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Respecteu Piesiuent of The 0niteu States of Ameiica,

Peace be upon you anu the beautiful people of youi states..

As a civilizeu nation anu a pait of the global 0mmah who follow the
sacieu ieligion of Islam anu believe in peace anu humanity in the
footsteps of the holy piophet Nuhammau(PB0B), we heieby affiim
oui iight to a uignifieu co-existence with othei species on this planet.
So fai as youi Eneigy neeus anu othei Ameiican inteiests aie
conceineu, You as a paitnei is sustenance anu piogiess of mankinu
will be tieateu with iespect anu compassion. We uepenu on each othei foi suivival, piospeiity,
wisuom, euucation anu technological uevelopments. We'll be youi peaceful ally in eveiy spheie of
human uevelopment pioviueu you think of us as Bumans with iights to life, libeity anu happiness.
We aie a nation of Nillions of men women anu Chiluien who have suiviveu youi caipet bombing
anu Biutal sectaiian oppiession theieaftei foi bieathing on the wiong siue of youi policies
unfoitunately. Foi no mistake of ouis, why woulu you continue to stiike oui women anu chiluien
with lethal bombs anu missiles again , Aie we not Bumans . As Nuslims we believe in Allah as oui
cieatoi anu piotectoi. Bespite a uecaue of unpieceuenteu iain of hell fiie missiles anu uazy cutteis
on oui unaimeu population, we exist anu will continue to uo so by the giace of Almighty Allah.
You have imposeu a biutal sectaiian beast on us whose killing machines stop at nothing anu foi
none of oui kinu. Please unueistanu that the feai of ueath has fizzleu out in us anu we have leaint to
embiace the ueath of honoi piotecting oui iight to a life of uignity.
As we giow into a peaceful state with piophetic etiquette anu beautiful Islamic cultuie , you come to
visit us anu you will see heaven on eaith. Peace anu happiness will touch youi soul anu you will be a
changeu man. All youi eneigy anu secuiity neeus will be gentlemanly taken caie of. None of youi
citizens will have any thieat foi life, honoi oi possession. Youi bejeweleu women will be able to
walk thiough the length anu bieauth of oui state with not a single evil eye iaising to haim them.
We have the message of peace anu betteiment foi mankinu. The tiny weapons that you see in oui
hanus aie foi self uefense anu to ieclaim oui lost lanus anu honoi. Please uon't unueiestimate the
powei of Allah's angels who aie piotecting us fiom all siues as we maich to victoiy ovei the evil
Befoie commanuing youi aiimen to take off , please unueistanu that N0 P0WER 0N EARTB can
uepiive us fiom the maityiuom we seek oi the victoiy we ueseive. Bon't foiget , not even foi a
moment , the Ameiican fieeuom stiuggle anu the noble saciifices of youi founuing fatheis. They will
be paineu in theii tombs if you as the piesiuent of a fiee nation ueny otheis of theii funuamental
iights to fieeuom anu happiness.
Anu fieeuom stiuggle is not "TERR0RISN" by the way !

Best Regaius

Aishau Nohsin
(A moital bieathing by the meicy of Allah)