As gleeful as one might be after having noted the defeat of Cantor by Brat and passage by the PA-Senate

of the Mandatory Holocaust Education Bill, it is vital to recognize what is occurring urgently in Kurdistan;
my recent essay [America Must Recognize Kurdistan] MANDATES that BHO help to-the-max ASAP the
struggling Syrian-Kurds, as well as the Iraqi-Kurds who just re-took Kirkuk from the Islamists, even as the
the Iraqi army is Joining With Kurdish Forces In Effort to Retake Mosul after 500,000 Fled and Sunni
radicals seized Turkey's Mosul consulate. Key cities in Northern Iraq have been overrun by Sunni-
insurgents, and Militants are now Sweeping Toward Baghdad; as ISLAMISTS CLOSE-IN, BHO Demanded
Iraq 'Step Up to the Plate' on Terror Surge which they acknowledge is rapidly deteriorating. Meanwhile,
an al-Qaeda Splinter Group ISIS is Marching Towards Iraq's Biggest Oil Refinery as Refugees flee tide of
terror provoked by this 'full-blown army'; Thousands of Iraqis have taken-up arms as the Government is
on brink of collapse. IRAQ ANARCHY IS SPIRALING, as CBS Reports Iraq is Falling Into Chaos.

Rebuffed [secretly] Last Month was al-Malaki’s urgent request for air-strikes, which he
has again requested. As the Mideast's colonial borders broke, countries reacted [Turkey
calls for emergency NATO meeting, Iran Deployed Forces, and Germany called on its
citizens to leave immediately]. Ralph Peters concluded that, in the Middle East, the U.S.
is in the "Weakest Position Since 1945" & "Jihadis Are Winning." Thus, Medieval Sharia
Law was Imposed [and far more heads have been rolling in Iraq than SHOULD “roll” in
America], recalling the [false] claims by Obama ["The World Is Less Violent Than It Has
Ever Been"] and Biden [Iraq is One of Obama's 'Great Achievements'].

Obama isn't ruling-out any potential responses to escalating violence in
Iraq and has long been monitoring the situation on the ground there.
"What we've seen over the last couple of days indicates Iraq's going to
need more help" from the United States and from the international
community; he has been working "around the clock" on options for how
to respond. "We do have a stake in making sure that these jihadists are
not getting a permanent foothold in either Iraq or Syria for that matter."

BHO should know that Sic vis pacem, para bellum. [If you want peace, prepare for war.]
Noting also that al-Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan claimed responsibility
for Karachi Airport Attack, the below-photo suggests there are potential-targets for the
USA to bomb caravans of ISIS-terrorists…if only BHO would stop talking and start acting.

Illustrating, again how Putin is “playing chess while BHO plays checkers,” note his multi-front moves:
Putin Brings China Into Mideast Strategy
Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles of California Coast
Young Russians yearn for glory days of Soviet Union
T-shirts, Merchandise Showing Off Vladimir Putin's Triumphs on Sale in Moscow
Russia Seeks to Develop Nuclear Energy in Argentina
Russia, Ukraine Continue Gas Talks as South Stream Construction is Stopped
Former Belarus Leader Stanislav Shushkevich Says the USSR is Returning

Yesterday, it was noted that the Holocaust Education Bill was passed unanimously by the PA-Senate,
resulting from intense efforts [documented herein] that were initiated this past November. It should be
recalled that the article on this topic in the Exponent a fortnight ago [Debate Continues Over Holocaust
Education] was problematic, as per my input [how-to-be-a-really-lousy-journalist-for-fun-and-profit:
"Don’t Sweat the Details; Don’t Question Authority; Remember Your Job Is to Advance Narratives, Not
Report Facts; Quote Directly from Press Releases; Pick Sides (i.e., promote sympathy for one side and
hostility for the other); Don’t Describe People: Label Them; Hype the Issues You Personally Care about
and Downplay Those You Don’t; Listen to the Insects of the Hour; and Use Language Tricks to
Obfuscate."]; thus, it is not surprising that the article in the Exponent regarding what just transpired was
also profoundly flawed, as per my input [which, when “noticed” by another reader, prompted a set of
follow-up notes that provided hyperlinks to key-articles that had been composed previously]:

Omitted from this piece, unfortunately, is the pivotal component of this legislation; it
BOARD OF EDUCATION [a report on the "voluntary" nature of this initiative, to be issued

Perhaps the full-length article to be published in next week's Exponent will include this
information, for it was the stumbling-block during the past ½-year of intense lobbying
that was pursued regarding this trenchant issue.

