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Jewel Box Series

70T / 90T / 100H

Glenbrook Technologies Incorporated
Innovators in X-ray Inspection
Users Installation and
Operation Manual
Technologies Inc.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
INTRODUCTION TO THE JEWEL BOX 70T-----------------------------------4
AVAILABLE SYSTEMS PHOTO GALLERY--------------------------------------------5
CHECKLIST COMPONENTS & OPTIONS-------------------------------------------7
JEWEL BOX SAFETY INFORMATION------------------------------------------9
IMPORTANT: READ THIS FIRST-----------------------------------------------------9
RADIATION SAFETY GUIDELINES-------------------------------------------------11
RADIATION SAFETY TRAINING----------------------------------------------------12

SETTING UP THE JEWEL BOX 70T--------------------------------------------13
OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------------------------18
X-RAY SOURCE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS-----------------------------------18
X-RAY SOURCE CONTROLLER-------------------------------------------------18-20
TURN-ON SEQUENCE----------------------------------------------------------------21
TURN-OFF SEQUENCE---------------------------------------------------------------21
RUN-UP PROCEDURE----------------------------------------------------------------21
RUN-UP SCHEDULE------------------------------------------------------------------22
POSITIONER OPERATION-------------------------------------------------------23-24
BASIC OPERATION--------------------------------------------------------------------25
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
MODEL XRTV ZOOM PG X-RAY CAMERA---------------------------------26
CAMERA OPERATION-------------------------------------------------------------26-27
LASER LOCATOR------------------------------------------------------------------------28
X-RAY IMPERFECTIONS---------------------------------------------------------------29
BASIC MAINTENANCE--------------------------------------------------------30
GTI REAL TIME X-RAY IMAGE PROCESSOR-------------------------------31
ADDITIONAL ITEMS-----------------------------------------------------------32
EQUIPMENT WARRANTIES---------------------------------------------------33

Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Standard (70T & 100H) Extended (70T & 100H)
Extended W/ Xtra Vertical Clearance
(90T & 100H)
Standard W/ Xtra Vertical Clearance
(90T & 100H)
Glenbrook Technologies
11 Emery Avenue Randolph, NJ 07869
Phone 973.361.8866 Fax 973.361.9286
Jewel Box Real-Time X-Ray Inspection Systems
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Jewel Box Real-Time X-Ray Inspection Systems
Glenbrook Technologies
11 Emery Avenue Randolph, NJ 07869
Phone 973.361.8866 Fax 973.361.9286
Ultra Compact 70T
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Standard Extended
Checklist of System
Components & Options
Image Processor:
Serial Number
17 LCD Flat Screen
Rolling Cart
Type of System:
Computer Cart
PC Station:
(70T) 80 KV
(90T) 90 KV
(100H) 100 KV
2 Port Cover With Lead Vinyl x 2 (optional)
Positioner Board Holder Kit (included)
Thank you for purchasing your Glenbrook Technologies real-time x-ray
inspection system. In order to keep your warranties in-effect and be eligible
for future upgrades please take a moment to register your system with us.
Please fill in the information below for warranty registration and submit this
document to the address listed below. If you have any questions, you may
contact Glenbrook directly using any of the methods listed below:
First Name Last Name
City State Zip
Country E-Mail
Telephone Fax
Serial #
Date Purchased
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
11 Emery Avenue, Randolph, NJ 07869 USA
Fax: 973-361-9286
973.361.8866 / 973.361.9286
Please fax or mail this completed form to:
Customer Service

Technologies Inc.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Important: Read Tis First
It is essential that prior to operation of the Jewel Box, that the operator read and
understand the following safety warnings:
Te Jewel Box is designed to provide safe, efcient operation. However, any
equipment producing ionizing radiation (x-rays) must be considered haz-
ardous and should be treated accordingly. When operating this equipment,
observe the following:
All maintenance should be performed by a qualifed service technical.
Te Jewel Box x-ray tube produces high voltages of up to 90,000 volts. Under
no circumstances should the case be disassembled or modifed.
Te cabinet of the Jewel Box is designed to ensure adequate radiation shield-
ing. Even so, always be aware that the ionizing radiation (x-rays) can consti-
tute a distinct hazard if not employed in strict accordance with instructions
provided in this manual for maximum operator safety.
Exposure to excessive quantities of radiation can be dangerous to your
health. Avoid not only direct radiation exposure, but also to secondary or
scattered radiation which occurs when an x-ray beam strikes or has passed
through any material.
