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Republic of the Philippines

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SY 2014-2015

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Direction: 1. Read and understand each item carefully. Choose the letter of the correct answer.
2. For open-ended questions, write the correct answer.

_____1. Which of the following organs make up the circulatory system?
A. heart, blood, blood vessels C. heart, blood vessels, stomach
B. blood, stomach, heart D. blood vessels, blood, brain
_____2. Which of the following part of the body correctly matched with its function?
A. Blood - carries nutrients and carbon dioxide to all parts of the body
B. Blood vessels are the passage ways of the blood found all over the body.
C. Heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood to lungs and body.
D. All of the above.
_____3. Which part of the circulatory system carries the nutrients and removes waste from the
body cells?
A. arteries B. blood C. capillaries D. heart
_____4. Why are platelets important to the body?
A. They carry oxygen to all parts of the body.
B. They give the blood its red color.
C. They make the blood clot to stop continuous bleeding.
D. They surround the germs and weaken them.
_____5. How do white blood cells defend the body against harmful bacteria?
A. by engulfing/killing the harmful bacteria C. by preventing its entrance to the body
B. by decreasing in number during infection D. by exploding them
_____6. Which carry blood back to the heart?
A. arteries B. veins C. capillaries D. aorta
_____7. A new born baby turns bluish when it cries. What disease does the baby have?
A. hemophilia B. anemia C. congenital heart disease D. hypertension
_____8. In the process of circulation, the blood has to pass through the lungs. Why is it
important for the blood to enter lungs?
1. to give off carbon dioxide
2. to pump more blood
3. to get fresh supply of oxygen
A. 1 only B. 1 and 2 C. 1 and 3 D. 1,2 and 3
_____9. A boy always bleeds profusely whenever he has cut in the skin. What would be the
A. There is much hemoglobin in his blood C. He has many white blood cells
B. There is less platelets in the blood D. He has many red blood cells
_____10. What should an anemic person eat?
A. lots of fried food C. iron-rich food
B. fatty food D. carbohydrate-rich food
_____11. What type of blood is called the universal donor?
A. Type A B. Type B C. Type AB D. Type O
_____12. Which of the following practices can keep the circulatory system healthy?
I. Eating well-balanced diet III. Staying late at night
II. Drinking cups of coffee often IV. Eating fatty food every meal
A. I only B. II and III C. III and IV D. I and IV
_____13. Angelito and his friends bike around the community every afternoon after classes.
They play tennis every weekend. These activities are form of exercise. How does
exercise help make their circulatory system healthy?
A. It brings more blood to the muscles C. It raises body temperature
B. It makes one breathe faster D. It makes the heart strong and healthy
_____14. Which statement correctly describes the function of the circulatory system?
A. It is responsible for the distribution of food nutrients and oxygen and the elimination
of carbon dioxide and wastes from the different parts of the body.
B. It is the bodys communication network.
C. It coordinates and controls the different activities of the body.
D. It speeds up the heartbeat when the body is active or under emotional stress.
_____15. Which arrow diagram shows the correct path of the flow of blood around the body?
A. veins lungs heart arteries capillaries
B. veins heart capillaries lungs arteries heart artery
C. veins arteries heart capillaries heart lungs artery
D. veins heart artery lungs heart veins artery capillaries
_____16. How does cigarette smoking affect the cardiovascular system?
A. Smoking increased the risk of developing blood clots.
B. Smoking puts additional stress on the system that regulates the heart and blood
C. Smoking lowers good cholesterol.
D. All of the above
_____17. Why should arteries be tough?
A. to carry fresh blood to all parts of the body
B. to withstand the pressure of blood due to the pumping of the heart
C. To enable blood to exchange nutrients
D. to carry waste materials to the lungs
_____18. The heart pumps blood from the lungs to all parts of the body. Through which tube
does blood pass as it goes out of the lungs to the different parts of the body?
A. Valves B. Veins C. Venules D. Arteries
_____19. Green, yellow, red and orange vegetables contain carotene which prevents heart
disease and cancer. Which of the following vegetables have carotene?
A. Carrot C. Tomato
B. Cucumber D. Eggplant
_____20. Why is circulatory system important in human body?
_____21. This illustration shows the human brain. What part of the brain is this?

