QUICK ACCESS TABLE FOR SUFFIXES (Suffix to Definition) SUFFIX -a -ac -ad -al -algesia -algia -an -ar -arche -ary -ase -assay -asthenia

-ate -blast -capnia DEFINITION noun ending pertaining to toward pertaining to sensitivity to pain pain; suffering characteristic of pertaining to beginning pertaining to enzyme to evaluate loss of strength something that embryonic stage of development condition of carbon dioxide content in the blood -cele -centesis -cide swelling; herniation surgical procedure to kill; to destroy

-clasis -clast, -clastic -crine -cyesis -cyte -cythemia -desis -dipsia -drome -dynia -e -eal -ectasia -ectic -ectomy -emesis -emia -er -es -esis -esthesia -gen -gene

crushing; breaking up to break secrete pregnancy cell condition involving cells of the blood binding or surgical fusion thirst that which runs together pain noun ending pertaining to stretching or dilatation pertaining to surgical removal to vomit blood one who noun ending condition of sensation or feeling producing; forming producing; forming

-genesis -genic -globin -gram -graph -graphy -gravida -i -ia -iac -ian -iasis -iatic -iatric(s)

producing; forming producing; forming containing protein record; picture an instrument used to record writing; record pregnancy pleural ending condition, noun ending pertaining to specialist in field of study presence of abnormal condition pertaining to a condition relating to medicine, physicians, or medical treatment

-iatrician -iatrist -iatry -ic -ical -ician -ile -ion

one who treats; a physician one who treats; a physician medical treatment; medical profession pertaining to pertaining to specialist in a field of study pertaining to; capable action; process

-is -ism -ist -itis -ize -kinesis -lepsy -lexia -lith -lithiasis -logist -logy -lysis -lytic -malacia -mania -megaly -meter -metry -natal -oid -ole -oma

noun ending condition; theory practitioner inflammation to make; to treat or combine with movement seizure; attack reading stone; calculus presence or formation of stones one who specializes the study of destruction; detachment destruction softening a mental disorder; madness enlargement an instrument used to measure the process of measuring pertaining to birth resembling small or little tumor

-opsia -optosis -ory -os -ose -osis -otomy -ous -para -paresis -pathy -penia -pepsia -pexy -phage -phagia -phasia -philia -phobia -phoresis -phoria -physis -plakia

vision drooping or prolapse pertaining to; characterized by suffix indicating a singular noun carbohydrate condition incision into pertaining to bearing offspring partial paralysis disease decrease in; deficiency state of digestion surgical fixation to eat to eat speech attracted to; tendency toward abnormal fear transmission emotional state growth, growing plate; flat plane

-plasia -plasm -plasty -plegia -pnea -poiesis -porosis -praxia -ptosis -ptysis -rrhage -rrhagia -rrhaphy -rrhea -rrhea -rrhexis -scope -scopy -sis -some -spasm -stasis -sthenia

formation; development to mold surgical repair paralysis; stroke breathing formation; production passage or pore activity; practice drooping or prolapse spitting excessive flow or discharge excessive flow or discharge suturing drainage discharge, flow rupture an instrument used to view process of viewing condition a “body” of a specified sort twitching; involuntary contraction stopping or controlling strength

-stomy -therapy -thorax -thymia -tic -tion -tocia -tomy -tresia -tripsy -trophy -tropia -tropin -ula -ule -um -uria -us -y

the surgical creation of a new opening treatment chest condition of the mind or will pertaining to process of labor incision into perforation intentional crushing nourishment; development to turn stimulating effect of a hormone small; little small one a suffix that identifies singular nouns urine a suffix that identifies singular nouns noun ending