Meanwhile, efforts continue on multiple fronts to address the existence of a Holocaust-denier acting as
a Temple University Professor; one need only recognize the need for such a rudimentary education
through primary/secondary schools, so as to minimize the production of such anti-Semites who might
infest the College/University campus. Some feel efforts should be made to boycott his classes, but this is
a rather labor-intensive concept that fails to “invite” the perpetrator to ‘fess-up [noting also that this
type of deviation from recognized societal norms would be viewed as unlawful were he to be in Europe].
Other symptoms of anti-Semitism relate to Israel [Peace will occur when Palestinians Accept Jews as
Neighbors], a college-campus [first proactive anti-BDS student resolution passes at Western Washington
U.] and in a secondary-school [Anti-Semitic Slur Published in Silicon Valley High School Yearbook. {Also,
note that Islam is the second-largest religion in twenty states.}

Now that Obama is as unpopular as Bush, he may wish to recognize that even his friends
have concluded that Obama's Being Pretty Stupid for a Smart Guy; he continues fanning
racism while playing the blame-game ['A Lot of Young Men of Color Aren't Doing Well']
instead of listening to people such as Charles Krauthammer [BHO "Should Try Telling
The Truth, because It's Easier To Memorize"]. As a result, compiled have been the Top
Ten Casualties in Obama’s Wars—To Whom He Won’t Apologize.

Hagel’s testimony regarding Bergdahl did not go over very well [Hagel Gets Testy With Lawmaker Over
Bergdahl: ‘I Don’t Like The Implication Of The Question’; Hagel admits White House mishandled some
aspects of prisoner trade; Hagel: "I Know Trust Has Been Broken" Over Bergdahl Trade; Hagel: Bergdahl
Deal Was "Imperfect" But "Right Decision"; and Hagel: 'Offended and Disappointed' at Treatment of
Bergdahl Family] as Dems trotted-out more inane rationalizations [DEM SENATOR: OBAMA SIMPLY DID
NOT HAVE TIME TO TELL CONGRESS ABOUT BERGDAHL SWAP] that raised the question as to whether
Dems will Pay a Price for Bergdahl Deal. It was revealed by the DoD that Bergdahl Spent 'Much of His
Captivity' in Pakistan and was Not Traded for Money and that Bergdahl Heading Back to USA on Friday;
also, it was discovered that his Prison Letters Revealed Frustrations With Army and that [contradicting
prior assertions] this Prisoner Exchange Won’t Bring Peace Talks, Taliban Said. As Opposition to Bergdahl
POW Swap Rose to 54%, a lib Law Professor Jonathan Turley said BHO would be ‘Heading Into A
Buzzsaw’ If Obama Defies Congress Over Bergdahl. {Also note: 'None of the Above' Won Dem Primary
for Governor in Nevada.}

CNN Slashed School Shooting Stats Claim By 80%
Anti-Gun Group Demands Boycott of Hallmark over Neutral CEO: 'Not Choosing Is a Pro-Gun Choice' -
National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) is calling for a boycott of Hallmark cards this Father's Day
because Hallmark refuses to publicly support universal background checks.
Obama Lamented Lack of Passion for Gun Control

