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Visiting Paris & Spain

In September 4, 1888, Rizal arrived at Paris and boarded at the Hotel del Restaurant de Rome.
Because of the bad news he received from home, He thought of proceeding to Spain. However,
the plan was not realized.he visited Paris for a week for him to search for more historical
materials in the Bibliotheque Nationale. He was entertained by Juan Luna and his wife. After
reading over the old books, he returned to London. September 9, 1888, with other Filipinos, he
took his lunch in Lunas house on the occasion of the university of the painters son. They ate
Filipino food. On September 9, 1888, he left Paris to London continue copying the book of
Morga in the British Museum. On 19 September 1888, Rizal finished copying the whole book
of Morga.
On December 11, 1888, he went to Spain visiting Madrid and Barcelona. He contacted his
compatriots and surveyed the political situation. For the first time, he met Marcelo H. Del Pilar
and Mariano Ponce, the two titans of Propaganda Movement. He exchanged ideas with these
new friends and promised to cooperate in the fight for reforms.
Christmas in London
Rizal returned to London on December 24 from his twelve days visit to Spain and spent
Christmas and New Years Day with the Becketts. Rizal liked Christmas Eves because it
reminded him of many good days of his infancy and also Christ was born. Rizal received from
Mrs. Beckett a book entitled The Life and Adventures of Valentine Vox, the Ventriloquist.
During his stay at London, he became the honorary president of a patriotic society cooperating
for reforms called Asociacion La Dolidaridad. It was inaugurated on December 31, 1888. Rizal
also wrote his first article in La Solidaridad, a patriotic newspaper founded by Graciano Lopez
Jaena, entitled Los Agricultores Filipinos which was published on March 25, 1889.
Rizal wrote several works while in London. These writings includes: La Vision del Fray
Rodriguez, Letter to the Young Women of Malolos, and he also contributed some articles to Dr.
Rosts journal entitled Specimens of Tagal Folklore and Two Eastern Fables. Rizal also fell in-
love with one of the three Beckett sistersGertrude.
On March 19, 1889, Rizal bade goodbye to the Beckett family and left London for Paris. He was
sad as he crossed the English Channel for he cherished many beautiful memories in London.
Universal Exposition of 1889
Rizal went to Paris on the spring of 1889. The city was full of excitement because of the
Universal Exposition and it was hard to look for an inn to stay. The landlords are taking
advantage of the great demand for living quarters, raised the rents of their rooms. For a short
time, Rizal lived in the house of his friend, Valentin Ventura. There he also published his
annotated edition of Morgas book. He transferred from one hotel to another. Finally, he lived in
a little room together with two other FilipinosCapitan Justo Trinidad and Jose Albert.
On June 24, 1889, Juan Luna and Paz Pardo de Tavera had a baby girl. They made Rizal as her
baptismal godfather and named her Maria de la Paz.
Rizal was fascinated by the Universal Exposition of Paris. It opened on May 5, 1889. The
greatest attraction of the exposition was the Eiffel Tower, which was built by Alexander Eiffel.
Rizal also participated in an art competition but got no prize.
During one time, Rizal together with the Kidlat Club was amazed by the proud American
Indians. He told his friends they are not ashamed of their name. Let us be like them
Another society founded by Rizal in Paris was the R.D.L.M. Society. The aim of the secret
society is the propagation of all useful knowledge in the Philippines. Another aim is the
redemption of the Malay race.
During his stay in Europe, he was deeply immense by his historical studies about the Philippines.
Rizal wants to learn more about the history of his Fatherland.
Another work of Rizal was The Indolence of the Filipinos. He also became a member of
International Association of Filipinologists with Dr. Ferdinand Blumentritt as the President. In
the fall of 1889, he wrote another satirical work entitled Por Telefono; it is a reply to Fr.
Salvador Font, who masterminded the banning of his Noli.
December 25, 1889, Rizal celebrated his Christmas in Paris. Rizal and Jose Albert planned to
have a sumptuous Christmas dinner. They scraped enough money to celebrate Yuletide. They
prepared a Christmas dinner with friend chicken, rice and vegetables.
Shortly after the New Year, Rizal made a short visit to London. His purpose may be because he
wants to see Gertrude Beckette for the last time, and check up his annotated edition of Morgas
By the mid of January 1890, he was back in Paris, during that time influenza was epidemic
throughout Paris. He complained of a terrible headache but he was not stricken with flu.
Belgian Brussels
On January 28, 1890, Rizal left Paris for Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Rizal was
accompanied by Jose Albert when he moved to Brussels. They lived in a boarding house on 38
Rue Philippe Champagne which was run by two Jaceby sisters.
In Brussels Rizal was busy writing his second novel El Filibusterismo. Aside from writing its
chapters, he wrote articles for La Solidaridad. He also spent some of his time in a medical clinic,
and had gymnastics at the gymnasium. Rizal stayed with Jose Alejandro at the boarding house
when Jose Albert left the city.
Rizal loved his own native language. He was the first to advocate the Filipinization of its
orthography. As an example the Tagalog letters k and w should be used instead of the Spanish c
and o.
Rizal received news that the Filipinos in Spain were destroying the good image of their nation y
gambling too much. He wrote a letter to the Filipinos in Spain and the gambling Filipino and the
gambling Filipinos in Madrid were angry when they learned of Rizals moralizing.
Rizal also received letters from home that worries him. The Calamba agrarian trouble was
getting worse. The management of the Dominican hacienda continually raised the land rents.
In the face of the sufferings which afflicted his family, Rizal planned to go home. He could not
stay in Brussels writing a book while his family was being persecuted.
Rizal ignored the warning of his friends and did not change his plans.
But there are some things that cheered Rizals life. One was the summertime festival of Belgium.
Second was his romance with Petite Jacoby, the pretty niece of his landladies.
Rizals life in Madrid could be described as full of misfortunes. In August 1890, Rizal arrived in
Madrid. He tried all legal means to seek justice for his family and the Calamba tenants, but to no
avail. Also, Leonor Rivera married a British engineer.
Rizal sought the help of the Filipino colony to protest the injustices of the Dominicans against
the Calamba folks. More terrible news reached Rizal in Madrid, his brother-in-law; Silvestre
received a copy of eviction order by the Dominicans. He also learned of the deportation of
Paciano, Antonio, Silvestre, Teong and Dandoy to Mindoro. He further learned from Saturninas
letter that their parents had been forcibly ejected from their home.
Adding to his misfortunes was the death of Jose Panganibanhis co-worker in the Propaganda
Rizal almost had a duel with Antonio Luna when Luna was saying unsavory remarks about
Nellie. Rizal heard him and challenged him into a duel. But later on, they realized that their duel
would damage their cause in Spain.

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