been a long-time labor of love in
keeping students safe as they walk to
and from school, reminiscing about
the good times – as well as some
close calls.
Patricia Fleming officially replaced
Noyce in mid-March. But Friday,
Noyce had a farewell of sorts with the
dozens of children and parents she’s
befriended as she’s shepherded them
across what can be a busy – even
dangerous – crossroads. A spry and
energetic nonagenarian, Noyce said
she would have kept at the job even
longer except for one recent incident
that convinced her to hang up her stop
“One Friday afternoon I went over

there to pick up that cone,” she said.
“There wasn’t a car around, when I
picked up the cone some woman came
from the school, I think, and knocked
it right out of my hand.
“I said enough is enough.”
Noyce got her start two decades ago
when a friend at the Oregon Police
Department with a young daughter
going to the nearby elementary school
“nominated” her for the job.
“She said, ‘We need a crossing
guard at the corner of Lincoln and
Soden, and I know just the person to
put there,’” Noyce chuckled.
While the corner has thankfully not
been the scene of any major accidents
since Noyce started her watch, there
have unfortunately been plenty of
close calls, she said.
“(Drivers) don’t pay any attention,”
Noyce said. “I should write a book;
they keep telling me that. One woman – she didn’t stop for that intersection, she didn’t’ stop for this one, she
just went right on down to school,
and picked up (her) kid. When she
came back I stopped her, and I said,
‘Are you aware that this is a four-way

stop?’ And she looked at me and
said, ‘I don’t live around here.’ One
woman almost hit me over there, and
I yelled at her and she rolled down
her window and said, ‘I saw you.’
(laughs) I said, ‘Well, why didn’t you
The memories are mostly good,
though – particularly one incident
during the middle of the recent, brutal
“One morning it was so cold, and
a man parked his car and came over
here with a cup of hot chocolate,”
Noyce said.
Since March, Fleming has kept
vigil over the intersection, but she
remains a bit in awe of the popularity
of her predecessor, who always had a
small bag of goodies to give away to
the kids, who showed up Friday with
hugs and goodbyes.
“Everybody keeps asking about
Nina,” Fleming said.
“She has been great helping me,
familiarizing me with the good drivers, and the system. They’ll never forget this lady, that’s for sure.”

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This “Man Sale” sign posted on the Netherwood and North Oak
streets was actually for a garage sale, but had many Oregon residents wondering what exactly it meant.

Mystery of ‘Man
Sale’ sign solved
A sign reading “Man
Sale” put on the corner of
Netherwood and North Oak
streets had Oregon a little
puzzled this week.
But don’t worry, former
pastor and Oregon resident Gail Brown didn’t get
sick of her husband, Al, as
the cryptic sign might suggest. The couple put out
the sign to get people to
come to their garage sale
this weekend full of stuff
they thought men might like
such as tools.
Observer photographer
Julia Meyers posted the
photo on Facebook to garner many responses of what
this sign might mean – as
she couldn’t find the sale
after snapping the photos. Gail ended up seeing
and responding to a similar post from the Oregon
Observer and answered the
mystery of the “Man Sale”
via a comment on the photo


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Photo by Julia Meyers

‘Lots of women
stopped by looking
to see which man
might be for sale.’
Gail Brown

“We are downsizing
40 years worth of “stuff”
including tools, lawn
equipment, hardware and
all those other ‘Gee-Imight-need-this-someday’
things men like to keep in
the workshop, basement,
garage,” she wrote.
“Lots of women stopped
by looking to see which
man might be for sale, but
since I didn’t take trade-in’s
they walked away instead
with a tool for their ‘man’
for Father’s Day Found
more stuff today so watch
for our ‘Mini Man’ sale.”
–Victoria Vlisides

“It rapidly becomes
home at Sienna Crest.
Care is excellent and the
staff are family.”

Assisted Living

981 Park St. Oregon, WI
(608) 835-7781

Father’s Day Sale

Memory Care

989 Park St. Oregon, WI
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June 12, 2014

Oregon Observer


Village of Oregon


Commission approves
Alpine Meadows changes
Single-family homes,
duplexes planned for
former condo lots
Mark Ignatowski

Saturday, June 21
Midnight: Three-Legged Lap
1 a.m.: Glow in the Dark Lap
2 a.m.: Walk Backward Lap
3 a.m.: Take a Break Lap – grab a snack & walk
4 a.m.: Umbrella Lap
5 a.m.: Boot Lap
6 a.m.: Jammies, Slippers & Hat Lap
7 a.m.: Balloon Lap
9 a.m.: Closing Ceremony and Unity Lap

Unified Newspaper Group

Alpine Meadows could
have more single-family
homes as part of a recommendation from the village’s Planning Commission last week.
Despite some concerns
from neighbors about
stormwater and snow management, the commission recommended that 12
single-family lots and four
duplex lots be approved for
the Prairie Grass addition to
Alpine Meadows. The Village Board will have final
say on the matter at its next
Property owner Oregon
Community Bank sought to
rezone the approximately
six-acre area along Jefferson Street and Prairie Grass
Road after a preliminary
discussion a few months
Neighbors had concerns
about stormwater management, but village officials
and planner Mike Slavney
said the developer would
have to follow strict design
standards to ensure stormwater is handled appropriately.
“This might be the one

Relay: Relay is June 20
Continued from page 1
going exceptionally well,”
she told the Observer last
The annual event supports and rallies behind
those with and who have
had cancer, as well as families and caregivers who
have been affected by cancer.
With more than 35
teams and 200 participants, the Online fundraising so far has tallied at
$25,000, but Ketterer said
that’s not a true depiction
of how much has been
raised in total.
“There are several teams
that we have that really
like healthy competition,”
she said. “There are some
teams that don’t necessarily put their funds online.”
Teams in communities
have monthly captains’
meetings and stage fundraisers like selling baked
goods or having stands at
local festivals. One local
team, the “Mojo Warriors,” raised about $1,000

this summer at a garage
sale fundraiser held in
The public is invited
to take part in the event,
which starts at 6 p.m. and
goes all night into Saturday morning. Relay
For Life team members
walk the track at Mandt
Park to symbolize walking through the darkness
of having cancer and not
giving up to reach the
daylight. Activities run all
Each year, Relay For
Life selects an honorary
cancer survivor from each
of the three communities. Ketterer said these
individuals are chosen for
their commitment to the
This year’s honorary
survivor is Sara Fishwild,
who had a Stage 1 reproductive cancer detected
more than a decade ago
and has been cancer free
Fishwild’s story will be
detailed in the next edition
of the Oregon Observer.

place in the village now
where the facilities are
oversized for stormwater management,” Slavney
The area was originally
planned to have townhomes
similar to what’s built nearby. Doing so would have
resulted in more building
and population density on
the land, which could have
meant more water concerns.
The planning commission
recommended approval of
the rezoning last Thursday with the stipulation
that sidewalks be extended
along Jefferson Street. The
commission also noted that
Oregon Community Bank
would be responsible for
architectural design review
of the single-family homes
and duplexes.

safety and building codes. John Bieno said such a code
In addition, public works would be “well-intended,
director Mark Below said but not necessary.”
The Village Board will
the village receives few
complaints and those are review the commission rectypically handled well by ommendation at a future
village staff.
For example, a maintenance code could compel a Sign, sign everywhere
homeowner who has a win- a sign
dow boarded up to repair
At last week’s meeting,
the window. Commissioner
the commission weighed in
Jeff Groenier said that sort
of thing is already covered on several new signs in the
by building standards, as a village:
• The Oregon Chamber
certain amount of natural
of Commerce got the golight is required for buildahead for a new welcome
Planning Commission sign on County Hwy. MM.
chair Greg Schnelle said The sign should be up in
the maintenance standards time for Oregon Summer
could be difficult to set Fest.
• Kwik Trip plans to
because some levels of
install a new sign at its
upkeep might be feasible
for a certain group and North Main Street store. No
unattainable by others. He approval was on the agensaid he’d have a hard time da, but commissioners recMaintenance code
telling a low-income fam- ommended a sign of about
50 square feet or less.
The commission also ily or an elderly person to
rejected the idea that the maintain their property.
Commission member
village should pursue a
village-wide maintenance
code for buildings and
Protection is a family tradition.
Protection is a familyfamily tradition.
Protection is a tradition.
The Village Board had
Since Since 1927, families like yours have trusted
Since 1927, families like yours have trusted
requested the commission 1927,Family tolike yours havefrom unexpected
our Family to protect protect them from unexpected
them from unexpected
our Family to protect them
look into a code that would
losses. today to discuss your needs.
losses. Call me Call me today to discuss your needs.
losses. Call me today to discuss your needs.
regulate how buildings are
Commissioners thought
Diane Sliter Agency, Inc.
such a code would be
Diane Sliter Agency, Inc.
Diane Sliter Agency, Inc.
850 Janesville St
850 Janesville St
overstepping the vil850 Janesville St
Oregon, WI 53575
Oregon, WI 53575 53575
Oregon, WI
lage’s authority and that
(608) 835-5100
(608) 835-5100
(608) 835-5100
many concerns could be
addressed through existing
American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries
American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiariesits Subsidiaries
American Family Insurance Company
Mutual Insurance Company and
American Family Insurance Company
Home Office – Madison, WI 53783
American Family Insurance Company
Home Office – Madison, WI– 53783
Home Office Madison, WI 53783
© 2011
002139 – Rev. 6/11
© 2011
002139 – Rev. 6/11
© 2011
002139 – Rev. 6/11


Friday, June 20
5 p.m.: Food Court opens, fish fry, Sugar & Spice and
6 p.m.: Opening Ceremony
7 p.m.: Juggling Lap
7-10 p.m.: Fundraising activities around the track at
8 p.m.: Dude Looks Like A Lady Lap - vote for the winner with your donations
9 p.m.: Hula Hoop Lap
10 p.m.: Luminaria ceremony
11 p.m.: Glow Yoga (immediately following Luminaria

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email Anthony Iozzo at Call
Jim Ferolie at 845-9559 ext. 250 with questions.


Photo submission

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June 12, 2014


Oregon Observer

Photo submitted

Service project
Brooklyn Mighty Mites 4-H did tie-blankets for a March service project. The Project
Linus tie-blankets were brought to a local fire station to distribute to kids in times
of emergency or sickness.

