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Office of International Education International Initiative Fund
The Office of International Education (OIE) makes grants ranging from $100 to $300 available to university recognized or affiliated student organizations.* Funded proposals will foster international awareness and crosscultural exchange on campus preferably through the collaboration of two or more student organizations or by one organization that is targeting a campus-wide, diverse audience.
Application guidelines follow. The materials listed below must be received by OIE 2- 3 weeks prior to the event: I. COVER SHEET In a cover letter, include your organization's name, funds requested, project title, proposed dates, coordinators with contact information, and a brief abstract of the proposed project. II. ORGANIZATION PROFILE Provide a maximum 1-page description of your organization's purpose and current activities as well as a list of officers and contact information. III. NARRATIVE PROPOSAL Provide a 1-2 page description of the proposed project or event goals and objectives along with a timeline. Explain what students are expected to gain or learn and how this will be accomplished. Explain how the event will enhance cross-cultural understanding and appeal to the broader CMU community. IV. BUDGET Show how funds will be used through a detailed breakdown of expenses. Funding for the following items will not be considered: student salaries, alcohol, and indirect expenses/overhead. Off-campus activities are rarely approved. Include any other sources of income for this project to reflect cost sharing. V. ADVERTISEMENT Describe how and where the event will be advertised to reach a wide, diverse audience. OIE can advertise your event in our Friday email. Please submit a one-paragraph event description via email to preferably one week in advance of your event (but no later than the Thursday afternoon prior to your event) for inclusion in this email to international students and scholars. E-Mail or hand-deliver proposals to: Jennifer McNabb (
Carnegie Mellon University Office of International Education Warner Hall, 3rd floor 5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213 (412) 268-5231

Money for this program is generated through late processing fees and will vary throughout the year. Check with OIE before you begin the application process to make sure funds are available.
Updated 12/2007


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