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Written by : victoria_elouise_richard@yahoo.

There have been many attempts to make sex rules for D&D 3.5/OGL. This is
my attempt. The central concept is D&D is base aroun combat! so "hy not
use the abstraction create for combat! for sex instea# There are strikin$
similarities that make the rules easily e%uatable! "ithout too much aaptation.
The rules are almost efinitely not perfect. They have not been teste. There
may be enormous problems that have been entirely overlooke. &opefully
people may en'oy the rea re$arless! an sen feeback! "hich "oul be
very appreciate.
The (ook is far from complete! so ieas an input are also "elcome.
)ventually it "ill *hopefully+ inclue ,resti$e -lasses! .pells! /eats! .kills an
)%uipment. The layout! esi$n an ho" the rules are phrase are also "orthy
of further eits an clarification all of "hich are "elcome su$$estions.
/inally! these rules are for those "ho can unerstan "hat fantasy an role0
play mean. These rules are not esi$ne to fully encapsulate or simulate real
sexual encounters. Those "ho cannot istin$uish a $ame from reality
shouln1t rea further! or you "ill presumably be offene.
Thank you for reading!
Sex Basics - Pleasure
&avin$ sex uses similar rules to combat. Tryin$ to brin$ your partner to
or$asm re%uires Pleasure Rolls *ientical to attack rolls+ that $ive Pleasure
Points. 2 "illin$ *or helpless+ is0robe or nue character has an A o! "#
a$ainst these rolls. 3n any other circumstances! a character has "hatever 2-
bonuses they "oul usually have in combat! incluin$ 2rmor (onuses.
,leasure ,oints represent physical pleasure! an the sensation of pleasure
lasts for as lon$ as the ,leasure ,oints remain. 4akin$ these rolls is
consiere a /ull 5oun 2ction provokin$ 2oO.
The follo"in$ table is a comparison of pleasurable activities *"hat the total
,leasure ,oints receive e%uates to+.
Table 1:1
Pleasure Points $total% &'uivalent Pleasurable Sensation
6 An Embrace. Caress. Comfy Bed. Warm Bath. Beautiful Fragrance.
703 Passionate Kisses. Groping. Lustful Grinding. nto!ication.
809 "asturbation. #light Penetration. Erotic "assage.
6:08: Penetrati$e or %ral #e!. #trong Pain&illers.
860;: Perfect #e!. 'eciprocated Lo$e. Ecstasy.
;6099 Edge of %rgasm. "eth(. 'eligious )oy.
6::< *eroin(. %rgasm((. Life changing Epiphany.
= 2t these levels the ,leasure can become aictive! as per the compare Dru$.
== 2 normal Or$asm is the e%uivalent of only a fe" rouns of this level of ,oints 0sustainin$ this level of
pleasure "ithout normal or$asm results in constant or$asmic0level pleasure.
Sex Basics -&'ui(ment
>hen makin$ ,leasure 5olls a character oes not *obviously+ use combat
"eapons. 2 character can use a variety of ifferent ob'ects esi$ne for
$ivin$ sexual pleasure! but usually they "ill use their hans! lips! breasts an
$enitals to create pleasure. ?sin$ your boy in this fashion means you "ill o
")* + Str,)ex -odi!ier *"hichever is hi$her+ (er success!ul Pleasure
.ome creatures may have natural "eapons that can be extremely aept at
creatin$ pleasure *multiple tentacles or mouths+! an the D4 mi$ht ecie
that a creature can use them instea of normal ,leasure 5olls. 3f this is the
case! their natural "eapons o their normal ama$e as ,leasure ,oints
instea. This can be an extremely po"erful *an pleasurable@+ tactic.
Further e+uipment used for se! ,ill be co$ered in later edits of this document
Sex Basics -)uration
2 characters onstitution 4oifier ictates ho" lon$ they can last urin$
sex! ho" much ,leasure they can take before Or$asm! but also ho" ifficult
it is to achieve Or$asm. 2 character can only be sub.ect to Pleasure Rolls
once every /on -od x 01 -inutes2 3ith a minimum o! " -inute.
2 (arbarian "ith 7: -on "ill only be sub'ecte to ,leasure 5olls from his
partner once every 6: minutes. &is partner! a .lave Girl "ith A -on! "ill
receive ,leasure 5olls every minute.
.he mi$ht Or$asm many times! or even be unable to continue! before the
(arbarian achieves satisfaction. &e may nee multiple partners@
,leasure rolls are mae a!ter s(endin4 the re'uired number o! rounds
only on havin4 sex.