Do not insert any part of the body into the inspection chamber while x-rays
are on. Although the Jewel Box uses an extremely low x-ray dose, any unnec-
essary radiation exposure should be avoided. If an item becomes jammed,
the Jewel Box should be turned of before any attempt is made to clear the
inspection chamber.
All personnel operating the Jewel Box should wear a radiation flm badge.
Tis badge records an exposure history for the operator and acts as a con-
stant reminder that radiation exposure can be hazardous.
Te radiation exposure dosage received by personnel working with x-ray
inspection equipment should not exceed those limits set by local regulations
relating to ionizing radiation.
Adequate signs and symbols should be displayed in the vicinity of the Jew-
el Box to warn of possible x-ray exposure. Any warning lamps and signals
should be checked prior to operating the Jewel Box.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Te electrical circuits of the Jewel Box, although enclosed for operator pro-
tection, must be considered as a potential hazard. Strict observance of safety
practices pertaining to operation and maintenance is essential. Proper electrical
grounding must always be used.
Service personnel should read this manual and be familiar with its contents
before attempting to adjust or repair this equipment.
Federal, State and Local Radiation Regulations
Tis cabinet x-ray system was designed to conform to U.S. and Food and Drug Ad-
ministration (FDA) requirements as stated in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title
21 (21CFR), and also conforms to Council Directive 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC,
Standards EN61010, EN1050 and EN954-1. Tese requirements (ofen referred to as
the CDRH or BRH regulations) govern the design and manufacture of all equipment
that produces ionizing radiation. Such equipment includes television sets and micro-
wave ovens as well as cabinet x-ray systems. In fact, the maximum allowable radiation
emission for cabinet x-ray systems is the same as that set for television sets and micro-
wave ovens. Terefore, with respect to radiation emission, a properly maintained and
operated cabinet x-ray system is as safe as a television or microwave oven.
Failure to adhere to the following warnings may result in excessive radiation exposure:
Do not operate the x-ray system unless all system components and features are
in good repair.
Never attempt to remove any system component or bypass any system function.
Several features are included in the system design to provide for radiation safety. Te
controls (including keyswitches), control circuitry, leaded components (including the
leaded acrylic windows), physical barriers, interlocks, and status and warning indica-
tors each contribute to overall radiation safety.
Te Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Occupational Safety and Health Admin-
istration (OSHA), most state and some local government agencies typically have spe-
cifc standards regarding operational safety and constraints regarding the modifcation
of x-ray systems conforming to 21 CFR (mentioned above).
notices. Radiation safety requirement difer slightly from one jurisdiction to another.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
It is the users responsibility to ensure that the x-ray system is installed and operated
in compliance with all applicable governmental regulations. Failure to comply may
result in substantial penalties.
Radiation Safety Guidelines
To ensure the health and safety of the operator and all others in the vicinity of op-
erating x-ray inspection equipment, the following guidelines are recommended for
establishing a basic radiation safety program.
Federal, State, and some local government agencies may have more stringent reg-
ulations concerning the operation and use of equipment that produces ionizing
radiation (x-rays). Te requirements of these governing agencies supersede the
recommendations made by the manufacturer.
1. A copy of the operating instructions should be kept at the machine at all times.
2. Personnel operating the equipment should be trained in the proper and safe op-
eration of the machine.
3. Radiation surveys should be performed periodically to ensure that the amount of
radiation being emitted by the machine is less than 0.5mR/hour. We recommend
performing a radiation survey:
Following initial installation - before placing the x-ray system into service.
Whenever the x-ray system is moved.
Whenever the x-ray system receives a strong jolt (e.g., being dropped more
than 1 inch or struck sufciently hard to dent the exterior cabinet).
Whenever a leaded component (such as the x-ray generator, shielding, in-
spection tunnel curtains, LXDA or collimator cover) is removed for any
reason or period of time.
Annually - from the date of the most recent radiation survey.
4. All controls and indicators should be checked daily to ensure proper operation.
5. Te inspection chamber door interlocks should be checked daily to ensure that
the door closes securely and the interlocks are functioning properly. Door and
panel interlocks should be checked to ensure that the panels close securely and the
interlocks are functioning properly.
6. Do not operate the x-ray system if it is not in good repair. Do not attempt to
remove or bypass any controls (e.g. foot-mats and keyswitches), interlocks, status
indicators, leaded components (including the inspection tunnel curtains) or physi-
cal barriers. In the event
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
of failure or breakage, these items should only be replaced by a qualifed service
technician using factory-approved parts.
