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Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks stood up for equality between coloured and white people in
America. Through her actions, she encouraged others to stand up for their

Rosa Parks was born on February 4
, 1913. She is known as Rosa Parks, but
by birth she was called Rosa Louise McCauley. She lived in Tuskegee,
Alabama [usa] and raised by James the father worked as a carpenter and
Leona the mother who worked as a teacher. Later her parents divorced and
she moved with her mother and brother at her grandmothers house at pine
level, Alabama.

When she was growing up she was home-schooled by her mother till the
age of her time life was different, white people had their schools,
their buses even drinking taps but white students come and go to school by
bus but the coloured students come and go, walking. Every night a group of
scary looking people called the KKK [Klu Klux Klan]. They would march and
protest against the coloured people and they did very bad things like
burning down coloured schools, houses and even the coloured people
themselves and strangely they burn them on a wooden cross. And because
of it Rosas grandfather brang a loaded shotgun just to protect them and
what is bad that rosa was a little girl and this frightened her a lot.

When she reached the age of thirteen she entered a high school called
Washington High. Later in the ninth grade she dropped out because her
grandmother got extremely ill and at that stage she was sixteen years of

Later she entered in the eighth grade she went back to Washington High a
year later in the ninth grade she met and married Raymond parks and then
when they married they had a ceremony at her mothers house on 1932,
then she was known as Rosa Parks. But on 1933 Raymond wanted her to
finish high-school so when she was twenty she active it and collected a
diploma. Later she worked as a seamstress [makes cloths] and Raymond
worked as a barber [hair dresser].

In her time people had public buses if a coloured person got on the bus they
had to sit in the middle of the bus unless white person didnt want it. But on
December 1, 1955 at the age of 42 Rosa entered on the bus to go back
home. But later a white man got on the bus and asked the bus driver to tell
all coloured people to stand up but Rosa neglected, got arrested and got put
in jail for two days.

On December 5, 1958 all coloured people protested against her arrest by not
riding on the bus but riding their bikes or walking and 35,000 flyers were
printed to let people know about the boycott. Later December 8, 1961 the
court was found guilty so paid $10 fine plus a court fee or $4 all together
$14 [lots o9f money at that time].

Then it was as the Montgomery Bus Boycott and it was led by Martin Luther
King Jr. the whole boycott lasted for 381 days more than a year, stopping
only when the court said they could no longer be segregated. Rosa was then
known as the mother of civil rights movement. Later in 1967 she moved to
Detroit after the boycott because she was being harassed also her mother
and husband. After in 1977-1979 her husband, brother and mother all died
of cancer. Then her first medal came on 1987 their she collected the NCAAP
Spingarn medal and on 1999 she got the congressional gold medal. And
lastly on 2005 at the age of 92 she died of old age.