Letter to the editor

Community Voices

We shouldn’t tolerate
bullying at any age

rowing up, I attended public schools like most kids,
and there was always a
bully around.
I would like to congratulate the large branches had broken off and
Even if you didn’t have one
Oregon   maintenance crew on fallen on the sidewalk, berm and
in your class directly, eventuthe fine job they did at our house into the street. A call to the Villast Friday. About 4 a.m. I heard lage brought Gary Disch and crew ally one of them would find you
some noise outside but nothing to saw, chip, remove large sec- in the lunchroom, or perhaps at
more so I went back to sleep. tions and clean up. Nice job guys! recess on the playground, in the
sandbox or on the monkey bars.
Upon waking and able to look
I would get kicked, have my
out the bedroom window, I saw
Skip and Bonnie Bohse
hair pulled, called names, stung
that one of our oak trees’ very
with spit
balls, pinched,
pushed down
and generally humiliated.
Thursday, June 12, 2014 • Vol. 129, No. 49
And that was
USPS No. 411-300
just first grade.
Periodical Postage Paid, Oregon, WI and additional offices.
Every single
Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group,
time that I
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc.
chose to be the
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to
The Oregon Observer, PO Box 930427, Verona, WI 53593.
“nice” girl, be
the “bigger” person and maturely
Office Location: 125 N. Main Street, Oregon, WI 53575
inform my teacher of the crimes
Phone: 608-835-6677 • FAX: 608-835-0130
that had been committed against
me, I got nowhere. No matter
how many times the teacher told
Billy to “be nice,” he was never
This newspaper is printed on recycled paper.
It seemed no one was willing
General Manager
or able to stop the kindergarten
David J. Enstad
Jim Ferolie
mercenaries. It was Lord of the
Flies, where the strong and the
vicious made the rules and ran
the show. I was horrified. Those
Rob Kitson
Jeremy Jones
little terrorists were everywhere.
Most of us found a way to
survive our school years, and we
Kathy Woods
Victoria Vlisides
often have the emotional scars to
prove it. But what do you suppose happened to those Hunger
Game wannabes and Mean Girls
Carolyn Schultz
Scott Girard, Bill Livick,
that brought such emotional
Anthony Iozzo, Mark Ignatowski,
moil to our youth?
Scott De Laruelle
I allowed myself to fantasize
Unified Newspaper Group, a division of
that, as an adult, all the bullies
Woodward Communications,Inc.
had made their way to a therapist
A dynamic, employee-owned media company
and were working diligently on
Good People. Real Solutions. Shared Results.
the feelings of guilt that were
keeping them up at night.
Printed by Woodward Printing Services — Platteville
No such luck.
Most of them got jobs and now
we get to work alongside those
little sociopaths every day – just

Thanks to tree crews for quick work

One Year in Dane Co. & Rock Co. . . . . . . . . . $37
One Year Elsewhere . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $45
Oregon Observer
Stoughton Courier Hub • Verona Press

like at school.
Yes, I am talking about the
workplace bullies. You know
them, you’ve seen them, and you
may even be one of them!
It seems almost every week I
am talking to someone who is
sharing stories of workplace bullying and the emotional trauma it
is causing. The energetic qualities of bullying can leave a person feeling intimidated, embarrassed, threatened, fearful, disrespected, undermined, harassed
and victimized.  
Our jobs are connected to our
survival instincts, because it’s
how we support ourselves and
families. If we feel threatened
or harassed in the workplace,
the intensity of our feelings can
skyrocket into unhealthy levels
of stress. There is usually no
recourse or support for victims of
workplace bullying. Many times
the only relief is to find a different job.
Much like my first-grade
teacher, many bosses and supervisors either don’t know how to
confront the behaviors of a bully
or aren’t interested in doing so.
This is a significant problem
whose time has come to be confronted and taken into the light.
No longer can we, as a nation,
deny this abusive behavior. We
must seek solutions.
Fortunately there is a growing
number of groups and websites
committed to stopping all forms
of bullying. These organizations
are researching, compiling and
sharing information and assistance for people affected by this
An excerpt from shows how prevalent
the problem is with both men and
“According to the Workplace
Bullying Institute, up to a third
of workers may be the victims
of workplace bullying … The
New York Times found that
about 60 percent of workplace

bullies are men, and they tend to
bully male and female employees
equally. Female bullies, however,
are more likely to bully other
The Workplace Bullying
Institute, a national organization
working to enact employment
legislation aimed to combat that,
also found that “often it is the
least skilled who attack the best
and brightest workers.”
On its website,, it says the United
States is “the last of the western
democracies to introduce a law
forbidding bullying-like conduct in the workplace. … U.S.
employers are loathe to stop bullying, let alone acknowledge its
The result can be traumatic.
“In its more severe forms,
it (bullying) triggers a host of
stress-related health complications – hypertension, autoimmune disorders, depression,
anxiety and PTSD,” the website
One of the roadblocks to creating laws or legislation against
bullying is the subjective nature
of the behavior. It’s a slippery
beast that can be hard to define
with pen and paper. But just
because it’s hard doesn’t mean
we shouldn’t do it.
The more we educate ourselves
and the more we talk about the
subject, the easier this difficult
task will be to solve. It’s important that we get involved, that we
reach out to each other and offer
what support we can.
If someone you know is dealing with a workplace bully,
let them know that they are
not alone and this is not their
fault. Caring is the first step to
solving any problem and it can
mean so much to let someone
know that you care about them.
Doris Deits is the owner of
Peaceful Heart Gifts in Oregon.

See an error?
The Oregon Observer depends on alert readers to help keep us on our toes. If you see an error of any
kind, please let us know by e-mailing

June 12, 2014


Oregon Observer

Dairy Days celebrations
come to Brooklyn
If you go

Unified Newspaper Group

An annual event that celebrates all things dairy is
coming to Brooklyn.
The June 20-22 event is
in a different place in Green
County each year, and the
last time it was in Brooklyn was 11 years ago, said
Ann Wanless, who is helping promote Dairy Days
through the Brooklyn Area
Chamber of Commerce.
The annual event has on
events going on all weekend including food, parade,
dance and a car and tractor
show, but Dairy Days also
honors young woman who
are candidates to be the
“Dairy Queen,” representing the county for a year.
Last year’s Dairy Queen,
Mariah Martin of Brooklyn,
will be a big part of the celebrations.
While events are happening all weekend for Dairy
Days, there are other events
going on in Brooklyn that
weekend in conjunction
with the celebrations. There
will also be geo caching of
historical places, a walking
tour of historical homes and
the village-wide garage sale
is Friday through Sunday.

Geo caching info can be
picked up at little free
library locations in Brooklyn located on Bowman,
Main and Lincoln streets.
This group is also having a
meet and greet on Sunday
in Legion Park at the picnic
shelter from 1-2 p.m.
Info on the walking tour
can be picked up at the tent
on Hotel Street during celebrations.
Dairy Days kicks off with
the introduction of queen
candidates at 6 p.m. Friday. The queens from all
11 communities are in town
for the day, taking a tour of
Larson Acres and sequestered for judging activities.
Opening ceremonies also
include a dance on Hotel
Street from 6-9 p.m. featuring the Green Field Brothers, and entry onto the
street is $5 a couple, or $3
single. Kids are free.
The street will be closed
down for the dance, which
is open to the public. There
will be baked good and
concessions for sale.
On Saturday, there will
be a car show on Hotel
Street from 10 a.m. to 2
p.m. Join the car show host
following the show as he
leads the participants in a

Green County cruise ending
at Magnolia Bluff Park just
off Hwy 59 south of Brooklyn.
Come back to town that
evening for the Queen’s
banquet at the Brooklyn Community Building.
“Moo Tails” the dairy version of the cocktail hour
starts at 6:30 p.m. and the
banquet at 7:30 p.m.
The Diary Queens Banquet starts at 7:30 p.m. at
the Brooklyn Community
Building. Tickets are $12.
Sunday kicks off with the
Brooklyn Fire/EMS pancake breakfast and open
house with fire engine rides
from 7-11 a.m.
That is followed by a
parade on the corner of
Kerch and Hotel streets
at 11:30 a.m. The antique
tractor pull begins at noon
in Legion Park. Various
community groups will be
selling hot dogs, brats, ice
cream and beer. The Village’s Recreation committee’s kiddy tractor pull at 3
The queen crowning will
follow the parade.
For more information
visit the chamber’s Facebook page at

Dairy Days queens recognized at festivities
T h e queens of Green
County were at the Brooklyn
Methodist Church June 5 to
welcome the 2014 Brooklyn
Dairy Queen, Alizabeth (Liz)
Grady. Liz is the daughter of
Tom and Katie Grady.
Green County Dairy
Queen Mariah Martin had
the honors of crowning Liz
Mariah was originally
Brooklyn’s Dairy Queen of
2013 but advanced to the
position of Green County
Queen. Since there wasn’t a

runner-up, Mariah had ‘double duty’ this past year. She
will be giving up her crown
at the Queens Banquet, held
in Brooklyn this year; Saturday, June 2. Her coming
agenda will be her many
projects at the fair, showing rabbits, cake decorating,
sewing, photography and in
Mariah is a member of
the Mighty Mites 4-H and
Photo submitted
its secretary. Mariah told the
new queen, “Never forget to The 2013 Green County Queen
is Brooklyn’s Mariah Martin.
wear a smile.”

2 art events this weekend
Bill Livick
Unified Newspaper Group

Two-dozen area artists
will display their work and
a nationally renowned singer-songwriter will perform
this weekend at Arts in the
Barns, an annual event taking place at the Wood Cycle
of Wisconsin’s Hayloft Gallery in the Town of Oregon
and a barn on Adams Road
in Fitchburg.
The Hayloft Gallery art
fair will run from 10 a.m. to
5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
at the Wood Cycle, a woodworking business that turns
local hardwood trees into
handcrafted furniture and
cabinetry at 1239 S. Fish
Hatchery Road.
At 7:30 p.m. Saturday,
Lucy Kaplansky will perform inside a restored 1870s
barn owned by Bill and Anne
Conzemius at 5729 Adams
Road. Admission is $25 – or
free for kids 6 and under –
with proceeds going to Haiti
Allies, a Madison-based
charity that is helping rebuild
Haiti after the January 2010

If you go
Benefit for Haiti
When: 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, June 14
Where: 5729 Adams
Road, Fitchburg
More info: 835-0454,
Cost: $25, kids 6 and
under are free

Hayloft Gallery art
When: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday, June 14 and
Sunday, June 15
Where: 1239 S. Fish
Hatchery Road, Town of
Info: thehayloftgallery.
Kaplansky’s career has
spanned four decades and
eight albums of music that
features her remarkable
voice and guitar work.

Guests can sit on hay bales
or bring lawn chairs and
blankets. Picnics and carryin beverages are allowed,
and Haitian artwork will be
for sale.
The art on display at the
Hayloft Gallery and outside
on its grounds will range
from paintings and drawings to fiber art, glassware,
ceramics and photography.
The art fair is free and
includes tours of the Wood
Cycle, which was named
Wisconsin’s “sustainable
business of the year” in 2012
by In Business magazine.
The business and gallery
are owned and operated by
master woodworker Paul
Morrison, who several years
ago bought, moved and
restored an old barn from
Oregon’s west side to its current location.
He specializes in making
furniture, cabinets and other pieces from local trees he
Morrison said the Wood
Cycle of Wisconsin will
have its saw mill operating
during the art fair, which
“always draws a crowd.”


