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HUDCO Trophy 2013

National Association of Students of Architecture

56th Annual NASA Convention
HUDCO Trophy 2013-14
A. Context
Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and
his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the
right tosecurity in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack
of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 25.1)
The access to decent shelter is one of the primary requirements for a dignified human existence. It
is a basic need which every individual aspires to achieve in his lifetime Rapid urbanisation in the last
decade has led to acute housing shortage in most of the urban centres of the country. As per the
Technical Group constituted on Urban Housing Shortage by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty
Alleviation, Government of India, the number of urban households not having access to housingin
the year 2012 is to the tune of 18.70million. This figure is expectedto grow manifold in the coming
years. HUDCO has very recently conceived the Rent-to-own Scheme for govt. employeesworking
in thepublic/government sector to achieve its vision of providing housing for all. Under the scheme
an agency can avail loan from HUDCO on behalf of its employees. The house is made available to
the employee initially on rental basis and the legal rights of the house is transferred to the employee
after he/she pays the full cost of the house to the agency.
B. Competition
While the financial contours of the Rent- to-own Scheme is being fine-tuned by HUDCO, the
conceiving of innovative group housing design solutions is another important area where
intervention is required. In this context the topic for this years NASA Competition has been firmed
up. Group Housing Design Solutionsis the topic for the NASA Competition for the year 2013.
C. Design Brief
Design Objectives
The overarching design objectives for the group housing scheme would be:
Innovative layout design that fosters meaningful community interaction while at the same
time promoting hygienic and safe living conditions.
Creation of public as well as private open spaces for recreational purposes.
Provision of easily accessible/walk ableamenities and facilities.
Creating layout plans where the service lines are optimal.
Unit Design
Functional, well lighted and ventilated unit design with segregation of dry and wet areas.
HUDCO Trophy 2013

National Association of Students of Architecture
56th Annual NASA Convention
HUDCO Trophy 2013-14
Innovative design for achieving energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Choice of City and Site locations
The choice of city for the proposed design could be any city or town with the population above
50,000 persons.
Census Class Population Size
Class II 50000-100000
Class I >1,00,000
Million Plus towns/cities 1,00,000-10,00,000
Mega Cities More than 10,00,000
The choice of the site could be :
Any site earmarked for residential landuse in the Master Plan/City Development Plan /Zonal
Plan of the Chosen city.
Plot size of area not less than 1hectare .
The Municipal Byelaws are to be referred for density, FAR, ground coverage etc.
NBC norms are to be followed for space standards.
Functional Requirements:
Accessibility:The site should be accessible and should have all trunk level infrastructure facilities.
Layout: The layout should have hierarchy of roads and open spaces. The amenities and public
facilities should be located centrally/strategically so that it is accessible from all units. The design
should meet the fire safety and rain water harvesting requirements as per the local byelaws.
Unit: The units are to be designed with provision for living space for a family of four to five
persons. The unit design should have a minimum of one bedroom set with a kitchen, separate WC
and bath/toilet and a balcony. Adequate provision is to be made in the layout for parking of two
and four wheelers.
Thecarpet area and the distribution of units should be as per the details given below:
Category Carpet Area Range (In
Number of DUs* (In %)
EWS 25-30 30
LIG 50-60 30
MIG 70-85 30
HUDCO Trophy 2013

National Association of Students of Architecture
56th Annual NASA Convention
HUDCO Trophy 2013-14
Commercial Units)
*DUs:Dwelling Units
D. Submission Details
The report shall give a complete overview of the project and shall clearly bear
the name/title of the project under consideration on the cover page.
It shall comprise of A4 size computer printouts/typed, limited to a maximum of20 pages, all
The cover page should bear the NASA logo as per NASA logo guidelines and the legend 55th
Annual NASA Convention
The report shall be necessarily hard bound in view of the aim to store them over a period of
2 copies of the report shall be submitted.
One copy shall be shown to the jury panel and shall thus not reveal the identity of the
collage in anyway. This copy will be returned to the respective college.
Documents required:
Site plan and layout plan
Concept plan, Plans, Elevations and Sections
Views, perspective and any other means may be used to explain the design proposal.
Scale of the drawings is at the discretion of the participating colleges. All entries must be
prepared using metric units of measurement.
One 8' X 4' panel will be provided.
Maximum number of sheets not be exceed 20 A2 (594 X 420 mm) sheets
HUDCO Trophy 2013

National Association of Students of Architecture
56th Annual NASA Convention
HUDCO Trophy 2013-14
This can be either in the single panel format, part panel format or a complete calendar
Single Panel
This mode of presentation requires the entire 8'X4' panel to be covered, which would be
considered equivalent to 12 A2 sheets.
Part Panel
This presentation has a 2/3rd panel format. A 2/3rd panel would be considered equivalent
to 8 A2 sheets, along with which a maximum 12 A2 sheets in a calendar and/or overlay
format is allowed.
Complete Calendar Format
This mode of presentation comprises of 20 A2 sheets arranged in a calendar format.
Each overlay would be considered as one A2 sheet irrespective of the size but should not
exceed A2 size.
No part of the presentation shall spill out of the 8'x4' panel.
All individual sheets and panels shall have the NASA logo as per NASA logo guidelines.
Scale models are not allowed.
2 copies of the CD containing the soft copy of the entire report along with the AV.
presentation must be submitted. One of these is for the NASA Headquarters and other will
be submitted to the host college for the AV presentation. The 2nd CD will be returned to the
respective college after the presentation.
Jury members shall shortlist the colleges for AV presentation. Time given for the short listed
entries shall not exceed 15 minutes. No college shall reveal its identity.
In AV Presentation, NASA logo as per NASA logo guidelines is mandatory.
Note: The identity/name of the participating college should NOT feature in any way on any
of the Report, Presentation sheets/AV presentation. All colleges are requested to adhere to
the mentioned specifications, failing which the entry will be disqualified.