To: The Commons at Harrington Grove Homeowners Street Parking Plan Date: January 1, 2000 Effective January 1, 2000, the

Commons Homeowner’s Association approved a plan in coordination with Wackenhut Security to curb street parking. This plan will not result in additional homeowner’s dues. The purpose of the 24-hour parking plan is to ensure the safety for The Commons residents (including homeowners, renters, and visitors) enabling the safe passage of other vehicles (to include emergency vehicles such as police, ambulance, and fire fighting) who navigate our roads due to the design and narrowness of the roadways within our subdivision; this is an existing policy of our neighborhood covenant. First, keep in mind the Commons Board will not take action against temporary visitors or other vehicles parked on a realized temporary basis. The plan’s purpose is to curtail street parking by residence owners and renters who park on our streets on a regular and/or frequent basis causing restricted traffic flow. Our streets are narrow thus we need to keep our streets clear for safe and reasonable passage by emergency vehicles such as fire-fighter, police, or ambulances and also so drivers can see the street clearly and avoid hurting a child or pedestrian who might not be seen behind a car parked on the street. Violators will receive a warning notice ticket (placed on the vehicle windshield) for the first two (2) violations for parking on The Commons roads. Upon receiving a third notice, the violator will receive a $15.00 fine (this fine was approved by the Commons HOA Board on November 26, 1991) applied against the homeowner’s annual HOA dues. Failure to pay the fine can result in a lien placed on the property concerned, but it should be noted our goal is not to resort to this action; our only desire is to keep you and everyone within The Commons safe on a 24-hour basis. All warning and fineable (summons) tickets can be petitioned to the Commons HOA Board; the method of appeal will be noted on the parking summons. If you think you may be a possible violator of the existing street parking restriction, please consider parking your vehicles on your existing property driveways (parking pads); if you have insufficient parking on your existing property, you may request an approval form from the Harrington Grove Homeowner’s Association to allow installation of an additional parking pad space on your property if they approve your request. You can obtain the approval from P.P.M. at 8484911. Temporary Guest Parking: If you require a temporary parking permit for bona-fide guests, please contact the Wackenhut Security Officer at 427-1748; guest parking permits should be requested regardless of the duration of their visit and it’s best to request the guest parking permit several days in advance of your guest’s arrival. Please keep in mind, for guests to park temporarily on our streets during their visit, all of your available parking pad space must be occupied by other vehicles. Visitor passes are granted for a period no to exceed two (2) weeks and are renewable by contacting the Wackenhut Officer at 427-1748. Please feel free to contact Fran Bourke at PPM, phone number 848-4911 if you have any questions or by E-mail to the Board at: Sincerely, The Commons HOA Board @ Harrington Grove