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Most modern x-ray units (post 1980's) utilize _____
circuits to provide smooth high voltage supplies to the x-
ray tube.

a) diode

b) triode

c) Villard

d) thyristor-based

In a betatron, electrons complete _____ prior to being
deflected at a target.

a) 1 revolution

b) several dozen of revolutions

c) tens of thousands of revolutions

d) hundreds of thousand revolutions

In the Van de Graff generator, electrons from the
primary electrode are transferred to the high tension
electrode via

a) a conveyor belt

b) alternating electro-magnetic fields

c) 1 MeV potential

d) osmotic action

Direct-fluoroscopy, ie. via a mirror or through radiation
absorbing glass is suitable for

a) thin and or non-metallic specimens

b) thick metals

c) lead based ceramics

d) none of the above

X-ray television fluoroscopic images of quality equal to
film radiography are possible using

a) x-ray diffraction

b) filtered x-rays

c) digitizing and computerized image enhancements

d) ultra-fine zinc silicate output phosphors

In order to check for possible leakage of radioactive
material from a cobalt camera the _________ is used.

a) TLD

b) wipe test

c) G-M counter

d) DRD

7 A radiation detector that indicates the total amount of [ASNT]
ionizing radiation received in an area over a period of
time is a(n)

a) proportional counter

b) rate-meter

c) integrating radiation detection instrument

d) Geiger-counter

8 Most thermoluminescence systems use ____ crystals. [ASNT]

a) silver bromide

b) ferrous sulphate

c) lithium fluoride

d) zinc sulphide

9 Neutrons are classified according to their [ASNT]

a) mass

b) charge

c) spin

d) energy

10 Which mechanisms are used to detect neutrons? [ASNT]

a) (n,) (n,p)

b) (n,d) (n,f)

c) (n,)

d) all of the above can be used

The first detectable clinical effects of whole body
gamma doses would not be seen until exposures of about

a) 30Gy

b) 30 mGy

c) 300 mGy

d) 3000 mGy

The so called "sensitive period" during a woman's
pregnancy when the fetus is most sensitive to radiation
induced abnormalities is

a) the first ten days after conception

b) ten days to six weeks after conception

c) six weeks to three months after conception

d) three months until birth

A small dose of x-radiation received by a pregnant
woman will

a) result in fetal death

b) cause brain damage in the fetus

c) increase chances of birth defects

d) none of the above

Which somatic effect of radiation is likely to be
considered to have a threshold (non-stochastic)?

a) cancer

b) erythema (skin reddening)

c) serious hereditary ill-health

d) leukemia

Which somatic effect of radiation is likely to be
considered to have no threshold (stochastic)

a) cataract formation

b) erythema (skin reddening)

c) benign tumor formation

d) none of the above

When an unstable isotope experiences decay, the
number of neutrons

a) increases by 1

b) decreases by 1

c) increases by 2

d) remains the same

An isotope has a 12.4 hour half life. If it has an activity
of 30mCi at noon today, what was its activity at 3 p.m.

a) 110 mCi

b) 102 mCi

c) 97 mCi

d) 88 mCi

Sr-85 has a 64 day half life. If a sample is presently 200
MBq what was its activity 100 days ago?

a) 589 MBq

b) 538 MBq

c) 477 MBq

d) 369 MBq

An isotope has a 60 day half life. If its activity is 2GBq
today what will its activity be in 3 weeks?

a) 1.14GBq

b) 1.57GBq

c) 1.61GBq

d) 1.77GBq

If a electron and an alpha particle both had the same
energy, the alpha particle would have the greatest

a) velocity

b) frequency

c) wavelength

d) LET

If an alpha particle loses 34eV on average for each ion
pair it creates, what is the number of ion pairs a 680keV
alpha particle can make before coming to rest?

a) 2000

b) 4000

c) 20

d) 40

When radiographing a weld it may be advisable to grind
the surface to a smooth or at least clean surface. The
purpose of this is to

a) reduce exposure time

b) ensure uniform density over the total surface

c) reduce chance of missing defects

d) improve film contrast

The purpose of indicating distance along a weld on a
radiograph by means of lead numbers is to

a) correct for parallax

b) meet code requirements

c) accurately locate defects

d) all of the above

The purpose of the telescopic rod that flips out in front
of the window of a spot x-ray tube is to

a) centre the x-ray beam on the area of concern

b) filter the beam

c) protect the beryllium window

d) split the x-ray beam in two

If you use a magnifying lens to assist in viewing a
radiograph it is usually 4x to 6x power. If much greater
magnification is used

a) the high intensity viewer will burn out the retina

b) evaluation will be more stringent than code

c) film gain will interfere with interpretation

d) none of the above

26 Mass is not a property of
Manual 2]

a) x-rays

b) beta particles

c) alpha particles

d) neutrons

27 Ultraviolet light has a wavelength that is longer than
Manual 2]

a) x-rays

b) gamma rays

c) cosmic rays

d) all of the above

The effect of increasing the frequency of a gamma
photon would be to
Manual 2]

a) increase its wavelength

b) increase its velocity

c) decrease its wavelength

d) decrease its velocity

The number of electromagnetic waves passing a point
per unit time is called
Manual 2]

a) wavelength

b) angstrom unit

c) velocity

d) frequency

30 The electron volt (eV) is a unit of
Manual 2]

a) electric charge

b) power

c) energy

d) all of the above