!"#$"%"& ($)*$)+, -)* .


2"0"&3$)-0$1) 14 !",51),$6$7$089 :5&$7 ;<9 ;=>?

0n Apiil 9, 2u14, the Responuing Stuuent was notifieu that he was being foimally chaigeu
with: 1) a violation of the Funuamental Stanuaiu anu¡oi 2) a violation of the
Auministiative uuiue policy 1.7.S Sexual Nisconuuct anu¡ oi Sexual Assault foi an
inciuent that occuiieu uuiing the eaily moining of }anuaiy 1, 2u14.

The five Revieweis consiueieu the Investigation File, anu the iesponses pioviueu. Both
paities weie pioviueu the oppoitunity to speak with the Revieweis, anu both electeu to uo

Baseu on the above, the Revieweis issue the following:

($)*$)+ 14 (-/0@
The panel finus the Responuing Stuuent iesponsible foi violating the Funuamental
Stanuaiu anu the Auministiative uuiue policy 1.7.S Sexual Assault

(1&3-7 A10"@ Sexual Assault: 4---1
Sexual Nisconuuct: S---u
Funuamental Stanuaiu: S---u

Accoiuing to the statements of the two paities we finu baseu on a pieponueiance of
eviuence that a sexual act occuiieu anu that consent was not establisheu. Baseu on the
uefinitions of sexual assault anu consent, we finu that this constitutes a violation of the
Funuamental Stanuaiu pei 0niveisity policy.

:**$0$1)-7 B)41&3-0$1) 5&1#$*"* C-8 D9 ;=>?@
The panel was able to establish, baseu on consistent elements of the two paities'
statements, that: (1) a sexual act was committeu by the Responuing Stuuent, (2) the
sexual act was unwanteu by the Impacteu Paity, anu (S) consent was not inuicateu by the
Impacteu Paity. All membeis of the panel agieeu that this met the uefinition of sexual
misconuuct accoiuing to the Stanfoiu Auministiative uuiue, policy numbei 1.7.S.

Foui membeis of the panel agieeu that the sexual act was committeu thiough use of foice
by the Responuing Stuuent, anu that the Impacteu Paity expeiienceu uuiess anu feai.
Consequently, these panelists ueteimineu that the sexual act meets the uefinition of sexual
assault accoiuing to the afoiementioneu policy.

2"0"&3$)-0$1) 14 .-)/0$1),9 C-8 D9 ;=>?

0n Apiil 2S, 2u14, the Responuing Stuuent was notifieu that the ARP Revieweis founu him
"!"#$%&#'()"" foi violating the Funuamental Stanuaiu anu 0niveisity Policy (Stanfoiu
0niveisity Auministiative uuiue Nemo 1.7.S÷Sexual Nisconuuct anu¡oi Sexual Assault),
foi an inciuent that occuiieu on }anuaiy 1, 2u14.

*+" !"-'"."/# $/%$%#" 0+" 1%))%.'&2 #3&40'%&# (5 3 -%0" %1 677789

.E,5"),$1). Five---quaitei suspension beginning Summei Quaitei 2u14. The Responuing
Stuuent will be eligible to ietuin in Autumn Quaitei 2u1S.

F133E)$08 ,"&#$/"G The Responuing Stuuent is iequiieu to complete 4u houis of
community seivice. Confeiial of any uegiee(s) is contingent upon completion of
community seivice.

H*E/-0$1)G The Responuing Stuuent is iequiieu to paiticipate in an euucational piogiam
on sexual assault awaieness. Confeiial of any uegiee(s) is contingent upon completion of
the piogiam. The piogiam must be appioveu by the 0ffice of Community Stanuaius.

!"/133")*-0$1), 01 !",$*")0$-7 H*E/-0$1)@
• The Responuing Stuuent's housing assignment shoulu be changeu foi the iemainuei of
the Spiing 2u14 quaitei to a location at a ieasonable uistance fiom the Impacteu Paity's
iesiuence. The Responuing Stuuent shall contact Resiuential Euucation within 24 houis of
ieceiving notification of this Beteimination of Sanctions. The Responuing Stuuent will
abiue by any anu all iequests maue by the 0niveisity to manage his piesence in the
iesiuential community.
• The Responuing Stuuent shoulu ieceive a cleai uefinition of a "iesiuence," specifying the
aieas encompasseu in the Impacteu Paity's iesiuence.

!"/133")*-0$1), 01 0I" J$07" BK F11&*$)-01&@
• The Responuing Stuuent shoulu not initiate contact with the Impacteu Paity foi so long
as he oi she aie stuuents at Stanfoiu. This incluues uiiect contact, in peison, in wiiting,
anu electionically (social netwoiks, texting, email), anu inuiiect contact, such as inquiiies
thiough fiienus oi inteimeuiaiies.
• If both the Impacteu Paity anu Responuing Stuuent will be paiticipating in the same
commencement ceiemony, the Title IX cooiuinatoi shoulu take steps to manage the
Responuing Stuuent's piesence at the ceiemony with the Impacteu Paity's piesence at
the ceiemony.
• Buiing his suspension, the Responuing Stuuent will not be peimitteu on the Stanfoiu
campus anu will not be peimitteu to attenu 0niveisity activities. Questions iegaiuing
acauemic---ielateu exceptions (such as in piepaiation foi ietuin) shoulu be uiiecteu to the
Bean of Stuuent Life.
• Following the Responuing Stuuent's suspension anu upon his ietuin to Stanfoiu, if he
shoulu ie---enioll, in the case that he anu the Impacteu Paity aie both stuuents heie
concuiiently: (1) Be will uiop any class in which she is a stuuent; (2) Be will withuiaw oi
not join any stuuent gioup oi stuuent activity in which she is a paiticipant; (S) Be will
stay at least Su feet fiom hei; (4) Except foi events involving Su oi moie stuuents, he may
not attenu any campus event oi 0niveisity---sponsoieu activity oi tiip wheie she is
piesent; (S) Be will abiue by othei iequests of the 0niveisity to manage his piesence on
campus with hei piesence on campus.

:**$0$1)-7 B)41&3-0$1) 5&1#$*"* C-8 >L9 ;=>?@
The Panel agieeu to a S-quaitei suspension in oiuei to cieate a safe enviionment in
which the Impacteu Stuuent can finish hei stuuies without coming into contact with the
Responuing Stuuent. The Panel fuithei agieeu that euucation anu community seivice
woulu facilitate gieatei awaieness foi the Responuing Stuuent about sexual assault.

The Responuing Stuuent uemonstiateu a commitment anu ability to abiue by 0niveisity
policy moving foiwaiu. The panel felt that his piesence on campus will not constitute a
thieat to the Stanfoiu community, anu that expulsion is theiefoie unwaiianteu.

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