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1. Causes of central chest pain.

2.Difference between M.I. & Angina
Point :
* Character of Pain
* Duration of Pain
* Aggrevating factor
* Relieving Factor
3.How we can relieve the pain of M.I (Bed rest, O2 inhalation, Morphine dilute, GTN,
4.Why we give Aspirin in MI?
5.Causes of Hematuria
(i) Pre-renal cause : Bleeding disorder (Haemophilia)
Why haemophilia occur?
6.Causes of Hematemesis
Common cause : (i) PUD
(ii) Ca stomach
(iii) Drugs
7.Definition of Haematemesis.
8.Causes of Polyarthritis (RA).
9.Describe the C/F of RA.
10.Why we take a hand X-Ray in RA?
To see joint erosion (Deformity is seen by naked eye examination).
11.Rx of RA.
(i) Name some NSAIDs used ind RA.
* Other uses of Aspirin.
(ii) What are the antirheunmatic drug?
* Other uses of cloroquine.
12.Define BMI.
13.Management of Hematemesis.
(General & specific management)
if scope Endoscopy.
14.What is oligoarthritis? What are the seronegative arthritis? Common characteristics
of seronegative arthritis.
15.Eye involvement in seronegative arthritis.
16.How can you differ between acute Ant uveitis Vs Episcleritis?
17.A patient with RA with scleritis. How can you manage it?
For scleritis give steroid?
18.Name of common Anticonvulsant drugs.
19.Mx of GTCS.
20.What is absence seizure? Motor involvement of absence seizure.
21.Drug of choice in absence seizure
* Not use CBZ it aggravates disease.
22.Name some disease where oligoarthritis occur?
23.Name some disease where deformation occur?
24.Arthritis occur in haemophilia?
No. Arthropathy occurs.
25.A known case of Haemophilia come with severe pain in the knee joint. How can you
NSAID should not be given.
Factor VIII
26.Define obesity. Etiology of obesity.
27.Morbid obesity.
28.Name some antiobesity drugs.
29.What is seizure? Investigation of seizure.
30.Involvement of psoriatic arthritis.
Skin, joints, nails.
31.Describe psoriatic skin leision.
32.What is Puva.
33.Name some neurotic disorder.
34.What is depression? (Unipolar, Bipolar)
35. Rx of Bipolar
when manic give antipsychotic

then mood stabilizer.
36.Name some mood stabilizer (Lithium)
37.S/E of Lithium (Diabetes insipidus).
38.Causes of irregular pulse.
39.How RF can be diagnosed?
40.Characteristic feater of RF.
* Migratory Polyarthritis
* Asymmetrical
* Morning stifness (Short duration)
* No deformity/ Erosion.
41.Rx of RF.
Inj. Benzyl penicillin
12 lac start
Then oral oral pen V 200
42.Aspirin used carefully in child, Bcz it may cause FHF.
43.Vit-B deficiency disease.
44.Vit B3 Dermatitis (What type of dermatitis).
45.What is dementia?
Chronic organic brain disease.
46.Causes of unconsciousness in medicine ward
47.CSF study in pyogenic meningitis.
48.Normal CSF color (Crystal Clear)

49.CSF is sent for test in 3 test tubes
(i) Cytology
(ii) Biochemistry
(iii) Grams staining & culture
50.What is psychiatric Emergency.
Acute mania.
Acute schitzophrenia
Severe depression
51.Skin Emergency (S.J.S, Pemphigus vulgaris.
52.Causes of monoarthritis.
53.How you diagnose a case of Gout.
54.Culture finding in Gout., Mx of Govt.
55.C/F of gout.
56.Difference between meningitis Vs Encephalitis.
57.Encephalitis causing organisns (NIPAH)
58.Mode of transmission (NIPAH) (Contaminated Date, Date Palms Sap)
59.Rx of HSV encephalitis.
60.Dx of HSV enceph. (IgM against this virus)
61.After recovary from encepha. What is the complication (Seizure, Dementia)
62.What is osteomalacia? (incase of Adult).
* Fracture X-Ray
* Biochemical ( S. Alkaline phosphatase)
64.Ricket, Renal ricket.
65.What is spondy litis, LBP in adult (MM, D + Anaemia).
66.CSF finding of TBM.
67.Mx of TBM
(i) Steroid
(ii) Anti TB.
Why steroid given?
68.Causes of Enlarged Tender liver.
69.Types of Liver abscess.
70.Joint deformity in psoriasis pt.
71.Emmergency pt admitted to DMCH (Stroke, GBS, paraplegia, Meningistis/
Encephalopathy). (AVH, HE, Mematemesis, Malena, ARF, Ckd)
72.causes of Hematemens & malen a (PUP, Ca Stomach, Drugs).
73.Steroid is given TB with some complication, Nephrotic syndrome, Bronchial
Asthma, Cops), RA, SLE)
74.SLE presentation (Age : 2030yrs, Rash, Arth ralgia, kidney & Nervous system
75.Rx of SLE (NSAID, Chloroquine).
76.Symmetrical Skin lesion overlying the cheek & sparing nasolabial fold.
77.Disease spread by Mosquito (Dengue, Malaria, Filaria).
78.Classify psychiatric discase (older & WHO classification)
79.May psychiatric Disease present to other specialist (mainly sumatoform disease Pt).
80.Presentation of thyroid disease; Investigation.
81.Seronegetive Arthritis.
82.Causes of Non-Cirrotic portal HTN.
83.Propranolol indication.
85.Which drugs initially are given at a higher dose & later tapper the dose.
(Carbimazol, warferin).
86.Metabolic cause of CLD (Hemochromatosis, wilson disease).
87.Palpable liver in CLD (Alcoholic cirrhosis, HCC on the top of CLD).
88.When you suspect malignancy (fever, rapidly developing ascitis)
89.Enlarged tender liver.
90.Bullous skin disease.
91.Pemphigus Vs Pemphigoid.
92.Rx of pemphigoid vulgaris.
93.BML why it is used for Dx of Dbesity? Why not only cut.
94.What investigation done in obese pt (Blood sugar lipid profile.
95.Aeitiology of obesily.
96. HDL Risk factor (Advice : walking, exercise, sea food talking)
97.Non ltchy skin lesion.
98.Name some endocrine disease in which pf goes to a psychiatrist (Anxiety
thyrotoxicosis, Myxoedema-confusion depression).
99.Antiscabicidal drug.
100.Complication of scabies; post streptococcal GN diagnosis (ASO titer).
101.Name some diseases where ASO titer is done.
102.Define stroke; Vascular cause (AVM, Vasculitis, embolism).
103.Modifiable causes of stroke.
104.Causes of Hemiplegia (Stroke, ICSOL, cerebral abscess, subdural hematoma).
105.Rx of chorea (Haloparidol for 34 months)
106.Prophylactic penicillin given in RF (yes).
107.Severe HA (SAH, migraine, functional)
SAH theender clup HA (occipital HA),
Disterbance of consciousness.
Neck righdity.
108.Investigation of SAH, (CT scan may be normal, CSF study Blood break
CSF testube if in 1
test tube blood present & other test tube absent
If present in other testube also SAH.
109.Causes of SAH; Rx of SAH (Nimodipine, opinion for neurosurgeon)

