1. O my True Guru, I lean on no one but Thee. I am an ignorant wretch and seek Thy Refuge. Take pity on me and unite me with Thyself. (Sri Rag, M. 4) 2. Lord, Thou art the hope of all. Thine is the treasure they have. From Thy Door no one returns empty. They who come through the Guru get applause at Thy Court. We are being drowned in the sea of vice. Nanak prays to Thee: "Save me, O Save me, my God." (Sri Rag, M. 4) 3. I lean on Thee, my God. I live, for Thou art at my back. Thou art the Pride of the lowly: I seek to merge in Thee. (Sri Rag, M. 5) 4. Hopeful of Thy Mercy, O Dear, I indulged in pleasures. I forsook Thy Path, but I'm Thy child O Thou, my Father and Mother ! Easy it is to say and utter, but harder by far to accept Thy Will. I pride on Thee, for I know Thou art mine. Thou art within all and yet beyond all, our father who leans on no one. Father, I know not which is Thy Way ? (Sri Rag, M. 5) 5. O God, all of us creatures praise Thee, for Thou hast delivered us of our fetters We salute Thee for thou hast kept us away from Sin. Thou art the Strength of the weak, (for) Thou art the strongest of the strong. Thou grantest honor to Thy devotees, the poor and the hapless, Lord. (Sri Rag, Var Pauri, M. 4) 6. Sacrifice, O sacrifice am I to Thee, my Lord, for thu hast peopled my loneliness. Thee I worship each day and gather the fruit of my heart, and all my works are accomplished and my mind's hunger is satiated. I hold fast to the skirt of Thy Name, my Love, for Thou art tome more than the nine treasures of the earth. I've gathered now the essence of peace (for) in my inmost Self rings Thy beauteous Word. The True Guru has made me realize Thee, my Spouse. I've build now the abode of Truth and in it gathered Thy Worshippers after a great search. I wash their feet, wave the fan over them and fall humbly at their feet, O loved Master. The whole universe is eternally Thy worshipper, O God, for Thou givest ear to all our prayers. I have tested all and found that no one but Thou alone savest us by Thy Grace. Thy Holy Nectar drips imperceptible into my heart and now I speak as is Thy Will. I have wholly leaned on Thee, O my Master, and, lo, Thou hast accepted me as Thy very own. O Lord, Thy Devotees hunger but only for Thee. O God, fulfil my desire, O giver of peace, bless me with Thy Vision and take me into Thy embrace. I have found not another like Thee, O Lord, for Thou art in all lands, all worlds, and the underworlds. Thou art in all places, in space and interspace art Thou, O Lord. Thy Devotees can lean on no one but Thee. (Sri Rag, M. 5) 7. O Thou, our Eternal, Transcendent God, O Thou Destroyer of Sin; Thou Perfect One pervading all; O Thou Slayer of sorrow; O Thou Treasure of virtue; O Thou Formless, Absolute One; O my Companion, the Refuge of all; O Thou the Supporter of the earth; O Thou Transcendent Lord, yonder of the yond, O my Master who is and shall forever be; O Thou, the etenal Friend of the Saints; O Thou Support of the supportless: O Thou, our Lord, our God, I am Thy slae without virtue: bless me with Thy Name that I may weave it into my heart. (Gauri Bavan Akhri, M. 5)

8. A terrible, impenetrable forest is this in which the mouse of the evil mind tears at life every rise f the sun. Many births and deaths have I passed through but without Thy unitive experience, there is no deliverance. Without caste, without beauty, without glory and wisdom am I, O God, but Thou wouldst be bewitched by me ? With joined palms, Nanak seeks Refuge, O dear Master, emancipate me Thou. The fish separated from water loses her life. O, whee is her life without her love? The deer faces the arrow surrendering his body, mind and vital-breath to the (hunter's) soothing music. The bumble-bee hums about, enticed by the fragrance of lotus, bound irretrivably to its love. The mind of the Chatrik bird craves for the life-giving drop from the clouds and drinking it, his feverish thirst is quenched. O Lord of utter beauty, Wisest of the wise, hold me by Thy hand, bless me with thy Name for in Thy vision I am rid of my sins. O Upholder of my honor, Destroyer of sorrow, O Fulfiller of all our desires, when on the Day of days, Thou my Spouse claspest me to Thy bosom, my bed becometh beauteous. (Asa M. 5, Chhant) 9. Save me, O save me, my God, for I can do not a thing without Thee. Be merciful and bless me with Thy Name. The family an the world are a sea of fire and deluded by Ignorance, Doubt and Attachment, I am enveloped by darkness. Now high, now low, not in pleasure, now in pain, my hungers are satiated not ever. My mind is filled wih Desire and