Sex Basics -Wor5in4 Solo
Any (enetratin4 character can elect to tar4et themselves 3ith their
Pleasure Rolls durin4 sex instead o! their (enetrated (artner. This
other"ise follo"s the same rules as normalB the character is electin$ to be
selfish an en'oy themselves rather than make the experience pleasurable for
their partner. They can still be sub'ecte to ,leasure 5olls from their ,artner
in aition to their o"n rolls.
2 character can 4asturbate by makin$ ,leasure 5olls tar$etin$ themselves!
as "ell as performin$ the associate physical activity! "ithout the involvement
of a partner.
.ome characters mi$ht be un"illin$! helpless or other"ise unable to make
,leasure 5olls tar$etin$ their partner *for example! if they are in bona$e+. 3n
this situation! your partner makes ,leasure 5olls tar$etin$ you *or
themselves+ as normal! an you1re unable to make ,leasure 5olls. Choosing
to not ma5e Pleasure Rolls is e'uivalent to bein4 an un3illin4 (artner2
and is there!ore Ra(e.
Sex Basics - Arousal
2ny character "ho receives ,leasure ,oints must make a Will Save! "ith a
) e'ual to the "# + Pleasure Points dealt. 4ultiple ,leasure 5olls from
havin$ a hi$h (2( tri$$er multiple saves from each ,leasure 5oll.
/ailin$ an Arousal Save means the character has respone physically
an/or psycholo$ically to the pleasure they have receive. This results in
males becomin$ erect! for example.
)ach time a save is faile! a character is sub'ect to the result inicate by the
follo"in$ table! an all applicable hi$her results. I! you are at the maximum
de4ree o! !ailure2 no !urther rolls are needed.
Table 1:2
)e4ree o!
Results o! a 6ailed Will Save
/aile -he pleasure recei$ed causes the character to respond physically. though it may only be
noticeable as a slight ad/ustment or a bite of a bottom lip.
-ales become &rect2 Women become Wet. haracters are 7Aroused89.
08 0isibly flustered. breathing hea$ily and red faced. it1s no, e!tremely difficult to hide your
gro,ing lust.
An o((osed Blu!! chec5 is re'uired to dis4uise your arousal.
0A 2ou find yourself unable to concentrate or perform tas&s. as intrusi$e se!ual thoughts
enter your mind. images of you ta&ing ,hat you ,ant or submitting to others.
haracters are considered 7Wanton8==
067 2our need is so strong is difficult to resist se!ual suggestions.
haracters may ma5e o((osed Blu!! or Intimidate hec5s to com(el you to
(er!orm Sex Actions that are not a4ainst your sexual nature.
06C 2ou can1t thin& about anything but se! right no,. o$ercome ,ith lustful pleasure. you
can1t help but beg. scream and moan for se!.
haracters are considered 7Shameless8999
07: 2ou1re helplessly lost in need. desiring se!ual pleasure so completely but unable to do
anything but mindlessly grope and pa, at those around you.
haracters in this state o! arousal are :el(less and ta5e -* to all Will Saves.
Roll to on!irm. ;ain a Sexual 6etish based u(on the context o! your arousal2 as
3ell as the result o! the roll to con!irm. an only occur once (er sexual encounter.
= 2s D.hakenE00 except ne$ative moifiers o not apply to .ex 2ctions
== 2s D/ri$hteneE00 except -haracters must ma5e Sex Actions tar$etin$ themselves or the sub'ect of
their 2rousal if unable to 6lee *or fi$ht "hen cornere+.
=== 2s D,anickeE00 except -haracters can only -asturbate2 unless currently havin$ sex.
Sex Actions
-here are many actions that can be considered se!ual or erotic 3 ho,e$er a 4#e! Action5
is defined as any action that ,ill directly lead to the se!ual fulfilment or gratification of a
character. -hese include Pleasure 'olls and "asturbation. but are not limited to this.
"any #&ill chec&s 6Bluff. 7iplomacy. ntimidate. #ense "oti$e. Perform etc8 might be
used to identify and seduce a potential partner. Any action ta&e ,ith the e!press purpose
of causing a character 6not /ust yourself8 to achie$e se!ual satisfaction is a #e! Action.
Sex Basics - om(atibility
Tryin$ to express the ifferent physical an sexual compatibility of every
creature "oul be an enormously complicate process. 3nstea! a common
sense approach is best. Four D4 shoul ecie for each couplin$ "hether or
not a creature can roll to pleasure another.
Do not assume that a creature unerstans humanoi sex! or even has sex!
much less a esire to pleasure others. &o"ever in a /antasy "orl of spells
an shape0chan$in$! it is possible you mi$ht have a partner that is an
unusual creature type.
>hat a specific creature oes "hen it is arouse! ho" it pleasures itself or
others an "hat it consiers sex0is o"n to the D4 alone to ecie.