7. Service of the equipment should only be performed by or under the instruction
of trained Glenbrook Technologies personnel.
Many users choose to issue periodic radiation flm badges to assure employees that
they are not being exposed to signifcant levels of radiation and to provide added
assurance that radiation emissions are well within regulatory limits.
Radiation Safety Training
Glenbrook Technologies can provide operation and radiation safety training to en-
sure that the facility is in compliance with all state and federal radiation regulations.
Glenbrook Technologies is licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to
provide training as a prerequisite for obtaining radioactive materials license.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Te Glenbrook Technologies Jewel Box x-ray cabinet is a high performance micro-
focus inspection system. It utilizes a 10 uM focal spot x-ray source in combination
with Glenbrook Technologies patented x-ray camera for high-resolution images.
Te microfocus x-ray source allows for magnifcations as high as 2000X as viewed
on the video monitor. Te 8 watt x-ray source is powerful enough to penetrate
most materials yet can be adjusted down to image sof materials including plastics.
Te optional GTI-5000 image processor ofers advanced image processing capabili-
ties in an easy-to-use package. Image processing functions such as frame averaging,
edge sharpening and contrast adjustment are achieved in a single operation.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Te Jewel Box operates at 115/230V AC, 50/60HZ, 5 amps.
NOTE models made to conform to CE Standards operate at 230V AC, 50/60 HZ,
5 amps only.
Te Jewel Box and optional computer console have wheels, which enable the unit to
either roll to any location or lock in place.
1. Connect the desktop PC, monitor, mouse, and keyboard as you would any normal
computer system.
Please refer to computer installation instructions if needed.
2. Connect control box power cord to voltage regulator into 110V Outlet. If addi-
tional inputs are available on the Voltage Regulator you may connect the computer
and monitor power cords, otherwise attach power from alternate source. Please
check to match correct voltage requirements on all plugs. (Fig.1)
3. Plug in Voltage Regulator and engage power switch. (Fig. 2 & 3)
Please Note: Te GTI sofware security key (dongle) must be plugged into the pro-
cessors usb port in order to operate the GTI image processing sofware. If the sof-
ware security key is lost, the GTI sofware package must be repurchased.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Fig. 1
110V Voltage Regulator 220V Voltage Regulator
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
4. Plug in security key to any front computer usb port. (Fig. 4)
5. Connect the usb cable from the Frame Grabber inside the base of the unit to any
available rear computer usb port. (Fig. 5 & 6)
6. Power on computer and login.
7. Power on Jewel Box control panel. (Fig. 7)
Below are the individual steps required to connect the video components for a sys-
tem equipped with the GTI Image Processor.
Fig. 4 Fig. 5
Fig. 6 Fig. 7
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Check the positioner in the interior of the x-ray cabinet and verify that all cables
are secure. Place an object on the black circle of the x-ray camera. Close and lock
the cabinet door. Verify the Interlock light is on. Insert the key in the x-ray source
controller and verify the x-ray enable light is on. Press the x-ray on button and look
for an image on the video monitor. When the x-ray tube is cold it may take up to
30 seconds for the image to come up. Afer the tube warms up it will start up im-
mediately. Te Jewel Box system is now operational. Turn of the x-ray source us-
ing the x-ray of button. Te Jewel Box employs an interlocked timer to prevent the
user from turning on the x-ray tube and walking away. Te timer engages when
the x-ray source is started and shuts of the source afer 15 minutes. If the timer
cuts of the x-ray source during inspection, the user can press the x-ray on button
to continue using the system.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
X-ray Source Operating Instructions
2. 4. 6. 8. 10. 12. 14. 16. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.
3. 5. 7. 9. 11. 13. 15. 17.
X-ray Source Controller
Te x-ray source controller is used to adjust the parameters of the x-ray source.
Te controller also houses lights that indicate the status of x-ray source and
interlock system. Te controller is described as follows:
1. KEY SWITCH: Tis key switch arms the control unit to produce x-rays in
the ON position and timed position. When in the ON position, power is
supplied to the tube heater. Te key is removable in the OFF position only.
2. X-RAY ON LAMP: Tis amber lamp signals that the source is energized
and is producing x-rays at the programmed kV and mA.
