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Informatii adunate, traduse si aranjate impreuna de Dorin Pele


Location : “Situated at the northwest corner of the North American
continent, Alaska is separated by Canadian territory from the coterminous
48 states. Alaska is the largest of the 50 states. Alaska is more than twice
the size of Texas, the next-largest state, and occupies 16% of the total US
land area.” Localizat in coltul din nord-vestul continetului Nord American, statul Alaska este
separat de celelalte 48 de state de teritoriul Canadian. Alaska este mai mult decat dublu decat
teritoriul statului Texas, urmatorul stat ca marime, si ocupa 16% din totalul teritoriului Statelor
Unite. (

Capital: Juneau, “New York of Alaska”. (

Population : 2008 estimate : 686,293 (U.S.Census Bureau)

Religion : - “Evangelical Protestants had 78,070 members, Roman
Catholics had 54,359, and mainline Protestants had 37,156. After Catholics
and Eastern Orthodox, the largest single denominations are The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons/LDS) with 29,460, Southern
Baptists with 22,959, and Orthodox with 20,000. The large Eastern
Orthodox (with 49 parishes and up to 50,000 followers) population is a
result of early Russian colonization and missionary work among Alaska
Natives.” (
Facts(Realitati) : - "Alaska officially became the 49th state on January
3,1959". Statul Alaska a devenit oficial cel de-al 49-lea stat in 3 ianuarie 1959.
- "Origin of state's name: Alyeska - an Aleut term which means
"The Great Land" . Originea numele statului : Alyeska- este un termen Aleut
care inseamna “Terenul(Pamantul) Minunat” . (
- “Bureau of Justice statistics show that Alaska led the nation in the
rate of
men murdering women in 2002, 2003 and 2004; Alaska fell to
2nd place
in 2005 and 15th in 2006, an improvement but still over the
average. Statisticile Biroului de Justitie arata ca Alaska are la nivel national cea
mai ridicata rata de crime comise de barbati impotriva femeilor in 2002, 2003 si
2004, apoi pe locul 2 in 2005 si locul 15 in 2006, ceea ce inseamna o imbunatatire
dar inca este peste media nationala. (
- “Rate of Legal Abortions per 1,000 Women Aged 15-44 Years in 2005
was 13%” . Rata avorturilor legale la 1000 de femei in categoria de varsta 15-44 de ani in 2007 a fost de
13% . (
- From Alaska comes our sister in Lord, Sarah Palin, the former Alaska
governor and former republican vice presidential candidate in 2008. Din Alaska provine
sora noastra in Domnul Sarah Palin, fosta guvernatoare a statului Alaska si fosta candidata din partea Partidului
Republican la vicepresedentia Americii in 2008.
- Oil is the state's most valuable natural resource. The area includes
what is thought to be the largest oil field in North America.
Petrolul este cea mai valoroasa resursa naturala . In aceasta zana se afla ceea ce se
gandeste a fi cel mai mare teren petrolier din Nordul Americii. (

Alaska in pictures:

Provocari pentru rugaciune: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”.
Psalm 33:12 “Ferice de poporul al cărui Dumnezeu este Domnul!”

- “Let’s pray that the gospel can spread and be heard by everyone in this
state.” Sa ne rugam pentru ca Evanghelia sa fie raspandita si auzita de fiecare persoana
care locuieste in acest stat .

- Let us pray for the very small Romanian community in Alaska to reach
God and to accept Him as a personal Savior . Sa ne rugam pentru
comunitatea foarte mica de romani din Statul Alaska ca sa-L caute pe Dumnezeu si sa-l
accepte ca Mantuitor personal

- “Pray that God would be the center of each family unit and that
strained families would experience healing and reconciliation. Pray for
broken family relationships to be restored through Christ’s grace and
the power of the Gospel.” Sa ne rugam ca Dumnezeu sa fie centrul fiecarei familii,
iar in familiile cu tensiuni si certuri sa se experimenteze vindecare si reconciliere. Rugati-va
pentru ca relaţiile rupte din familii sa fie restaurate prin harul lui Hristos si puterea
Evangheliei. (

- Pray for America's Youth to Know God's Love and Truth. Sa ne rugam
pentru tinerii americani ca sa cunoasca Dragostea si Adevarul lui Dumnezeu. (

- Pray that schools would be a place where students learn not only
knowledge, but also morality and integrity. Sa ne rugam ca scolile sa devina
un loc unde studentii sa acumuleze nu numai cunostine, ci sa invete despre moralitate si
integritate. (

- Pray for those who serve in our local, state, and federal government.
Pray for the wisdom and discernment of our President and his
administration, the Justices of the Supreme Court, those in Congress,
governors, mayors, and other government leaders. Pray that these men
and women will come to fear the Lord and seek to do His will. Rugati-va
pentru cei care servesc în Guvernul local al statului şi in Guvernul federal. Rugati-va pentru
înţelepciune si discernamant in dreptul presedintelui nostru si administratiei sale,
Judecatorilor Curţii Supreme, celor din Congres, primari, guvernatori şi alti lideri din
Guvern. Rugati-va ca acesti barbati şi femei sa ajunga sa se teama de Domnul, si sa caute sa
faca voia Lui. (