1.Late complication of M.I.
2.Epilepsy (History).
3.Different between Epilepsy & loss of consciousness.

degree cause of HTN
(ii) Renal artery stenosis.
(iii) Endocrine
(iv) Eclampsia & preeclamppsia (PIHTN)
5.Which Antihypertensive in prograncy? (alpha methyl dopa) + (Hydralazine)
6.if malena, then ask pt. about
(i) whether stool is liquid
(ii) Fe wntaining diet taking.
7.Causes of Peripheral Polyneuropathy?
8.Vitamin def. (B1, B6, B12), DM, CKD.
9.UTI more common in female.
10.Advice to prevent UTI.
11.Rash + Unconsciousness (Meningococcal meningitis), Incubation period?
12.Incidental HBs Ag + ve
13.RF of CVD
14.Hb A1C (Glycated HB in %)
15.Fasting Lipid profile (12 hrs fasting).
16.Causes of black stool.
17.Malena is always unformed stool.
18.What is ACS,AMI,UA

19.How UA defined :
* ECG may be normal.
* Enzymes Early change of some enzymes.
20.Rx of UA
21.Causes of Neuropathy
* DM
* Deficiency.
* Infective.
* Metabolic.
22.Dysphagea Common cause.
23.Oral ulcer (Apthous).
24.IDA Plummer vinson syndrome.
25.Bulbar, pseudobulbar paulsy.
26.Ca oesophagus
27.Achalasia cardia.
28.Causes of wrist drop (Radial nerve Paulsy).
29.C.T.S. Numbness


Wrist drop.
30.What is TIA?

31.Causes of loin pain
Renal colic
Ureteric colic
Acute Pyelonephritis.
32.Causes of Young stroke
Berry aneurissn.
33.Dx of Hemarthrossis.
34.Rx of Hemarthrossis (FFP, Factor VIII)
Not serum. Because No factor VIII in serum
35.Causes of Dyspnoea.
36.Total want low in Ch. Pneumoniae. What other Atypical pneumoniae?
37.Microscopic different : Thalssessia Vs IDA.
* Tear drop
* Pencil cell
* Target cells.
* Maxicarhet.
38.Glycated Hb (in DM test significance?)
For last 3 months blood sugar level observation.
39.Complication of DM. Causes of Hypokalamia.
40.Complain of dengue pt. in 2
(Sever myalgia, pain, Headache, bleeding menifestation, senere fever, break bone
* After 4 to 5 days Afebrile phase.
41.Causes of macrocytic anaemia (96 fl & above)
* Folate def.
* Hypo thyroidism.
* Liver disease.
* Alcoholism.
42.Cause of Dysphagia (Not mention Neurological cause first)
* Apthous ulcer.
* Esophagitis.
* Esophogeal varices.
* Plummer vinson syndrome (Formation of oesophageal web).
43.How you detect the severity of Asthma?
44.After discharging an OPC poisoning pt came to EOD now then he died during
take him to the WARD cause?
45.Why subcutaneous haemorrhage occur in dengue?
46.Why do HbA1C? What is indication?
47.Pain in the Rt. upper abdomer. D/D?
48.What is Enteric fever? S/S? Complication?
49.What is SIADH?
Excess secretion of ADH,
Accumulation of water,
then dilutional Hyponatremia.

50.Causes of progressive pallor.
(AA, Chronic blood loss).
* Invest : PBF, BM.
51.Despite good Apetite, my weight is decreased
(i) Thyrotoxicossis.
(ii) DM **
(iii) Malabsorption syndrome. kalazar
52.Paraneoplastic syndrome of Bronchagenic carcinoma.
53.if Na < 110 Unconciousness.
day rash (Thrombocytopanea).
55.Poisonous snake bite (Neurological sign)?
56.Rx by poly valent Antivenom. Why Poly (BCZ there are 4 antidot).
57.Congenital HA? Sickle cell Vs thalassemia.
*Both present in some person
Sudden severe chest pain.
58.Alcoholic confirmation by gamma GT.
59.Mx of OPC poison
60.Interpretation of MT test (in pt with BCG & in pt without BCG.
61.Causes of hypercholesterolemia in NS.
1.Criteria of Rh. Fever.
2.In RF, steroid is given for migratory polyarthritis, undue tachycardia (carditis).
3.Complication of RF.
4.Who is neonate? Causes of neonatal jaundice (Rhincom).
5.What is rh incompatibility? Invest. of Rh incompt.
6.What is growth? Parameter of growth?
7.Causes of convulsion.
8.CSF study of meningitis. (Cell, sugar, Pr).
9.What is IMCI? What diseases?
10.A pt. present with H/O vomitting for 2 days. Now he presented with convulsion.
Hypo Natremia, Hypocalcemia tetany.
11.SACD of spinal cord.
*Vibration loss.
*Ankle jerk loss.
*Plantar : Extensor.
12.Major criteria of RF.
13. Pulmonary pressure in TOF.
14.Rx of PEM.
15.Findings of pneumonia pt.
16.Rx of pneumonia.
17.CSF study of Normal person.

