Songs of Nature: Metaphors of the Wild THE 12 MOODS OF THE REBEL WIND

Hmmm, is there anything in nature quite like it? Mysterious, shapeless, ghostly and yet with so many faces. We can’t see it or touch it or smell it. So how do we know it is really there? Most of nature is bound to form and substance. But the wind knows no such boundaries. It exists, it would seem, only in relation to the things it acts upon. But we miss much of the majesty of nature if we rely only on what our senses can interpret. The wind is the unseen spirit of nature. A frame of reference is helpful. Colour, as we perceive it, is comprised of infinite combinations of four primary colours: red, blue, yellow and black. Nature too has four primary elements: sun, water, soil and wind. The wind is the rebel amongst these four siblings. Yes, if faithfully fulfils its duties in the alchemy of nature. But the wind has a repertoire of faces that puts its brothers and sisters to shame. Did you know that there is an official scale of measure for the wind? It’s called the Beaufort Scale and it is meant to impose scientific order on what we can’t lay our hands upon. But the categories within it are the outward markings only of a deeper current. Follow me as we take a poetic ride through the 12 moods of the rebel wind. Beaufort #0: Calm – Less than 1 mile per hour Smoke curls and rises like the exhale of a butterfly in a prayer of exhortation at the dawn of desire. Beaufort #1: Light Air – 1 to 3 miles per hour A pregnant rustling in the leaves, a wisp of breath against your face, the gentle incandescence of hope stirred. Beaufort #2: Light Breeze – 3 to 7 miles per hour Ripples waltz across the slumbering and silent river awakening the fevered dance of affection. Beaufort #3: Gentle Breeze – 8 to 12 miles per hour A first autumn leaf of yearning, tinged yellow-red by want, takes flight toward its intended. Beaufort #4: Moderate Breeze – 13 to 17 miles per hour Illicit desires unburdened on crumpled sheets of paper scurry along the sidewalk in aimless fits and starts.

Beaufort #5: Fresh Breeze – 18 to 24 miles per hour Supple branches of the willing willow sway to the restless chords of music rising from the hollows of desire. Beaufort #6: Strong Breeze – 25 to 30 miles per hour Unsanctioned passion and rebellious want whistle in the wires. Beaufort #7: High Wind, Near Gale – 31 to 38 miles per hour Desired obsessed with itself rattles and moans in the windowpanes in a restless night of the soul. Beaufort #8: Gale – 39 to 46 miles per hour Tidal waves of love… Beaufort #9: Strong Gale – 47 to 54 miles per hour crest on the open sea… Beaufort #10: Storm, Whole Gale – 55 to 63 miles per hour drawing courage from the deeps… Beaufort #11: Violent Storm – 64 to 72 miles per hour thundering toward a fated shore… Beaufort #12: Hurricane – Over 64 miles per hour all caution to the wind. The wind is a metaphor for the gamut that our passions run from the rarest of rare moments of perfect peace to the tortured, thrashing darkness of despair. We each ride our own winds of emotion. We are the 5th element of nature. ~ Follow Michael’s Metaphors of Life Journal aka Things That Make Me Go Hmmm regularly at this site. Categories: Shifting Winds, Sudden Light, Deep Dive, Songs of Nature, Random Acts of Metaphor. Originating at ~ Michael Robert Dyet is the author of “Until the Deep Water Stills – An Internetenhanced Novel”. Visit Michael’s website at or the novel online companion at