Victoria Vlisides

What: Dairy Days in
When: June 20-21
Where: Brooklyn (multiple locations)
More info: Ann Wanless,

Putts for Paws
Golf Outing to raise funds for Vende, Oregon Police Department’s K-9 Unit

Saturday, June 14, 2014 @ Foxboro Golf Club
12:30 Registration • 1:30 Shotgun Start


Contact Name:
Company Name:


1. Name:
2. Name:


□ Golfers @ $65.00 each = $


Foursomes @ $235.00 = $



□ Dinner Only @ $15.00 each = $
□ Hole Sponsorship @ $150.00 (logo on hole signage) = $
□ Donation = $
Total = $

Registration includes:

• 18 Holes of Golf--Best Ball
• Golf Cart
• Picnic Dinner

Submit Registration, with Payment
(payable to “ORPD K-9 Unit”):
Oregon Police Department
Attn: Officer Josh Kohlman
383 Park Street
Oregon, WI 53575

For more information, contact Officer Kohlman
835-3111 •

Join the Fun
June 20-22
Dairy Days 2014 in Brooklyn:

Friday- 6/20:

• 6 p.m. .................... Queen’s Introduction (Admission required)
• 6-9 p.m. ................. Street Dance on Hotel St., “Green Field Brothers”
• All Day ................. Concessions/Bake Sale at the Methodist Church
................. Village-Wide Garage Sales

Saturday- 6/21:

• 9:30 a.m. ............... Cattle Show & Concessions (Monroe Fair Grounds)
• 10 a.m.-2 p.m. ....... All Class Car Show (No Admission, on Hotel Street)
• 6:30 p.m. ............... Moo Tails w/displays (Brooklyn Community Bldg.)
• 7 p.m. .................... Banquet ($12 in the Brooklyn Community Bldg.)
• All Day.................. Concessions/bake sale at the Methodist Church
................. Village-Wide Garage Sales

Sunday- 6/22:

• 7 a.m.-11 a.m. ....... Fire/EMS Pancake Breakfast & Open House w/ Fire Engine Rides
(at Brooklyn Fire Station)
• 11:30 a.m. ............. Parade (Hotel/Kerch St. to Hwy 92, ends at First St.)
• 12 p.m. .................. Tractor Pull & Show
.................. Queen Crowning (following Parade at Pulling Track in Legion Park)

• 3 p.m. .................Kids Tractor Pull
...............Village-Wide Garage Sales

Thank You to our Sponsors!

Green County Fall Nationals.................................... Category #1
Green County Fair Dairy Youth Auction.................... Category #1
Arndt & Son Plumbing, LLC..................................... Category #2
Badgerland Financial ............................................... Category #2
Douglas Mayer Transport, Inc. ................................. Category #2
Alliant Energy .......................................................... Category #2
Carrousel Grain Service .......................................... Category #2
Colony Brands, Inc
....................................... Category #2
Carter & Gruenwald, Inc .......................................... Category #2
D & P Concrete & Landacape.................................. Category #2
East Side Farm Equipment Sales, Inc. .................... Category #2
Fahey Pumps ........................................................... Category #2
Landmark Services Cooperative ............................. Category #2
Patrons of Maple Leaf Cheese Cooperative ............ Category #2
Sloan Implement Company ..................................... Category #2
Sugar River Veterinary Service................................ Category #2
Aqua Lift Inc. ............................................................ Category #3
BouMatic.................................................................. Category #3
Brodhead Farm & Home, Inc. .................................. Category #3
Brodhead Veterinary Medical Center ...................... Category #3
Cal Shaver Auction Service ..................................... Category #3
CH Roofing .............................................................. Category #3
Dan & Angie Rieder ................................................. Category #3
East Central Select Sires ......................................... Category #3
Equity Co-op Livestock Sales Assoc........................ Category #3
FarmFirst ................................................................. Category #3
Freitag Whitewashing............................................... Category #3
Frontier-Servco FS................................................... Category #3
Gerald Zweifel Farms .............................................. Category #3

Gerrit & Lorrie Performance Premix......................... Category #3
Green County Jr. Holstein Breeders ........................ Category #3
Hanna Ag LLC ......................................................... Category #3
IBA Fahrney, Inc....................................................... Category #3
Jordan Implement .................................................... Category #3
Monroe Westfalia Surge .......................................... Category #3
Oregon Straw Hat Players and The Market Place- Consignments
................................................................................. Category #3
Rural Mutual Insurance - Mike Hutchinson .............. Category #3
Select Sires ............................................................. Category #3
Stockton Cheese, Inc............................................... Category #3
Studer Super Service, Inc........................................ Category #3
UPS Store- Stoughton ............................................. Category #3
Village of Brooklyn .................................................. Category #3
Woodford State Bank ............................................... Category #3
Wanless Auctions .................................................... Category #3
Bruce Kloepping, ADM Alliance Nutrition................. Category #4
Edwin and Bonnie Gerner ....................................... Category #4
Green Pastures Veterinary Service, SC................... Category #4
Innovative Ag Services - Cuba City ......................... Category #4
John Willoughby
................................................ Category #4
K & B Sewer Services
.................................. Category #4
Kristi Leonard, Mt. Pleasant-Perry Mutual .............. Category #4
Lea McCullough....................................................... Category #4
Lovelace Pump Company, Inc.................................. Category #4
Mahlkuch Electric LLC ............................................. Category #4
Monroe Veterinary Service, S.C............................... Category #4
Voegeli Chevrolet-Buick, Inc. ................................... Category #4

For more information: Call 608-628-2755 or go to



June 12, 2014

Oregon Observer

Coming up


Summer music lessons

Senior computer class

Interested families can register or
find out more about summer music
lessons at
We have drumming workshops for
beginners, an advanced drum camp,
woodwind and brass small groups and
many private lessons this summer.

Come to the computer lab at the
senior center for classes taught by
Milly McCartney from 4-6 p.m. Monday, July 16. Call 835-5801 for more
information or to sign up.
Do you have questions about your
PC’s navigation buttons? How to
adjust volume, change the background picture, and adjust the colors
and size of print as you read your
email or travel the Internet?
Bring your laptop, if you like, and
remember your power cord! Class
sizes are limited and each costs $15,
cash or check only.

of Life Church will host “Here We
Grow” Backyard Bible Adventures.
Morning sessions are from 10 a.m.
to noon at 349 Medinah St. and an
evening program will be located at
Bethel Greenacres Park on Burr Oak
Street from 6-8 p.m. Monday night
kicks off with a potluck dinner at the
park starting at 5:30 p.m.
Our service project this year is collecting school supplies, details to
come as well as working in the Netherwood Knoll Arboretum Wednesday,
June 18, at 2 p.m. Thursday evening
we will wrap up the week with root
beer floats. Contact Anne Michels
291-0012 with any questions.

Putts for Paws

Brewing Questions

Union Bank & Trust Milk
Moostache Contest
June is Dairy Month, and what better way to celebrate than with a Milk
Moostache Contest? Oregon High
School teachers and faculty will have
their pictures taken with a milk mustaches. These photos will be displayed
in UB&T office lobbies through June
30. Stop by to cast your vote!
The high school who has the most
number of votes at the end of the contest will be the recipient of a $200
donation to their ag department, and
the runner-up school will receive a
$100 donation.
If you have questions, contact Jill
Karr at 882-5200 or

People are invited to join in a golf
outing to raise funds for Vende,
Oregon Police Department’s K-9, at
12:30 p.m. Saturday, June 14 at Foxboro Golf Club. A shotgun start will
begin at 1:30 p.m.

Backyard Bible Adventures
From June 16-19, Community

‘Brewing Questions’ meets June 17
and the third Tuesday of every month
in the Firefly Coffee House back
room at 8:30 a.m. This is an openminded discussion group about faith,
life and things which matter to us.
For details, contact Le Anne at 5151515.

Community calendar
Friday, June 13

• 1-2 p.m., “Fuss With Stuff
Fridays,” featuring music noise,

Saturday, June 14

• 10-10:30 a.m., Donuts and Dads,
“Hurray for Dads!” library
• 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Hayloft Gallery
Art Fair, 1239 South Fish Hatchery
• 1:30 p.m., Putts for Paws golf
fundraiser for Oregon Police
Department, Foxboro Golf Club,
1020 County Road MM
• 7:30 p.m., Art in the Barn Concert
featuring Lucy Kaplansky, a fundraiser for Haiti Allies, 5927 Adams
Road, Fitchburg,

Sunday, June 15

• 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Hayloft Gallery
Art Fair, 1239 South Fish Hatchery

Tuesday, June 17

• 1-2 p.m., Teen Book and Movie
Swap, Sue Ames Room, library

Wednesday, June 18

• 2-3 p.m., Zen garden serenity
maker, Sue Ames Room, library

Thursday, June 19

• 9:30 a.m., Dane County Wii
league championship game, senior

Saturday, June 28

• 10-10:45 a.m., “Duke Otherwise”
concert at Prairie View Elementary
Little Theater

• Oregon Summerfest,

Friday, June 20

• Oregon Summerfest,

• Relay For Life, Mandt Park,
Stoughton, all details at

Saturday, June 21

Sunday, June 29

Monday, June 30

• 1-2 p.m., science lab, ages K-6,

• Green County Dairy Days, Village
of Brooklyn

Thursday, June 26

• Oregon Summerfest,
• 10-11 a.m., Science Alliance:
Zapped!, Prairie View Elementary
big gym

Thursday, July 10

• 6-8 p.m., Oregon Flavor and
Savor fundraiser for the OregonBrooklyn Food Pantry and the
National Multiple Sclerosis Society,
Gorman & Company Red Brick
Gym, 957-9424

Friday, July 11

Friday, June 27

• Oregon Summerfest,

Community cable listings
Village of Oregon Cable Access TV program times same for both channels.
A new program begins daily at 1 p.m. and repeats at 4, 7 and 10 p.m. and at 1,
4, 7 and 10 a.m. 900 Market St., Oregon. Phone: 291-0148;
email:, or visit

ORE 984
Thursday, June 12
Thursday, June 12
Oregon School Board
“Move to Amend Rally”
Meeting (of June 9)
OAP (of June 1)

WOW 983

Friday, June 13
Friday, June 13
OHS Senior Recital: L.
“Elvis Goes to Church” (of
Frankson & B. Pease (of June
May 29)
Saturday, June 14
Oregon Community Band Saturday, June 14
Oregon Elementary Chorus
Concert-in-the-Park (June 10)
Concert (of Apr. 15)
Sunday, June 15
HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Sunday, June 15
OHS Class of 2014 Hilites &
Worship Service: St. John’s
Graduation (of June 8)
Lutheran Church
Monday, June 16
Monday, June 16
Oregon Elementary Fine
5:30 p.m.-LIVE--Oregon
Arts Fest (of Apr. 5)
Village Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 17
Tuesday, June 17
RCI Fine Arts Fest (of Apr.
1997 Oregon Summerfest
Wednesday, June 18
Wednesday, June 18
OMS Fine Arts Fest (of Apr.
1996 Oregon Summerfest
Thursday, June 19
Thursday, June 19
“Taming of the Shrew” Play
Oregon Village Board
(of Apr. 29)
Meeting (of June 16)

•1-2 p.m., Fuss With Stuff Fridays,
library, “Gross Stuff”

Senior center
Monday, June 16
Monday, June 16
9:00 CLUB, Wii Bowling
Baked Chicken, Baked
9:00 Rubber Stamping
Potatoes with sour cream ,
9:00 Caregivers Support
Green Beans, Apricot Half,
1:00 Get Fit
W.W. Bread
1:30 Bridge
4:00 Weight Loss Support
Sauce over Baked Potato
6:00 Pickleball, OMS
Tuesday, June 17
w/Gravy, Tuesday, June 17
8:30 Zumba Gold
Mashed Potatoes, Peas,
9:00 Pool Players
Fruit Cocktail, Multi Grain
9:00 Arthritis Movement
9:45 Tai Chi
VO-Veggie Loaf
11:30 Silver Threads Pot
Wednesday, June 18
12:30 Sheepshead
Chicken Salad (w/red
12:30 Stoughton Shopping
& green grapes), Creamy
Tomato Salad (w/Peppers &
Onions), Orange Juice, Sm. Wednesday, June 18
9:00 CLUB
Croissant, Banana Cream
10:00 Over 90 Celebration
1:00 Get Fit
VO – Egg Salad garnished
1:00 Euchre
Thursday, June 19
Thursday, June 19
8:30 Zumba Gold
Boneless Pork Loin Chop,
9:00 Pool Players
Mashed Sweet, Potatoes,
9:00 Arthritis Movement
Pickled Beets, Fresh Fruit,
12:30 Shopping at Bill’s
Multi Grain Bread
1:00 Cribbage
VO – Soy Ribbet,
1:00 Card Party
SO-Garden Salad
Friday, June 20
Friday, June 20
9:00 CLUB
Meat Sauce over Spaghetti
9:00 Pilates
Tossed Salad, Banana,
9:00 Wii Bowling
Multi Grain Bread, Sherbet
9:30 Blood Pressure
VO-Soy Chicken Meat
1:00 Movie “Philomena”

