Book 4: ‘Life Destiny Mapping’ (LDM) “Map Your Dream Life”

“U s i n g y o u r i n n a t e a b i l i t y t o m a n i f e s t y o u r d re a m life ”

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Foreword~ “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” Great words that we really need to honor in life. In the developed world, we are born into a world of commerce. And the media all around us feeds this belief that the world is for our benefit and that we need to compete and win to gain the material benefits of a wealthy lifestyle. The media messages also tell us that we can have everything we want; all we need to do is purchase it; that’s consumerism. Schools themselves teach us how to reason and use our intellectual capacities for our future positions in a company. So from the start we are programmed that life is all about work and normally working for someone other than yourself. What if we instead believed that we had to start our own LIFE and our own business to succeed? That’s exactly what people did hundreds of years ago! That would be very different, wouldn’t you agree? Life starts out very structured being in a school environment and then perhaps a similarly structured college environment. But the world of business and service to others is not so structured. In business normally, we don’t deal with text books and notes on the board, we deal with human beings. Human beings that we have no idea about their real reasons for needing our services. We just tend to fit into society and companies and do as we are told from the ‘upper management’. And with your life dictated by the plans and goals of other people (people you serve as customers and people you serve as an

employee) you don’t get much time to live the life that you want. Why? Because in every job there is someone that needs your service (customers) and there is someone that needs your obedience (your boss and company). So, it’s no wonder that people tend to feel that their life may be ‘out of control’. In the above examples, most of us spend at least 8 hours a day doing things to please other people. Somewhere in our brain we rationalize this as just the way the world works. You become imprisoned by a company and it’s plans, and the people you have to serve in accordance to the company’s plans. So I can see why many people feel as though they are being pulled in many directions, and escape is just a dream. Having real freedom, I guess, would mean that each day would be like a day on vacation. You could get up and plan to do whatever you wish for the day, knowing full well there will be plenty of people to serve your needs. Or perhaps your view of freedom is doing exactly what you want to do whenever you want to do it. This route might also seem like a prison, because by nature we feel more secure in having a little ‘game plan’ and ‘reason’ for the day we are living. Total freedom must also be bound with plans and reasons. Otherwise freedom becomes just a vast circle of doing things with no reason or plan. And maybe for some that is real freedom. At my stage in life I enjoy knowing that I can be spontaneous, yet feel overly drawn to planning my day or life so that an underlying purpose is acknowledged. I am not one that likes going, going, and going just for no apparent reason. Innate within me is a part of my being that wants the pieces of my life to attain some

semblance of being a creation of my desires, not just random puzzle pieces that all come from different puzzles. So freedom to me, is the desire to reach a point (perhaps financially) in which my daily life coincides with the vision I have for the perfect life. Working for others always was the way I did things until new opportunities came up for me to work part-time jobs and learn about business ownership. Much of what I have learned came from the MLM-Network Marketing industry. Today I have a company that I am growing, bit by bit, and just the process of creating something of value for others is very rewarding. It’s like an inventor’s emotions after he invents the airplane. First it was just an idea, next there where tests, next there were flights. And today flying is a common mode of transportation, but one invented from a single idea. So ideas that we have are very important, if we build upon them, otherwise they become just files somewhere in our memory banks. Ideas have the power to change our entire lives, but we must first cancel any ‘doubt’ that the mind/spirit has limits. Limits are generally a self-imposed mask that we put on daily to not appear too crazy or grandiose to the normal people stuck at work with us. Would we ever have the nerve to try something different, or something that others saw as risky. Who we are and who we become, I’ve read, is based on our ‘beliefs’ about who we can become, if we desire change. And who we are generally is a result of the circumstances of life that have kept us from doing what we

really love, whether it be a job, lack of education, or being ‘stuck’ in a situation that we did not plan for. This book is all about changing the “you” you don’t want… into the “you” you do want! If that makes sense? I must interrupt and say this one thing, we humans on this earth are all at different stages of growth. Some of us may be at the college level of life, while others of us want to remain at a lower level of simple life say 5th grade. I am not saying these things to offend people or say that either one is better than the other, I am merely making a point. For some people this book will bring greater meaning into their lives and for others it may just seem like a bunch of nonsense. This book started out as a fictional tale to describe Life Destiny Mapping, (one of my educational eBooks) but at this stage of my life I feel that shear facts will serve the way I write much better than painting a pretty fictional story that has an underlying teaching. And I must thank the many authors that I have read in the past, for I feel that reading is a science that delves into the mystical, yet I won’t entertain that here. I sincerely hope that this banter is logical and coherent to you the reader, and you’ll be able to take away from this one book a sort of key to unlock your future and live the life you always dreamt about in some way. All the best, Brian Morgan 10/21/04 Indiana