A. the pons B. the cerebrum C. the cerebellum D. the skull
_____22. What differentiate a neuron from an ordinary body cell?
A. nerve fibers B. cell body C. nucleus D. cytoplasm
_____23. Which of the following is a reflex action?
A. blinking of the eyelids C. inhaling and exhaling
B. beating of the heart D. circulation of the blood

_____24. All of these are function of the brain except
A. serve as control center of the body
B. coordinates movements of the muscle
C. enables to do things automatically as a response to stimulus
D. enables to think, memorize and reason out
_____25. Which is the largest part of the brain that controls mental processes such as thinking,
memorizing and decision making?
A. spinal cord B. cerebrum C. cerebellum D. medulla oblongata
_____26. In humans, which structure is primarily responsible for maintaining balance and
coordination of motor activities?
A. cerebrum B. spinal cord C. cerebellum D. medulla
_____27. A students ability to think about a question and answer it correctly is directly
controlled by the __________.
A. cerebrum B. spinal cord C. cerebellum D. medulla
_____28. When a person touches something hot, he immediately pulls his finger even before
he feels the pain. Which of the following explains this reflex action? The message _____.
A. does not reach the brain C. cannot be interpreted by the brain
B. is not important D. is not correctly sent by the sense organs
_____29. What is the usual path of messages received by the body from the environment?
A. brain nerves spinal cord sense organ
B. nerves sense organs brain spinal cord
C. spinal cord sense organ brain nerves
D. sense organ nerves spinal cord brain
_____30. Which of the following practices should be done to cope with grief and anxiety?
I. Have a vacation in a peaceful and clean place
II. Find time for recreation with the family.
III. Smoke and drink too much liquor.
IV. Work very hard day and night.
V. Talk about the problems with family and friends.

A. I, II, III B. II, III, IV C. III, IV, V D. I, II, V
_____31. Jefferson is having a condition manifested by regular convulsion. His doctor said that
it is disorder of the brain affecting part or all of the brain. What kind of disorder is this?
A. Tuberculosis C. Paralysis
B. Epilepsy D. Polio
_____32. Which of the following activities show ways of taking good care of the nervous system?
I. using leisure time wisely
II. having strong will, discipline and conviction
III. having a well-balanced diet
IV. smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages
A. I, II and IV B. II, III and IV C. I, II and III D. IV, III and II
_____33. To be physically healthy, which of the following activities will you avoid?
A. eating meals on time C. playing computer games until late at night
B. engaging in sports with friends D. regular exercise
_____34. When one easily get along with others, he/she is said to be____________.
A. emotionally depressed C. mentally unstable
B. physically healthy D. socially healthy
_____35.The following are some characteristics of person. Which best describe a healthy
I. can get along well with others
II. feels good about oneself
III. thinks clearly
IV. gets sick easily
A. I, II and IV B. II, III and IV C. I, II and III D. IV, III and II
_____36. A family just moved in a next door apartment. How can you make them feel welcome
to live in your neighborhood?
A. be friendly to them C. stare at them
B. borrow something from them D. ignore them whenever you see them
_____37. How will you describe a socially healthy person?
A. always withdraw himself from the group C. prefer to play alone most of the time
B. welcomes other people D. dislike other people
_____38. Why is the brain enclosed in the skull?
_____39. Who is considered physically healthy?
A. Ryan can run 1000 meter dash without getting tired.
B. Sarah easily get tired.
C. Catherine is overweight at her age.
D. Arthur is very thin and coughing.
_____40. You have a new classmate in school. You help him meet her classmates and invite him
to play games with others. What health need of is being met?
A. Mental Needs B. Social Needs C. Physical Needs D. Emotional Needs
_____41. What happens when there is too much carbon dioxide in the air?
A. Heat escape into the space. C. Heat is trapped in the atmosphere.
B. The atmosphere becomes cold. D. The earth becomes cold.
_____42. What gases are exchanged between plants and animals?
A. oxygen carbon dioxide C. nitrogen carbon dioxide
B. oxygen nitrogen D. sulfur nitrogen
_____43. It is the specific area in which living and non-living things staying and working
A. Ecosystem B. Food Chain C. Food Web D. Surrounding

Shown below is a food web. The arrow symbol ( ) means eaten by.

____44. Which of the following food chain can be taken from the food web?
A. rice plant snake chicken worm
B. rice plant worm eagle rat
C. rice plant rat snake eagle
D. rice plant chicken rat worm
_____45. What is the producer in the food web?
A. chicken B. Eagle C. Rice plant D. Worm
_____46. What is the first order consumer in the food web?
A. chicken B. eagle C. rice plant D. snake
_____47. What are the processes involved in the carbon dioxide oxygen cycle?
A. digestion and circulation C. respiration and circulation
B. evaporation and condensation D. photosynthesis and respiration

Rice plant
Chicken Rat
_____48. Compost came from decaying leaves, manure, and other plants and animal wastes.
Which group of living things causes decay of plant and animal wastes?
A. bacteria B. tiny insect C. land snail D. rock and sand bag
_____49. What are the biotic components in an ecosystem?
A. water, sunlight, air, soil C. fish, water, stone, worm
B. snail, plants, fish, insect D. rocks, water, pebbles, air
_____50. Why are decomposers important?
A. They break down complex waste into simple materials.
B. They provide carbon dioxide and oxygen to the soil.
C. They depleted the soil of nitrogen and other minerals.
D. They make the soil dry.