2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 276-7729
Pastor Rich Johnson
8:30 a.m. classic service
10:45 a.m. new song service

SATURDAY - 5 p.m. Worship
SUNDAY - 8:15, 9:30 and 10:45
a.m. Worship West Campus: Corner
of Hwy. PD and Nine Mound Road,
SUNDAY - 9 & 10:15 a.m., 6 p.m.
Worship (608) 271-6633

101 Second Street, Brooklyn
(608) 455-3852
Pastor Rebecca Ninke
9 a.m. Holy Communion
10 a.m. Fellowship

752 E. Netherwood, Oregon
Eric Vander Ploeg, Lead Pastor
(608) 835-7972
9:30 a.m. worship service at Oregon
High School PAC

PO Box 233, Oregon, 53575
(608) 286-3121
Pastor Eric Wenger
10 a.m. Worship at 1111 S. Perry
Parkway, Oregon

651 N. Main Street, Oregon
Pastor: Fr. Gary Wankerl
(608) 835-5763
SATURDAY: 5 p.m. Worship
SUNDAY: 8 and 10:15 a.m. Worship

(608) 455-3344
Pastor Dave Pluss
9:30 a.m. Worship
143 Washington Street, Oregon
(608) 835-3554
Pastor Karl Hermanson
SUNDAY - 9 a.m. Worship
Holy Communion 2nd & last
408 N. Bergamont Blvd. (north of CC)
Oregon, WI 53575  
608-835-3082 -
Pastor: Bob Vetter
10 a.m. Blended Worship
11 a.m. Coffee Bar/Fellowship
11:15 a.m.  All-ages activity
5705 Lacy Road, Fitchburg
(608) 273-1008
Pastor: Phil Haslanger
Associate Pastor Twink JanMcMahon
8:15 and 10 a.m. Worship
Central Campus: Raymond Road and
Whitney Way

103 North Alpine Parkway, Oregon
Pastors Jason and Johanna Mahnke
(608) 835-3755
Communion is the 1st & 3rd
SATURDAY - 5 p.m. Worship
SUNDAY - 9 a.m. worship and
Sunday school; 10:30 a.m. worship;
5 p.m. The Gathering Sunday night
service with simple supper to follow
625 E. Netherwood, Oregon
Pastor Paul Markquart and Pastor
Emily Tveite
(608) 835-3154
5 p.m. Saturday evening Worship
8 a.m. Traditional Sunday Worship
9:15 a.m. Sunday School & Coffee
10:30 a.m. New Community Worship
(9:30 a.m. Summer)
Oregon Community Bank & Trust,
105 S. Alpine Parkway, Oregon - Bob
Groth, Pastor - (608) 513-3435
SUNDAY - 10 a.m. Worship
CHRIST - Paoli
At the Intersection of Hwy. 69 & PB
Rev. Sara Thiessen
(608) 845-5641
SUNDAY 9:30 a.m. Family Worship

Support groups
• 7 p.m., Alcoholics
Anonymous meeting
at First Presbyterian
Church, every Monday
and Friday
• 7 p.m., Alcoholics
Anonymous closed
meeting, People’s United
Methodist Church, every
• 6:30-7:30 p.m.,
Diabetes Support Group
meeting, Evansville
Senior Center, 320 Fair

St. Call 882-0407 for
information. Second
Tuesday of each month
• 6:30-8 p.m., Parents
Supporting Parents,
LakeView Church,
Stoughton. Third
Tuesday of every month
• Relationship & Divorce
Support Group. State
Bank of Cross Plains.
Every other Monday
night at 6:30 p.m.

Rewrite your life
Writing can help us deal with many of life’s problems. Many
teenagers have weathered the storm and stress of those
turbulent years by keeping a journal, and that same practice
can help virtually anyone who can express him or herself
in writing. Writing about our fears and anxieties has a way
of making them a little less scary and often gives us insight
into how to resolve the situation. It can also be helpful to
write about our lives in a way that essentially rewrites the
story. Someone who is feeling a lack of courage might write
about themselves displaying courage. We all have stories
to tell, and in thinking about our lives we have a tendency
to place our lives into an overarching narrative. That is, we
tell ourselves a particular story that makes sense of our life.
The story we tell as a teenager is likely to be very different
from the one we tell in our twenties or thirties, and there is
obviously some wisdom to periodically updating our story.
What is the story that you currently tell about your life, and
how would you like to see it changed? As we get older, and
especially as we approach our “golden years,” we should
think more about whether our story really does fit the life we
have lived, and the story that we hope our life will someday
tell. We should also remember that the final version can’t be
written until our life is complete.
- Christopher Simon

Call 835-6677 to advertise on the
Oregon Observer Church Page


June 12, 2014

Oregon Observer


Photography business gets ready for senior picture season
Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

For years, Michelle
Allen-Daubenspeck managed her photography business out of her basement
until she acquired a storefront in Fitchburg in 2007.
But after three years
there, she found the space
“impersonal” for a commercial business that is
about working with people. She then discovered a
building on Market Street
in Oregon, where she lives,
and Michelle Allen Photography has been there for the
three years since.
“It’s going pretty good,”
she said of business.
Allen-Daubenspeck does
a range of photography,
from business and newborn
portraits to senior pictures
and weddings.
“I really like to interact with people, and kids
especially are my favorite,”
she said. “You never know
what you’re going to get.”
Most of her business currently, though, comes from
senior pictures, of which
she does up to 120 per year,
most falling over the summer months.
She’s looking forward to
that part picking back up
“Seniors are fun because
usually I don’t do any of

The studio is located at 327 Market Street in Oregon.

Photos by Scott Girard

Michelle Allen-Daubenspeck, left, has run her business in Oregon since 2010. Right, Allen’s sister
Jaime Thayer serves as business manager for Allen as she has for the past six years.

Michelle Allen Photography

Allen-Daubenspeck said,
“everybody’s a photogra327 Market St.
pher, pretty much.”
The rest of the year, she
takes photos of family and
children, which keep her
busy enough, and her sister joined her six years ago
them from October to April, and working at the JC to help with the business
so it’s really fun to come Penny portrait studio as a side, which allowed Allen
16-year-old would do up to to “take (the business) up a
back to it then,” she said.
At her busiest, the pho- 50 weddings per year.
tographer who got her start
Nowadays, though, it’s
in a high school art class closer to 15 because, as


NOTICE HEREBY GIVEN for a PUBLIC HEARING to be held on Tuesday,
June 17, 2014 at 6:30 p.m., before the
Town of Oregon Plan Commission at the
Oregon Town Hall, 1138 Union Road, Oregon, WI 53575.
1. Land Division and Rezone Request; Petition # Not Available; Parcel
#0509-223-8690-3. The request is to
create one buildable site on a 56.7 acre
parcel on County Highway A, between
Hillcrest Lane and Glenway Road. The
land is currently zoned A-1 Ex. Parcel 1
would be 48.7 acres, zoned A-1 Ex and
Parcel 2 would be 8.0 acres, zoned RH-3.
Petitioner and Owner is Robert & Kathryn
Switzky, 2191 Sugar River Road, Verona,
WI 53593.
An effort has been made to notify
neighbors of this proposed change. To
ensure that everyone has been notified,
please share this notice with anyone who
you think would be interested.
Note: Agendas are subject to amendment after publication. Check the official
posting locations (Town Hall, Town of
Oregon Recycling Center and Oregon
Village Hall) including the Town website
at or join the
Town’s e-mail list to receive agendas at It is possible that members of and possibly a quorum of members of other governmental
bodies of the town may be in attendance
at any of the meetings to gather information; however, no action will be taken by
any governmental body at said meeting
other than the governmental body specifically referred to in the meeting notice.
Requests from persons with disabilities
who need assistance to participate in
this meeting or hearing should be made
to the Clerk’s office at 835-3200 with 48
hours notice.
Denise R. Arnold
Posted: June 2, 2014
Published: June 5 and 12, 2014


Craig Gieger: you are past due on
rent for Waunakee Mini Storage, 800 S.
Division St., Waunakee, WI 53597.
You have two weeks to contact Kirk
at (608) 849-8313 or your items will be removed and disposed of.
Kobriger Associates
P.O. Box 124
Waunakee, WI 53597
Published: June 12 and 19, 2014

Town of Oregon
Plan Commission Agenda
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
6:30 PM
Oregon Town Hall
1138 Union Road
Oregon, WI 53575

1. Open Public Hearing:
a. Land Division and Rezone Request; Petition # Not Available; Parcel
#0509-223-8690-3. The request is to
create one buildable site on a 56.7 acre
parcel on County Highway A, between
Hillcrest Lane and Glenway Road. The
land is currently zoned A-1 Ex. Parcel 1
would be 48.7 acres, zoned A-1 Ex and
Parcel 2 would be 8.0 acres, zoned RH-3.
Petitioner and Owner is Robert & Kathryn
Switzky, 2191 Sugar River Road, Verona,
WI 53593. Close Public Hearing.
2. Call Plan Commission meeting to
3. Discussion and possible Recommendation to the Town Board:
a. CUP; Petition # Not Available; Parcel # 0509-223-8690-3.
4. Approval of minutes from the last
5. Public Comments.
6. Discussion and possible Action re: Amending Comprehensive Land
Use Plan to include shared driveway
easement ordinance approved by Dane
7. Discussion and possible Action
re: TORC procedures.

8. Update on Anderson Park.
9. Communications.
10. Adjournment.
Note: Agendas are subject to amendment after publication. Check the official
posting locations (Town Hall, Town of
Oregon Recycling Center and Oregon
Village Hall) including the Town website
at or join the
Town’s e-mail list to receive agendas at It is possible that members of and possibly a quorum of members of other governmental
bodies of the town may be in attendance
at any of the meetings to gather information; however, no action will be taken by
any governmental body at said meeting
other than the governmental body specifically referred to in the meeting notice.
Requests from persons with disabilities
who need assistance to participate in
this meeting or hearing should be made
to the Clerk’s office at 835-3200 with 48
hours notice.
Posted: June 10, 2014
Published: June 12, 2014

Town of Oregon
Park Committee Agenda
Monday, June 16, 2014
6:30 pm
Oregon Town Hall
1138 Union Road
Oregon, Wisconsin

1. Call meeting to order.
2. Reading and approval of minutes

from the last meeting.
3. Public Comments and Appearances.
4. Discussion and possible Action
re: Eagle Scout Project.
5. Discussion and possible Action
re: recommendations/decisions from the
Town Board.
6. Review of potential work projects.
7. Set next meeting date.
8. Adjournment.
Note: Agendas are subject to amendment after publication. Check the official
posting locations (Town Hall, Town of
Oregon Recycling Center and Oregon
Village Hall) including the Town website
at or join the
Town’s e-mail list to receive agendas at It is possible that members of and possibly a quorum of members of other governmental
bodies of the town may be in attendance
at any of the meetings to gather information; however, no action will be taken by
any governmental body at said meeting
other than the governmental body specifically referred to in the meeting notice.
Requests from persons with disabilities
who need assistance to participate in
this meeting or hearing should be made
to the Clerk’s office at 835-3200 with 48
hours notice.
Steve Root, Chairperson
Posted: June 10, 2014
Published: June 12, 2014

Splitting up is tough on your family,
your finances and you.
We understand this.
Let us advise you about
your choices.
Let us help.



