Robocop v.s.

By: Cody Goggin
Title Card Reads - Robocop v.s. Terminator Stars introduce themselves and who they play. Cody Goggin as Robocop (Alex Murphy) Sean Robison as Terminator Shelby Goggin as Michelle Murphy Ausin Carbone as James Murphy CUT SCENE Open to out in the field where smoke is blowing. Terminator apperars suddenly. (jump into kneeling position) He stand's up and walks toward the camera. His head looks up at it. Terminator-Recite mission...Destroy all robotic organisms.

He then looks away, turns, and leaves. CUT SCENE Open to James Murphy standing inside a kitchen. His girlfreind Michelle walks in and hugs him. Michelle: When's Alex gonna get here? James: Soon. Just wait. You'll like him! Michelle: O.k. he sure takes long enough to get to places. Robocop walks in in his slow style. He waks up to James. Robocop: Hello James. Is this who you wanted to show me? James: Yea dad. This is Michelle. Michelle: Hi Mr. Murphey.

Robo: Hello Michelle. Nice to meet you. So...whats the news you talked about? James: Well dad...We'r getting married. Robocop falls down and makes a loud clanging noise. James helps him get up. Robo: Just a little malfunction. I should bb be fine. James: Are you o.k.? Robo: Fine. I got to g..go. James: Bye I guess. Robocop walks out. CUT SCENE Open to Terminator walking into the backyard from back. He walk's up to

the club house and knocks. A woman walk's down. Terminator: Mrs. Herriat Murphy? Woman: Yes that's me. Terminator pulls out a gun and the woman trys to run but he shoots her and she falls. The camera pans back to Term. and he turn's and looks at the camera. He walk's to the side and the camera follows him. A man walk's by. Terminator: Andrew Murphy? Man: Yea. How did you know? Terminator takes the gun and blows his head off. Term. then walks out of the back yard. CUT SCENE

Open to Robocop holding and pushing a man. Term. walks up and Robo. pushes the man aside. Robo: Can I help you? Term: Alex Robocop 001 Murphy? Robo: Yes that is me. Term. pulls out his gun and points it at Robo. Robo pulls out his and points it at The Termiantor. Robo: Put down the weapon or I will have to shoot. Now! Term: Negative. I am programmed to terminate all members of the Murphy family in this city. Term. shoots Robo and he reacts quickly. Robo. shoot's Term. and then pushes him and they get into a push fight. Robo shoot's him again in the head, blowing a piece of his face skin off by his eye.

Robo: What are you? Term: I am a Terminator T-101 and a half. I am a cyborg from he year 2021 and I am programmed to terminate you. Robo: Oh... well you failed. Robo shoves a stick through Term.s head and walk's away. The camera pans back to Term. who get's up and pulls the stick out. CUT SCENE Open to the little room where Robo and James are sitting. Robo: What could he be? James: Well like he said...a robot, and a bad one at that. Robo: Why me? Why am I important?

James: Dont worry. You killed him that's all that matters! They both stand up. Robo: Go sitdown. I'll make Turkey sandwiches. James: All right! i'm glad your feeling better. Robo responds in an awkwerd manner. Robo: to. CUT SCENE

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