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Mitchell Lising
Spanish- 3
20 May 2014
Super Smash Bros. Melee
"I won't let you escape!" Super Smash Bros. Melee es un juego de la familia, as como un
juego competitivo. La escena competitiva de cuerpo a cuerpo ha llevado a muchas personas de
todo el mundo para jugar en torneos y ganar dinero y exigir derechos para demostrar que eres el
mejor. Machacando se aprende el oficio. Ese trmino es muy mal entendido. Si quieres ser
perfecto hay que recordar: la prctica perfecta hace la perfeccin. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a
game created for the Gamecube that has brought many people together.
The creative master I chose is Joseph Marquez (known as Mango). Mango is a well
renowned player in the Smash community and has won many tournaments placing in the top
spots of 1
, 2
, and 3
. In the Melee scene he is known for playing mostly any character at a
competitive level. Mango uses many advanced tactics like wave dashing, tech rolling and many
more. The tournament he is known for winning is EVO 2013. Mango placed first in the World
Tournament of EVO 2013 and became more and more popular after becoming World Champion
of Super Smash Bros. Melee. I became aware of Mango because I had watched a prior
documentary of the game and its star players that had created the Smash community. He
exemplifies my passion because he makes the smash community smile because of playing the
game. This relates to my passion because I love to make people smile and I also love to play
Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Mango started off in his career as a nobody and has risen to the top of the leaderboards
because of that.Mango grew up in a ghetto neighborhood and learned how to play Melee through
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his friends. He was known as a natural at the game. Smashers who are willing to play against
him in tournaments are afraid to face him because he uses tactics that are very hard to counter
when paying against him. Mango takes control of the battlefield by getting inside the players
head and exploiting their weaknesses. By using this tactic he has won many tournaments because
of this. He is a renowned player because he has won many tournaments and climbed the Smash
Ladder. Mangos greatest achievement in his Smash career is winning EVO 2013. EVO is a
fighting game tournament in which many players fight for the first place spot in fame and the
title of world champion, as well as money. Mango has won this tournament defeating a fellow
friend in the Smash community named, Hungrybox in a 2-0 match. In the Grand Finals he has
won and placed first beating another Smasher named, Wobbles in a 3-1 match.
Mango was born in Mexico, but moved to Norwalk, California at a young age. Mango
now resides with his family in Ohio ranking 0 in the Ohio Melee Power Ranking. As a child he
grew up in a ghetto neighborhood learning from the streets and playing Melee as he grew up. He
is a very nice person and very thoughtful when you know him personally. He is also popular
because of his recklessness when he is at parties. At tournaments he outshines the rest of the
competitors through his game play and finesse. Because he grew up through friendships he
brought that to the Melee community and made many friends through his matches. Because he
was born in Mexico and his parents are Mexican he was taught how to speak Spanish and he
speaks it fluently.
A videogame created for the Gamecube brought many people from around the world
together. Mango proves that Melee can bring people together through tournaments and winning
matches to prove he is the best and seeing if people can beat him. People today look up to Joseph
Marquez because of his play style and perfection people strive for.
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