Santulli Schudda
and Cox Law
Your Oregon neighbors and attorneys,
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We are proud to help your
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Papa Murphy’s will donate 10% of the total purchase
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date item is purchased.
priced menu of event

Present this flyer or mention your organization’s name
when you buy any regular Visit us at item and Papa Murphy’s
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Papa Murphy’s, 710 Janesville St., Oregon

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Carrie Santulli

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Dr. Daniel Hamm


971B Janesville St.
Oregon, WI 53575

Sign Up for the Oregon Summer Fest
2 Mile Walk & 5K/10K Classic

608.835.BACK (2225)


June 12, 2014

Oregon Observer


Parade of Homes
showcases Bergamont

Longtime business
owner retires
Longtime Oregon resident, Chamber
member, and business owner Veralee
Gregg has retired.
Gregg, along with Sue White, started
their assisted living business, Sienna
Crest Incorporated, in 1997. They currently have nine facilities. The Sienna
Crest corporate office is in Oregon,
along with two of their homes, Sienna Crest Assisted Living, and Sienna
Meadows Memory Care Home.
Gregg, along with many local busiPhoto submitted ness owners, family, friends, and staff,
celebrated her retirement in April.
Friends, family and coworkers celebrate with Veralee Gregg, who retired from Sienna
Gregg, and her husband Mike, now
Crest. Pictured are (back row) Melanie Crans, Administrative Assistant, Libbie Reese, HR
plan on traveling and spending time with
Manager/In-House Council, Leah Hurtley, Marketing Manager. Front row: Veralee Gregg,
Vice-President, Sue White, President, Lois Gilbert, LPN Manager of Sienna Crest Oregon. family.

Mark Crawford
Observer correspondent

A home at The Legend at
Bergamont will be among 27
custom homes in six Dane
County neighborhoods featured in the two-week Parade
of Homes event starting next
Sponsored by the Madison Area Builders Association (MABA), the Parade of
Homes runs June 14-29. It has
been an annual Madison tradition for more than 60 years.
Parade homes showcase
the latest styles, colors, features and accents. They are
also built with a commitment
to the environment, using
green-building techniques,
energy-efficient HVAC systems, appliances and recycled
materials whenever possible.
Other communities in this
year’s Parade of Homes are:
Bristol Gardens (Bristol),
Westbridge (Waunakee),
Savannah Parks (Deerfield),
Kilkenny Farms (Waunakee)
and Rivers Turn at Conservancy Place (DeForest).
Residences at The Legend at Bergamont are built
around the 7,330-yard,
18-hole championship golf
course designed by pro golfer Andy North. 
“It really is an honor for
Oregon and The Legend
at Bergamont to be part of
the Parade of Homes,” said
Jason Kratochwill, co-owner
of Alterra Design Homes,
which has a Parade home at
Bergamont. “Other communities in the area did not get
the votes they needed to be
Alterra Design Homes’
Parade entry is a missionstyle home featuring an open
floor plan with a mix of
trendy color schemes, custom Amish cabinetry, two
laundries, a mudroom, command center, custom craft/
hobby built-ins and even a
moving granite island. 

Oregon home:
857 Alpine Parkway

“We tried to show what
you can do with a house in
an efficient package,” said
The Legend at Bergamont
offers architectural standards
that ensure attractive, wellappointed homes.
“People often think of
Oregon as smaller and
more rural,” Kratochwill
said. “When we bring visitors through for the first time
they are amazed at the neighborhood and the golf course
and the quality of life it represents.”
One of the biggest benefits
of attending the Parade of
Homes is getting quality oneon-one time with the builders
and their staff, who make it a
point to greet visitors.
Kratochwill estimates that
the Parade of Homes will
bring about 5-8,000 people
to Oregon over its two-week
The builders love to talk
shop, so be sure to take pictures, makes notes and ask
“Oregon is a great place
to live and The Legend at
Bergamont deserves a lot
of credit for committing to
Oregon’s long-term growth
and prosperity,” said Kratochwill. 
Advantages to building or owning a Parade
home include discounts or
upgrades on many items that
people want for their homes,
including appliances and
landscaping. Custom details
can sometimes be added at
no extra charge.
Hours are 4-8 p.m. Monday to Friday and 11 a.m.
to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For information, visit

Congrats OHS
Boys Tennis
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Jeremy Jones, sports editor

845-9559 x226 •

Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor
845-9559 x237 •
Fax: 845-9550


Thursday, June 12, 2014


The Oregon Observer
For more sports coverage, visit:

Track and field

Boys tennis

No. 1 doubles
win opening
round at state
Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

nervous because, “there are a lot
of girls who can run 2:17.”
When the times were posted on
the board, she still didn’t want to
celebrate until they were official,
especially since only 16 hundredths of a second separated her
with seventh-place finisher Jenna

Oregon senior Alec
Onesti broke a string on
his first-ever return at the
WIAA Division 1 individual state tennis tournament
inside Nielsen Tennis Stadium.
Rather than dwelling on
what he though was at first
a bad omen, Onesti and No.
1 doubles partner, senior
Dakota Tollakson, went on
to highlight a school-record
three flights at last week’s
state tournament.
“I had to go over to my
bag and grab my backup
racket, which I hadn’t used
for two years,” Onesti said.
“It felt a little different, but
it’s just a racket.”
Onesti and Tollakson
(19-5) ended the opening
round as the only Panthers
to make it out of the first
round Thursday, defeating
Appleton North senior Sam
Moeller and junior David
Booker 6-2, 6-4.
“It was huge for us to
get a win and not go 0-3 as
a team today,” Tollakson
Both teams had their
serve broke in the first three
games, though Onesti and
Tollakson settled down first
and rattled off wins in four
of the next five sets against
Moeller and Booker (13-5)
to closeout the first set.
Onesti floated a beautiful
lob to corner for a winner
to put Oregon up 3-2 in the
second set. The seniors won
three of the next five games
to then take the match.
The Panthers top doubles tandem moved on to
face Eau Claire Memorial
juniors Luke Vanderloo and
Benton Bourget on Friday
morning. Vanderloo and

Turn to State/Page 11

Turn to Tennis/Page 11

Photo by Anthony Iozzo

Senior Valerie Jones races past Waukesha West’s Samantha Hanson in the first heat of the 800 Saturday at the WIAA Division 1 track and field state championships at the
University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. Jones finished sixth overall in 2 minutes, 17.31 seconds to medal.

Reaching a state goal
Jones finishes sixth in the
800 to medal at state

true last Saturday in the WIAA
Division 1 state track and field
meet at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.
Anthony Iozzo
Jones finished the first heat of
Assistant sports editor
the 800 in 2 minutes, 17.31 seconds and needed some help in the
Oregon High School track and second heat to finish sixth overall
field senior Valerie Jones had her and make the podium.
dream of medaling at state come
“That was my goal all season,

and it is really awesome,” Jones
said. ‘I knew it was really going
to be difficult being in the first
heat, the slower heat. I just knew
that I was going to have to keep
with them and just really go with
my gut and just kick it at the
Jones had to watch the second heat and said she was a little

Girls soccer

Second half propels Panthers
to second straight regional title
Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

If you go

The Oregon High School girls
soccer team was going to need
to step up on offense in the second half if it was going to win its
second straight regional title last
Saturday against Burlington.
The third-seeded and host Panthers trailed by a goal early in the
second of the Division 2 regional
final, but senior midfielder Eliza
Neidhart and junior midfielder
Kelsey Jahn both stepped up to
give Oregon a 2-1 win and a trip
to sectionals.
“Before (Burlington) scored,
we were starting to open up the
field a bit,” Grutzner said. “Once
they scored, the girls said, ‘We
have to do something here. We

What: WIAA Division 2 sectional semifinal
When: 7 p.m. Thursday
Where: DeForest High School
What: Sectional final
When: 3 p.m. Saturday
Where: Waunakee High School
have to work harder.’ A minute
later, we got the PK and Eliza
was able to put the game away.”
With the game tied at 1, Neidhart knocked in the eventual
game-winning goal in the 61st
Burlington’s Lindsay Kraemer

scored the first goal in the 42nd
minute, but Jahn was fouled in
the corner of the box a little over
a minute later and was awarded a
penalty kick.
“We had talked about it earlier, and we said if Kelsey had
ever gotten a PK, we wanted her
to take it,” Grutzner said.
Jahn buried the PK to tie the
game at 1.
Freshman goalie Abby Breitbach finished with two saves,
while Kaitlyn Bonton finished
with six for Burlington.
The Panthers now travel to
second-seeded DeForest for the
Photo by Anthony Iozzo
D2 sectional semifinal at 7 p.m. Senior forward Kristin Marshall (4) celebrates with teammates – sophomore forThursday. The sectional final is ward Makena Fanning (11) and freshman midfielder Meagan Brakob – after one
at 3 p.m. Saturday at Waunakee. of two goals Thursday, June 5, in a WIAA Division 2 regional semifinal against
Westosha Central. The Panthers defeated Westosha 8-0 and followed it up with a

Turn to Regionals/Page 11 2-1 win over DeForest on Saturday, June 7, for a regional title.


June 12, 2014

Oregon Observer


Boys golf

Photos by Anthony Iozzo

Senior Colin Byron slides home safe Thursday, June 5, in a WIAA Division 1 regional final at Stoughton
High School.

Weber pitches gem but Panthers season ends
Junior Carson Torhorst tees off on the fifth hole Monday, June 9, in round one of the WIAA Division
1 state boys golf tournament at the University of Wisconsin- Madison’s University Ridge Golf
Course. Torhorst finished with a 76 on the day and a 159 for the tournament – good for 44th place.

Torhorst finishes with a 159 at state
Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

Junior Carson Torhorst
entered Day 2 of the WIAA
Division 1 state golf tournament tied for 16th and in
position to make a run at the
top 10.
But the weather conditions were a little different
at the University of Wisconsin- Madison’s University Ridge Golf Course, and
that caused elevated scores
throughout the field.
It had a particularly bad
effect on Torhorst, who shot
an 83 to finished with a 159
for the tournament, tied for
He had two birdies, nine
bogeys and two double
bogeys in round two.
Junior Carson Torhorst tees off on the second hole Monday.