National Park Service Seeking Ways to Honor Historical LGBT Achievements

Brandon Darby's Border Scoop Stoked Cantor's Defeat
Eric Cantor Announces Exit; Asks Republicans to Put Aside Differences
McCarthy vs. Sessions for Majority Leader, Roskam vs. Scalise for Whip
CHAOS! Activists Storm Cantor's HQ After Concession Speech
GOP Rep. Diaz-Balart: Cantor Defeat 'Clearly Doesn't Help Our Cause' of Immigration Reform
Al Sharpton: David Brat 'More Than A Brat -- He's A Threat' to Civil Rights
Laura Ingraham: Reporting on Children in Border Facilities 'Significant' in Brat Win
Limbaugh: Cantor Lost Because 'His Constituency Became Barack Obama And House Leadership'
INGRAHAM: National Tea Party Groups Didn’t Help Brat
Cantor fallout will shift the GOP’s 2016 contenders to the right on immigration
Giddy Dems' new strategy: Watch the GOP implode due to their allegedly being “extremists.”
Brat Wins, House GOP Shuffles Their Cards
Brat Beat The Establishment -- Now He Gets to Fight The Machine
Ball: Nobody Saw This Coming
Tracinski: Why We Fired Cantor
Dionne: The Tea Party Purge
Fund: Looking Back at the Tea Leaves on Eric Cantor's Defeat
Purdum: GOP Circular Firing Squad
Podhoretz: An Appalling Cantor Meme
Establishment support for McCarthy is building
Cantor’s ambitious maneuverings are one reason he is the first House majority leader to lose a primary.
No Cantor, no Obamacare 'replace' vote – “Gone is the majority leader who wanted a Republican
alternative to Obamacare” according to libs.
Cantor to Step Down as Majority Leader After Primary Defeat, effective July 31.
Cantor's loss scrambled 2016 immigration picture
The political earthquake following Cantor's defeat affects potential candidates out front on reform.
Cantor lesson to GOP is Stray at your own risk; Cantor, no ideological moderate, was in many ways an
unlikely target for a conservative insurgency
House Leadership Shake-Up Sets Off Scramble in Republican Party
There Were Warning Signs; Cantor Missed Them.
Cantor Loss a Blow to Wall Street
Brat: Republicans Not Paying Enough Attention to Main Street
Cantor Backs McCarthy as Successor
Cantor: The Fire This Time?
Goodbye GOP, the Tea Party Has Won [a typically-Dem view]
What Cantor's Loss & Graham's Win Mean
Cantor's Defeat Is One for the History Books
Virginia-7: Here the People Rule
11 Political Lessons From Eric Cantor's Loss [all of which are typically-lib views, regardless of the issue]
Cantor's Loss Especially Bad News for Big Business
Yes, Eric Cantor, There Is a Virginia
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Eric Cantor Out in Tea Party Shocker
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Brat Teaches D.C. a Lesson in Humility
Why Eric Cantor Lost
The Triumph of Rightwing Populism
Chuck Todd on Dave Brat: "South In A Different Place On Immigration" Than Everywhere Else
Cantor's Defeat May Signal a Populist Revolution
Benefits of Beating Cantor
Cantor’s Mistake
Smoking Gun on Cantor and Amnesty
Virginia GOPs were not fooled

Politico reported that Rep. Marlin Stutzman will enter the race for House Republican whip, complicating
the competitive race. Stutzman, a third term lawmaker from Indiana, will face Louisiana Rep. Steve
Scalise and Illinois Rep. Peter Roskam. [Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) will not run for House majority
leader, according to GOP sources. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) are
running to replace Eric Cantor for the No. 2 slot in GOP leadership.]

Heritage Action remitted a communication that mirrors conclusions drawn previously:

A political earthquake rocked Washington, DC last night.

The implications of Dave Brat's stunning victory go well beyond politics, however. As the
Weekly Standard's William Kristol explained, the race became "a broad populist case for
a Republican party focused on Main Street and Middle America, not on Wall Street and
corporate interests."

For the past four years, Heritage Action has been making the case that conservatives
should not be in the business of protecting or justifying corporate welfare. Instead, we
should confront the Bigs – Big Wall Street, Big Government, Big Labor, Big Education and
Big Business – head on, and fight for the conservative policy solutions that will save the
country, not simply those that help the well connected.

And last night, voters made DC listen.