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Self-assessment sheet Name _______________________________________

10 marks 0 marks Justification for mark Mark
Regular attendance at group meetings
Attended all meetings, stayed to agreed
end, worked within timescale, active
and attentive, prepared to be flexible
about meeting times
Missed several/most meetings,
always or often late, left early,
digressed, day dreamed,
gossiped most of the time

Contribution of ideas for the project
Thought about the project in advance of
meetings, provided workable ideas
which were taken up by the group, built
on others’ suggestions, was prepared to
test out ideas rather than keep quiet

Didn’t come prepared, didn’t
contribute any ideas, tended to
reject others’ ideas

Researching, analyzing and preparing
material for the project
You did what you said you would do,
made an effort to understand
background theory/ material, did an
equal share of the analysis/experiment,
helped to evaluate the results
Did no analysis/took no part in
experiments, didn’t do what
you promised, didn’t manage
your workload, didn’t get
involved, allowed others to do
the work

Contribution to cooperative group
Left personal differences outside the
group, willing to review group progress
and tackle conflict in the group, took on
different roles as needed, kept group on
track, willing and flexible but focused
on task
Took no initiative, waited to be
told what to do, always took the
same role regardless of
circumstance, created conflict,
were not prepared to review
group progress

Supporting and encouraging group
Keen to listen to others, encouraged
participation, enabled a collaborative
learning environment, sensitive to
issues affecting group members,
supported group members with special
Sought only to complete the
project, spoke over others,
ignored their opinions, kept
ideas to yourself, insensitive to
individuals’ needs, did not
contribute to the learning

Practical contribution to end product
Willing to try new things. Not hogging
the tasks, made a high level
contribution, took own initiative,
reliable, produced high standard report
and presentation
Not willing to take on any task,
did not take any responsibility,
were unreliable so others felt
the need to keep checking up,
made a limited, poor quality

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