Torhorst battled back
from a tough front nine
Monday in the first round of
the state tournament.
He started with a double
bogey and three bogeys but
then threw out a 1-under 35
on the back nine.
“I was swinging the
club better on the back,”
Torhorst said. “I just set
into my groove, and I knew
how I needed to hit shots
and started to hit greens in
regulation. I was a little nervous on the front, but once

I got comfortable, I was
Torhorst’s 76 put him in a
tie for 16th at the end of the
first day.
He started on the 10th
tee and didn’t post a single
bogey on his back nine
(holes 1-9). He had one of
the better shots of the day
on the fourth hole.
After driving the ball a
little too left, Torhorst had
to take a free drop, as his
ball was nestled on the cart

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Friday, July 4, 2014

For Results You Can Trust

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Oregon, WI 53575

135 W. Main St.
Stoughton, WI 53589

133 Enterprise Dr.
Verona, WI 53593

path. Still needing to hit the
ball from the rough with a
line of trees to his right, he
lined a shot to within 10
feet of the cup.
Torhorst finished the hole
with a birdie putt, his only
birdie of the day.
“That really set off a lot
of confidence,” Torhorst
said. “I was really excited
after that. No complaints.
It was a big birdie because
that was a hard shot.”
Torhorst had eight pars
on his back nine, and he had
13 for the first round.

Assistant sports editor

It was a difficult end to the
season for the Oregon High
School baseball team Thursday, June 5, in a WIAA
Division 1 regional final at
Stoughton High School.
Junior pitcher Mitch
Weber retired 13 straight
batters at one point on the
mound and only allowed
one earned run on six hits
in six innings, but it was not
enough in a 3-2 loss to the
second-seeded Vikings.
Oregon (13-15), seeded
seventh, held a 2-1 lead
into the bottom of the sixth,
but an error on the second
baseman ended Weber’s
streak of retired batters.
Weber then over threw the
first baseman on a pick-off
attempt, and catcher Zach
Hasselberger ended up on
third base.
Shortstop Austin Miller
followed with an RBI single
to left field to tie the game
at 2.
After two groundouts
moved Miller to third, senior
PJ Rosowski singled to right
field to score Hasselberger.
“When the catcher calls
a pitch and you shake it off
and go to another pitch and
it ends up being a base hit
scoring the winning run, that
is tough,” said Weber, who
finished with six strikeouts.
“But you have to come back
and keep going. Unfortunately, we just didn’t score
enough runs tonight.”
Oregon took a 2-1 lead in
the top of the second inning
after senior designated hitter
Colin Byron reached base
on an error by the third baseman. Senior shortstop Logan

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for the entire
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Laski followed with a single
to left field, and senior first
baseman Tyler Mortensen
had a sacrifice bunt to put
runners on second and third.
Senior outfielder Austin
Adams followed with an
RBI bunt single on a safety
squeeze attempt, scoring
Byron, but Rosowski struck
out the next two batters to
strand Laski at third.
But it looked like that
was all Oregon was going
to need as Weber got into
a groove on the mound.
He had four straight 1-2-3
innings before the sixth.
“I changed my pace and
threw a couple of balls in
a row where I slowed it
down,” he said. ‘I usually
work fast but just slowed it
down and started changing
speeds up and tried to keep
them off balance the best
that I could.”
Oregon grabbed a 1-0 lead
in the top of the first. Senior

third baseman Ross Galloway singled to left, and
senior catcher Jere Bauer
later hit an RBI double to
Stoughton tied the game
at 1 in the bottom of the
first. Junior Cade Bunnell singled to right, and he
reached third on a throwing
error by Weber on a pick-off
Bunnell scored on an RBI
sacrifice fly by senior center
fielder Chris Lund.
Rosowski picked up the
win for Stoughton. He went
seven innings and allowed
one earned run on six hits.
He struck out nine and
walked two.
Oregon head coach Kevin
Connor said that errors definitely hurt in the loss, but
it didn’t take away from
the Panthers, which he said
played their best baseball in

Turn to Baseball/Page 11

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Photo by Anthony Iozzo

Junior pitcher Mitch Weber hurls a strike Thursday. Weber retired
13 straight batters at one point, but the Panthers lost 3-2.

Tim Andrews Horticulturist - LLC


Day 1

Anthony Iozzo

Caring for our Green World since 1978


Photos by Anthony Iozzo

June 12, 2014

Oregon Observer



Torpy earns All-State honors for girls lacrosse
Oregon High School girls lacrosse
Hannah Kane led with three goals,
junior Mackenzie Torpy earned All- while Katie Glover added two goals. BOYS
The OHS boys high school squad
State honors this season.
Hunter Klus, Rachel Dvorak and
The girls season came to an end in Kari Bertler each picked up one goal also had its season end last week.
Oregon lost 16-7 to Sun Prairie in
an 11-8 loss at Hartland Arrowhead
Goalie Tasha Martin finished with
the sectional semifinals.
White last Thursday.
five saves.

Top photo by Anthony Iozzo

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Sophomore Maddie LeBrun speeds to the finish line in the 400 final
Saturday. LeBrun took seventh in 58.24 seconds.

Oregon High School seniors Alec Onesti (left) and Dakota Tollakson
question a call during his WIAA Division 1 individual state tennis
tournament against Appleton North on Thursday.

Right photo by Jeremy Jones

Junior Josh Sromovsky chases senior Jawon Turner for the baton
exchange in the 4x200 relay Friday. The team, along with senior
Lance Peterson and freshman Lucas Mathews, was 14th in 1:29.74.

Tennis: Team state is up next
Continued from page 9

State: Boys relays set more school records
Continued from page 9
Lederman of Muskego.
“I was like, ‘I hope that is right.’
I didn’t want to be like ‘Yes,’ and
then they change it on me,” Jones
said. “Once I knew for sure, I was
really excited.”
Jones also raced in the 1,600
and took 24th in 5:19.65. She
anchored the 4x400 relay team, as
well. Jones, senior Ruby Carpenter
and sophomores Maddie LeBrun
and Samantha Girard took 20th in

LeBrun just missed the podium in
the 400 finals. She took seventh in
58.24. LeBrun took ninth in the 400
preliminaries in 58.73.
Junior Katie Boehnen took 12th
in the discus with a distance of 114
feet, 11 inches.

The 4x100 and 4x200 relays once
again set school records Friday at
The 4x100 relay of senior Lance
Peterson, senior Jawon Turner, junior Josh Sromovsky and

freshman Lucas Mathews took 12th
in the preliminaries in 43.14, while
the same quartet finished 14th in the
4x200 in 1:29.74.
Sromovsky also took 21st in the
long jump. He finished with a distance of 20 feet, 2 3/4 inches.
Sophomore Chris Cutter was 20th
in the 800 in 1:59.58, while junior
John Hermus took 15th in the 300
hurdles in 15.7.
Hermus also competed in the pole
vault but did not reach the opening
height of 13 feet.

Regionals: Panthers crush Westosha Central 8-0
Continued from page 9
Oregon will face the
winner of No. 1 Waunakee/
No. 5 Fort Atkinson.
DeForest is going to be a
good team.
Grutzner said that if
the Panthers are going to
move on, especially since
every team will be as tough
or tougher than Burlington from now on, the girls
will need to execute a little

“We were a little stagnant against Burlington.
… It was a tough game.
We have to take that same
momentum and use it
against a team like DeForest.
“We have to have crisper
passing and use our speed.
… We have to put the
pressure on their goalie
and make her make some
saves. I think it is going to

be a good game.”

Oregon 8,
Westosha Central 0
The Panthers opened
regionals last Thursday and
crushed Westosha Central
Jahn led Oregon with
three goals and two assists,
and senior forward Kristin Marshall added two
goals. Sophomore forward

Jen Brien also scored two
goals, and sophomore forward Makena Fanning finished with a goal and an
Senior midfielder Hailie
Schnabel, senior forward Dani Ironmonger,
freshman defender Holly
Kaboord, freshman midfielder Meagan Brakob and
Neidhart all added assists.
Breitbach finished with a

Baseball: Weber retires 13 straight in tough loss
Continued from page 10
the final few weeks of the
He said a lot of that success comes from the 11
seniors that graduated on
Sunday – Adams, Bauer,
Laski, Galloway, Byron,
Mortensen, Abe Maurice, Pierce Peterson, Will

Reinicke, Bryan Putnam
and Jack Krueger.
“They have done a great
job to help our program and
to help our younger guys
progress,” Connor said.
But even though the
season ends with such a
large group leaving, there
are some bright spots for
the future, which includes


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Weber on the mound.
“For this summer and
next year, the sky is the
limit for him,” Connor said.
‘I can’t wait to watch him

progress and see what he
comes back with next year,
because I think he is going
to have a great year.”

want you to be aware of the following public notices
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by the members of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association.

Bourget upset 11th-seeded
Ben Ziolkowski and Josh
Taylor of Muskego (19-3)
by the score of 3-6, 6-2 (4).
“Qualifying for state
showed we are a good doubles team,” Onesti said.
“Friday will show whether
or not we are a great doubles
The Panthers only returning state qualifier, senior
Jackson Schneider (12-10)
fell 6-4, 6-4 against Whitefish Bay senior Wentong
Zhang (15-7).
“I like to hit big from the
baseline, but I just couldn’t
finish points today,” Schneider said. “I tried to focus on
finishing points differently
to start the second set and it
worked for awhile.”
Schneider led 3-0 to start
the second set before going
to 10 deuces where he was
eventually broke. It was
downhill from there, dropping six of the next seven
Though Schneider said
no one likes to lose, he said
Zhang was definitely a good
“I felt I left a couple
of points out on the court
today, but I have no regrets,

he said.
Oregon nearly went 0-3
on the day as freshman
Calvin Schneider (20-5)
lost 6-0, 6-0 to 14th-seeded Bradley Leutschwager
(24-4) of Stevens Point in
straight sets.
“I have high expectations
for myself and I was obviously disappointed, but he’s
a pretty special player,” Calvin said.
Calvin added that we
didn’t have much advance
to give his brother Jackson,
who will play Leutschwager at this weekend’s WIAA
Division 1 state tournament.
“He doesn’t have many
weaknesses,” Calvin said.
“Hit to his backhand maybe.
It will be fun to see Jackson
play him.”
Oregon faces Stevens
Point in the quarterfinals of
its first team state appearance back inside Nielsen
Tennis Stadium at 5:30
p.m. this Friday. The winner moves on to face either
Eau Claire Memorial or
Waukesha South at 9 a.m.
in the semifinals Saturday
morning. The championship
game is set for 2 p.m. Saturday.
Marquette University
School has won the last seven-straight team titles.