18.A child presents with fever for 1 day & swelling of knee & ankle joints, what are the
probable diagnosis
(i) RF
(ii) RA
(iii) JIA
* This pt having tachycardia
Carditis (ECG Finding?)
Tachycardia with i HB (Prolong PR interval).
19.Prophylaxis of RF.
20.D/D of gum bleeding.
Aplastic Anaemia
21.Rx of ITP.
22.Classify congenital HD.
23.TOF vs VSD; Pneumonia Vs Bronchiolitis.
24.Fever, Unconsciousness for 5 days, jaundice
Cerebral Malaria.
25.Rx of uncomplicated malaria. (Coartan, if not then Quinine sulphate + Doxy)
26.PBF of CML (myelocyte, promyelocyte, metamyelocyte) if Blast cell (AML)
27.Rx of CML (Imatimib); M/A Tyrosine Kinase inhibitor.
28.Pentalogy of Fallot (ASD + TOF)
29.ABO incompatibility.
30.Blood test of Thalassemia.
31.Rx of Bronchiectesis (Ibuprofen spray).
32.Complication of spleenecetomy.
33.Out line of Rx of thalassemia.
(i) Regular BT.
(ii) Iron chelating agent.
(iii) Spleenectomy.
(iv) Pneumococcal Vaccine.
(v) Allogenic BM transplant.
(vi) Hydroxiurea (M/A)
34.Risk of TOF Viscosity due to polycythemia.
35.What is development mile stone?
36.Rx of Marasmus.
37.What is hyper transformation?
What is super transformation?
38.What is pink tetralogy? (may present with pink initially).
39.M/A of AGN, complication of AGN,
(i) A. LVF
(ii) Hypertensive encephalopathy.
40.Rx of AGN, why give penicillin for benifit of community.
41.Cardinal feature of severe acute asthma.

42.When refer to ICU? Asthma Vs COPD.
PEFR > 20% Vs < 20%.
43.Vector of Dengue (Biting Habits).
44.Common cause of cushing syndrome.
45.Invest. cause of cushing syndrome (Dexamethason supression test).
46.Immediate complication of baby of diabetic mother.
47.What should you do after delivery of baby of HBs (+)ve mother?
48.When you suspect DVT? (INV) D-dimer)
49.Rx of DVT (Enoxaparin Followd by warferrin)
* Complication pul. emboli
50.Common childhood infection. A pt 2 yrs of age, 4 days of fever, several episudes of
convulsion D/D (Meningitis, Encepralitis, cerebral malignarcy)
51.Findings of meningitis (neck rigidites kernik sign (+) ve CBC, Blood culture, RBC,
CSR study)
52.Pyogenic menigitis Rx (wt 10 kg)
(Rx IV diazepum if doesnt work IV Phenobarbitone ANtibiotic ceftriaxone,
stould not give more fluid because SIADH may develop).
53.Who is neonate? 2 days of old jaundice n/D: RH incompatibility
ABO incompatibility.
55.Rx of it (Exbhange transfusion)
56.TOF component & feautres of them (central cyanosis, polycythessia).
57.What is cyanotic spell?
58.Mx of polycythemic baby (Fe containing food which makes immature cell mature
O2 carrying capacity; more fluid should be given to prevent dehydration.
59.Causes of palpitation?
60.What is dysentery?
61.Neurological problem in C. jejune infection (GBS).
62.A baby with puffy face, oliguria, Hematuria?
(AGN); if pt develop breathlessness? (LVF)
63.What is thalassemia, AR, Hemolytic anaemia, x linked recessive disordon.
64.What is cast?
65.Rx of LVF due to AGN.
66.Most 2 common organism of pneumonia in child
(S. Preumoni, W. influenzae); prevention of both infection (Pentavalent).
67.What is growth; Assesment of it (Ht, Wt, occipirl circumference).
68.Thalassemia aftects which system? (Haemopoietic system).
69.Findings of thalasemia ( Hb, Bilirubin, iren, PBF microcytic hypochromic
70.Confirm by? (Hb electrophoresis).
71.Name some congerital heart disease (TOF, PDA).
72.Fever with convulsion inchild (febrile convulsion, meningitis, Encephalitis).
73.Criteria of febrile convulsion.
74.Problem of low birth wt.
75.A baby 5 days of age with serum bilirubin 18 mg/dl? Rx of it.
76.Problems of a child of a diabetic mother? (Macrosomic baby)
77.A pt comes with convulsio; How to manage it? (I/V or P/R diazepum).
78.A child with gum bleeding (Scurvy, Aplastic anaemia, leukemia, ITP, Dengue fever).
79.For establish the cause which Inv? (CBC, PBF, BM)
80.Indication of anti D (Rh incompatability).
81.In Rh incompatability problem arises after birth?
(Severe janudice); investigation CBC, PBF F/O hemolysh, S. billirub in < ,
coomb tes
82.Rx of it (Phutotherapy, Excharge transfusion)
35.What is thalassemia?
83.What is quantitative & qualilative defect?
84.Rx of thalassemia.
85.PHN occurs in VSD?
86.Pulmonary pressuse less or more in TOF? (Less due to PS)
87.A 7yr boy generalized swelling, scanty urine, H/O previous attack 14 days back Dx?
88.Specific treatment of it? (Oral prednisolone)
89.Bronchiolitis causes? (RSV)
. Features are? (R. Nose, Fever, Res. discharge on/E MRR).
90.Normal electrolyte level?
91.Electrolyte level in a pt suffering from loose stool?
92.A pt with diarrhoea with convulsion causes?
93.Marasmus Vs Kaashiorkon?
94.Mx of marasmus?
95.Important cause of anaemia in children (IDA).
96.In hemophillia pt there is prolonged bleeding name some other disease in which there
is prolonged bleeding (Von wilibrand disease).
97.Causes of Neonatal jaundice?
98.Jaundice persists for > 2 wks + constipation. Dx?
(Dx : Hypothyroidism).
99.C/F of cretinism? investigation (T3, T4, TsH).
100.Rx of cretinism (thyrotoxine).
101.Thyrotoxine life long why? (due to agenesis).
102.Suppose T3, T4, TSH cant be done. Then we do X-Ray. How can you evaluate
hypothy roidism by X-Ray? (epiphysis findings).
103.Rubella complication?
104.congenital rubella syndrome?
105.Rubella most problem occurs in? (Female)
106.Most imp. complication of measels & pneumonia?
107.Convulsion in AGN pt why? (Hypertensive encephalopathy)
How will you manage (I/V diazepum)
108.How to asses severity in pneumonia?
109.What is stridor?
110.What is grunting?
111.What is the commonest causes of stridor (preumonia, laryngotracheo bronchitis)
112.Common causes of wheeze ?(Asthma)
113.Causes of Red spot?
114.B/M findings in ITP.
115.Steroid is given for which duration?
116.I/V Ig for what?
117.A pt with generalized oedema, urine colour dark Dx? (AGN)
118.Complication of AGN. (Hypertensive encephalopathy, Acute LVF leading to
pulmonary oedema).
119.A pt 7yrs old comes with only anaemia. Dx?
(IDA, Aplastic Anaemia).
120.Investigation of IDA (PBF, iron profile)
121.Rx: Fe; in severs case BT.
122.Iron for which duration? (3 months)
123. Complication of NS
124.What is hypertrophy & hyperplasia?
125.What is development?
126.What is domain of development?

