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1 ____'s your name? Thomas Unit 1A

a How
b Who
c What
d Where
2 This is Lucy and her brother, Dan. ____ my friends. Unit 1B
a We're
b I'm
c You're
d They're
3 ____? I'm from Italy. Unit 1B
a Where are you from?
b Where you are from?
c Where from you are?
d From where you are?
4 I'm from Milan. ____ is in Italy. Unit 1C
a They
b It
c He
d She
5 Excuse me, how ____ your last name? R-I-L-E-Y Unit 2A
a spell
b you spell
c do you spell
d spell you
6 Oh, ____ are my keys! Unit 2B
a This
b These
c That
d It

7 I'd like ____ omelette, please. Unit 2C
a a
c an
d two
8 And here is your ____. Unit 2D
a desk
b desks.
c a desk
d an desk
9 My name's Pete and this is Sylvia. ____ doctors from France. Unit 3A
a I'm
b We're
c She's
d They're
10 Sorry, ____ Paul. My name's Eric. Unit 3B
a I isn't
b I is not
c I aren't
d I'm not
11 ____? No, he isn't. Unit 3C
a Are they teachers?
b Are you from Italy?
c Is Mr Banning a teacher?
d Is this your phone?
12 ____ is the school? It's 50 years old. Unit 4A
a How many years
b How much years
c What years
d How old
13 What is ____? Unit 4B
a job Mary
b Mary job
c Mary's job
d job's Mary
14 Your bag is next ____ the table. Unit 4C
a on
b to
c in
d of
15 ____ are the keys? On the table. Unit 4D
a What
b When
c Where
d Who
16 I go to work ____ train. Unit 5A
a with
b by
c for
d in
17 She ____ a dog. Unit 5B
a not have
b don't have
c don't has
d doesn't have

18 Stephen ____ in our company. Unit 5C
a work
b works
c is work
d working
19 ____ they live in London? Unit 5D
a Are
b Is
c Do
d Does
20 ____ to the cinema. Unit 6A
a We not often go
b We don't go often
c We don't often go
d Often we don't go
21 When do you play tennis? ____ Mondays. Unit 6B
a On
b In
c At
d By
22 What time ____ work? Unit 6C
a starts he
b do he starts
c does he starts
d does he start
23 ____ two airports in the city. Unit 7A
a It is
b There is
c There are
d This is
24 There aren't ____ here. Unit 7B
a a restaurants
b any restaurants
c any restaurant
d a restaurant
25 I'm afraid it's ____. Unit 7D
a a hotel expensive
b expensive hotel
c expensive a hotel
d an expensive hotel
26 They ____ popular TV programmes in the 1980s. Unit 8A
a are
b were
c was
d is
27 ____ at school last week? Unit 8B
a Do you were
b Was you
c Were you
d You were
28 Brad Pitt is a popular actor but I don't like ____. Unit 8C
a him
b his
c her
d them

29 We ____ the film last week. Unit 9A
a see
b saw
c sees
d were see
30 He ____ tennis with me yesterday. Unit 9B
a doesn't played
b didn't played
c not played
d didn't play
31 She was born ____ May 6th, 1979. Unit 9C
a in
b at
c on
d from
32 Where ____ last summer? Unit 10A
a you went
b did you went
c do you went
d did you go
33 Were you at the shops at 5 p.m. yesterday? No, I ____ Unit 10B
a didn't
b am not
c wasn't
d weren't
34 Excuse me, ____ is the T-shirt? It's 25.99. Unit 10C
a what expensive
b how much
c how many
d how price
35 She's only four but she ____. Unit 11A
a can read
b cans read
c can reads
d cans reads
36 This party is boring. We ____ a good time. Unit 11B
a don't have
b aren't having
c don't having
d aren't have
37 Sorry, I ____ you at the moment. Unit 11D
a can't help
b don't can help
c can't helping
d can't helps
38 I ____ my computer very often. Unit 12A
a am not using
b don't use
c doesn't use
d am not use
39 It's my mum's birthday next week. I ____ her a present. Unit 12B
a buy
b buys
c am going to buy
d buying

