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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Cavite
District of Tagaytay


Brigada Ekwela is a cleanup program that was implemented by the Department of
Education (DepEd) to prepare the school for the opening of classes on June.
The primary objective of this program is to prepare the school facilities in the next
school year, with the joint effort of the teachers, parents, students and stakeholders who
engaged their time in fulfilling their roles in the upkeep of the school.
Early morning of May 20, the teachers of Mendez Crossing Elementary School held a
parade that signaled the start of Brigada Eskwela. A short program was followed after the
parade. The presence of different groups of volunteers was acknowledged.
During the Brigada, you can see the willingness and readinedd of all the hardworking
teachers, enthusiastic parents, excited students and concerned stakeholders as they make the
school a clean and comfortable learning environment for students.
Among the activities being done during the Brigada are repainting of the classrooms
wall, ceilings, doors & window grills, repairing of desks and armchairs & cabinets and cleaning
of the school surroundings. All the volunteer stakeholders worked tireless for one week.
Through the over whelming support of the volunteers, the classrooms and all the school
facilities are now in good condition and ready for the opening of school.
Brigada Eskwela Program plays a big part in the education process for it doesnt only
improve the school physically; it also makes the school an environment conducive to learning.