Sex Basics - <r4asm
When you ta5e more Pleasure Points than your maximum :P you
immediately <r4asm. >hile or$asmin$ you are Stunned an take -* to all
Will Saves.
Four or$asm *or or$asms+ lasts one round !or every " Pleasure Point you
have ta5en over your maximum :P.
A!ter you have s(ent /onstitution -od x -inutes1 *minimum 6 minute+ in
a state o! <r4asm $or at over "## Pleasure Points% you are &xhausted.
&very /on -od x Rounds1 *minimum 6 5oun+ a!ter that you remain in
<r4asmic Pleasure you ta5e " Wisdom )ama4e. =hese minutes need
not be consecutive2 and reset a!ter > hours rest. Wisdom )ama4e heals
at " Point (er :our.
.o lon$ as a character is not also or$asmin$! they can continue to make
,leasure 5olls "hilst another character Or$asms. This can! "ith $reat skill!
mean that or$asms can be extene almost inefinitely.
Sex Basics ? Recovery
2fter you have Or$asme your Pleasure Points dro( to 0 i! male2 and * i!
Other"ise! you lose a ,leasure ,oint every round you are no lon4er
en4a4ed in any sexual activity.
Advanced Sex ? Stamina
)very hour spent havin$ sex re%uires a 6ortitude Save. 6ailure means the
haracter is 6ati4ued. 2ny further failures *after a secon hour+ causes the
character to become &xhausted.
)xhauste -haracters can no lon4er ma5e Pleasure Rolls2 but are still
consiere "illin$.
=he ) o! the 6ortitude Save "* /+ 0 !or every hour beyond the !irst1.
Advanced Sex ? Pleasure Point )R
.ome situations mi$ht reuce the potential pleasure one coul receive from
sex. The D4 may ecie ho" much ,leasure ,oint Dama$e 5euction is
suitable. This ama$e reuction is only a((licable to Pleasure Points2 and
other3ise 3or5s identically to normal )ama4e Reduction.
)R 0 G 9nattracti$e Partner. Bad #mells. 7istracted. 0irgin and Penetrated.
)R * G nappropriate #ituation. Painful Penetration
)R @ G Wounded. 7iseased. Frightened.
)R "# : 'ape. #e!ual 0iolence. Abuse.
)R +* !or each or4asm in the last "# minutes.
Alternati$ely. a 7" can decide that a character is unable to possibly e!perience any
pleasure from an acti$ity. n this case. they cannot gain any Pleasure Points.
Advanced Sex -6etishes
There are an enormous amount of /etishes! some are "ie an pervasive!
others are extremely narro" an specific. .ome characters $ain *or rather!
iscover+ fetishes "hen they have sex! other more unusual fetishes are part
of the character1s back$roun.
>henever a character1s specific /etish occurs or is experience! they must
ma5e a )"# Arousal Save2 3ith !ollo3in4 modi!iers. =hey must ma5e
this chec5 each hour they are ex(osed to it2 and 3henever
circumstance raise the ). <r4asm involvin4 the s(eci!ic 6etish
(revents any !urther saves !or @ hours. Sex Actions ta5en under this
Arousal must incor(orate the 6etish.
+2 DC f the Fetish is mentioned fa$ourably in con$ersation
+2 DC f the Fetish is being $isibly demonstrated 6e$en non:se!ually8
+2 DC f the Fetish is being $isibly incorporated into se!ual actions
+2 DC f in a situation ,here the Fetish can be en/oyed ,ithout embarrassment
+2 DC f the source of the Fetish is a,are of your interest in the Fetish
+2 DC f you ha$en1t e!perienced se!ual gratification from the Fetish in the last Wee&
+2 DC f you ha$e not fulfilled this Fetish before
+2 DC For each non:consecuti$e hour of e!posure this day
/or example! a character "ith a fetish for "earin$ hi$h heels mi$ht have to
make a D- 67 2rousal .ave upon onnin$ her heels *Demonstration+! make
a D- 68 .ave "hen her frien mentions they *look sexy */avourably
4entione+! then an increasin$ D-68<7 every hour she "ears them
Advanced Sex -Wantin4 to become Aroused
2 lot of the time you1 actually like to be arouse! an physically reay for
sex! "hen the opportunity presents itself. A character can elect to become
7Aroused8 a number o! times (er day e'ual to their onstitution
-odi!ier. <ther3ise2 a character must !ail an Arousal chec5 be!ore they
become (hysically aroused.
Advanced Sex -Aon-sexual Pleasure
2 character can still experience pleasure an Dhave sexE "ithout becomin$
arouse! but the pleasure they experience is lar$ely of a non0sexual nature!
an their part in the sex act is passive assistance to their partner. Their
,leasure ,oints mi$ht represent love an affection for their partner! for
Like"ise! one coul receive ,leasure ,oints in non0sexual "ays *like a
massa$e+ or from takin$ a Dru$.