Study the flow of gases in carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle.

_____51. What gas does I and II represent?
A. I- Oxygen, II- Carbon dioxide C. I- Carbon dioxide, II- Oxygen
B. I- Oxygen, II- Other gases D. I- Other gases, II- Carbon dioxide
_____52. How do plants utilize carbon dioxide from the air?
A. Carbon dioxide act as pollution absorbers for the trees
B. Carbon dioxide is needed to sustain mans life activities.
C. Plants release carbon dioxide for the animals.
D. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air for photosynthesis.
_____53. Which of the following does not contribute to the disruption of oxygen-carbon
dioxide cycle?
A. continuous cutting down of trees C. use of dynamite in fishing
B. burning fossil fuels on motor vehicle D. planting trees
_____54. What is the waste product of respiration?
A. oxygen B. nitrogen C. carbon dioxide D. sulfur
_____55.Which substance was banned to be used in industrialized and developing countries
because of its harmful effect to the ozone layer?
A. chlorophyll B. chlorofluorocarbon C. helium D. collagen
_____56. Which of the following products do not come from forest?
A. fruits, nuts, grains C. wood, paper, twine
B. glass, plastic D. drugs, dye, resins
_____57. Trees are being cut down in many places of the world. If this continues, which of the
following will happen to the nature?
I. The atmosphere will become warmer.
II. There will be more destructive floods in many places.
III. More places will experience drought in summer.
A. I only B. II only C. III only D. I, II and III
_____58. Which of the following DO NOT upsets ecological balance?
A. deforestation C. production of air pollutants
B. presence of air pollution D. illegal logging
_____59. Which of the following may NOT contribute to air pollution?
A. smoke belching B. cutting down of trees C. burning of garbage D. tree planting

_____60. Whys is deforestation harmful to animals?
A. it destroys their natural habitat C. it provides them more protection from enemies
B. it enables them to multiply rapidly D. it gives them more space to move about
_____61. When is overpopulation considered a benefit?
A. when it encourages the spread of contagious diseases
B. when it destroys our natural resources
C. when it depleted our food resources
D. when it supplies manpower needs
_____62. What problem may NOT occur due to growing population?
A. food shortage B. water shortage C. space shortage D. abundance of food supplies
_____63. A big population needs more vehicle for transportation. What problem can this bring?
A. water pollution B. air pollution C. noise pollution D. soil pollution
_____64. How can rapid population growth be controlled?
A. population information C. death rate increase
B. family planning D. birth rate increase
_____65. What presidential decree number requires couples planning to marry to attend
seminar on family planning?
A. PD 695 B. PD 569 C. PD 965 D. PD 956
_____66. What causes health problem in overcrowded places?
A. poor diet B. pollution C. dirty surroundings D. all of these
_____67. Which of the following statement about over population and its effect on
environment is true?
A. as population grows, less garbage is produce
B. as population becomes big, there is lack of space for housing
C. as population increases, supply of food increases
D. as population increases, less water is needed

68-70 Give three reasons why forests are important.

71-75 Give five human activities that disrupt or destroy the cycles in an ecosystem.

Good Luck and God bless!

Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Division of Cavite

SY 2014-2015


1. A
2. D
3. B
4. C
5. A
6. B
7. C
8. C
9. B
10. C
11. D
12. A
13. D
14. A
15. D
16. B
17. B
18. D
19. A
20. Circulatory system is
important because it
transport necessary
nutrients and oxygen to all
parts of the body
21. C
23. A
24. C
25. B

26. C
27. A
28. A
29. D
30. D
31. B
32. C
33. C
34. D
35. C
36. A
37. B
38. Because skull protects
the brain
39. A
41. C
42. A
43. A
44. C
45. C
46. A
47. D
48. A
49. B
50. A

51. A
52. D
53. D
54. C
55. B
56. B
57. D
58. A
59. D
60. A
61. D
62. D
64. B
65. C
66. D
67. B
68. It provides shelter to
69. It gives food for man and
70. It helps prevent flood.
71. Kaingin System
72. Illegal Logging
73. Dynamite Fishing
74. Use of chemicals such as
75. Urbanization