3. POWER ON: Tis green lamp energizes whenever the power switch is
turned to A.C.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
4. 3V DC: Tis green LED energizes whenever the power switch is turned to A.C.
5. 9V DC: Tis green LED energizes whenever the power switch is turned to A.C.
6. "X-RAY ON LAMP": Tis amber LED signals that the source is energized
and is producing x-rays at the programmed kV and mA.
7. "POWER ON": Tis green LED energizes whenever the power switch is
turned to A.C.
8. "STAND BY": Tis green lamp signals that the control unit is ready but not
yet programmed to generate x-rays. In order for this indication to occur, the
interlock system and "X-RAY ON" switch must be in their "systems-go"
9. "INTERLOCK": Tis yellow lamp lights up whenever the interlock system's
contacts are closed and shuts of whenever an interlock opens.
10. "X-RAY ON": Actuation of this green push-button sends power, kV and mA
programming information, if and only if the "STAND BY" and
"INTERLOCK" lamps are energized.

Te unit is protected with an automatic shutof timer. Afer the X-Ray switch is
engaged it will automatically disengage afer 15-20 minutes.

11. "X-RAY OFF": Tis black push-button immediately upon actuation de-
energizes the source and stops x-ray production. Tis button is the
suggested means of turn-of in all situations, including emergencies.
12. TARGET VOLTAGE METER: Tis digital panel meter displays the operating
x-ray tube target voltage in units of kilovolts to plus or minus 1 digit accuracy.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
13. TARGET CURRENT METER: Tis digital panel meter displays the operating
x-ray tube target current in units of milliamperes to plus or minus 1 digit accuracy.
14. "TARGET VOLTAGE": Tis ten-turns potentiometer dial programs the x-ray
tube target voltage of the source from 0.0 kV to the maximum kV of the
source respectively.
15. "TARGET CURRENT": Tis ten-turns potentiometer dial programs the x-ray
tube target current of the x-ray source from 0.0 mA to the maximum mA
of the source respectively. Typically this control should be always set at
maximum mA.
16. POSITIONER SPEED ADJUSTMENT: Tis switch ofers a fast and slow selection
for positioner movement. Switch to slow if you need a more precise adjustment.
17. LASER ON/OFF: Enables or disables the laser locator. Laser beam is calibrated to
the center point of the camera lens.
selector switch to choose which direction to move the positioner assembly mecha-
19. POSITIONER JOYSTICK CONTROL: Control stick for positioner movement.
20. CAMERA MEMORY: A recall memory of last saved camera zoom and gain de-
fault position
21. IN/OUT & LIGHT/DARK: Adjustment +/- for Zoom and Gain adjustments.
22. ZOOM & GAIN: Selector switch between Zoom and Gain.
23. POWER ON/OFF: System power on switch
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Turn-Of Sequence
Begin by using the black "X-RAY OFF" push button. Note that the tube target
voltage and current need not be brought to zero.
At the end of each working shif, if system is to shut down, lower the kV & mA
to zero. At the start of the next operational day slowly bring up the kV & mA
over two minutes time to desired levels
Run-Up Procedure
An incremental run-up procedure is advised to safeguard and help prolong the
life of the x-ray source. Increasing the target voltage in steps allows the tube to
completely "out-gas" itself and the high voltage generator to become high voltage
"conditioned", which prevents destruction of components. When operating a
new source or one that has been idle for more than one month, begin with the
target voltage and tube current controls set at their minimum values, and take 10
to 15 minutes to process the source up to full power. At each step in the run up
schedule, frst increase the target voltage and then the tube current, waiting at
least the minimum time before proceeding to the next step.
Turn-On Sequence
Move the POWER switch to the Power position.
Make sure the door is completely closed. Te interlock system will engage to
produce a safe operating condition as indicated by the yellow INTERLOCK lamp.
Turn the key clockwise to enable X-ray function and look for the green
STAND BY lamp to energize..
Conditioning of the source is to be performed at a cold start to any operating
day. Tis will help prolong tube life. Check that the TARGET VOLTAGE and
TARGET CURRENT dials are both set at zero. Please refer to run up
procedure, otherwise see that they are pre-set to the desired operating levels.
Push the green X-RAY ON button. Te red X-RAY ON lamp will engage
disabling the STAND BY lamp.
IMPORTANT: When processing a source up to full power always be alert to
any ARCING. If more than two arcs are observed, decrease the high voltage to
the previous step. Again wait at least the minimum time, step the voltage back
up and continue the procedure ALWAYS BEING ALERT TO ARCING IN THE
SYSTEM. An audible ticking sound will be produced when an arc occurs.