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12 - The Oregon Observer - June 12, 2014

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Leslie J. “Les” Roys

Leslie J. Roys

Leslie J. “Les” Roys, age
77, of Oregon, passed away
on Thursday, June 5, 2014,
at Agrace HospiceCare in
Fitchburg. He was born on
April 27, 1937, in Volga,
Iowa, the son of Dale and
Florence (Dorher) Roys. Les
married Mary Durbin on
July 12, 1958, in San Diego,
He attended High School
in Iowa and then Miami
of Ohio.
Les served
in the U.S.
Marine Corps from 1956
until 1975 and was a member
of People’s United Methodist
Church. He was a supervisor
at Wisco Industries for 25
years and at Dorn True Value Hardware in Oregon for
several years. Les enjoyed
fishing and hunting, reading,
watching old westerns, tinkering, helping people, but
most of all, spending time
with family and his grandchildren.
He is survived by James
Roys; Carole (Richard)
Long; Sherrie Roys; Laurie Roys Vyhovsky; seven
grandchildren, Kevin Roys,
Robert Owen, Jarrett Long,
Jamie Griswold, Taylor
Roys, Ryan Ama and Natasha Vyhovsky; two greatgrandchildren, Austin Griswold and Ashton Tiedeman;
a brother, Tom (Deon) Roys;
sisters, Kathy (Mac) Duff,
Shirley (Keith) Young, Mary
(Dennis) DeGroote and Lois
(Ted) Golden; and numerous
other relatives and friends.
Les was preceded in death
by his parents; his wife,

June 12, 2014
Mary, in August 2012; and
brothers, John Dale and
Funeral services were held
at People’s United Methodist
Church, 103 N Alpine Parkway, Oregon, on Sunday,
June 8, 2014, with the Rev.
Jason Mahnke presiding. A
private family burial with
military honors will be at a
later date. In lieu of flowers,
memorials may be made to
Agrace HospiceCare, 5395
E Cheryl Pkwy, Fitchburg,
WI 53711. Thank you to the
wonderful staff at Agrace
HospiceCare for the loving
care shown to our father.
Online condolences may be
made at
Gunderson Oregon
Funeral & Cremation Care
1150 Park Street

Keith T. (Yogi) Olson

Keith T. Olson

Keith T. (Yogi) Olson,
age 45, of Brooklyn,
passed away on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, at UW
Hospital, after a long,
courageous battle with

pancreatic cancer. He was
born on June 23, 1968, in
Madison, the son of Thomas and Lana (Blomstrom)
Olson. Keith graduated
from Oregon High School
in 1986 and had been
attending Madison College
prior to his illness.
He was passionate about
playing baseball, loved
coaching his son’s baseball team and was a lifelong suffering Cubs fan.
Keith also enjoyed watching hockey, participating
in fantasy sports leagues,
outdoor activities and
always looked forward to
the annual waterfowl and
upland game bird hunting
trip with his father, uncles
and friends in Canada. His
greatest joy was spending
time with his sons and family.
He is survived by his parents, Tom and Lana; his
sons, Tyler and Rion and
their mother, Julie (Rich)
Giese; aunts and uncles,
Andy (Juanita) Blomstrom,
Karen Blomstrom, Ed (Jill)
Blomstrom, Nancy Olson,
Patti (Leo) Mattern, Jim
(Marlene) Olson and Scott
(Dee) Olson; cousins,
Anita Blomstrom, Todd
Blomstrom, Brenda Mills,
Scott Blomstrom, Shannon
Koratco, Melissa Owens,
Lauren Olson, Cole Olson,
Cassie Frey, Kelli Olson
and Aaron Olson; and very
special friends, Trent Scanlon and Noelle Porter and
her two children, Andy and
He was preceded in death
by his grandparents, Bob
and Eileen Olson and Everett and Maxine Blomstrom;

and his uncle, Mack Blomstrom.
Please join Keith’s family for a Celebration of
Life at Gunderson Oregon
Funeral Home, 1150 Park
St., Oregon, from 4 p.m.
until 8 p.m., with a time for
sharing at 6:15 p.m., on Friday, June 13, 2014. Private
family services at Prairie
Mound Cemetery will be
held at a later date. Memorial contributions will be
given to Portage Little
League. Online condolences may be made at
Gunderson Oregon
Funeral & Cremation
1150 Park Street

Keri L. (Behnke) Evert

Keri L. (Behnke) Evert

Keri L. (Behnke) Evert,
age 51, of Brooklyn, passed
away on Friday, June 6,
2014, at Agrace HospiceCare in Fitchburg. She was
born on Feb. 9, 1963, in
Madison, the daughter of
Wallace and Donna (Bjerk)

Behnke. Keri grew up on
the family farm and attended school in Oregon and
UW-River Falls.
She was a dedicated
employee for the Oregon
School District for many
years and a member of
Brooklyn Lutheran Church.
Keri enjoyed quilting, animals, attending her children’s activities, sports,
especially playing volleyball, the Brewers and cooking. She was nurturing and
caring and whether on the
farm, at work, with her children or the community she
was always busy. Keri’s
greatest joy was to be with
her children and her family.
She is survived by her
children, Sterling and
Tori; parents, Wallace and
Donna; siblings, Roger
(Lisa), Brian (Tami), Robert (Denise) and Brenda
(Alan) Murphy; nieces and
nephews, Morgan, Taylor,
Rebecca and Carter; and
numerous relatives and
Keri was preceded in
death by her grandparents.
Funeral services were
held at Gunderson Oregon
Funeral Home, 1150 Park
St., Oregon, on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, with the
Rev. Rebecca Ninke presiding. A private family burial
will be held at Mount Hope
Cemetery at a later date. In
lieu of flowers, memorials
may be made to Brooklyn
Lutheran Church, Brooklyn Elementary School or
Southern Care Hospice.
Keri’s family would like
to thank everyone at the
school district for all the
love, care and support that

Oregon Observer


you showed our mom,
daughter and sister. We
will always remember your
kindness. We would also
like to thank the staff of
St. Mary’s Hospital and
Southern Care Hospice for
your care and compassion.
Online condolences may be
made at
Gunderson Oregon
Funeral & Cremation
1150 Park Street

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Steph Buell

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Madison, WI 53711


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June 12, 2014

Oregon Observer


Jeremay M. Buol, age 36,
of Stoughton passed away on
Sunday, June 8, 2014, at his
parent’s farm in rural Belleville. He was born on Dec.
6, 1977, to his parents John
F. and Louella (Bollig) Buol
at St. Mary’s Hospital in
Madison. Jeremay graduated
from Belleville High School

in 1996 and was active with
the FFA club and track and
field. He had worked as a
delivery driver for Norandex
for fifteen years along with
working at Borland’s in Belleville. On March 23, 2013,
he was united in marriage
to Nicole Koeller at Good
Shepherd Lutheran Church
in Appleton.
Jeremay is survived by his
wife Nicole of Stoughton;

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parents, John and Louella
Buol of Belleville; brothers, John M. Buol of San
Antonio, Texas, and Jason
(Beth) Buol of San Diego,
Calif.; father-in-law and
mother-in-law Carl and
Lucille Koeller of Appleton;
grandmother Rosella Bollig
of Madison; sisters-in-law
Lori (Allen) Koeller-Sapp of
Menasha; and Julie (Gary)
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grandmother-in-law Ruth
Koeller of Embarrass; and
grandparents-in-law Clyde
and Gladys Meyer of Bear
Creek. He is further survived
by godparents Donovan and
Charlain Boley of Belleville
and many classmates and
He was preceded in death
by grandparents Melvin Bollig, Jacob and Florence Buol,
and grandfather-in-law Hugo

A memorial service will be
held at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 12, 2014, at the
Becker-Beal Funeral Home,
109 Greenway Cross, Belleville, with the Rev. Dr.
Martin Koeller officiating.
A memorial fund has been
An online memorial with
guestbook is available at

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vase- your price $19.99 plus s/h. Plus
save 20% off your order over $29! Visit or call 800615-9042 (wcan)

688 Sporting Goods
& Recreational

GREENWOOD APARTMENTS Apartments for Seniors 55+, currently has 1
& 2 Bedroom Units available starting at
$725 per month, includes heat, water,
and sewer. 608-835-6717 Located at 139
Wolf St., Oregon, WI 53575
HAMILTON CONDO 1101 Hamilton St,
Stoughton. 1500 square ft of luxury. 2
bedroom, 2 decks, fireplace, washer/
dryer. Underground parking included.
$1350/mo. Available Now. 608-877-9388
2-Car garage. $650/month. No pets.
Jane 608-271-7071
OREGON 2-Bedroom in quiet well kept
building. Convenient location. Includes
all appliances, A/C, blinds, private parking, laundry and storage. $200 Security
deposit. Cats OK. $665/month. 608-2196677
STOUGHTON AREA- 2 bdrm, 2 bath, all
appliances, fenced yard, 2 car attached
garage, 2 3 season porches, lots of storage, in quiet rural subdivision between
Stoughton and Madison. $1,195 w/$500
sec dep. Please call 608-286-5282
VERONA 1&2 Bedroom Apartment $595740. in a small 24 unit building. Includes
heat, hot water, water & sewer, off-street
parking, fully carpeted, dishwasher and
coin operated laundry and storage in
basement. Convenient to Madison's west
side. Call KC at 608-273-0228 to view
your new home.
Deluxe 3 bedroom, 2000 sq. feet, 2.75
bath, family room, A/C, fireplace, deck,
2.5 garage. No pets. $1,325/mo. 608845-8914

720 Apartments
OREGON-2 BDRM, 1 bath. Available
for spring/summer. Great central location. On-site or in-unit laundry, patio,
dishwasher and A/C. $720-$730/month.
Call 255-7100 or www.stevebrownapts.
1 Bed, 1 Bath, Appliances, Laundry,
Heat and Water included.
$650./mo. Call 608-206-7596
55+, has 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $695 per month. Includes
heat, water and sewer. Professionally
managed. 608-877-9388 Located at 300
Silverado Drive, Stoughton, WI 53589
CLASSIFIEDS, 873-6671 or 835-6677. It
pays to read the fine print.

RANCH STYLE Condo- 416 New Age
Circle, Verona- 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath,
1380 SF with a full unfinished basement
for storage. One car attached garage,
includes all appliances, private entry
& deck.
Available immediately. $1500. rent per
month. Call Liz at 608-577-7526 or

740 Houses For Rent
3 bedroom, 1 bath ranch, 2 car garage,
A/C, $1000 + utilities pr/month. Security
deposit $1000, credit check, references.
No smoking, 1 small cat or dog under
25lbs. with $25 monthly fee. Available
July 1st. 608-217-9186

750 Storage Spaces For Rent
10X10 10X15 10X20 10X30
Security Lights-24/7 access
Credit Cards Accepted
CALL (608)444-2900

Mature Bulls. All bulls are fertility tested
and have current EPD information. Bulls
are gentle and are from high quality

6x10 thru 10x25
Market Street/Burr Oak Street
in Oregon
Call 608-206-2347
10x10 - 10x15
10x20 - 12x30
24 / 7 Access
Security Lights & Cameras
Credit Cards Accepted
1128 Union Road
Oregon, WI
Located on the corner of
Union Road & Lincoln Road

and these attachments. Concrete
breaker, posthole auger, landscape rake,
concrete bucket, pallet forks, trencher,
rock hound, broom, teleboom, stump
By the day, week, or month.
Carter & Gruenewald Co.
4417 Hwy 92
Brooklyn, WI, 608-455-2411

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Find updates and links right away.
Search for us on Facebook as “Oregon Observer” and then LIKE us.


Many high efficiency appliances and new
steel front door/storm. $10,000/OBO.

Located behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Convenient Dry Secure
Lighted with access 24/7
Bank Cards Accepted
Off North Hwy 51 on
Oak Opening Dr. behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Call: 608-509-8904

801 Office Space For Rent
STOUGHTON 307 S Forrest Retail or
Office Space. 400 sq ft. $299/month utilities included. 608-271-0101
STOUGHTON 316 S Gjertson St. Office/
Retail space. 1200 sq ft. $850/month,
utilities included. Will build to suit. Private
customer parking. 608-843-9125

820 Misc. Investment
Property For Sale

Convenient location behind
Stoughton Lumber.
Clean-Dry Units
5x10 thru 12x25

Tree Plantation in the Town of Harrison,
Waupaca Co.
Nolan Sales LLC, Marion, WI.
800-472-0290 WI Lic. Auctioneers #165
and #142
for details. (wcan)

Only 6 miles South of
Verona on Hwy PB.
Variety of sizes available now.
Call 608-424-6530 or

845 Houses For Sale
VERONA 119 N Main St. 2 story, 5BR,
1BA. $149,900 Contact 608-845-6685

Tractor-trailer drivers needed for the Walgreen’s Private Fleet Operation
based in Windsor, WI. Drivers make hand deliveries to Walgreen’s stores
within a regional area (WI, IL, IA, MN, ND, SD). Workweek is Tues ~ Sat.

