RACHANA ASSOCIATES & PROPERTIES  Mr. Tahamankar, Ms. Preet, and Mrs. Aparna attended the meeting; GOLD COAST A + B + C  More than 100 flat owners / Occupants attended this meeting.

Following points were considered, discussed & agreed upon :•

All the flat owners agreed that the internal shortcoming, repair, defects deficiencies are not connected to the society maintenance charges as this amount is required for day-to-day operations and maintenance of the property. Necessary action to be initiated for members who continue to default on the payment of such maintenance charges. Maintenance to be paid by all members on or before 30-112009. The maintenance charges shall be collected from the date of possession till December 2009 @ Rs. 1/= per sq.ft. The all further cheques to be made in favour of “Corporation Bank, Baner Branch, Pune, SB A/C 7902” The internal complaints of individual flat owners will be raised by themselves. Three copies of complaints to be prepared, the 1st copy shall be sent by registered post to Rachana, 2nd copy to be given to the Society office for follow-up purpose and 3rd file copy shall be retained with the flat owners and all the pending works as per the list submitted to Rachana Builders shall be carefully and satisfactorily completed by the end of DEC 2009. Rachana Builders have already received a lot of funds against maintenance but according to Mr. Tahamankar, about Rupees Eight lacks is the deficit as on date and hence they are not in position to pay for common services and AMC’s. It was pointed out by one of the members that the builder has given possession to some of the flat owners / investors without collecting a single rupee towards maintenance and hence they should do the same at the earliest and fulfill the deficits and start the common services promised at the earliest. The builder shall be solely responsible for any accidents or unfortunate happenings in the society premises till the handover procedure is fully complete. It was also unanimously decided that henceforth all the Maintenance Amounts collected by Rachana also should be deposited in Corporation Bank A/C.

No withdrawal to be done or shall be allowed to be done by RACHANA after 13th NOV 2009 from GOLD COAST MAINTENANCE A/C’s and incase any such withdrawals are done they will not be accepted nor recognized by the society. Rented Flats : The Occupants shall pay the maintenance amount by 30-11-2009 and adjust the same in their monthly rent with the owners. If not than the garbage collection will be stopped for those default flats also complaint will be lodged with concerned authorities. All the members / flat owners voted & agreed for the formation of Co-Op. Hsg. Society and not Association of Apartment. The conveyance deed of all the properties A+B+C+D should be done in the name of the Co-Op. Hsg. Society and the builder will have to complete these formalities by 31st DEC 2009. Builder will complete all legal formalities required for formation of the same and has also agreed to do so on or before the 31 st of December 2009. The Gold Coast Co-Operative Housing Society Ltd. shall be formed by 31st December 2009 and the builder and his representatives have agreed to the same. Security will be changed A.S.A.P & an In-house plumber and electrician to be appointed by the society. Letter from the builder stating final date of completion i.e 31st Dec 2009 was not accepted by the committee members as it mentioned conveyance for Gold Coast as Rachana Apartment ( instead of Co-Op Housing Society ) and it was not signed by Mr. Kalbhor himself too. RACHANA should provide all detailed drawings for water pipeline layouts, electrical layouts, and any such details at the earliest. Those members who have not yet paid the Society Maintenance changes and the contribution of Rs. 1000/- towards the expenses for formation of Co-Op. Hsg. Society etc…, were urged to pay the same at the earliest and the cheques to be drawn in favour of “Corporation Bank, Baner Branch, Pune, SB A/C 7902” on or before the 30th Nov 2009.

• •

Pune. 14-11-2009. CORE COMMITTEE MEMBERS Note: An Advocate Mr. Dilip Athawle has been appointed as Gold Coast legal advisor for any further discussions and correspondence with the builder.