Math Lesson Plan November 22, 2009 Curriculum Area: Math Subject Area: Problem Solving, Adding and Subtracting

, Estimating Lesson Title: Double Mint Challenge Equipment Needed: Technology: One or more computers – internet access – PowerPoint access Software: PowerPoint Other: Teacher assistance, possibly a partner Focus Question: How many multiplication problems can they get correct in one minutes only missing one question? Learning Objectives: • • • • • • Students will learn how to do simple multiplication problems fast and accurately. Students will gain acceptance to the next level after achieving 95% of the problems correct. Students will identify the basic multiplication concepts Students will learn how to use PowerPoint Students will have a reward system (Double Mint Gum) Students will learn the problem and practice with a partner throughout the year.

Instruction: Students will be paired up at the beginning of the year with another student to practice during math section of each day. Students will quiz each other on simple math problems such as (5 x 5, 10 x 0, 8 x 2, etc.) After practicing students will be able to access a computer when they believe that they have learned the problems accurately. They will access a leveled power point and do the power point asking the questions and once all questions have been answered correctly, with the exclusion of one, students can then move on. Students cannot move on without their partner, so they must use teamwork, and have their partner complete the levels before moving on together. This program is supposed to help students use teamwork, learn their skills, and have positive reinforcement.

Evaluation of Content: The teacher will be able to access the student’s scores on the computer once they complete a level, they will also be able to see who has not attempted a level, and who failed a level.

Evaluation of Curriculum Integration: Students will be using problem-solving skills, along with learning the curriculum set for third grade students. They will be learning their multiplication skills through repetition and positive reinforcement! Not only are they using their brains, but they are using technology which is a very valuable resource.

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