Can you nutshell Life Destiny Mapping?
Sure, and here goes. Human beings were meant to evolve. Hopefully to evolve to a better and more fulfilling lifestyle. Perhaps you picture yourself in your dream lifestyle daily skiing down the slopes of a large mountain, there are people doing that today. Or let’s say you always wanted to live in a big city with all the restaurants and shops to visit each and very day, there are people living that life today also. But is there a way to radically turn your life into what your dream is? Can you change how you see yourself and your future? The answer I say is absolutely. And this life change can happen with Life Destiny Mapping or LDM. LDM is a tool that I will teach you to use, and you will reap the rewards if you use it daily, even if your not 100% sure about “How It Works”! So let’s start.

What is a Life Destiny Map?
Very simply it is a picture book that you assemble with your dreams in it. Each day you pray & meditate and review your LDM and by the process of prayer & meditation on it and reviewing it you will bring the right circumstances and right people and opportunities into your life. There is much ‘science’ behind this method, but I will leave out the particulars to make this more of a belief or faith based process, rather than a scientific based plan. In essence you simply review photos and affirmations about the life you want to live on a daily basis. It’s best to track your progress in a journal so that you will “see” when the method is working

for you. I have used this method to create a business of my own, to attract a new girlfriend into my life, and also to finally buy the dream car I always wanted. A little Porsche Boxster. So from my personal experience this process is not theory but fact. I hope it will operate much the same way for you.

How to make a Life Destiny Map?
First you’ll need to shop for a small 4x6 inch photo album with room for about 30 or so photos. This is the book that will contain all your dreams and desires. It’s your LDM book. Once you have your photo album I want you to ask yourself some serious questions, you’ll need to write these out longhand. And be very specific and know why you answer them the way you do. Start now. 1. If I had $100 million dollars how would I live my life? 2. If I could have the best job in the world, where would I work? 3. If I could live anywhere on the planet, where would that be? 4. If I could do each day the things I desire, what would they be? 5. What in life gives me the most joy and happiness? 6. Am I living my dream life now, why not?

7. Do I listen to people tell me what’s possible for me, or what’s not possible for me? 8. Does it make sense to live your life, and then look back and say you were sorry that you never took the risks that you knew might have brought you to your dream life? Now that those questions have been answered on paper or in a journal, please keep them in a place you can review them for a few days. They are intended to help you break down the limits that you (and everyone) might have about your life now. We all have limits and obstacles, yet sometimes we don’t ask ourselves the right questions to get beyond our mental limits and try new things in life. To become happier, do so by planning to become happy each day by doing what you love. Does that make sense…I hope you’ll agree with me here? Life becomes more fulfilling if we are more creatively doing what we enjoy doing.

This is the rough part.
I am going to explain something that may seem to you as a bit silly or even crazy. Much of your entire life has had limits, normally. Even ones you are not aware of. To get beyond these limits (like a new job or new home) you’ve normally required yourself to want the change (desire) and then worked overly hard to make the change happen (physical working). Here’s the rough part. You may be able to change your entire life just by raising your emotions

(feeling for desire) high enough to ‘believe’ that your dreams are right around the corner. I won’t go into discussion of the brain, mind, consciousness, or God, but I will give you clues as to how your own abilities can help you create the dream life you seek. First think of your brain and body as a whole unit. The brain can make the body feel emotionally good, or emotionally bad. So it’s important what we keep our thoughts on. If you have ever had a ‘bad day’ and you do a little thinking- you’ll notice that your mind talked you into having a bad day. This internal dialogue between you and yourself is what we are going to rapidly change in Life Destiny Mapping. Our own ‘beliefs’ trigger how we will feel….either good, bad, or somewhere in the middle. The rough part is accepting the fact that only you can make yourself feel good, bad, or otherwise. That is the rough part. Wouldn’t you like to feel good all the time? If you did feel great all the time your life would change in an instant. So remember this short section on ‘the rough part’, because your feelings are up to you. You are now in control of them. By choosing to think about the good things or the bad things in life you control your emotions. Many people get stuck in the past, but your past is never really your future. The past is like a stone that’s already been thrown away from you, it doesn’t control you and you should not let past emotions control your present emotions. Choose to feel good, even great by simply going back to a time in life when everything was perfect for you, or dream about the future in which everything works out as planned. That vision should bring you happiness at anytime you need to ‘pick yourself up’ a bit.