* $21.90/hour (Overtime after 8 hours)
or $0.4650/mile

*Must be over 24 years old
*Have a min 18 mos. tractor trailer exp. or
6 mos. T/T experience with a certificate
* Full Benefits Package that includes:
from an accredited truck driving school.
Disability Ins., Dental, Life Ins., Health Ins.
*Meet all DOT requirements.
with Prescription Card
*To be willing & able to unload freight
* 401K Pension Program with Co. Contribution
* Paid Holidays & Vacation
* Home everyday except for occasional layover

Please email resume to or call 800-914-3755

Lot 442 with full exposure
Gated. By owner. Make offer!

Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
Monday for The Oregon Observer unless
changed because of holiday work schedules. Call now to place your ad, 873-6671
or 835-6677.


For more information or to apply contact:

870 Residential Lots

965 Hay, Straw & Pasture
2014 FIRST Crop hay, big square bales,
16% moisture, 21% protein, 151 RFV.
GRASS HAY, Big Squares and
Round Bales. Darris 608-938-4586

The best drivers drive CPC

Stop-N-Go is
Hiring in Oregon!

REGISTERED PAINT Horse, good riding $600. Good riding Mule, $400.

Customer Service Reps
Full Time & Part Time


Customer Service Reps at Stop-N-Go provide fast,
courteous and high-quality service.
$9.00/hour starting rate with regular increases and
premium pay for weekends, third shift and holidays

970 Horses

CAMPING EQUIPMENT 4 person tent,
Coleman lantern, 4 sleeping bags,
ground tarp, water jug in storage box.
$80. 608-669-2243
FISH CANADA Kingfisher Resort.
Cottage-Boat-Motor-Gas/ $75. per
person/day. Call for specials. 800-4528824


Part-time. Excellent Wages
20+ hours/wk. CDL bonus program
Paid training/testing. Signing bonus.
5501 Femrite Dr. Madison
Call Paul at 608-310-4870 or email

696 Wanted To Buy
TOP PRICES Any Scrap Metal
Cars/Batteries/Farm Equipment
Free appliance pick up
Property clean out. Honest
Fully insured. U call/We haul.
The Oregon Observer Classifieds. Call
873-6671 or 835-6677.



Cleary Building Corp.
190 Paoli St.
Verona, WI 53593
Mon.-Fri. 8 am-5 pm

Work From

Stoughton, WI offIce

Home Phone

Do You Like to Meet People?
Are You Up For A Challenge?
Can You Adapt To Change?
Are You Self-Motivated?
Do You Possess Computer Skills?
If you’ve answered yes, we are very interested in talking to you. We are seeking
candidates for a flex full-time opening in our Stoughton front office. Responsibilities
for this position include but are not limited to selling and processing classified ads,
selling special projects by phone, processing circulation data, receptionist duties
and proof reading.

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Shift

We are an employee-owned company offering a competitive benefits package
including 401K, ESOP, vacation, and more.

Application at

If this flex full-time position interests you and you have the equivalent of a high
school diploma and at least two years of office/computer experience plus a valid
driver’s license, send your resume today.
(800) 487-9477
Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V/H

Apply online only at:

Available to Wisconsin and Iowa
residents only. Must have
a PC, high-speed Internet, and
landline phone.

Please apply online at or pick-up
an application at 856 Janesville St., Oregon, WI.


WE BUY Boats/RV/Pontoons/ATV's &
Motorcycles! "Cash Paid" now. American Marine & Motorsports Super Center,
Shawano 866-955-2628 (wcan)

975 Livestock

990 Farm: Service
& Merchandise

760 Mobile Homes

1958 CRUISER, Inc. Holiday 250
16' Runabout w/1959 TeeNee Trailer.
1981 75hp Evinrude motor. Antique
wood, rare find. $7,000/obo

STOCK YOUR pond or lake now. Order
early. Varieties of pan/game fish. Forage
minnows. Aeration systems. Pond weed
control products.
920-696-3090 (wcan)

16379 W. Milbrandt Road
Evansville, WI

10x10 through 10x40, plus
14x40 with 14' door for
RV & Boats.
Come & go as you please.


STOUGHTON 917 Roosevelt 6/12
4-7pm, 6/13 8-noon. Couch, futons.
Something for everyone.

705 Rentals

730 Condos &
Townhouses For Rent



STOUGHTON- 909 SUMMIT AVE MOVING SALE. Fri & Sat 6/13-6/14. 9-3.
Great VINTAGE & household items

WE BUY Junk Cars and Trucks.
We sell used parts.
Monday thru Friday 8am-5:30pm.
Newville Auto Salvage, 279 Hwy 59
Edgerton, 608-884-3114

Oregon Observer

Woodward Communications, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. WCI maintains a tobacco-free campus. All qualified persons are encouraged to apply.


STOUGHTON 861 County Rd N.
(South of Stoughton trailer)
Neighborhood sale including
addresses 788, 741, 737. Thursday,
June 12, 4-8pm. Friday and Saturday,
June 13-14, 7:30am-2pm. Coach purses,
new white crib with mattress, toys,
Vintage, Antique and American Girl
dolls, paper dolls, Barbie dream house,
2 bikes, craft supplies, tools, window air
conditioners, canoe, camping gear, men's
and women's clothing and much more.

June 12, 2014


June 12, 2014

Oregon Observer

Contract: 5-2 approval vote


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Friday & Saturday
June 20 & 21, 2014
Your garage sale ad will appear in the
Great Dane Shopping News on Wednesday, June 18
and in the Oregon Observer on Thursday, June 19.




Includes 15 words. Additional words 40¢ each

Deadline to advertise your garage sale is
Friday, June 13 at 12 Noon.
All ads must be placed by fax, e-mail or in person. No phone calls.

Payment must be made at time ad is placed.
Photo by Julia Meyers

125 N. Main St., Oregon • 835-6677
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-3pm
Fax 835-0130 •

Poetry reading
Rome Corners Intermediate fifth-grader Gabe Pearson reads his
poem to classmates in Mrs. Fisk’s classroom. The day also included
a poetry gallery where students could view their classmates’ work.

is in effect through June 30.
School board president
Dan Krause said he wants
to break the board’s recent
cycle of negotiating with
the OEA for most, if not all
of the school year before
reaching a deal.
“I’m hoping to get a new
bargain done for 2014-15
this month,” he said. “That
would really be wonderful.
We’d like to capitalize on
that momentum.”
Krause said a pending
Supreme Court decision on
Act 10 may come within the
month, which could affect
negotiations, but he said that
outcome wouldn’t affect the
urgency to start negotiations
for the 2014-15 school year.
“The sooner, the better,
anyway for getting these
deals done,” he said. “We
don’t want to be bargaining
all the time, which is what
we’ve been doing the last
few years. It’s frustrating.”

Board disagreements
The board voted 5-2 to
approve the deal, with members Steve Zach and Jeff

Come ea
for the b

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15
1828 Sandhill Road, Oregon, WI
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am-7:30 pm
Saturday 8:30 am-6 pm
Sunday 9 am-5 pm

Come and visit Wisconsin’s Premier Grower of
Quality Bedding Plants and Hanging Baskets.
Kopke’s Koupon
Up to

$5 OFF

Blooming Patio Containers
$2 off first, $3 off second
While supplies last
Valid June 11-15, 2014

Limit one koupon per kustomer per day.

Kopke’s Koupon
Up to

$5 OFF

Kopke’s Koupon

Save $5

Kopke’s Koupon
Up to

$5 OFF

$2 off any flat, $3 off second
annuals or vegetables

Big Daddy Hydrangea

Hanging Baskets

While supplies last
Valid June 11-15, 2014

While supplies last
Valid June 11-15, 2014

While supplies last
Valid June 11-15, 2014

Limit one koupon per kustomer per day.

Limit one koupon per kustomer per day.

$2 on first, $3 on second

New coding class

Limit one koupon per kustomer per day.

Thank you for supporting local agriculture by shopping outside the box!
Directions from Stoughton:
Take 138 toward Oregon. Go past Eugster’s Farm Market, one mile and turn right on Sunrise Rd.
Go one more mile then turn left on Town Line Rd. Continue on to Sand Hill Rd. (approximately
one mile) and turn right.
Directions from Fitchburg:
Take Fish Hatchery Road south to Netherwood Road. Turn left and go through Oregon past
Walgreen’s to a left on Sand Hill Road.
Directions from Verona:
Take Cty. M to Fish Hatchery Rd. Turn right and go to Netherwood Road. Turn left at Netherwood Rd. through Oregon past Walgreen’s to a left on Sand Hill Rd.






Ramin opposed. Zach criticized Human Assets Committee (HAC) members,
who led the negotiations, for
changing the deal in recent
weeks without “having any
input from the board, which
is against all protocol this
board has had in the past.”
“We have not had, as a
board, the opportunity to
have that change in direction discussed by the board
before you agreed to it as a
committee,” he said. “We
were near a deal on this (in
OEA president Mark
Lindsey said Zach “mischaracterized” the nature
of the recent negotiation
between the OEA and HAC.
“We were not close to
an agreement (in March);
I don’t know where you
come up with that,” he said.
“This is a fair agreement
that was reached by two
parties negotiating in good
faith, which was not always
the case in the past. Your
mandate from the voters in
this community was to work
with us – this the first time
you’ve worked with us.”
Zach was also concerned
why the tech ed and agriculture teachers did not also
receive the 2.07 percent
increase along with the rest
of the teachers. Board member Charles Uphoff said
OEA officials felt that was
the most equitable way of
addressing the issue.
“Because of the significant supplemental pay given to a few individuals, they
felt it would sort of rub salt
in the wound to have additional compensation beyond
that, which would essentially come from the remaining
teachers,” he said.
Board member and HAC
member Rae Vogeler said
the agreement was reached
“under budget” and after
negotiations with the previous board had stalled.
“The OEA was very happy with this, we were very
happy with this, (Bill) Houlihan (said) ‘Great job, job
well done,’” she said. “It’s
showing a sense of us working mutually together with
our unionized employees in
a respectful way … and a
fiscally responsible way for
the district.”
Lindsey said the board
for too long has been giving
pay increases to new teachers at the expense of current
“We won’t stand for it
anymore,” he said. “Until
we fix total compensation
in this district, you cannot
(take) from existing teachers to compensate just new
ones. It’s unfair.”
Citing a national shortage
of computer science graduates, the board unanimously
approved reinstating a coding/computer science course
at Oregon High School.
The pilot program will
be based on a Technology
Education and Literacy in
Schools (TEALS) model
and will offer students a
hands-on introduction to
computer science, according
to information provided by
the district.
The course would begin in
the fall as independent study
under the direction of OHS
teacher Bruce Nelson, with
hopes to offer a more official
course in the 2015-16 school

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