the malady of Vice, and the Fie Demn that ever keep company wih me, are erpoweed not by any means O God, my life and soul and riches are all Thine, for I know Thou art ever so near, so near to me. (Dhanasri, M. 5) 10. I am but a beggar at Thy Door, O God, for Thou art the only Beneficent, selfdependent Being. Be merciful and bless me with Thy Name that I'm every imbued with Thy love. O Guru, I am a sacrifice to Thy True Name, for Thou art the Cause of Causes, and there is not another without Thee. I the unwise one, have wandered through many lives. O God, bless me with Thy vision, and be Thou beneficent to me. (Dhahasri M. 3) 11. I adore Thee, Gopal, my Love. For, Thou Fulfillest all who worship Thee. I beg of Thee to bless me with wheat-flour, lentils and ghee that my heart keeps ever pleased with Thee. And I beg also for silken wear and footwear and the foodgrains too, grown by tilling the land seven times over. And, har, I ask also for, milch cow and a buffalo and a fine Arabian horse for me to ride through Thy wondrus earth. And I ask also for a dutiful spouse to look after my household. These are the needs of me which I ask for from Thee, O my beneficent God. (Dhanasri, Dhanna) 12. O God, I can worship Thee not on a hungry stomach. Here, I give back my rosary to Thee. O Lord, how can I pull on thus with Thee? But, if Thou givest not of Thyself, I'll indeed make a demand on Thee. I seek no more than two seers of wheat-flour, a quarter seer of ghee and a pinch of salt, and half a seer of lentils too that I can eat my fill two times in a day. I seek a couch too supported by four legs and a bedding also along with a pillow. And shall I ask not for a quilt too to cover my body so that, attuned to Thee, I worship no one but Thee alone? No, no, I've shown no covetousness, for Thy Name alone, O God, is dear to me. (Sorath, Kabir) 13. I am shorn of all merit, O Lord, then, how shall I attain unto Thee? Neither I have beauty nor lustrous eyes, no family, nor culture nor sweet speech. I have neither intuition nor intellect. I'm ignorant and unwise. Bless me Thou, O my Lord, that I repair to Thy Feet. Of what avail is my clevernes if Thou, my Lord, lovest me not, and clinging to the illusion, I am strayed by Doubt? It is only

when I lose my Ego that I merge in Thee and become Thy Bride, blest with all the nine treasures of the earth. Birth after birth, I was separated from Thee and I grieved. Now hold me by Thy Hand, O my Love, my God my King ! (Suhi m. 1, Ashtapadis) 14. I am a sell-off to the one who leads me to my Love. I crave to see His Vision, O God, if Thou blessest me with pleasure, I'll call on Thee. I'll dwell upon Thee even in pain. If Thou blessest me with hunger, with that too I am content and take sorrow for joy. I make an offering of my body and mind, limb by limb, to Thy Fire, O God. Even in Thy service, I eat whatever Thou blessest me with. If Thou keepest me close to Thee. If the people laud me, it is Thy Glory, but even if they slander me, I leave Thee not. If Thou art on my side, let any one say what he wills, but if Thou forsakest me, I die, for Nanak hath become mad after Thy Vision, O God ! (Suhi, M. 4, Ashtapadis) 15. O God, enjoyable are gold and silver, so are pearls and rubies, but these too are thy-given, and yet I love them, not Thee. The mansions raised of dust and o decorative stones have lured me away by their grandeur and I set not by the side f my Love. Over the sky (of my head) the swallows (of age) shriek; the herons of grey hair have descended upon me, I am ready to leave for the real Home. How shall I face thee now? In sleep, the night (of life) turned into the dawn (of death) and, having lost my way, I keep separated from Thee. Now, pain is my only refuge. Thou art the Lord of merit, I am meritless. O Lord. This is the only prayer of Nanak to Thee: "Thou hast blest all Thy Bridges with Thy company of all these many nights: Isn't there a night also for me ?". (Suhi M. 1, Kuchaji 16. When Thou art with me, I attain everything. Thou, O Lord, art my Master, my capital stock. When Thou abidest within me, I am in peace. How blessed am I when Thou comest into me? If such be Thy Will, Thou makest me a King or a beggar detached from the world. If such be Thy Will, the seas surge in the (heart's) desert; and the lotus blooms in the (mind's) sky. In Thy Will do we cross the sea of material existence. In Thy Will is our load drowned in midstream. In Thy Will do I find Thee a colourful person and then I'm imbued with Thy Praise, O Treasure of virtue ! In Thy Will, Thou seemest dreadful to me and I'm bound to the