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Many people believe that _______ should fit the crime

a. Criminal b. punishment c. offence
2. I like to ________ for bargains in second-hand shops
a. hunt b. chase c. try
3. You surely havent forgotten ___________ by the pitch to support your team all those years
a. stand b. standing c. to stand
4. The police officer made a note of the car parked outside the bank as it looked ______________
a. criminal b. guilty c. suspicious
5. A police officer was ____________ outside the house all night
a. on duty b. on purpose c. on display
6. Several members of other bands came back on stage to ____________ in with the final song.
a. join b. add c. mix
7. Youll never ____________ getting your dads credit card unnoticed.
a. get away with b. get through c. get across
8. If I go abroad to study, Ill be on a very ________ budget.
a. stiff b. fast c. tight
9. Property ________ has dropped recently due to the worldwide recession.
a. worth b. value c. rate
10. I wish you would ___________ your decision the festival needs your organizational skills.
a. rewrite b. replace c. reconsider
11. Many people prefer to drive to work __________ their journey takes longer.
a. in spite of b. even if c. even so
12. The new___________ centre provides language classes and legal advice for residents.
a. community b. arts c. shopping
13. The building is 18 _____________ high and has fantastic views of the city.
a. levels b. flght c. storeys
14. Bela Bartok was a Hungarian ______________ who based a lot of his pieces on folk music.
a. composer b. editor c. author
15. After Anna sang her solo, the entire theatre ___________ got to their feet and clapped.
a. crowd b. audience c. army
16. I regret not ___________ last night as its been stolen.
a. to lock b. lock c. . locking
17. The burglar was charged ______ stealing money and jewelery.
a. of b. from c. with
18. _____________ being tired after a long flight, the band played brilliantly
a. While b. Although c. Despite
19. If they cant start the car, they should try_________ it downhill.
a. push b. to push c. pushing
20. We organised a concert ____________ to raise money for the college.
a. in order b. even though c. because of
21. If I hadnt decide to go to the concert , we __________ met.
a. wont have b.wouldnt have c. cant have
22. If you feel well, you should ________ going to bed for a few hours.
a. to try b. try c. trying
23. Can you remember __________ the letter when you go out?
a. posting b. to post