1.Name of some disease is which joint pain & skin lesion occur?
2.What is SLE? What type of disease it is?
Menifestation of SLE in Skin.
3.What are the rashes occur in skin (including SLE)?
4.Age prevalance, out come, prognosis & investigation of SLE.
5.Name some water soluble vitamin.
6.What is vesicle & Bullae? Name some disease where Bullae occur?
7.Cousative organism of chicken pox.
8.Define UTI.
9.What is urethritis?
10.Causes of acute Dyspnoea.
11.Respiratory findings of Asthma.
12.Mx of Acute LVF.
13.Contraindications of morphine.
14.Name some kidney disease.
15.Type of PKD. (Adult/ Children).
16.Presentation of PkD. Causes of death in PKD.
17.Which type of stroke occur in PKD?
(i) HTN Ishchemic.
(ii) Rupture of versels SAH.
18.Mx of MI.
19.Normal pulse rate?
60 100/min.
20. H. R Bradycardia. Causes of Bradycardia.
21.How a pt. of CHB presents?
22.What is stoke Adams attack?

23.Rx of CHB
inj. Atropine.
Pace maker.
24.Causes of upper abdominal pain.
25.Causes of irregularly irregular pulse (AF).
26.Causes of AF.
27.Is AF occur in Pneumonia?
28.Complication of AF.
29.Renal cause of Hematuria.
30.C/F of PUD.
31.Character of PUD pain.
Relation with Food.
32.Classify Antinhypertensive drug.
33.What are the target organ in HTN?
34.What drugs act as anti HTN and prevents Target organ damage?
35.40 yrs old female complaints of joint pain
What type of arthritis may occur?
* if older OA.
36.What joint involved in OA? (wt. bearing joint)
37.In primary OA Presentation of RA.
38.Indication of cloroquine.
39.Causes of unconsciousness in medicine ward
(i) endocrine DKA.
Hypoglycemic coma
Addisonian coma
Pituitary coma.
Myeloid coma.
(ii) Stroke
(iii) Meningitis.
40.Type of meningitis (Viral, Bacterial, TB).
41.Mx of TB.
Anti TB.
Steriod to prevent adhesion of meninges.
42.Functional G.I.T. disease IBS
43.Mx of Acne.
44.Causes of cardiomeglly.
45.Urethritis (GU, NGU)
46.Rx of GU.
47.Causes of repeated UTI in children.
48.Types of IBD (Chrons, Ul. Colitis).
49.Dx confirmation, Mx of U.C, S/E of Salazine.
50.What is Raynauds phenomenon?
51.An young man, H/O tooth extraction 5/7 days back. After 5 days he deneloped fever.
What is your probable Dx?(I.E.)
52.C/F in I.E. (Hands, Face, Abdomen)
53.Common organism for I.E.
54.Rx of IE.
55.Nephrotic syndrome.
56.Rx of Pyloric stenosis. (Endoscopic dilatation).
57.A pt. with fever, Blood film p. falciperum
if pt. unconscious cerebral malaria
58.Rx of Malaria.
59.Hypertensive emergency.
60.NS Dx Heat coagulation test is it qualitative test?
* What is quantitative?
61.Biopsy needed? No.
62.Give steroid (Why response to steroid)
63.complication of NS (Renal vein thrombosis).
64.Pleural effusion. (Mx)
65.I TP, Aplastic Anaemia, Leukaemia (simple inv CBC with PBF)
66.Paraplegia : LMN type (GBS, Polio, Hypokalemic paralysis)
67.Causes of Nonoarthritis.
69.Investigation of gout.
70.Hypourecemic drug.
71.Vitamin deficiency disorder.
72.Slein disease in vitamin deficiency.
73.Subacute combined deficiecy of spinal cord; traef involvement.
75.Complication of hypercholesteremia.
76.LVF Vs Asthma
LVF Vs Asthma
Pulsus alternens
(Alternate weak & strong beat
volume prob)
Pulsus paradoxus.
Chest : Bilateral Basal vesicular with prolonged expiration crebs.
Heart : Gallop rhythm.
77.Dysphagia Vs Dysarthria.
78.What is palpitation (aware of Heart beat); cause.
79.Abdomen exam of PVD.
80.Criteria of RA.
81.Addison disease, cause (Autoimmune, TB); ivestigation.
82.Causes of upper abdominal pain (PUD, A. pancreatitis)
83.Complication of Acute peptic ulcer.
84.Rx of peptic ulcer.
85.Eradication of H. pylori (PP1, Clarythromycin, Amoxicillin, Metnonidazole)
86.Different signs of I.E.
87.Oslers node (due to microthrombi).
88.Rx of I.E. (IV drug long dration).
89.Dissociative sensory loss.
90.Define Bullae.
91.PHN Rx (Pregaba, Uaba, Amitryptiline).
92.Why we call thalasemia major (Huge spleenomegali, Stunted growth, H/O repeated
blood transfusion).
93.In HA spleen may not be palpable? (Sickle cellanaemia).