40 What ____ do after school today? Unit 12C
a are you going to
b are you
c do you
d you

41 Gina is married to John. He's her ____
a uncle
b husband
c wife
d parent
42 We usually ____ the shopping in a supermarket.
a make
b do
c have
d go
43 I love this watch! It's ____.
a cheap
b small
c beautiful
d ugly
44 He doesn't have a car so he often uses public ____.
a taxi
b transport
c car
d bus
45 I don't go to ____ on Sundays.
a job
b office
c factory
d work
46 Do you like Chinese ____?
a kitchen
b meal
c food
d cook
47 They hardly ____ visit us.
a ever
b sometimes
c never
d usually
48 I'm Jeff Caine. Nice to ____ you, Mr Caine.
a speak
b talk
c meet
d watch
49 Can I help you? Thanks, but I'm just ____.
a watching
b looking
c seeing
d shopping
50 Mandy is over there. She's ____ a blue T-shirt and jeans.
a having
b wearing
c doing
d walking


51 ________ at school yesterday. Unit 1A
a Was you
b Were you
c Did you
d Is you
52 Is your family large? ________ Unit 1A
a Yes, it is.
b Yes, they are.
c No, it not.
d No, they isnt.
53 What ____ he want? Unit 1B
a does
b do
c have
d was
54 ____ do you have dinner? Unit 1C
a When time
b What time
c What kind of
d What for
55 He ____ to go home. Unit 2A
a want
b did
c didnt want
d didnt wanted
56 Where ____ to school? Unit 2A
a did you go
b went you
c did you went
d did go
57 Latin ____ compulsory in Irish schools. Unit 2B
a used to be
b would be
c has
d has been