Step % of Max kV % of Max mA Minimum Time
1 20 0 1 minute
2 40 10 1 minute
3 60 30 2 minutes
4 80 50 2 minutes
5 90 70 3 minutes
6 100 100 3 minutes
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Once the source has been fully conditioned, energizing the source with both
the target voltage and tube current preset for their maximum values is accept-
able. However, the following guidelines are best kept in mind when establish-
ing your run operating routine.
Run-Up Schedule
1. If the source is to be used throughout the working day, continuous operation
within specifed ratings will maintain the source at its normal operating
temperature and minimize warm-up drif.
2. Frequent on-of cycling to full power, although acceptable, is stressful to
the source.
3. Occasional arcs are inherent in x-ray equipment and should not cause alarm,
however, frequent arcing, which cannot be stopped by repeating this run-up
procedure is indicative of a fault in the x-ray source.
4. With a multigridded electron gun prolonged operation at low target voltages
(20kV or less) is not advised. Under these conditions the grids intercept and
operate hotter than normal, which decreases tube life expectancy.
5. Te mA monitor is actually measuring cathode current, which is the same as
beam current at target voltages of 20kV or above. Below 20kV the beam will
defocus causing interceptions by the grid, which may give an inaccurate
reading of beam current. (Maximum mA settings will yeild better picture
quality fltering out the noise of an image.)
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
5-axis positioner coordinate system
Te control face allows the user to
adjust the speed of the positioner
with a fast/slow switch mounted
to the panel. In addition there is
a small ajustment potentiometer,
(located lef of the laser on/of
switch), that can be adjusted with
a small screwdriver to fne tune
speed adjustments. (Fig. 9)
Positioner Operation
Te Jewel Box utilizes a 5-axis positioner system to manipulate components within the
system. (Fig. 8) Te positioner itself employs a rotary chuck to hold parts. Printed cir-
cuit boards and other large objects can be mounted directly into the chuck. For smaller
objects a small clip or platform may be mounted in the chuck and the part placed on this
object. Glenbrook Technologies can supply platforms and clips for this purpose.
Fig. 8
Fig. 9
Speed Adjustment Potentiometer
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
To operate the positioner, rotate the chuck counter-clockwise to open and place an
object within the claws. Rotate the chuck clockwise until the object is help frm
being careful not to over tighten the chuck. Te positioner control panel contains a
joysticks and a three-position rotary switch. Te switch is used to select the mode of
motion control: x-y (in-plane) motion, z (vertical) motion, or tilt-rotation motion.
Set the selector switch to X-Y to position an object in plane. Te object will move
in the direction toward which to joystick is displaced. Set the selector switch to Z to
position the object vertically, which changes the magnifcation. Move the joystick
away to position the object closer to the x-ray source and increase the magnifca-
Te object magnifcation is directly proportional to its position in the x-ray beam as
determined by:
Magnifcation = 1 + distance-to-camera / distance-to-source
Set the selector switch to TILT-ROT to position the tilt and rotation angle of the
object. Move the joystick lef the rotate the object counterclockwise; right to rotate
the object clockwise. Move the joystick forwards and backwards to tilt the object
up and down. Te positioner is capable of +/- 45 degrees of tilt. Te tilt motion
is cyclical; there is no hard limit. If the joystick is pushed forward the positioner
with proceed towards the positive tilt direction (upward). When full positive tilt
is achieved the positioner will change directions and proceed in the negative tilt
direction. Te operator should check to make sure that the joystick corresponds to
the expected tilt direction. If it does not, remove any objects from the positioner
and push the joystick in the tilt direction until the positioner achieves full tilt and
reverses direction. Te joystick and positioner will now be synchronized.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Basic Operation
Te Jewel Box system is simple to operate, but ofers sophisticated image processing
capabilities to enhance the standard video image. Glenbrook Technologies recom-
mends the following procedure.
1. Place the part under examination in the x-ray cabinet using the supplied posi-
tioner system. Te part may be placed directly into the chuck or it may be placed
on a table or in a clip, which may be held using the positioner chuck.
