Student Objective & General Education Component

Name Muhammad Rahim Date 10/15/2009

DIRECTIONS Complete the General Education Objective & Courses
1. Answer the Student Objective Questions below (minimum of three paragraphs

Student Objective
Student Objective Questions
1. Reflect: What are your short/long term goals (academic, career, & personal)? You may include your “ideal” career in engineering or your preferred working environment. 2. As you choose your General Education Courses (to satisfy your degree

requirements), please describe how the courses will help you to develop as a professional engineer. You may highlight skills and knowledge as listed in the University Catalog course descriptions.

1. My short term goal is to get a 4.0 for this semester and also stay in shape at the same time. My long term goal includes getting a job in some decent sized company and then accumulating enough money until I would eventually be able to start a company of my own. I am now certain that my future will be in power systems and power market economics. 2. In complete honesty, I really don't care and I have no idea if the courses I chose actually helped me. I DO know that I like the idea of being an all-round indivual. I believe something like that really looks good on the resume. Not to mention the fact that I was able to pick up a second major that I actually enjoyed. I chose economics as the majority of my gen ed component because I am double majoring in econ. I find the subject fascinating and the math is easy which is a definite plus. I chose Hist 201 and Soc 331 because they are fairly easy subjects.


General Education Component
Requirements are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 3 cr. of US Diversity, 3 cr. of Int’l Perspective, 6 cr. of 300/400, and At least 15 cr. total. You may NOT have: Any Engineering, Computer Science, Math, or physical sciences courses or courses with substantial applied science – Check the “Not Eligible GEC Course Listing” on WebCT for a complete list of non-allowable General Education courses

. Note: Alternative courses are recommended.

Note: If the General Education courses you select change, you will need to complete a revised General Education Component form. The General Education Component information can be revised at any time by submitting a new copy of the appropriate form, which must be approved by both your Academic Advisor and a faculty member.

If you have General Education transfer courses …….. Transfer courses can be used to meet your General Education requirement of fifteen credits. Please list on the appropriate lines below both ISU and transfer courses that can be applied toward meeting your General Education requirement.

General Education Courses Information

Dept & Course Number

Course Title


Transfer Credit?

U.S. Diversity: International Perspective: 300/400 level: 300/400 level: Other: Other: Other:

Soc 331 Hist 201 Econ 301 Econ 302 Econ 101 Econ 102

Social Class and Inequality Introduction to Western Civilization I Intermediate Microeconomics Intermediate Macroeconomics Principles of Microeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics

3 Cr. 3 Cr. 3 Cr. 3 Cr. 3 Cr. 3 Cr. Cr.

No No No No Yes Yes No

Must total (15) credits



No No No

Alternative Course: Alternative Course: Alternative Course: Signatures

Cr. Cr. Cr.

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