circle of coming-and-going. O Lord, unfathomable, incomparable, saying of Thee, I surrender to Thee. What shall I ask, pray, what shall I utter save that I hunger and thirst for Thee? (Suhi M. 1, Suchaji) 17. For me, the Blind one, Thy Name, O Creator, is the only support: I am a poor, meek soul, O Lord, and my mainstay is Thy Name. Thou art the Beneficent Lord, the Allah, the Contented One, a Living Presence, here before me. Thou art the Giver, the river: limitless is Thy Treasure. Thou alone givest and takest life, there is not another without Thee. Thou art the Wise One, the Seer; how can I make Thee an object of thought? O Lord, Thou art the Master of Namdeva, the Beneficent One, the Destroyer of Fear. (Tilang: Namdeva) 18. Which of Thy merits shall I sing, O Lord: Thou art the Treasure of virtues. I cannot say Thy whole Praise: for, Thou art my Master, the Highest of the high, the God of great Destiny. Thy Name, O Lord, is my only mainstay. Keep me in Thy Will, O God, for, I have no one else to go to. Thou art my Power, my only Court, my Master, I pray to Thee alone. There's no place for me to pray to and my joys and sorrows I can say to Thee alone. (Suhi, M. 4)

19. I have come back to myself by Thy Grace., O my only God. My bonds are loosed and my sorrow is dispelled. I practised no virtuous deeds nor righteousness and was lured away by Illusion and Greed. But being Thy Devotee, O Lord, Thou saved my honor. O loved God, Thou art the Pride of the meek. Thou raisest even the worthless ones to glory. I am a sacrifice to Thy Power. As a child, in his innocence, commits a myriads errors and the father reprimands and instructs him, and then hugs him to his bosom so dost Thou, O God, forgive our past sins and showest us the path for the future. (Sorath M. 5) 20. who but all Thou, O God, art the Inner-Knower and knowest our mind's inmost state. Then, else am I to go to tell of my woes? Thou art impressed not with mere words, if Thou so willest, Thou savest the honor of Thy devotees, O God. I've seen other supports, now Thine alone remains . (Sorath, M. 5)

21. Hear Thou my prayer, O my Master, for thou supportest all creatures, O Thou Cause of causes, be Thou compassionate to me, and uphold the honor of Thy Name. O God, be Thou my Refuge, for wherhter I'm good or bad, I am Thine, O Lord. Lo, my all-powerful Master has hearkened to my prayer and loosed my bonds and decked me with the Robe of Honor and uniting me with Himself made my glory manifest to the world. (Sorath, M. 5) 22. O God, this world is but a dream: Now it appears and then it is not. O God, without Thy Truth, there is naught, there's naught. This world is like a bubble on the water's brim, which cometh each day and then it goeth. O God, in joy, every one was as if my own, in sorrow there is no one to befriend me. O God, Thy Name alone saves in the end. O God, the world which I called my own lasted not with me. Now in this state of woe, Thou alone art my Refuge: God, be with me. (Shloka, M. 9) 23. O God, my King, I've not been able to assemble myself, nor meditate on Thee, nor do any penances, nor practise religion, nor called upon Thee, nor serve Thy Saints. All impurities attach to my name but I surrender myself to Thee, O God, now cover my shame. (Asa, M. 5) 24. O God, my King, Thou art the Giver of virtues: I'm a great sinner, a sinking stone. Now ferry me across to the Yonder shore in Thy Boat. (Gauri, M. 3) 25. O my Loved Master, O Treasure of Bliss, infinite are Thy virtues. I, the supportless one, have sought Thy Refuge. Bless me that I dwell ever upon Thy Feet. Be merciful that I enshrine Thee in my mind. Yea, let me the meritless one, hold on to Thy skirt. O God, If I cherish Thee, I know no sorrow, for then Thou abidest ever with me. When I cherish Thee, I'm wholly fulfilled. But, when I forsake Thee, I become dependent upon everyone. When I lovingly adore Thy Lotus Feet, O God, I'm rid of all my evil ways and within my body and mind rings the Melody of Thy Word. O God, make me love Thee alone that I am ever filled with Bliss. (Bilawal, M. 5) 26. O Sublime, Infinite, Boundless Master, there is no one to know all Thy virtues. They who sing of Thee are saved and also those who hear of Thee. Myriads of their sins are dispelled. Thou ferriest across the ignorant and the unwise, the quadrupeds, the goblins, the sinking stones. Nanak sees but Thy Refuge, O God, and he is ever a Sacrifice unto Thee. (Ibid 4) 27. O God, Thou Thyself hast come to fulfil the tasks of Thy Saints. And, the earth has become beauteous and brimful is the pool of nectar for me to partake of.