1.Fever rash causes?
2.Fever convulsion cause?
3.Febrile convulsion (Def., incidence, age).
4.Poisonous snake bite (Characteristic).
5.Features of Envenomation (Early sign Vomitting, Hypotension.
Neurological sign (Broken neek sign, Diplopia, ptosis) 3 4 months
6.Causes of repeated Abortion. (APL, SLE, TORCH)
7.Suppose pt is Dx as SLE, what is the precaution?
(MTX CI), Hydroxychloroquine is safe in pregnancy.
8.60 yrs, old was, vomitting, anorexia, wt. loss.
(Ca stomach).
9.C/F of Ca stomach.
10.Accidental death in child.
11.Causes of under 5 death in child.
Neonatal death.
Meningitis, Encephalitis.
Diarrhoea, Pneumonia.
12.How can you calculate BMI?
13.Visible area in Marasmus
Baggy skin fold in back.
14.Complication of kerosene poisoning (Aspiration pnemonitis).
15.Appearance day of rash of measles.
16.Causes of convulsion in neonate.
17.Causes of severe breathlessness in child.
18.Causes of severe convulsion in neonate (Day 1)
19.25yrs male pt having high BP (causes of HTN).
20.Abdomen soft, but severe abdominal pain?
21.Site of seeing renal artery stenosis.
23.Causes of neonatal infection.
24.Causes of respiratory distress in child.
25.Difference between pneumonia & Bronchiolitis.
26.Causes of Heart failure in childen.
severe anaemia.
Pneumonia, Bronchiolitis) C/F (Tachypnoea, tachy cardia)
27.Rx of Heart failure.
Digoxin (M/A)
28.Causes of joint swelling in childen.
29.Causes of upper G.I. bleeding.
30.Mx of hydrocaphulus (V P shunt).
31.Physical exam. of MTN pt.
32.RBC, RBC cast AGN.
Proteinuria CGN
Urine R/E.
33.Seizure Vs pseaudoseizure.
34.Causes of acute spastic paralysis.
35.Causes of acute flaccid paralysis.
36.Poliomyetitis Vs GBS.
P Ant. horn cell destruction, Irreversible
G Nerve Demyelination, Reversible.
37.11/2 yrs, Baby, Motor development?
38.Stop time of nocturnal aneuresis.
39.Causes of joint swelling?
40.Vector born disease.
41.Cerebral palsy (Non-progressive).
42.Types of CP 5 types.
43.What is hydrocaphalus? (Sequele)
44.< 1 year skull size.
45.Adult ICP.
46.Causes of Hydrocaphulus.
(i) Congenital
(ii) Acquired (Meningitis)
47.Complication of Mumps? (Steroid given)
48.Caurative organism of Mumps?
49.Breast milk jaundice (Causes)
50.Blood volume ml/kg.
51.Causative organism of Bronchiolitis.
(Virus RSV, Adenovirus)
52.Koplick spot.
53.Late complication of measles (SSPE).
54.Pentavalent Vaccine component.
55.Other Vaccine, Mode of transmission of HBV, HCV.
56.Visible sign of severe malnutrition.
57.Who is child? age of neonate?
58.Neonatal common diseases (Jaundice, sepsis, birthasphyxia).
59.Condition where mouth ulcer occur?
* Apthous uleer.
* Oral candidiasis.
* Vit B deficiency.
60.Baby with severe breathlessness. What D/D?
(i) Pneumonia.
(ii) Acute bronchiolitis.
(iii) Asthma.
61.Different between Asthma Vs Pnamonia.
62.What food we take? (Pr., Fat, Cho, Vit, water, salt).
64.White patches in throat?
(i) Acute follicular tonsillitis.
(ii) Oral candidiasis (Bleeding Occur during plaque extraction).
65.Hb pathies Vs thalassemia.
66.Causes of isolated spleenomegaly.
67.Causes of Fever with hepato spleenomegaly.
68.Dx & invest of kalazar.
69.What is dysentry? Classify dehydration.
70.S/S of Hyponatremia.
71.In hypokalamia (Flaccid type weakness).
72.Rabies (Incubation period, S/S of animal, Vaccination)
* Mortality 100%
73.Animal to human contact disease caused by bacteria Anthrax (S/S Eschar).
74.Vaccine preventable disease.
75.How polio can be eradicated?
76.S/S & problem of polio.
77.Complication of OM?
78.Palatal paulsy infective cause?
79.Danger sign of child?
80.What is grunting?
It is expiratory (Due to End Exp. Volume)
81.What is LBW (< 2.5 kg). Maternal factor contribute LBW.
* Adoloscent mother.
* Eclampsia, preechlampsia.
* Maternal habit & work.
82.Problems of LBW baby
susceptible to infection.
* Resp. distress
83.Causes of bloody diarrhoea? (Shigellosis).
* S/S of shigellosis.
84.Rx of shigellosis.
85.What is IMCI? 4 danger sign?
86.Nebulizer? if cant use salbutamol?
(2 months baby) give nebulizer?
87.Oral change in IDA.
* glossitis.
* Angular stomatitis.
* Dysphagia.
88.Type of fever with example.
89.Difference between bronchiolitis Vs Pneumonia.