58 The boy ____ cake when his mother came into the room. Unit 2C
a was eat
b eats
c was eating
d has eating
59 There ____ milk for my breakfast. Unit 3A
a isnt some
b isnt any
c any
60 ____ people from Poland went to Scotland in the 20th century. Unit 3B
a Many of
b Many
c Some of
61 There are __________ French speakers in Montreal. Unit 3C
a too much
b a lot of
c a little
d not much
62 She ____ with her friends on Facebook everyday Unit 4A
a is communicating
b communicates
c will communicating
63 More and more people ____ divorced every year. Unit 4B
a are wanting
b wanting
c getting
d are getting
64 Many, but not all, people ____ get married in a church. . Unit 4B
a want to
b are wanting to
c wanting to
d used to want
65 Would you like ____ to the theatre tonight? Unit 4D
a go
b to go
c going
d to going
66 I ____ to Peru on holiday next month. Unit 5A
a am flying
b flying
c am go flying
d will flying
67 Oh! It ____. Ill take an umbrella with me. Unit 5B
a raining
b will raining
c rains
d s raining
68 Do you have any plans for tonight? Yes, we ____ to the cinema. Unit 5B
a will go
b going
c go
d are going
69 I plan to ____ two weeks by the beach. Unit 5C
a bring
b spend
c spending
d making
70 The fast food restaurant was _____ dirty. We didnt eat there. Unit 6A
a extreme
b extremely
c bit
d very much
71 This restaurant is ____ the one over there. Unit 6B
a traditional
b traditionaler
c more traditional than
d traditionaler than
72 My coffee was ____ yours. I almost burned by mouth. Unit 6B
a hotter than
b more hot than
c hotter as
d as hot
73 The ____ coffee in the world comes from indonesia. Unit 6C
a expensive
b expensivest
c more expensive
d most expensive
74 I ____ sushi. Unit 7A
a eaten
b have eat
c have ever eaten
d have never eaten
75 She has ____ finished this weeks report. . Unit 7C
a yet
b already
c ever
d never
76 I dont think you ____ them. Unit 7D
a should to email
b should email
c should emailing
77 In the future there ____ cures to the worlds worst diseases. Unit 8A
a might be
b is going to being
c will being
d might have
78 The space tourists ___ certainly need to be very fit. Unit 8B
a wont
b will
d going to
79 If my new company is successful, I ____ employ people to help me. Unit 8C
a will
b be able to
c will be able to
d will able to
80 The first reality TV show ____ in Sweden in 1997. Unit 9B
a showed
b shown
c is shown
d was shown
81 The film Avatar was directed ____ James Cameron. Unit 9C
a by
b from
c for
d with
82 Ive had my cat ____ 4 years. Unit 10A
a since
b for
c with
d it
83 Her horse is lovely. She _____ it since she was a teenager. Unit 10A
a had
b has had
c had
d is had
84 Ive received 33 emails ____ . Unit 10B
a on Friday
b yesterday
c two days ago
d this week
85 How often have you been to the doctor ______ Unit 10B
a one year ago?
b in the last twelve months?
c yesterday?
d last week?
86 I was saving up ____ a new computer. Unit 11A
a for buying
b to buy
c to buying
87 You ____ wear a suit to work, but you can if you want. Unit 11B
a must
b mustnt
c could
d dont have to
88 I had to ____ a uniform to school when I was younger. Unit 11C
a have
b wearing
c wear
d having
89 Cecilia knows someone ____ went to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Unit 12B
a who
b which
c she
d where
90 Oxfam is a charity ____ tries to find lasting solutions to poverty. Unit 12B
a who
b which
c it
91 A lot of ____ came to Ireland in the 1990s.
a immigrants
b emigrants
c invaders
d colonies
92 There was a nice meal and a band at the wedding ____
a ceremony
b reception
c speech
d group
93 I mostly ____ my friends via email.
a get on well with
b have in commn
c keep in touch with
d see each other
94 Bob has had a very interesting ___ . He has had jobs in many countries and industries.
a carrier
b job
c career
d work
95 Shes very successful. Her ___ has risen a lot in the past few years.
a money
b salary
c job
d earnings
96 I am very ___ in old cars.
a keen
b interesting
c interested
d fond
97 He ___ his exam because he didnt study.
a failed
b passed
c missed
d fell
98 The house will look cleaner when you have finished the ____.
a home
b housewife
c housework
d homework
99 Stress is not an illness, but it can ___ to many illnesses.
a get
b celebrate
c contribute
d affect
100He ____ off his holiday until after the winter.
a took
b put
c called
d logged