Lo, all my wishes are fulfilled and am devoid of nothing, and God's victory resounds through the world and all my woes are past. The Perfect Person, eternal and never-dying, whose praises are sung by the Vedas and the Puranas has kept his pledge and I cherish His loved Name. Thou hast blest me with the nine treasures of the earth and miraculous extra-psychic powers. Thy gifts are inexhaustible, and the more I expend, the more Thou givest. When I attain unto Thee, the Inner-Knower of hearts, all sorrow, all pain, all hunger is over and I abide in Poise, Peace and Bliss. O God, I sing Thy praises, for wondrous in Thy Glory. (Suhi, M. 5) 28. O God, Thou fulfillest Thy own tasks, else what can I a mee man do ? (Suhi, M. 5) 29. Nectar-sweet, O my beloved God, are Thy Words. O Thou Beauteous Enticer of my heart. O Thou, who art in the midst of all and yet keepest detached, I seek no dominion for myself nor deliverance either, for I crave for nothing but the love of Thy Lotus-Feet. Thou art Brahma, Shiva, Indra, the ascetic, the seer. In Thy Presence alone are they all contained. I Thy meek slave, O Master, seek Thy Door and cling, in utter humility, to the Refuge of Thy Saints. (Devghandhari, M. 5) 30. O Lord, this is the objective of my life: O Thou Treasure of Mercy, O Thou Compassionate Lord, bless me with this boon that I follow ever Thy Saints. And in the early morn, I go to fall at their feet and, night and day, I see their sight. And I yke my body and mind to their service and utter Thy praise with my tongue. And I cherish Thee, My God, with every breath and keep ever the company of Thy Saints. And I lean on Thy Name alone and this Bliss I am ever blest with. (Devgandhari, M. 5) 31. Thou art the Master, to Thee I pray, O Lord, for this body and soul are Thy gifts. Thou art the Father, the Mother. We are Thy children, O God. In Thy Grace, lies our whole joy. No one knows Thy Limits, O Lord, Yea, Thou ght Master of our destiny art the Highest of the high. All Thy creation is strung on Thy thread. All that Thou createst is under Thy command. Thou alone knowest Thy end and state, and Nanak, Thy Servant, is forever a Sacrifice unto Thee. (Gauri Sukhmani, M. 5) 32. Thou art our only Father. We are only Thy children, O God. Thou art our only Teacher. Hear Thou, O my Friend, my Guru, my life would be a Sacrifice to Thee if Thou makest me see the Vision of my Master. Hear Thou, O Friend, I'd be a sacrifice even to the dust of Thy Feet and surrender my mind to Thee. I'll wash Thy Feet and submit my intellect to Thy care. I have sought Thy Refuge, O Friend, lead me on that I may meet with my God. I'll pride not and will seek ever His Refuge and be happy in whatever He doeth. Hear thou, O friend, I'll hand over my life and limb if thus will He bless me with His Vision. Lo, by the Saint's Grace, the Lord is merciful to me and His Name seemeth sweet to me. He is Compassionate and Beneficent and I see the Vision of my Immaculate God of no caste. (Sorath, M. 5) 33. We are great sinners, the sinking stones; be merciful, O God, and make us swim across. The poisonous soul (of sins) of ages sticks to us. Lead us on to the Society of the Saints that we are rid of it as gold, heated by fire, is rid of its impurities. O God, let me dwell on Thee ever, and enshrine Thee in the mind. Thou

