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Zach: My name is Bond, James Bond and this is my partner Ms. Emma Peel.
Lauren: Im an agent for the CIA and Mr. Bond here is one of the top secret agents
for MI6. Were here to explain what being a spy is really all about, what we do,
and why espionage matters.
Zach: For years people have enjoyed spy the big spy thrillers that Hollywood has
produced. People flood into theaters to watch the latest movie by their favorite
spy. Me. I believe the reason people love spy movies is because they almost seem
like superheroes, with a touch more reality.
Lauren: They are heroes, amazing people who know no fear and just might be
real. People like secrets and spies specialize in them. Hollywood paints a dramatic
picture of spies being glamorous high society socialites with another identity. Its
only natural for people to look up to the spies in movies; they were typecast as
the ideal people.
Zach: Real spies have been around for hundreds of years. Even in the story of
Rahab we see the use of spies. The ancient Egyptian, Aztec, Chinese and Indian
civilization made use of spies in their wars.
Lauren: Feudal Japan used Ninja to gather intelligence and spies had a huge role
in the political happenings of Elizabethan England. In America early spies like
Nathan Hale played a role in cementing the role of Americas spy as a hero.
Zach: Espionage in America was at its finest during the Cold war. The stories of
intelligence officers and spys were the closest to the Hollywood ideal during the
Cold War. Nuclear Weapons had been invented and for intelligence officers it was
a race for nuclear information.
Lauren: Communist powers and their intelligence officers were at their finest.
Georgia Markov a Bulgarian dissident writer. Defected to the UK but was killed by
the KGB. One of their operatives shot him with a ricin pellet fired from an
Zach: Soviet, espionage in the US was extensive during the Cold war. The Soviets
gained a lot of top secret information from the US from their spies. America in
turn launched considerable espionage plans in the Soviet Union. Both sides were
forced to increase their security, further develop government counterintelligence
Lauren: In America, Espionage today has been more focused on monitoring
terrorist groups and illegal drug trade. Our industries are being heavily targeted
however, particularly by China and Industrial espionage has been a major issue
within the last 10 years or so.
Zach: Just as there are many different kinds of espionage there are many different
kinds of agents. Each is needed to perform their given duties and all are important
not just the field agents. A few include With the advance in technology and
movement of secret information onto the web; Cyber spies and security officers
are used to gain secret information and protect our governments online secrets.
Lauren: Sleeper agents are secret agents, who live under cover for long periods of
time, years even. They live relatively normal lives waiting to be activated by their
spy handlers and perform their given operation.
Zach: Re-doubled agents are double agents who have been discovered by party
and are forced to spy for the other side.
Lauren: An agent who generally works as a Honey trap, is traditionally a female
who target, male government officials who are generally not the best looking and
arent lucky with the ladies. Working for extended periods of times they earn their
targets trust, a lot of valuable information can be gathered this way.
Zach: Many famous US spies have hit the world scene, but for the general public it
should be understood that you never hear about the best spies.
Lauren: From Nathan Hale, who volunteered to go behind enemy lines and
observe the movements of the British during the Battle of Long Island. To Virginia
Hall an American spy who the Special Operations Executive during World War II in
the 1940s and later on for the Office of the Strategic Services and the Special
Activities Division of the CIA. Despite the fact that her leg was amputated from
the knee down.
Zach: Though the U.S has had many amazing spies, there is always the question
when does your nations espionage go wrong?
Lauren: In modern U.S. one of the citizens biggest espionage threats isnt from
other nations but rather from our own government. It is well known that security
agencies such as the NSA, monitor average citizens all the time. Children had been
arrested for posting remarks on Facebook that could have been viewed as
terrorist threats, when not properly understood. Espionage is a dangerous affair,
more people have died as a result of espionage and top secret operations than
the general public will ever know.
Zach: Even with its issues. Espionage has a considerable impact on our everyday
lives. Without counterintelligence and security agencies the U.S. wouldnt be
nearly as safe as it is today. Our economy would plumet because of massive
attacks on our industries and little children wouldnt have someone like me to
look up to.
Lauren: So though we wish we could tell you more we cant Thats just the
way it is.