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Wel come to BSA.

June 11, 2014

Exhibiting on Boat Show Avenue - How to Join
Boat Show Avenue + 360 VR Immersive Presentations

Prestige Vision Mountain Vista Drive Nanaimo, British Columbia V9T 6S4 T +1 843 267 9438 F +1 250 585 2627
Date 06/12/14
In the last 5 years, weve assisted in the marketing efforts that went to sell over 3.5 billion
dollars of boats and private jets traveling to hundreds of trade shows on 5 continents.
Todays consumer is more demanding. Boat show attendance has been down globally and
the internet and your website have quickly become the new place for you to educate your
customers. Immersive Presentations are now a requirement if your customers are
shopping for your boats online.
Additionally, we have been working hard for 2 years creating Boat Show Avenue (BSA) to
promote boating, boat builders, and the marine industry.
All the best,
Bryan Dauterman, Boat Show Avenue
Mountain Vista Drive
Nanaimo, BC V9T 6S4
T +1 250 585 2628
Boat Show Avenue
What is Boat Show Avenue?
Boat Show Avenue (BSA) is a trusted global boating
community. Our mission is to support the marine industry and
provide the worlds largest online boat show. We encourage
and promote shipyards and help consumers follow the
industry and make educated buying decisions. Join 250+
boat builders exhibiting on Boat Show Avenue
How can Boat Show Avenue help me?
Everyone wants to get on-board your boats. The more you show
them your boats the better chance you will have to sell it. The rst
step is to create 360 VRs. Once you have those you can exhibit
your boats on BSA. Once your boats and company are listed we
work hard to promote your boats to the fastest growing boating
community in the world.
Do you want to expand your reach?
Facebook Marketing to a targeted community (BSA Facebook)
BSA Promotion at every major boat show in the world
Access to the largest online boat show
Get access to our Blog where we share valuable tips weve
learned from talking with industry experts world-wide
Benefi ts
How can we use the 360 VR?
Use your VRs on multiple media channels such as email, newsletters, ofine presentations, mobile devices, print and
press with QR codes, social media and other listing sites, even at trade shows.
Walk clients through your boats from the palm of your hand. Trafc on the world mobiles network is predicted to increase
30 times by 2015!
Increase brokers lead generation and automatically pre-qualify leads
Allow brokers and potential clients to preview the entire boat online 24/7
Shorten sales cycles, increase sales and customer service
Engage viewers and create an emotional experience
Create awareness and share (web, email, newsletter, social media, press release, print
Watch Video Testimonials from our clients
How to get started
To create high quality Immersive Presentations of your eet. We will take unlimited pho-
tos providing a complete walk-though all areas of your boats. The project will consist of
3 phases. Gathering the photography assets, post production photo editing, and pro-
We will begin by taking Unlimited HDR Spherical photography showcasing the interior/
exterior and technical areas of each boat. We will then clean each photo and design a
custom interface, interactive Navigation, map integration, and help/navigation menu.
The nished project will include still photo pop-ups, ofine les, gyro navigation, on-site
styling assistance, web integration, still feature photos, and photo re-touching. In
addition to exhibiting on Boat Show Avenue, you also will have full use of the 360 VR to
use for personal marketing campaigns outside of BSA, including website, email
marketing, trade-show booths, social media, and more.
Photography Shooting
Assuming the boats are clean, tidy, staged, and ready to shoot the actual photography
shoot should take around 1 hour per boat to complete.
Post Production
Photo editing will be done of each photograph in our post production lab. Once the
photos are produced to the highest quality, we begin the design and creation of the VR
Immersive Presentation.
In order to complete the project we will need:
I. Still photography for the loading page of the VR
II. Font type of the website
III. Company logo
IV. Floor plan / Layout for Radar Navigation
Continental III | View Project
XO 270 RS | View Project
Contender 39 | View Project
Cobalt A40 | View Project
Contact I nformati on
We have traveled to over 50 aircraft shows and 150 yacht shows in the last 5 years and built relationships with clients like
Cobalt Boats, Sea Ray, Lurssen, Boston Whaler and 200+ more. Operating on 5 continents with a worldwide team of
graphic designers, professional boat photographers, and programming labs - our passion is the marine industry. If you
have any questions you can reach us here.
Prestige Vision Inc. & Boat Show Avenue
2079 Mountain Vista Drive
Nanaimo, BC V9T 6S4