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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathic medicine is a natural pharmaceutical science that uses

various plants, minerals or animals in very small dose to stimulate
the sick person's natural defenses.
Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on the Law of Similars. The
truth of this law has been verified experimentally and clinically for the last 200
In 1796 a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered a different
approach to the cure of the sick which he called homeopathy (from the Greek
words meanin !similar sufferin!", Law of Similar#
Like Hippocrates two thousand years earlier he realized that there
were two ways of treating ill health, the way of opposites and the
way of similars.
Homeopathy is a system of medicine $ased on the o$servation that hih
doses of pharmacoloically active su$stances cause symptoms when
administered to healthy individuals# %hese same su$stances, when prepared
in very dilute form, relieve similar symptoms in conditions resultin from
different etioloies#
he medicines are individually chosen for their a$ility to cause in
overdose the similar symptoms the person is e&periencin# 'Homoios' in
Greek means similar and 'pathos' means disease # Since one!s symptoms are
actually efforts of the oranism to reesta$lish homeostasis or $alance, it is
loical to seek a su$stance that would, in overdose, cause the similar
symptoms the person is e&periencin#
%he medicines, thus, o with, rather than aainst, the person!s natural
(nlike dietary supplements, homeopathic drus are su$)ect to the *ood,
+ru, and ,osmetic -ct and reulations issued $y *+-#

How to start homeopathic treatment?
Homeopathy is an effective and scientific system of healing which
assists the natural tendency of the !ody to heal itself# It reconises
that all symptoms of ill health are e&pressions of disharmony within the
whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment not the disease#

What are homeopathic remedies?
%he remedies which homeopaths use come from many different sources#
.ost are derived from plants, $ut minerals, metals and some poisons which
have $een used medicinally for enerations, are also used# %here are more
than /011 different remedies#
-fter initial preparation of the raw material the remedies are made $y serial
dilution and succussion(viorous shakin" in a solution of alcohol and water#
%his is done a few (three to four" times or up to many thousands of times#
%he li2uid dilution is then used itself as a remedy or soaked into ta$lets or
ranules for convenience#
%he diluted remedies are descri$ed as $ein !potenti3ed!, in reconition of the
dynamic healin power they can stimulate#

How does homeopathic remedy work?
*re2uently the dilution is so reat that no chemical trace of the oriinal
su$stance remains $ut, if no chemical trace remains, how do the remedies
- precise answer is likely to $e found outside the chemistry la$oratory in the
field of physics, especially electro5manetism# %he process of dilution and
succussion apparently imprints the characteristic enery pattern, or
$lueprint, of the oriinal su$stance onto the water in which it is diluted# %his
may $e likened to the transmission of television sinals, where the oriinal
scene is converted into an electro5manetic enery pattern (a sinal" which
can then $e $roadcast to your receiver#
%here is a$undant proof that the remedies do work $ut homeopaths and
scientists have yet to discover e&actly why they work#
- homeopathic remedy acts as a sinal which eneri3es or stimulates the
$ody!s self5healin powers,mo$ili3in the defense systems and workin on
the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the $ody#

What does "minimal dose "mean?
Homeopathy is entle and su$tle, or the principle of the minimum dose
In homeopathy, usually only one remedy (or sinal" is used at a time# 6ust as
a television reproduces only the prorammer to which it is tuned, so a sick
person is very sensitive to, or !tuned5in! to, the correct remedy and only a
minute stimulus from the riht sinal (or remedy" is re2uired#
%his is sometimes called the principle of the minimum dose# %he idea is to
cure with the minimum amount of medicine and the minimum of
It is the $ody!s enery which is influenced rather than its chemical $alance,
and the remedies do not cause side effects, as there is no chemical trace to
accumulate in the $ody!s tissues#
*or the same reasons it is not possi$le to take an overdose of homeopathic
medicine in the same way as in orthodo& medicine (orthodo& medicine works
on a chemical level"#
Homeopathic medicines are not therefore intrinsically danerous#
7onetheless, they are clearly capa$le of stimulatin the $ody!s reactive
forces powerfully and should $e treated with respect#

#re there any side effects to Homeopathy medicines?
Homeopathic remedies cannot cause side effects and you cannot $ecome
addicted to them#
%his is $ecause only a very minute amount of the active inredient is used in
a specially prepared form# 8our homeopath will ive you a homeopathic
medicine or remedy which matches your symptoms as you e&perience them#
%his also takes account of you as a person 5 your individual characteristics
emotionally as well as physically

