Letter of Recommendation by Esther Pinon November 20, 2009 This semester in class, Adriana Dominguez and I, along with other

students, were in the writing group in the genre of reviews. During the semester, we all chose different topics to review, such as campus life at the University of Texas Pan American, as well as movies and books. I had the privilege of reading Andrea’s writing portfolio, and was really impressed by the reviews that she wrote. Her review on the movie, Fireproof, was very though provoking and deep. I like how she dug deep into the symbolism of the movie and posed questions regarding topics that had been brought up. I also think it was great how she was honest about how the movie inspired her faith and strengthened her marriage. Reading her positive review on this movie encourages me to go out and watch it because it seems like I would like it. Her second review was about the Student Union at Pan Am. I think she properly described the environment of the union, and painted a vivid picture of how the students congregate to study there and socialize. I like that she put her opinion into the review to relay that the Student Union is probably not the best place to study. On her next piece of writing, she chose to review the book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I’ve read this book, and I agreed on how Adriana described it. This book is a good choice for children to have some light reading and learn new words. I agree that the fact that children should read, and ask questions, because doing so will help them learn and acquire a good education. Her last review was about a book she read called, Las Tejanas by Teresa Palomo. This review was very well written and had a lot of description about the history of Texas. I think this review was Adriana’s longest, and I’m sure she likes history and writing about it Throughout the Writing Portfolio, Adriana’s creativity shines, and is evident in every single review. Her thoughts are original and thought provoking, and I think she is a very good writer. I think this year her writing style has grown a lot, and I

think she experimented with different things to review. I anticipate that Adriana’s writing style will only continue to grow during her experience as a student at Pan Am, and I bet she has a lot of creative ideas to write about in the future. I would recommend her writing portfolio to someone who is curious about what movies and books are out there, and would want to read someone’s opinion.