1.Difference of COPD Vs ALVF.
2.A oldman present Anaemia, Severe LBP
* What is paraprotein? Monoclonal Ig.
* Inv. of MM.
3.What are the common infection you have seen in the ward?
4.Causes of Huge spleenomegally.
Kalazar, Myelofibrosis, CML.
5.PBF of CML. What is philadelphia chromosome?
6.How to Dx Kalazar? (Clinical)
Invest :
* ICT for kalazar (RK 39)
* BM (LD body Amastigote)
7.Rx (1
line therapy).
8.C/I of meltifosine (Pregnancy, Age less than 2 yrs)
9.Why classify preumonia (due to varying its causative organism).
10.HAP, CAP, immunocompromissed cuases?
11.Common poisoning in ward.
12.Common cause of Acute hepatitis in Bd.
13.Fate of HBV infection (90% complete resolution, AHF, chronic <, HCC)
14.45 yrs old lady, BMI 38, RBS 15, How will you Mx the Pt?
(i) Diet
(ii) Exercise life style modification
(iii) Metformin
* Other type of DM?
15.Definition & problem of GDM.
Fetal Maternal
Hypoglycemia Obstracted Labour
16.Grading of DHF (i, ii, iii, iv), DSS, Mx of DHF.
17.Cause of thyrotoxicity? (Toxic drugs, Toxic nodule)
18.Invest of thyrotoxicity
(i) Radioactive iodine.
(ii) Surgery
(iii) Drugs.
19.S/I of carbimazole.
( Agranulocytosis).
20.Causes of generalized lymphadenopathy.
21.Characteristic of TB LN.
22.How can you confirm TB LN granulomatour caseous neerosis.
23.S/S of thyrotoxicosis.
Wt. loss despite of good Apetite.
Sweaty palm.
24.Hypothyrodism (1 & 2), where gen. swelling occurs?
* ECG low voltage ECG.
* Echo Pericardial effusion, Cardiomegally.
* Rx Thyroxine (if not give low dose then cardiac arrythmia/ MI)
25.Caurse of localized lymphodenopathy.
(Pyogenic, TB, metastatic, lymphoma)
26.Diff. TB Vs Lymphoma.
TB matted, Discharging sinus, granuloma
Lymphoma Discrete, firm.
27.Rx failure, Defaulter?
28.Causes of hypercoagulable state.
29.Problems in DVT (PE).
30.A pt. come jaundice for 20 days + unconsciousness AHF (causes?)
(i) Infection
(ii) PC intake.
(iii) Drugs NSAID, Sedative.
(iv) Constipation.
31.Mx of AHF.
32.Presentation of Br. carcinoma, Inv. of it?
33.Causes of Hyper Kalamia. Rx of it
Cal. gluconate to stabilize the cardiac cell membrane.
34.Immediate measurement
35.Causes of Asicitis system wise
Liver CLD
Heart CCF
TB ( Intestinal TB)
Malignancy: Intra abdominal
Kidney: NS.
36.Infective disease in ward (Malaria, Dengue, Kalazar)
37.When u suspect kalazar (from endemic area, fever, spleenonugaly, Hepatomegali.
38.Investigation of kalazar (RK 39, Aspiration of spleen, liver Amastigote); Rx :
Miltefosine, liposomal amphotericin B.
39.C/I of miltefosine (Pregnancy, < 2 yrs of age).
40.Classify DM (type I, II, GDM, Pancreatic).
41.What is GDM?
42.What are the risk of GDM (foetal complication, maternal complication
obstructed labour, polyhyramnios)
43.After delivery complication (Hypoglycemia)
44.What is diabetic foot (Neuropathic Ulcer Heel, Vascular Great toe)
45.Cause of it.
46.Poisoning case.
47.S/S of Opc poisoning; Antidote (Atropine, PAM)
48. How will you manage?
49.Why you give ca ++ gluconate (to stabilize the cardiac cell membrane).
50.65 yrs old male smoker + Hemoptysis D/D?
(Ca bronchus); investigation (CBC, sputum, CXR) CXR expected findings
nodule may be find. Then if centrally present FOB & peripheral CT.
51.A adult come jaundice for 7 days D/D?
(Viral hepatitis, Drug injduced hepatitis Anti TB drug heredetary wilson,
52.Causes of AVH (HAV, HBV, HCV, HEV)
53.HBV fate (90-95% complete resolution, chronicity in 5% - 10%, HCC).
54.Mother is HBV (+) ve baby faces which problem? prevention of it (immunglobulin
in one hand & vaccine in another hand).
55.Mx of Toxic nodular goitre (Radioiodine ablation).
56.A young pt H/O hemoptysis for 2 years. D/D?
(Bronchiectesis); other related inquary (TB).
57.How to assess HE in a pt (Alteration of sleep).
58.Physical sign of HE ( flapping tremor, constructional apraxia).
59.Mx of HE. (lactulose, Neomycin for gut steritization)
60.M/A of Lactalose in HE (3 role laxative, change Ph, .............)
61.A pt with a history of trauma in his leg few days ago then he developed calf muscle
pain D/D? (DVT)
62.A yound pt. with Breathlessness D/D?
(Severe Acute asthma, TB, preumonia, A. LVF)
63.Acute complication of DM.
64.Hyperglycemic coma Vs Hypoglycemic coma.
65.Causes of generalized lymphadenopathy.
66.Describe tubercular lymphnode (discharging sinus present confirm, in Biopsy
Caseating type granuloma)
67.Description of tubercular granuloma. (Central cascation surrounded by collar of
lymphocyis with longhens types of giant cell).
68.Findings of sarcoidosis.
69.A 20yr garments worker fever, low grade for 1 month, Hemoptysis D/D? (PTB);
70.Mx of sputum (+)ve pt (Cat I)
71.Category II pt Relapsing, Defaulter).
73.Causes of purpura (ITP, Aplastic Anaemia, leukeaemia)
74.Aplastic anaemia Vs ITP.
75.Mx of ITP (steroid); when you give immunosuppresive drug.
76.A pt with fever for 7 days, purpurie spot whole body, body ache, headache DHF;
blood test findings.
77.Bronchial asthma Vs COPD.
78.A pt. with diarrhoea, vomiting, now he is confused D/O? (Hyponatrimia)
79.Feautures of hypokalemia.
80.Paracetamol poisoning (Antidote : NAC metheonine)
81.A 35 yrs old female with amenorrhoea for 35yrs, letharigic, difficulty in speech, face
pufty, delayed relaxation of ankle jerk, D/D?
82.Causes of hypoth roidism.
83.Hb 5 gm/dl, MCV 110 D/D? (Macrocytic Anaemia).
84.causes of megaloblastic anaemia?
85.Fever for 5 days with unconsciousnes D/D?
(cerebral malaria, meningitis, encephalitis)
86.H/O severe malaria? (Renal failure, Pulmonary Oedema, severe anaemia)
87.Rx of severe malaria? (1/V quinine dihydrochloride orally SO4)
88.Rx of uncomplicated malaria? (coartans, quinine)
89.A pt with jaundice > 6 month? (Hepatocellular carcinoma chronic hepatitis)
90.Causes of chronic hepatitis? (Hemochromatosis, wilson disease, alpha 1 antitrypsin
91.A young pt with 3 days H/O fever chest pain? D/D (Pheumonia)\
92.What is pleural rub? How can you clarify pleural rub?
93.What is HAP?
94.What is CAP?
95.Common causes of Hypokalemia (Diarrhoea, Diureties)
96.Name some diseases which causes bleeding?
97.C/F of Dengue.
98.A 60 yrs old man presented with IDA? Causes?
(Castomach, Ca colon due to chronic blood loss).
99.What test should be done? (endoscopy with biopsy, colonoscopy with biopsy)
100.40 yrs old lady with IDA (excessive menstrual loss)
101.Investigation for it? (USG of whole abdomen.)
102.Rx of hyper kakmia (Ca 2+ glutamate membrane stabilize, salbetamin, insulin
shift to cell)
103.Fever for 7 days, Anorexia, Jaundice, unconsciousness? Dx? (Hyperacute hepatic
104.Mx of this patient.
105.Rx of it (lactulose osmotic laxative, Ph no bacteria multiply, incorporation of
Ammonia into the Bacteria).
106.Causes of hypokalemia.
107.C/F of Hypokalemia (Periodic paralysis)
108.A pt cough, fever, wt loss for 1 month Dx? (PTB)
109.Investigation (CBC, Sputum for AFB, CxR P/A, in Chest X-ray patchy lesion or
cavitary lesion)
110.Rx of it (Cat 1)
111.Rx of corrosive poisoning?
112.Toxic dose in P/C poisoning (8-10gm)
113.Causes of CLD? (VH, Alcoholic liver disease, NSAIO)
114.A pt with HBV how can you evaluate acute or chronic? (a cute Anti HBC IgM,
chronic Anti HBC IgG)
115.Dengure virus vector? A. Agyeptis)
116.Biting habit? (Early morning bite, clear stagnant small amount of water, outbreak
in rainy season)
117.How can you prevent? (remove the stored water in jar, cane, use mosquito net, use
mosquito spray).