2. Using the image processor select the LIVE option.
3. Activate the x-ray source and position the part until it is visible on the video
4. Position the object using the positioner to locate an area of interest.
5. Using the image processor select the CAPTURE option.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
with Manual Gain Control
Te XRTV Zoom X-ray Camera is an option available on most Glenbrook Technol-
ogies X-ray Inspection Systems. (Fig. 10) Te zoom camera's magnifcation can be
varied from 7x to 40x. A memory button enables the user to store a specifc magnif-
cation setting and quickly return to that setting when desired.
Te XRTV Zoom X-ray Camera utilizes contemporary servo-control and micropro-
cessor technologies to produce sharp, high resolution images at any magnifcation.
Te camera automatically monitors and controls the focus and exposure parameters.
An optional control box can be used to override the automatic settings and manually
control the cameras functions, including the gain and focus controls.
Camera Operation
Te XRTV Zoom x-ray camera is controlled by the ZOOM button and the
GAIN and FOCUS switches mounted on the inspection system control console.
(Fig. 11)
When the power switch is turned on, the camera automatically defaults to 14X
magnifcation. Tis is the magnifcation setting that is stored in memory when the
unit leaves the factory.
Fig. 10
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Te camera can operate in either a "ZOOM" control mode or a "GAIN" control
mode; activated by pushing the appropriate end of the rocker switch, located on the
lower lef of the control box. To adjust the image magnifcation, place the control
switch in the "ZOOM" setting. Te "IN/OUT" rocker switch controls the camera
magnifcation. Press "IN" to increase the magnifcation. Press "OUT" to decrease
the magnifcation.
Te "MEMORY" button can allow the user to store and to quickly return to a preset
magnifcation and focus setting. To store the current magnifcation and gain set-
ting, press and hold the "MEMORY" button for at least three seconds. Te camera
will beep to acknowledge that the current setting has been stored in memory.
To restore the magnifcation and gain setting from memory, press and release the
"MEMORY" button. Te camera magnifcation will quickly return to the setting
stored in memory.
Manual Gain allows users to control the gain of the x-ray image manually. To en-
able the manual gain control, place the mode switch in the "GAIN" setting. Press
the rocker "IN" to increase the gain. Press the rocker "OUT" to decrease the gain.
Press the rocker once for each level of gain. Te Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
light will turn of if the gain has been manually set. Afer setting the gain, the rock-
er can be switched to the ZOOM mode, without losing the manual gain setting.
AGC will remain enabled even if the mode switch is set to GAIN and then back
to ZOOM, without using the IN/OUT rocker switch. Te AGC light will illu-
minate to indicate that the AGC function is active.
Fig. 11
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Laser Locator
A laser locator option is available on all systems. Tis device identifes the
center of the feld of view of the x-ray camera by a shining a laser on the
corresponding location of the circuit board. Te laser locator allows users to
quickly and accurately position PCBs and assemblies.
To operate the laser locator, switch the laser toggle switch to the ON position
and the lasers red dot will appear on the board being inspected. (Fig. 12)
Type: Laser Diode
Wavelength: 630-680nm
Max. Output: <5mW
Class: IIIA Laser Product
Fig. 12
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Glenbrooks high resolution, real-time x-ray imaging camera employs night vi-
sion technology to achieve magnifed, dynamic x-ray video at low radiation levels.
(Fig. 13) In this way, compact and safe x-ray inspection systems are possible.
X-ray images are formed under the same geometric principles that govern light
shadows, consequently all x-ray images sufer from some degree of distortion.
It is inherent in night vision technology that slight imperfections in the x-ray image
may be detected; these may include: small dark spots, slight variations in bright-
ness, slight curvature of the image. Tese imperfections have never interfered with
how the x-ray image is being used.
X-ray Image Imperfections
Image of PCB Microchip
Fig. 13
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Te Jewel Box x-ray system is designed for low-maintenance operation under normal
operating conditions. Periodic maintenance will help to prolong the life of the x-ray
source, positioner and cabinet system. Te following maintenance should be per-
formed on a regular basis.
Cleaning: Clean the acrylic shields using Windex and a paper towel. Afer cleaning
the acrylic shields clean the metal and plastic exterior of the Jewel Box. Wipe down
the control boxes and video monitor as well. Remember to change paper towels ofen
as debris trapped on the paper towel can scratch the surface of the machine.
Positioner Lubrication: Te positioner will give best performance if the lead screws
are cleaned approximately every six months. Te screws are supplied with a light
coating of grease, which may thicken and increase resistance over time. To keep the
grease is good condition, spray a light coating of lubricating spray such as WD-40 on
the screws and gently wipe clean. It is generally not necessary to relubricate, as the
remaining grease should be sufcient. Afer a number of cleanings, or if the unit is op-
erated in a dusty environment, it may be necessary to replace the grease. Clean all the
old lubricant and foreign materials from the rail using a brush and lubricating spray.