art the only cure of my maladies, and it is through Thee that I'm rid of my ego. (Dhanasri, M. 4, Chaupadas) 34. O God, be merciful to me, and bless me with the Wisdom that I ever dwell upon Thee. Through Thy mercy, I am rid of my Ego and Attachment and Doubt, and I see Thee, my God, the embodiment of bliss, pervade all, all over. O Lord, Thou art ever beneficent and merciful to me, the purifier of the sinners, Master of the earth. I would attain utter Bliss and joy and dominions, if Thou makest me utter Thy Name even for a moment. (Dhanasri, M. 5) 35. O Beneficent Lord, Thy Name is the cure-all. I, the poor one, do not know Thy true worth, though Thou sustainest me ever. 36. O God, O Destroyer of Pain, I seek Thy Refuge. Bless me Thou with Thy Name. O Lord, be merciful to me and save me by Thy Grace. Pull me out of the well (of Maya), taking me by the hand. I'm blinded by Lust and Wrath and bound down by Maya, my body and its robes are full of evil. Without Thee, my Lord, thee's no one to protect me. O my chivalrous God, bless me with Thy Name ushering me into Thy Refuge. (Dhanasri, M. 5) 37. O God, be merciful and unite me with Thyself. Yea, bless me with Thy Refuge. And be Thou pleasing to me, that I ever stand in Thy Presence, with joined palms. (Dhanasri Chhant, M. 4) 38. O Thou fount of mercy, abide ever in my heart, and awaken that intuition in me that I begin to love Thee. O God, bless me with the dust of the Saint's Feet, that I apply it to my forehead. And from the fallen one, I become purest of the pure. And, I sing ever Thy praise, that Thy Will seemeth sweet to me, and am pleased with what Thou doest. And whatever Thou givest, pleaseth me, and I wander not about to knock at another's door. (Todi, M. 5) 39. O Lord, Thou emancipatest Thy Devotee, who is involved with the dreamland of the world. The sins which appeared dreadful like a yond mountain peak, these thou destroyest in a moment. The immense sorrows and maladies and calamities that infect the men are dispelled, dispelled upon Thy Name. By Thy Grace, Thou gatherest Thy Devotees in Thy skirt, and they hold on to Thy Feet and enter Thy Refuge. (Suhi, M. 5) 40. Let the auspicious moment dawn upon me, O loved Lord, when my tongue utters nothing but Thy Name. Hear Thou my prayer, O compassionate Lord of the meek, that Thy Saints sing ever Thy Blissful Praise. Thy contemplation is life-giving, O Lord. He whom Thou blessest, abides in thy Presence. Thy Devotee's hunger is satiated only with Thy Name. Thou art the only Giver, our Beneficent God. Contemplating Thee, Thy Saints enjoy peace and Bliss. Yea, Thou, the All Wise God, art our only Giver. (Suhi, M. 5) 41. O True Guru, bless me with Thy Bounty; for, Thou art my All-powerful, Beneficent Lord. Bless me that I overcome my Ego and I-amness, and still my Lust, Wrath and Pride of self and overwhelm my Greed, and make Thy Name my only Mainstay. For, thus, each day I purge myself of evil and become immaculate and pure. Says Nanak: "Thus am I released. It is through Thy Grace, O God, that I attain Bliss." (Rag Suhi Var, M. 3, Shloka)

42. God has placed His Hand of mercy on my head, my forehead, my body. My Lord has saved my soul, offering me the blessed Refuge of His Feet. Lo, the Compassionate Lord has protected me from all sides and I'm rid of my fears and sorrows. For, the Lord is the Lover of His Devotees, the support of the supportless. So, I've sought the Refuge of my eternal God. (Shlokas Sahiskriti, M. 5) 43. O life of all life, O Master of the earth, O Guru of the Universe, O Treasure of Mercy, O Cure of the world's Maladies, O Embodiment of Compassion, rid me of my woes. O Beneficent God, the only Support of the poor, Thou that art worthy of giving Refuge, have mercy on me that in health as in ill-health I call on no one but Thee. (Ibid) 44. There is but one lone bird on the bank of the pool and the netters more than many. This body is caught in the whirlpool (of Desire): O God, my hope is on Thee alone. (Shlokas of Farid) 45. O God, I've sought Thy Refuge, for perfectly compassionate art Thou. Bless me that I shed the love of the world and Thou emancipatest me. (Bilawal, M. 5) 46. O Lord, forsake not me, Thy Servant, O God, take me in Thine embrace; yea, take into account my eternal love for Thee. It is Thy innate nature to purify the sinners. So heed not Thou my errors and sins. Thou art the Life of my life, my Peace, my Riches, so burn down Thou, in Thy mercy, the