How are the remedies prescri!ed?
%he selection of any homeopathic remedy is made on the totality of the
symptoms presented $y the patient# Any remedy may $e used
for any condition if the symptoms enerated $y the the remedy match the
symptoms e&perienced $y the patient#
9emedies may $e prescri$ed in a num$er of different strenths, or potencies
as they are called#
%he lower potencies have $een su$)ected to less dilution and succussion than
the hiher ones and are not, $roadly speakin, as powerful and lon5lastin
in their effects# It is the low potencies such as the si&th (e## -rnica 6" which
are to $e found on sale in many chemists and health food shops#
Hih potency remedies are usually prescri$ed $y e&perienced 2ualified
homeopaths and has a powerful and lon5lastin in their effects#
9emedies can also $e prescri$ed in different ways#
Sometimes they are iven as a sinle dose in a hih potency ,when it is
likely that homeopath and patient will wait for a period of weeks to see the
patient!s response#
- remedy can also $e iven in a lower potency, sinly or repeated daily or
more fre2uently# %he homeopath will choose the method to suit the patient
and the nature of the illness# *or instance, a person who has $een ill for a
lon time and whose $ody has $een physically damaed may need repeated
doses of a remedy to stimulate the re5cuperative powers#
- youn and $asically healthy person may respond very 2uickly to a
sinle hih potency remedy# Individual patients also respond $etter to some
methods than others: understandin this is part of the skill of the homeopath
and e&plains why attempts to prescri$e for oneself may prove ineffective

What your Homeopath $hysician need to know a!out you?
%he patient may not reali3e the relevance of some of the 2uestions $ein
It may appear that the homeopath is interested in matters which have little
to do with the particular complaint a$out which the patient is most
concerned# Homeopaths understand that symptoms of illness are evidence of
the $ody!s natural and automatic efforts to heal itself and these clues are
used to uide them when prescri$in a homeopathic remedy#
- detailed understandin of who you are, alon with
any complaints and details of how you e&perience them, is needed to assess
your case correctly# So anythin you can tell your homeopath that is typical
of who you are (personality traits, character" will help this process# *indin
out a$out your eneral enery level, your past medical history and the way
you live are also important to clear understandin of the whole picture of the
patient!s state of health#

-nythin you say will $e treated in the strictest confidence#

What will the treatment !e like?
8our homeopath will ive you a homeopathic remedy, usually in the form of
a ta!lets , pellets, occasionally as powders, which should $e allowed to
dissolve in your mouth: or you may $e iven ali%uid remedy with
7othin else should $e put in the mouth for ;1 minutes $efore or after takin
the ta$let, not even toothpaste or ciarettes# 8our homeopath will usually
advise you to avoid coffee, peppermint and preparations containin menthol,
eucalyptus and camphor, as these can interfere with the action of the
homeopathic remedy# +o make sure that you understand the instructions
$efore you leave#
If you are iven homeopathic remedies to take at a later date $e sure to
store them in a cool dark place, away from anythin with a stron smell#
If you travel try to avoid puttin the remedies throuh the <5ray scanner#
=lease tell your homeopath a$out any medicine or supplement that has $een
prescri$ed for you $y your doctor or that you take reularly# -lso mention
any recent or immediate dental treatment# %hese may possi$ly interfere with
your homeopathic prescription#
If you are takin a homeopathic remedy and you feel that you need to take
additional medication 5 consult with your homeopath to discuss how this
miht affect your homeopathic treatment# 8our homeopath can ive first5aid
advice, if necessary# If you develop a cold, headache, or any symptoms that
concern you, please discuss them with your homeopath#

&an Homeopathic remedies !e used alongside to conventional
It is possi$le to take them toether, thouh the homeopathic medicines often
work fast and well enouh that the person does not need to take
conventional drus# Some conventional medicines, however, are so stron
that they inhi$it any action of the homeopathic medicine# In such situations
the individual must decide if he or she wishes to use the conventional or
homeopathic medicine

What will happen once treatment starts?
-fter takin your remedy you may notice some chanes#>ecause
Homeopathy cures from the inside to outside direction some purin
symptoms can appear#
Some patients e&perience a period of e&ceptional well $ein and optimism#
Sometimes your symptoms can appear to et worse for a short time# %his is
a ood sin that the remedy is takin effect# Sometimes a cold, rash or some
form of dischare may appear as a !sprin cleanin! effect which means your
system is oin throuh a clearin out stae#
Similarly, old symptoms can reappear, usually for a short period# %hese
symptoms will pass, and must not $e treated as they are a very important
part of the healin process#
If any response to your treatment concerns you, do contact your homeopath
as soon as you can, as it is important to know what happens as treatment
proresses# 8ou miht also want to make notes of any chanes and take
them with you to discuss at your ne&t

How long does treatment take ?
%he treatment time depends on the nature and severity of the case# (sually
acute cases respond earlier whereas chronic cases take time
So it is not realistic for your homeopath to assess this until it can $e seen
how you respond to the remedies prescri$ed over some time# It is possi$le to
say that a slowly developin complaint, or one that has $een e&perienced for
some years, will not disappear immediately althouh there may $e a
response and some improvement 2uite soon# ?ther acute complaints may
et $etter more 2uickly#
Homeopathy cures from the inside, and often outer symptoms such
as a skin complaint, are the last to clear. 'e patient( )n the long term
it is much !etter for you to !e cured of !oth the cause of your illness
and its symptoms, rather than merely relieving or suppressing the
symptoms# 9emem$er that every case is different, and no two patients are