Other Questions
*What are situation when you give combination antibiotic (TB, meningitis,
*Mx of Tryptin poisoning.
*Rx of Microal buminuria.
*Presentation of SLE; Renal involvement in SLE & its investigation (lupus nephron).
*If fever is present in SLE pt. what is the cause?
(either flare up or infection).
*What is parkinsonism? What is parkinson disease?
*Rx of Parkinsonism.
*S/E of Levodopa.
*Indication of Thalidomide; in which leprosy thalidomide is given? (MM; Leprosy).
*Types of Lepra reaction.
*Electroyte Value in Bronchial Carcinoma pt (Hypo Na).
*What is SIADH?
*When a pt is diagnosed as Diabetic?
*Typical lipid profile of DM pt.
*Importance of LDL.
*PBF Spherocyte is found. Dx: HA; other findings: Coomb test (Direct , indirect).
*Common organism of pneumonia?
*Legionella causing non respiratory infection.
*Rx of Legionella Pneumoni infection & investigation.
(Blood C/S, Serological Test).
*Hospital acquired pneumonia organism?
*When lepra reaction is more? (During treatment).
*Why thalidomide is given in collagen disease.
*Newer Mx of Diabetes?
*Lispro M/A.
*Recurrent hypoglycaemia cause?
*Some scaly skin lesion.
*Describe Psoriatic skin lesion.
*2 vitamin cause Dementia (Niacin, VitB12).
*Niacin causing slein lesion Describe the lesion.
*Presentation of liver abscess.
*Breathlessness in a liver abscess pt may die (pericardial tempone).
*Atypical presentation of Hypothyroidism. (M1, Heart failure, Myxoedema, coma,
*Presentation of coarctation of Aorta).
*Rx of coarctation of Aorta.
*TIA Vs Stroke.
*Sites of LMN facial palsy (Pons; Auditory canal)
*Bells palsy.
*Causes of severe acute chest pain.
*Features of Myucarditis.
*In which conditions ST is ele vated? (Prinzmetal Angina).
*Functional G1 Disease(IBS, Globus Hysteriaus)
*UC Dx, confirmation (Colonoscopy followed by Biopsy), Rx.
*Nephrotic syndrome child MLD child.
*Aute Asthma Vs Acute LVF (Asthma pulsus paradoxas LVF pulsus Alternens)
*Renal Disease causes HTN (AGN, PKD, CGN).
*SAH; Investigation.
*Name some water soluble drug?
*What is Dissociated Anaesthesia?
*What is GERD?
*Abnormal aharacter of pulse?
*Pulsus Bisferience combined As & AR.
*A middle aged man comes with severe chest pain?
*pt suffering from AMI what will you do?