curtain of Ego that separates me from Thee. Without water, how can fish abide? Without milk, how can the child live? Nanak craves for the Lotus Feet of Thee, O Lord, for in seeing Thy Vision, doth he gather the essence of Joy. (Bilawal, M. 5) 47. I am like the fish in Thy Waters O God, how can I live without Thee? I'm like the chatrik-bird and satiated only if Thy Heavenly drop falls into my mouth. Only then is my Thirst quenched, O my Life, my Heart, my Vital, my Master. Fondle me Thou, my God, and let me see Thee in all, that I am forever emancipated. Like chakvi, I cherish Thee in the mind and hope ever to see Thy day break upon me Says Nanak: "O God, unite me with Thee, my love, that I, Thy fish, forsake not Thy Waters." (Bilawal M. 5, Chhant) 48. The world is on fire: O God, save it in Thy mercy. Through whichever door it may be saved, save it thatwise, pray. (Var of Bilawal, M. 4, Shloka M. 3) 49. O God, bless me Thou with Thy mercy, and forgive my sins that I ever contemplate Thy Name, repairing to the Guru's Feet. Come Thou to abide in my body and mind that I sorrow no more. Give me Thy Hand and save me that I'm rid of all my fears. Bless me that I sing Thy praises ever, and am dedicated ever to this task. And I am rid of the malady of Ego, associating with Thy Saints. (Var of Ramkali M. 5, Shloka M. 5) 50. O God, this is my only prayer: fulfil me Thou and make me Thy own. I long that my forehead rests on the Saint's Feet, and I see Thy vision, night and day with my eyes. And, my hands are Dedicated to the service of Thy Saints. And to them I dedicate my vital, mind and all I have. (Mali Gaura, M. 5) 51. O Highest of the high, Unfathomable God, I've sought Thy Refuge. So, pull me out of the sea of Material Existence. O, I am a Sacrifice ever unto Thee. (Mali

Gaura, M. 5) 52. I'm but a stone in Thy Boat, O Guru, now take me across the Sea of Poison. Bless me Thou with Thy Word, in Thy love, and emancipate me, the ignorant wretch. I know not Thy extent, O Unfathomable God on high. So bless me with Thy union, in Thy mercy. I stand at Thy Door, meritless and powerless. I've sought Thy Refuge, sinning through a myriad births. O God, be merciful and love me, for, I've repaired to the True Guru's Feet. (Tukhari Chhant, M. 4) 53. O Love, my heart is filled with void, so shatter Thou the wall of Doubt between Thee and me, and holding me by the Hand, turn me Thywards. Fathomless is the deep of the life's sea; pray, ferry me across in Thy Mercy. Let Thy Feet be my Boat, and the Saint my Boatman. So save me Thou O, God. (Kedara, M. 5) 54. O God, bless me that I abide in the township of Truth, that I merge, all-toospontaneously, in Equipoise. (Maru, M. 3) 55. O God, forgive my past and now show me the path, that I'm dedicated to Thy Feet, eradicating my self from within me. (Maru, M. 3, 5) 56. I have acknowledged not Thy bounties, O Lord, Thou it is, who made me worthy (of Thee). I, the meritless one, had no merit whatever, but, Thou hast blest me with the Vision of the True Guru. Now, O God, bless me with Thy Name, that my body and mind blossom forth. (Shloka, M. 5) 57. To ask for anything other than Thyself is to ask for immense Pain. (Ramkali M. 5, Var) 58. O God, I ask from Thee the gift of Thy Name, for nothing else goes along with me. O God, me merciful that I sing ever Thy Praises. (Todi, M. 5) 59. (I) Hearing of Babur's invasion, millions of divines prayed for his halt. Yet Babur burnt down their temples and their resting places and cut the wailing princes into pieces to roll in dust. No Moghul was blinded, no charm or miracle could save them from disaster. (Asa, M. 1) (ii) He whom the Master wants to destroy, his goodness he takes away from him. (Asa, M. 1) (iii) Those who've lost favor with God, they can hope for nothing but death. (Asa, M. 1) 60. He whom God blesses with His praise is the king of kings.. (Guru Nanak, Japu)