How to take homeopathic medicine?
It is very simple# 7o $ad tastes, no lare 2uantities# Generally, it is taken in
the followin manner#
If your medicine is in the shape of ta!lets or powder, it should $e
dissolved under the tonue in a clean mouth#
If your medicine is in the shape of drops, it should $e taken in a$out
1@/ cup of plain water#
It is prefera$le to have a mouthwash with plain water $efore takin
the medicine, especially if you are a smoker#
-void# smokin, eatin or drinkin any thin (e&cept plain water if
necessary" soon after takin the medicine should $e
Homeopathic medicine shouldnAt $e taken less than *+ minutes
!efore meals or an hour after.
%ry to avoid touchin the ta$lets $y hand#
What precautions should ) have during the Homeopathic treatment?
Homeopathic medicines are 2uite effective $ut there are some precautions
that should $e taken for $etter results#
Generally, any thin that contains ,affeine, ,oca (e## ,oca5,ola", .enthol,
,amphor, Bucalyptus, =eppermint, e&cessive Salt etc# should $e avoided
$ecause these may antidote the effects of some homeopathic medicines#
,offee is one item that should $e avoided in most of the cases#

How to store the Homeopathic medicines?
Homeopathic medicines have a lon storae life# If they are in the
form of li2uid, made in alcohol, the life will $e as much as the life of
alcohol# .other tinctures prepared in water have shorter shelf life#
Glass $ottles should not $e stored in stron liht# %hey must specially
$e kept away from sunliht#
Should $e kept away from stron smellin items like perfumes etc#
7ever store them in your kitchen (which has ma&imum variety of
smells"# Bven if the $ottle is airtiht, it should prefera$ly $e stored
It is not necessary to keep homeopathic medicines in a refrierator#
%hey should prefera$ly $e kept at normal room temperature#
-void placin them near a %C set, computer, cell phone or other such
adet that emits rays# %he rays will damae the delicate nature of the
medicines and destroy their efficacy#
If you travel , avoid puttin the remedies throuh the &5ray scanner#
%he remedies can $e inactivated#

)s homeopathy the same as vaccination?
%he Daw of Similars (that which makes sick shall heal" principle of
homeopathy is often compared to vaccination#
,accines introduce a small amount of the weakened virus or $acterium
related to a disease into the $ody in order to raise the $ody!s immune
response aainst that disease#
However, homeopathy is 2uite different $ecause homeopathic remedies are
e&tremely diluted and therefore no diseased material ($ioloical or chemical
trace" is introduced into the $ody#
-nother fundamental difference is that a homeopathic prescription is
specific to that particular patient and stimulates the $ody!s immune system
to $e strenthened aainst all illness, not )ust a sinle disease#

What is individual prescription and individual response means?
-fter takin a homeopathic remedy, different patients respond in different
Ehile some feel an immediate sure of well5$ein such as they have rarely
felt $efore, others may suddenly feel very tired at first and need to rest for a
day or so $efore improvement 5 this often happens with patients who have
$een under stress and who really do need to stop and recover#
Sometimes the oriinal symptoms temporarily $ecome worse, or patients
may e&perience a $rief awareness of symptoms of illnesses they have had in
the past and from which they have not truly recovered#
-ll these reactions are indications that the remedy is workin and that a
process of self5healin has $eun# Sometimes these responses are 2uite
su$tle and may pass unnoticed, while at other times they can $e 2uite

What are self-healing powers?
Since medicine $ean it has $een reconi3ed that there is a capacity for self5
healin within the human oranism#
In acute illnesses such as colds, chicken po& etc#, the $ody naturally resists
infection and, in time, ets $etter throuh mo$ili3in its own defences,
helped $y rest, fresh air and the riht food#
In more lon5lastin chronic illnesses, such as repeated miraine or
depression, the $ody!s vitality is often too depleted to do this without
assistance# In these cases the riht remedy will stimulate the $ody!s self5
healin powers to start the process of cure#
?ver many years this self5healin power has $een iven various names in
different cultures# It has $een called prana in )ndia, chi in &hina and
the vital force in .urope# 9esearchers have attempted to locali3e it in what
is called, in modern medical terminology, the immune system# It is not
yet completely clear to anyone what e&actly it is in us that heals disease,
thouh we often see demonstrations of its power#

he potential of homeopathy
Health care everywhere is underoin reat chane as many people reali3e
that there is more to health than $ein physically fit and well fed# Innovative
techni2ues in surery and !miracle! drus improve many lives $ut continuin
chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, arthritis, cancer, alleries, emotional
and mental distur$ance, are the fate of many more# Homeopathy has a reat
deal to offer# With this different approach to illness, a homeopath can
often help patients with diseases generally considered incura!le !y
conventional medicine.

Homeopathy - medicine of the /0st century
Homeopathy also offers a method of maintainin health and preventin
illness# It is a su$tle $ut effective therapy that can correct small im$alances
lon $efore the appearance of the more serious symptoms which denote a
particular disease# It is not necessary for a homeopath to wait for a
conventional dianosis $efore treatment can commence# .uch illness can $e
!nipped in the $ud! and the patient swiftly restored to health $efore a more
serious disease appears#
=eople who have had homeopathic treatment enerally find that their state of
health and well5$ein has improved# hey are !etter a!le to resist
infection and have a greater sense of sta!ility and individual purpose
in life# %hese improvements surely are steps towards real health#