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SUNY Bu#alo State Educational Technology, M.S.Ed. (in Progress)

Google Google Educator Qualication
Google Google Apps Administrator Qualication
Radio Adelaide Broadcasting and Multimedia (Radio): CERTIFICATE III (2006)
Anthony Stone Consultants Training and ASSESSMENT: Certicate IV (2005)
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education(1999-2001)

EdTech Specialist, Korea International School, Seongnam 2012Present
Cross disciplinary, cross cohort instruction and assistance in technology skills and research. Worked
to build an environment that builds technology capacity in teachers and students. Planned and
delivered Professional Development to faculty and administration. Experience in management of
iPads and MacBooks in a one to one environment.

Visual Arts and Information Technology Teacher, Roxby Downs Area School, 2005-2011
Roxby Downs, South Australia
Grade Levels Taught: 7-12

Subject Qualications
ELEMENTARY Reception to 5: The Arts, Information Technology, Mathematics, English, Design and
Technology, Science, Society and the Environment.
MIDDLE Grades 6-8: Visual Arts, Information Technology, Media Studies, Photography, Drama,
Design and Technology, English, History, Society and Environment, Radio Broadcasting.
HIGH Grades 9-12: Visual Arts, Photography, Information Technology, Media Studies, History,
Political Science, Radio Broadcasting,

Curriculum Experience
Australian National Curriculum (Training) 2010-2011
South Australian Certicate of Education (S.A.C.E.) 2005-2011
South Australian Curriculum and Standards Framework (S.A.C.S.A.) 2005-2011
Arthur Paul Schultz
Professional Development Courses
Certicate of Educational Technology and
Information Literacy (COETAIL), Courses 1 & 2,
Attended Beyond Laptops at YIS in Yokahama,
Attended the International Design & Technology
Conference at UWSEA in Singapore,
JAMF CasperSuite Administration Startup Training.
21st Century Learning Conference Hong Kong.
GAFE Summit Seoul.
Enamelling Workshop with Artist Cindy Durant;
Introduction of the National Curriculum;
Moodle creation and Implementation,
The Learning Brain (Brain learning research and
Digital Media Workshop;
Establishing and Integrating Video Conferencing in
Mind Matters Teenage Health and Wellbeing,
Boys in Education;
Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom;
Broadcasting and Multimedia (competencies for
Cert. III);
Competencies for Cert IV Training and Assessment

Recent Achievements in Education
2014: Contributed to the Design Thinking model to the KIS training. Contributed to the design of a Maker
Space at KIS. Continued training the IT Sta# and Implementing about the JAMF Casper Suite.
2013: Planned & Implemented strategies for a new One to One iPad program, Planned and Programmed a
Mobile Device Manager, using JAMF Casper Suite to manage over 1000 Macbooks & 300 iPads. Deployed paid
and free applications, including Adobe Creative Suite. Presented at GAFE Summit Korea.
2012: Attended rst international education conference: 21st Century Learning in Hong Kong. Worked with
Administrators in understanding the iPad and its uses in the classroom. Joined the KIS EdTech Team, creating
weekly Professional Development sessions in the Fishbowl Teacher Training Center and Website.
2011: Developed a webpage for communication between teachers, students and parents.
2010: Planned, Coordinated, & Produced RDASs Presentation Night.
2009: Broadcasted with students at RoxFM, as part of their vocational education training. Assisted students in
creating an Art Installation for Roxby Downs Council and BHP Billiton.
2008: Taught Drama, through the use of Multimedia tools and traditional puppets.
2007: Began Radio Broadcasting with Students at Roxby Downs Area School.