101She ____ obsessed with rock climbing at a young age. Unit 1A
a becomes
b became
c has become
d would become
102Hes not a stamp collector, ___? Unit 1A
a was he
b wasnt he
c is he
d isnt he
103How long ____ you had this car? Unit 1B
a did
b do
c have
d were
104____ anyone get hurt? Unit 1B
a did
b were
c have
d had
105He ____ about birds. It drives me mad! Unit 2A
a forever talk
b is forever talking
c will forever be talking
d has forever been talking
106She keeps ____ her things all around the place which is so annoying. Unit 2A
a to leave
b leaves
c leave
d leaving
107He ____ me to the first game when I was only 6. Unit 2C
a used to take
b would take
c took
d has taken
108At first I ____ starting work so early but this has changed. Unit 2D
a didn't use to
b wouldn't
c didn't have to
d wasn't used to
109My new PC, ____ I bought last week, has already broken down. Unit 3B
a that
b which
c whose
110I'd like to see the photos ____ you took on holiday. Unit 3B
a who
b whose
c where
111People __________ from the illness find it difficult to relax. Unit 3C
a suffered
b suffering
c who suffering
d were suffering
112You'd better take your coat ____ the weather gets worse. Unit 4A
a in case
b otherwise
c so that
d in order to
113She did a course in confidence building ____ overcome her phobia Unit 4A
a so that
b in order to
c although
d in case
114He ____ a therapist for several years after he left school. Unit 4B
a has seen
b has been seeing
c saw
d used to seeing
115She ____ much better since she left the hospital last week. Unit 4B
a is feeling
b feels
c felt
d has been feeling
116He realized that he ____ his car keys in the office. Unit 5A
a left
b has left
c had left
d was leaving
117We couldn't fall asleep because our neighbours ____ a lot of noise. Unit 5A
a made
b had made
c have made
d were making
118____ plans you might have for the weekend, you'll have to change them. Unit 5B
a Wherever
b Whovever
c Whatever
d However
119They ____ out for a few years before they decided to get married. Unit 5C
a had gone
b have been going
c were going
d had been going
120You won't pass the exam ____ you start revising immediately. Unit 6A
a as long as
b provided
c unless
d if
121We wouldn't have missed the bus if you ____ to chat with Mary! Unit 6A
a didn't stop
b hadn't stopped
c don't stop
d wouldn't have stopped
122The party was so boring I wish I ____ there at all. Unit 6B
a hadn't gone
b wouldn't go
c haven't gone
d didn't go
123If only you ____ more time to spend with the family. Unit 6B
a would have
b have had
c had
d have
124Oh, you're busy? I ____ you later, OK? Unit 7B
a am calling
b call
c have called
d will call
125By the time the guests arrive, we ____ everything for the party. Unit 7C
a will be preparing
b will have prepared
c prepare
d have prepared
126During the next meeting we ____ about setting goals . Unit 7C
a are talking
b will have talked
c will be talking
d talk
127I can't find my keys. I ____ them. Unit 8B
a may lose
b must lost
c might have lost
d should have lost
128The police stopped us and said we ____ to enter the building. Unit 8C
a can't
b couldn't
c didn't allow
d weren't allowed
129Admission was free so we ____ any tickets. Unit 8C
a needn't buy
b mustn't buy
c didn't need to buy
d mustn't have bought
130I'm not sure if you're aware ____ the risk. Unit 9B
a of
b to
c at
d in
131The horror movie wasn't just frightening! It was ____ terrifying! Unit 9C
a extremely
b absolutely
c very
d fairly
132____ the weather was horrible, we decided to go out for a short walk. Unit 9D
a Even though
b However
c In spite of
d Despite
133We should remind _____ to be thankful for all that we have. Unit 10A
a us
c ourselves
d we
134His father asked Dan where ____ all day. Unit 10B
a had he been
b was he
c he had been
d he has been
135She advised him ______ sun cream. Unit 10C
a putting
b put on
c to putting on
d to put on
136She was only 19 when she sailed across ____ Atlantic. Unit 11A
a a
b an
c the
137Your leg could be broken so you must have ____ X-ray. Unit 11C
a a
b an
c the
138The square was ____ crowded we couldn't pass. Unit 11D
a so
b such
c very
d as
139Two climbers are reported to ____ during the storm last night. Unit 12B
a die
b have died
c had died
d died
140I'll need to have the stairs ____. Unit 12C
a renovate
b renovating
c to renovate
d renovated
141I only paid 20 for this jacket! It was a real ____.
a buy
b price
c bargain
d sale
142Jane is always poking her nose in other people's business. She's so ____!
a inquisitive
b obedient
c playful
d unreliable
143As far as I'm ____, I do not support the new government.
a matter
b referred
c according
d concerned
144The window ____ was really imaginative.
a exhibition
b display
c collection
d vision
145She ____ the sack last week and is now looking for a new job.
a did
b made
c took
d got
146She doesn't ____ of my decision.
a agree
b approve
c accept
d support
147During his stay in Indonesia he went ____ with malaria.
a up
b off
c down
d over
148When the customs officers found some illegal goods hidden in the car, he was arrested for
a assault
b mugging
c hijacking
d smuggling
149 I can't move the sofa. Could you ____ me a hand with it, please?
a give
b get
c take
d borrow
150 I couldn't get in ____ with you all week! Where have you been?
a contact
b call
c touch
d talk