What's new in 6.

15 (2014-Jun-12 12:25):
*) fixed upgrade from v5 - on first boot all the optional packages were disabled
*) fixed problem where sntp server could not be specified in winbox & webfig;
*) metarouter - make openwrt work on ppc metarouter again;
What's new in 6.14 (2014-Jun-06 15:34):
*) sntp - 'mode' now is a read-only property, it is set to broadcast if no
server ip address is specified;
*) smb - fixed some SMB1 errors;
*) wireless-fp package is now included in routeros one (disabled by default);
*) webfig - fixed quickset, it didn't work with disabled wireless pacakge;
*) sstp - fixed problem where session was closed every 2min;
*) pptp,l2tp,pppoe - fixed problem where some of the static bindings
become dynamic interfaces;
*) eoip - lowered default MTU to avoid IP packet fragmentation;
*) eoip - added clamp-tcp-mss setting with default=yes for new tunnels to avoid
IP packet fragmentation;
*) fixed - bridge could sometimes get added without "running" flag;
*) fixed - simple queues could sometimes crash router;
*) fixed - simple queue stats freeze (empty winbox queue window);
*) ssh server - allow none cipher;
*) proxy - added 'anonymous' option which will skip adding X-* and Via headers;
*) dhcp server - added option use-framed-as-classless and
added support for DHCP-Classless-Static-Route RADIUS attribute;
*) quickset - fixed problem where address mode selection did not work in
bridge mode;
*) ipv6 address - fixed problem where changing advertise lost ipv6 connected rou
CAVEAT: CAPsMAN Layer3 doesnât work if IPv6 package enabled either
on CAPsMAN or CAP device;
What's new in 6.13 (2014-May-15 16:03):
*) console - comments are now accepted where new command can start, that is,
where '/' or ':' characters can be used to start new command, e.g.
/interface { # comment until the end of the line
*) backup - backups by default are encrypted now (with user password).
To use backup on older versions, you should disable encryption with dont-encr
flag when creating it;
*) files with '.sensitive.' in the filename require 'sensitive'
permission to manipulate;
*) lcd - reduce CPU usage when displaying static screens;
*) l2tp - fixed occasional server lockup;
*) pptp - fixed memory leak;
*) sstp - fixed crashes;
What's new in 6.12 (2014-Apr-14 09:27):
*) l2tp - fixed "no buffer space available" problem;
*) ipsec - support IPv4 over IPv6 and vice versa;
*) pppoe - report correctly number of active links;
*) updated timezone information;
*) many fixes for CRS managed switch functionality -
particularly improved VLAN support, port isolation, defaults;
*) added trunk support for CRS switches;
*) added policing support for CRS switches;
*) www - added support for HTTP byte ranges;
*) lte - provide signal strength using snmp and make 'info once' work in console
What's new in 6.11 (2014-Mar-20 09:16):
*) ipsec - fix aes-cbc hardware acceleration on CCR with key sizes 192 and 256;
*) wireless - add auto frequency feature;
*) ovpn - fixed TLS renegotiation;
*) ovpn - make bridge mode work with big packets (do not leave extraneous paddin
*) ovpn - fixed require-client-certifcate;
*) ppp - revert RADIUS NAS-Port behaviour, report tunnel interface id;
*) ppp - mppe encryption together with mrru locked the router;
*) dhcp - added support for DHCP option 138 - list of CAPWAP IPv4 servers;
*) quickset - added Guest Network setup to Home AP mode;
*) console - no longer required to supply value of '/routing bgp instance vrf'
property 'instance' for 'add' command;
*) ethernet - added option to enable rx/tx flow control
(will be disabled by default);
*) ethernet - added ability to specify advertised modes for copper ports;
*) fixed 100% cpu usage on CCRs;
*) ssl - not finding CRL in local store for any certificate in trust chain will
cause connection to fail;
