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June, 2014

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June – Music Camp
Friday 20
June - Student Reports sent home
Tuesday 24
June - Parent/Teacher Interviews
- Lipsync Idol
Friday 27
June - LAST DAY TERM 2 – 2.30pm dismissal

Next week we will be operating on a modified timetable as part of planning week.
Instead of students participating in their specialist programs throughout the course
of the week, these classes will be timetabled to occur on one day, thereby allowing
all of the teachers at each level to be released. When teachers are released for the
day during planning week, they will spend the entire day working collaboratively to
plan an overview of the curriculum program for next term.
This approach to our term by term curriculum planning, helps to ensure a heightened
degree of consistency in our program delivery across all levels of the school. Year Prep-2
will have their planning day on Monday 16
June and Year 3-6 on Tuesday 17

Please do not hesitate to make contact with the school if you have any concerns about your child’s
wellbeing at school. Whilst our school context is an overwhelming positive one, we do have minor
infractions & tensions that occur from time to time with students. In most instances, these matters are
quickly resolved at school and where necessary the school will make contact with parents to
communicate ongoing issues or matters of more serious concern.
When matters arise between students, we strongly advise parents not to approach parents about
these concerns. When this occurs, we find that the situation becomes more intense and interactions
between parents can become quite fractured. We implore parents to not phone, email, text or
confront other parents in the playground about behavioural matters at school.
We are privileged to be part of a wonderful community school at Tootgarook Primary School and we
will continue to work hard to ensure that school is a positive experience for all members of our school
community. Thank you in anticipation of your support on this important matter.

Mrs Baird’s Grade - 2B
will be performing with
their recorders at
assembly next Monday.

Students will be presented with certificates at Monday morning assembly.
Prep B – Mrs Bos – Nash Sullivan – for improved listening and participation in class activities.
Prep P – Mrs Prossor – Marshall Symons – for the great effort he is making to form his letters and numbers
1H – Mrs Hughes – Heaven Nicholas – for making good decisions with her work and bringing her reader every
day. Keep it up Heaven!
1P – Miss Perkins – Stephanie George – for making good decisions within the classroom and working so hard to
complete her work.
2B – Mrs Baird – Paige Manton – for being a good friend to others and for working carefully and quietly in the
2J - Mrs Johnstone – Matthew Hopcroft – excellent Maths explanation of the difference between addition and
3/4T – Miss Withers– Brodie Nancarrow-Stewart – for your improved effort in English Groups. Well done
Brodie I can see you’re trying really hard to improve your handwriting it’s getting much better. Keep up the
great work.
3/W – Ms Walton – Lily Buck – for the effort she is making with all of her work tasks. She has really developed
her organisational skills. Keep it up Lily.
4/5S – Miss Staley – Alayha Roy – for representing Tootgarook P.S. with fantastic sportsmanship at the Netball
Winter Lightning Premiership. You played your heart out and gave it your best! Congratulations Alayha!
5Q – Miss Quintin– Well done Riley Chen you help people in our grade to achieve their best. You were a
superstar at Football – it’s great to see the Riley we know you can be.
6B – Mrs Bruin – Max Humble – for your great leadership of the soccer team at Lightning Premiership. You
encouraged everyone to give their best and tried your hardest all day. You are inspirational to all involved in the
soccer team.
Art / Craft - Miss Davey – Bryson Beagley – Prep P – for a beautiful rainbow fish! Bryson used lots of beautiful
colours to make a great collage, well done!
Music – Mrs Young – Emma Kennedy + Alex McIlfatrick – 6B – for working very well during the time you had
for your Music Project. You are the only group organised and ready to present your project to your peers before
the due date – well done!

Tuesday June 24

is set aside for our mid year parent/teacher discussion afternoon. This forum is
an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teacher and discuss your child’s half yearly report and any
other matters that you believe may impact upon your child’s education. An interview notice has been sent
home - please return to school asap so times can be allotted. Half yearly reports will be sent home on
Friday 20
Last week Poppy’s puppy Angus came to school for news time with Prep B. He was very excited to
see the boys and girls and we all learnt about how he is learning to sit and shake.

Our school is collecting the Masterhead below – if you read the Herald Sun please
cut the Masterhead off and place in the box provided at the school office – thanks!

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