You choose your emotions, so choose ones that you like living with!

Let’s Make a Life Destiny Map…. See- Hear- Feel- DoI want you to write out the perfect life for yourself. Write, write, write down to the last detail of everything you want your future life to be. It’s smart to keep this to yourself, because they are your dreams and your life. You don’t need any critics helping you ‘believe’ that life is going to be worse than what you can imagine as your perfect lifestyle. So write down everything that you want, desire, need, and also picture yourself living your perfect life what will that be like? Exactly. When you wake up, what do you see & do? During the morning what to you see and do? During the afternoon, what do you see and do? Then in the evening, what do you see, hear, feel, and do?

Now comes the great part.
Now that you have answered some serious questions about yourself and the perfect life you want, it’s time to put them into your LDM book. Find pictures of the car you want, the house you need, the job or career you’d love, the family that you want, the place or city you’d love to live in. To make this easier I will give you an initial guide for the pictures you’ll need in your LDM book. 1. Where are you living? (Get a picture of it for the book) 2. What kind of job do you have? “ “ 3. How many friends do you have? “” 4. What kind of house do you have? “”

5. What do you do in morning, afternoon, evening?”” 6. What kind of financial freedom do you have?”” 7. What activities do you do in spare time?”” 8. What do you do for yourself - health?”” 9. What do you do for your family?”” 10. What activities do you do that bring you daily enjoyment?”” So at this point you should have found about 10 pictures of your dream life. Put these pictures in your LDM book. >>> But keep it private, for your eyes only. Next, type or write a caption about each picture. Like for #1 above: “I am living in the Colorado Mountains seeing the sun come up daily, and getting ready for work while enjoying my favorite music.” Each picture in your LDM book will have a statement that brings you a feeling of ‘being there’ and ‘feeling great’. The more you can attach more emotional words to these pictures the better. So as you finish you have 10 (or so) pictures of your dream lifestyle. And each photo has under it an affirmation, like I mentioned above.

The next steps
Now that you have your LDM book, I will explain to you how it’s used. In the morning if you have prayer, meditation, affirmation, or reading time you’ll want to set aside 10-30 minutes for the LDM Method. Pick a spot in your home that is quiet and one in which is private for you. I sit in a

meditative position on a pillow with my back against a couch or wall. Next I flip through my LDM book one page at a time. During the time I look at the pictures and read the words below it, I emotionally take myself there, so that I can hear, feel, see, and touch in my mind’s eye all that is around me in that picture. The more emotion you can generate, the better the response of your body/mind sending out the energy (or prayer) for what you know will manifest. Like if I picture myself jogging up a snowy mountain trail before breakfast, I might close my eyes and feel all the senses of actually being there. In this way you are orchestrating with the energies of this world (universe) and feeling the result you want (it’s like a very emotionally packed prayer). So as you go through each page you do the same thing of tying your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and visions into really believing that you are experiencing that moment in that picture. So each morning and night repeat this exercise and you’ll be amazed at how seemingly random events will happen to take you to your dream lifestyle. It is important to shed any and all doubt while you practice your LDM Method. Feel in your entire being that the pictures you’ve chosen and the words you’ve selected are coming true. Your mind and body is communicating with the mind of the universe or of “God”, however you describe the intelligent life force that creates and generates new life each moment.

A journal is a great way of keeping track of your LDM Method Practices. You really want to get into the habit of

doing these practices at least twice per day for 10 to 30 minutes each. In this way you are communicating to your inner self what is going to happen in your life (outer self). Also you are communicating these powerful emotions, thoughts, and feelings (prayers) to the universe (or “God”) that will empower your dreams to manifest with more regularity and with ease rather than struggle. So know that once you start practicing the LDM Method you must keep at it, and even journal your daily results or your weekly results. Your mind might not know how the your life is going to go from “now” to “then” but by honoring ‘what you want’ the universe will respond to help you. Sometimes very quickly, and other times with a bit of work and knowledge on your part. Please send me detailed comments about this manuscript as I need to k now w hat to improv e bef ore I publish it. “Life D es t in y M a p p in g ” ( LD M ) w a s c r ea t ed b y B r ia n M o r g a n af ter doing much reading and y ears of practice w ith such ex pert authors lik e D eep a k C h o p r a , A n t h o n y ( T o n y ) R o b b in s , W a y n e D y er , T o m H o p k in s , Z ig Z ig l a r , and many others. ©2004 Brian Morgan LIFE DESTINY MAPPING™ METHOD©2006 Brian Morgan / Digital Products LLC. email Brian=

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