Prof. Shekh Ruhul Alam & Prof. Moshtak
* Complecation of MI.
*Causes of Hematemesis & Malena; Mx of it.
*Why we do Endoscopy?
*If pt of hematemesis is comatose what may be the cause (HE).
*How can you manage it?
*Lactulose M/A.
*Epilepsy Vs Seizure.
*Name some ARDS.
*Ankylosing spondylitis.
*What type of Disease?
*As which type of Respiratory deficit. (Restrictive)
*What is low AF & causes of AF?
*Stokes Adam's syndrome.
*Deficiency of vitamin B12.
*Causes of peripheral neuropathy.
*Diagnosis of Rh fever? age (5 - 15 yrs) JIA
*JIA Vs RF; Drugs.
*Complication of Aspirin in children (Reys syndrome)
*Causes of Bradycardia? Tachycardia?
*Presentation of CHB?
*Character of the pulse?
*Drugs in HTN.
*What are the target organ?
*Predisposing factors for Acute pancreatitis (Gallstone, High TG)
*Drug which reduce TG.
*Name some Psychotic disease.
*Auditory Hallucination found in?
*What is Dementia?
*S/S of pericarditis; pericardial rub found in both palpatior & auscultation.
*Loud S1 Ms; Loud S2 P. HTN.
*Generalize Oedema in a child; is it NS/ AGN differentiate.
* investigation : RBC cast in AGN & NS.
*Morphine introduction; (IV dilution)
*Def. Obesity; Mx of morbid obesity.
*What is macule, papule, nodule, Bullae?
*S.J.S; Offending Drugs.
*Pattern of joint involvement in RA & RF.
*Mx of AF (Restoration of S. rhythm & prevention of thrombosis)
*If S. rhythm is not achieved then what will you do?
*Daily urinary protein output?
*Massive proteinuria?
*Chrons disease Vs U.C.
*Types of dysentry (Bacillary, Amoebic, Also by Salmonella campylobacter).
*Bacillary Vs Amoebic.
*JVP Vs Arterial Pulsus.
*JVP a, c, v a, c is seen.
*Mx of thyrotoxicosis a, c is seen.
*S/S of Hypothyroidism.
*Causes of sudden unconsciousness?
*Risk factor of stroke.
*A pt with stroke; He is diabetic & Hypertensive Mx (Diabetes Insulin, HTN
Slowly reducing BP)
*What is Globus Hystericus.
*Luminal parasite causing disease.
*Extraarticlar menifestation; complication; Rx & exercise you advice in AS?
*Anxiety disorden.
*Eating disorder : Bullemea Nervosa Anorexia.
*Name some Antidepressant Drugs.
*S/E of Amitryptyline?
*PKDL & Dx of PKDL.
*V. Leshmeniasis investigation serological test (DAT, CFT, ELISA).
*Culture media of Leish mania?
*Classification of Epilesy.
*Stage of GTCS.
*What are the depressive illness?
*What is Manic disorder? Mx of it?
*What is Manic Disorder? Mx of it.
*Lithium S/E.
*Anxiety Vs thyrotoxicosis.
*Indication of Anti thyroid drugs.
*Indication of Propranolol.
*Polyarthritis causes?
*RA Hand deformity; DMARD in RA.
*Why folic acid is given with MTX?
*Meningitis; What is lepto meningitis; organism: Vaccine Rx.
*What is neuralgia (Pain due to involvement of nerve but it is functional).
*Neuropathy (Pathological lesion of the nerve).
*Indication of carbamazepine.
*What is ACS?
*Markers of AMI, complications (Sudden death, pericardial temponade, Arrythmia).
*Radical cure of Malaria.
*Seizure Vs Pseudobulbar seizure.
*Commonly used antiepileptic Drugs?
*Streptococcas cauing infection?
*A pt comes with severe Respiratory distress : D/D.
*Mx of Acute severe asthma.
*During discharge treatment inhaler.
*Causes of intense itching?
*No lesion is found in skin but severe itching; causes.
(obstructive jaundice, lymphoma).
* Known diabetic pt with unconsciousness causes (DKA, Hypoglycemic shock,
HONK, Stroke).
*What is neurogenic dysphagia

Long Case Related Question :
* Dx : Rt sided Pleural effusion probably due to pneumunia investigation: CBC, Pleural
fluid Aspiration & Cytotolgy.
*Common organism.

Other :
*What is SAAG mention its importance.
*Ascitic Fluid Study Findings.
*CLD specific investigation : (i) LFT (S. Albumin, A/G Ration, PT)
(ii) Endoscopy of upper GIT.
Drugs : Spironolactone Aldosterone Antagonist to prevent to secondary
Long Case : Emphysema (COPD)
* Tongue (Dusky, Bluish)
* Tracheal tug
* Supraclaviclar & intercostal Recession.
Sharif-ul-kabir sabbir
DMC,Batch K63