Avoid the use of a wire brush, which can abrade the screw surface coating. Remove as
much of the lubricating spray as possible, and then add a light coating of a grease such
as Acme Screw Lubrication PAG-1, or equivalent.

X-ray Tube Run-up: Te x-ray tube run-up procedure should be performed period-
ically to bake out any moisture, which may be absorbed into the tube. It is especially
important to perform this procedure if the x-ray tube is lef idle and unused for long
periods of time. Tis procedure will prolong the life of the x-ray tube.
Fuse Information: Tis unit is equipped with a transformer, which is rated for 230V
AC input and 115V AC output, 2.17 amps. Tere are also three fuses in the unit which
are rated as follows:
F1 1.5 amp, 250V (Inside Control Box)
F2 5 amp, 250V (Rear Panel Control Box)
AC Power in 5 amp, 250V (Rear Panel Voltage Regulator)
*Annual Preventative Maintenance Recommended by the Manufacturer
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Te GTI is a high-performance imag-
ing workstation designed specifcally
for industrial x-ray inspection systems.
Unique high-speed computer algorithms provide imaging features such as
image sharpening and frame averaging in real-time. Te image display is
updated at the live video rate of 30 frames/second.
Easy-to-use testing routines provide fast, accurate inspection of a wide range
of industrial products from castings to electronic components and circuit boards.
Tis PC-based workstation, which runs under Windows 7 64bit (Microsof Corp.), of-
fers full networking capability for rapid transfer of image and measurement data fles.
In a matter of minutes, you can install this fully confgured and tested workstation and
begin gathering enhanced images and measurement data for you inspection applica-
For information on the GTI image processing sofware, please refer to the GTI manual CD.
Frame Grabber Image Processor
Computer & Cart
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
Tese three attachments are in-
cluded with your machine and
can be inserted into the position-
er chuck one at a time. (Fig. 14)
Te thumb screw on the chuck
holds the desired arm in place to
aid in inspection manuverablity.
(Fig. 15) Aluminum and fberglass
is used to provide minimal inter-
ference during X-Ray viewing.
Customizable fxtures are also
available as an upgrade. Please
contact us for a quote to meet
your special requirements
Positioner Board Holder Kit
Fig. 14
Fig. 15
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual
All warranties are valid for manufacturing defects only. Warranties exclude conse-
quential damage or damage resulting from normal use, accidents, mishandling or
modifcation. (Customers will be advised in advance, if charges apply for any such
required repairs).

Glenbrook Technologies' liability is limited to the repair or replacement of any
parts, which prove to be defective, due to manufacturing. Such parts will be re-
placed free of charge, FOB Randolph, New Jersey, USA. If parts need to be replaced
for systems in the feld, the defective equipment must frst be returned to Glen-
brook for inspection and determination of coverage. Te client must prepay freight
charges for such returned parts.
X-Ray Inspection Systems: Warranties are for parts only, and are valid for 12
months from date of delivery of the system. Parts will be repaired or replaced at
our option, provided the system is returned to us by prepaid transportation, or if
the system is serviced at a vendor and location designated by us, and that inspec-
tion indicates the problem to be due to a defective part. Shipments from Glenbrook
will be on a "freight collect" basis. Our standard labor charges for on-site work will
include travel, expenses and our standard hourly rate. Tese prices will be quoted
individually, as they are subject to change. Tis guarantee applies only if the equip-
ment has been operated in accordance with the instruction manual. Te guarantee
does not apply to defects resulting from accidents, alterations, abuse, or misuse.
Please do not return your x-ray inspection system without a obtaining a Return Au-
thorization number from Glenbrook Technologies. Always refer to the system serial
number, which is located on the rear of the system.
Product: _____________________________________________
Serial number: _____________________________________________
Technician: _____________________________________________
Test date: _____________________________________________
Tis product has passed all tests assuring proper operation and safety before
shipping from Glenbrook Technologies.
Signature of
Technician: _____________________________________________
Date: _____________________________________________
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11 Emery Avenue, Randolph, NJ 07869 USA
Telephone: 973.361.8866 Fax: 973.361.9286
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Jewel Box 70T/90T/100H User Manual