*) lte - support for Huawei ME609 and ME909u-521;
What's new in 6.10 (2014-Feb-12 13:46):
*) fix autosupout.rif generation after kernel panic;
*) ovpn - make it work again;
*) ovpn client - remove cipher=any & auth=any options,
protocol does not support them;
*) pptp - fixed where Windows & MacOS clients were disconnecting all the time;
*) sstp - make it work with Windows client with AES encryption;
*) ipv6 pool - fix dynamic prefix disappearing which may influence large
VPNs with IPv6;
*) ssh client - fix key agreement when sometimes wrong DH algorithm was selected
*) bgp - multipath eBGP now does not propagate BGP nexthop unless
forced in configuration;
*) removed 10/100 half duplex from autonegotiation advertisement on CCR;
What's new in 6.9 (2014-Jan-31 11:18):
*) lcd - added option to change the color-scheme;
*) updated bootloader firmware;
*) ppp: fixed RADIUS accounting;
*) ppp: fixed IPV6-Prefix assigning;
*) ppp: fixed dial-on-demand;
What's new in 6.8 (2014-Jan-29 15:52):
*) bridge - default protocol-mode changed to RSTP for new bridges,
fixed bridge mac address changing when port (with lowest mac address) goes do
*) userman - improve startup time;
*) sstp client - support server name verification from certificate;
*) wireless - improved 11n and nv2 stability;
*) dhcp client - support interfaces in bridge;
*) dhcp - parse decimal strings and IP addreses in options value;
*) bgp - don't show community 'internet' in BGP advertisements;
*) ipsec - enable hardware acceleration for aes-cbc + md5|sha1|sha256 aead on CC
*) ospf - fixed checksum calculation for OSPFv3 AS-external-LSAs;
*) default configuration - changed dhcp server lease time to 10 minutes;
*) fixed port isolation on CRSs (bug introduced in v6.6);
*) smb - added support for SMB 2.002
*) timezone information updated;
*) ppp - fixed ppp bridging (did not work since v6.6);
*) improved speed of PPP, PPPoE, PPTP & L2TP on multicore routers;
*) address-list - fix crash when adding two identical address list entries;
*) fixed multicast forwarding on CCRs;
*) firewall - improved address-type matcher, and added it for ipv6 aswell;
*) kernel drivers for ppp, pppoe, pptp, l2tp are now lock-less on transmit & rec
*) all ppp packets (except discovery packets) now can be handled by multiple cor
*) MPPE driver now can handle up to 256 out-of-order packets;
What's new in 6.7 (2013-Nov-29 13:37):
*) support Android usb tethering interface;
*) ipsec - added aes-gcm icv16 encryption mode;
*) wireless - improve rate selection for nstreme protocol
*) poe - new poe controller firmware for RB750UP and OmniTIK UPA;
*) ipsec - added aes-ctr encryption mode;
*) leds - inverted modem signal trigger, now it will trigger when the signal
level rises above the treshold;
*) ipsec - added sha256 and sha512 support;
*) ipsec - proposal defaults changed to aes-128 and sha1 for both phase1 and pha
*) certificate - support ip, dns and email subject alternative names;
*) dhcpv4 server - added REMOTE_ID option variable for relayed packets;
*) ipsec - fix policy bypass on IPv6 gre, ipip, eoip tunnels when policy
uses protocol filter;
*) userman - fix crash on tilera;
*) fixed hairpin nat on bridge with use-ip-firewall=yes;
*) fixed vlan on bridge after reboot having 00:00:00:00:00:00 mac address;
*) address-list - allow manually adding timeoutable entries;
*) address-list - show dynamic entry timeout;
*) fixed l2mtu changing on CCRs - could cause port flapping;
*) disabling/enabling ethernet ports did not work properly on CCRs,
could cause port flapping;
*) fixed port flapping on CCR - could happen when having other than
only-hardware-queue interface queue.
Note that having other interface queue than only-hardware-queue
dramatically reduces performace, so should be avoided if possible;

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