I! you are not 7Aroused8 3hen your Pleasure Points are hi4her than
your maximum :P2 you do not <r4asm2 but instead !all into a dee(2
relaxin4 serenity that is other3ise identical. Bou do not Su!!er
exhaustion or Wisdom )ama4e.
0ironyca 6Elf Wi;ard <8 is being passionately &issed by her suitor. the dashing Kent
6*uman 'anger =8.
Kent has decided that he1s going to begin foreplay. and touches 0ironyca through her
dress. As 0ironyca has no Con "od. it only ta&es Kent one minute before he can ma&e a
Pleasure 'oll. *e ma&es t,o Pleasure 'olls. ,ith his >= 7e!terity these are made at ?@
and ?A. As 0ironyca isn1t na&ed. these ,ill ha$e to beat her Armor Bonus for her 'obes.
but luc&ily they do not add any AC bonus. so the AC is only >B. *e easily manages to
succeed ,ith both Pleasure 'olls and does >dA?< ,ith each. -his e+uals a C and a A.
0ironyca recei$es @ Pleasure Points and ma&es 7C>C D 7C>A Arousal #a$esE
-he pleasure she is feeling from being se!ually touched by Kent is heady. but she cannot
automatically become aroused because she has no Con "od. #he has a ?F to her Will
#a$e. and succeeds ,ith both chec&s. pre$enting her from becoming physically aroused.
While she is e!periencing pleasure from Kent1s touch. she1s too distracted ,ith her ,or& to
become physically aroused.
Luc&ily Kent can roll again after another minute. ha$ing lain 0ironyca on her bed and
begun to gi$e her oral pleasure. -his time he only hits ,ith one of his Pleasure 'olls. but it
does = Pleasure Points and 0ironyca fails her 7C >= Arousal #a$eE 0ironyca rolled a G.
meaning her total result ,as H. failing her sa$e by at least H points. 0ironyca becomes
physically ,et ,ith arousal. becoming ,anton and unable to hide her lusty desire.
0ironyca no, has >= Pleasure Points in total. ,hich is more than enough to bring her to
orgasm 6she has >> *P in total8. #he ,ill orgasm for C ,hole roundsE As she begins to
,rithe. Kent disrobes and penetrates her. electing to become automatically aroused. <B
#econds pass. and 0ironyca comes out of her orgasm. if she e!periences another li&e that
she1ll be fatiguedE <B #econds later Kent ma&es another Pleasure 'oll. this time he deals
an enormous >A Pleasure PointsE 0ironyca cannot fail her Arousal #a$es by an amount
that ,ould change her current Arousal. so she does not roll.
0ironyca has /ust orgasmed. so her Pleasure Points are at A already. #he has 7'A
because she has %rgasmed ,ithin the last >B minutes. -herefore she ta&es >B pleasure
points. going abo$e her ma!imum *P by <. and orgasming for another < roundsE
Four minutes into their lo$ema&ing. 0ironyca has come out of her second orgasm and can
finally ma&e a Pleasure 'oll targeting Kent. #he rolls to hit. /ust ma&es it. and does >dA?>
Pleasure Points. totalling G. Kent can ma&e another Pleasure 'oll. but this time elects to
ma&e himself the target. as he en/oys himself penetrating 0ironyca. *e hits ,ith both
Pleasure 'olls. does A and C Pleasure Points for a total of @. *e no, has to ma&e 7C >G.
7C >A and 7C >C Arousal #a$es. *e fails his first by eight. becoming Wanton and then
doesn1t need to roll the other t,o.
*e has >> Pleasure Points. no,here near close to his <H *PE But no, 0ironyca has A
Pleasure Points and 7' H. 0ironyca cannot gain any Pleasure Points from Kent1s ,or& for
the ne!t >B minutes. so they spend the H minutes fuc&ing each other. Kent electing to
target himself. and 0ironyca doing ,hat she can. Kent recei$es GG Pleasure Points from
his o,n ,or&. F from 0ironyca. -his puts him at AB Pleasure Points. and he orgasms
finally for C roundsE
As they both lie together for t,o minutes. their Pleasure Points drop to ;ero. As >B
minutes has passed since her %rgasm. 0ironyca goes ahead and masturbates for a fe,
rounds. becoming aroused and achie$ing another final %rgasm. lasting four rounds :
becoming fatigued in the processE As she has spent a minute total in orgasm this day.
e$ery further round does > Wisdom 7amage. #he orgasmed for t,o further rounds
beyond a minute. so she ta&es G Wisdom 7amageE
=heir lovema5in4 too5 "* minutes and she or4asmed C times2 him once.