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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (OEM12c) is a complete centralized solution

geared towards management of Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion
Middleware, and Oracle Applications
As a compan! we are faced wit" performance c"allenges in managing our Oracle
databases OEM12c offered new features t"at can "elp us in been pro#acti$e in
managing oracle databases in our en$ironment %ome of t"e &e! benefits t"at we
can deri$e from upgrading to OEM12' are t"e abilit! to answer t"e (uestion of
)w"! it was performing well !esterda! but toda! it is running slow* b! utilizing
t"e compare period of automatic database diagnostic monitor (ADDM) +it" ,eal#
time ADDM we can able to determine w"! a database is running slow wit"out
"a$ing to reboot t"e ser$er or database %nap cloning is a feature t"at will "elp us
clone terab!tes of database in matter of minutes wit" less space t"an traditional
cloning As a compan! we are concerned wit" mo$ing prod data to de$elopment
and staging for testing and de$elopment purposes, t"e en"anced re$ersible data
mas&ing "a$e t"e capabilit! to detect and "ide sensiti$e information +it" t"e new
OEM12c, we will benefit from a new mec"anism for patc"ing in OEM 12c, &nown
as Out of Place Patching -"is is now t"e recommended met"od and creates a
new Oracle .ome, w"ic" is t"en patc"ed w"ile t"e pre$ious .ome is still
operational All t"is is done using an out#of#bo/ Deployment Poce!ue in
Enterprise Manager -"e tedious (uarterl! patc"ing procedure will be a t"ing of
t"e past wit" OEM12c automation of patc"ing procedures w"ic" is used in man!
organizations toda! to patc" t"eir Oracle databases and %er$ers For t"e first time
Oracle is offering upgrade of single# instance database $ia OEM12c
'omparing periods wit" ADDM will be a great tool t"at we can use to address t"e
performance issues we "ad wit" 'laims %!stem and 01 databases 1t ta&es us an
a$erage of 2 wee&s e$er! (uarter to patc" Oracle databases 3atc"ing automation
will significantl! reduce t"e patc"ing time and rollbac& (if needed) 1 recommend
upgrading to 12c since t"ere are lots of new features and en"ancement t"at we can
deri$e from it 'omparing between two periods, troubles"ooting "ung or slow
databases, en"anced customizable, eas! to read A+, browser wit" data useful for
long periods wit" new detailed top acti$it! page
1 recommend two s!stem approac"es for upgrade since it does not upgrade t"e
Management ,epositor! in t"e e/isting database, but upgrades t"e one in t"e
bac&ed up database, t"us enabling two Enterprise Manager %!stems to e/ist %ince
a new Enterprise Manager s!stem coe/ists wit" t"e old one, t"ere is no or near
zero downtime in$ol$ed -"e down side is t"at additional "ardware resource is
needed because it installs on a different "ost .owe$er after t"e new Enterprise
Manager is up and running we can uninstall t"e old enterprise manager and free t"e
ser$er for ot"er use
OEM#$C %eatue"
Compae Peio! Automatic Data&a"e Diagno"tic Monito 'ADDM( ) -"is feature will be
a useful tool in assisting us manage 'laim 'entre 3erformance issue +it"
compare period ADDM, we can answer )w"!* t"e (uer! t"at ran fast 2 da!s ago is
now slowing down 'ompare period ADDM will assist is in comparing
performance across an! two periods of time and determine t"e root cause of w"!
t"e performance was different t"an in t"e ot"er 'ompare 3eriod ADDM also
indicates w"et"er t"e two periods are comparable, for e/ample do t"e! "a$e
similar %45 wor&loads running in t"e same period, b! t"e use of t"e %45
'ommonalit! inde/ for t"e two periods
Real)time Automatic Data&a"e Diagno"tic Monito 'ADDM( ) is a feature t"at allows
automatic database performance anal!sis w"en we are unable to log into
t"e database because of "ung or performance issues -"is is possible
because t"e ,eal -ime ADDM uses direct connection to s!stem global area
(%6A) +it" t"is feature we can anal!zes current database performance
w"en t"e database is "anging or running slow +it" real time ADDM we
can identif! sources of se$ere contention, perform database time anal!sis to
detect top performance issues li&e %45, %ession etc
Re*e"i&le Data Ma"+ing
5ots of impro$ement in Data Mas&ing 1n OEM 6rid 'ontrol, t"e user could use
data mas&ing to create test en$ironments using production data and "ide data to
&eep t"e sensiti$e information from being read or understood, t"erefore protecting
it Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c "as impro$ed t"is capabilit! b! allowing t"e
data mas&ing process to be re$ersed OEM 12c mas&s t"e data using a format
pro$ided b! t"e use in t"e form of a regular e/pression -"is allows t"e
unmas&ing, or re$ersal, of t"e database so t"e data can be re$erted bac& to t"e
original Automatic disco$er! of sensiti$e data re(uires data mas&ing pac&
Data&a"e Cloning U"ing Snap Clone 7 On a mont"l! basis we do 5D5 load w"ereb!
we clone 013,D89 wit" 01%-689 -"is operation ta&es time and
consumes spaces OEM12c snap clone t"at ma&es use of storage cop!#on#
write ('o+) to ma&e copies of terab!tes database in :ust a few seconds
mig"t be of great "elp .owe$er Oracle mentioned it is more appropriate
for functional testing li&e de$elopers testing for bugs or 4A;s t"at need
access to large prod data Disad$antage is reduced benefits in case of
significant data c"anges
Plugin Achitectue) Oracle plugin arc"itecture for e/tensibilit! allow for updates
between releases wit"out "a$ing to wait for ne/t release of Enterprise Manager to
access t"e latest monitoring features for released products 3lug#ins is used for
connecti$it! to M! Oracle %upport, and e/tends monitoring and management
capabilit! to Enterprise Manager, w"ic" enable !ou to monitor a particular target
on a "ost 3lug#ins wor& in con:unction wit" Oracle Management %er$er (OM%)
and Management Agent to offer monitoring ser$ices, and t"erefore t"e! are
deplo!ed to t"e OM% as well as t"e Management Agent
Management Agent Enhancement") 1mpro$ed diagnosis capabilities allow !ou to
monitor Management Agents and recei$e warnings regarding Agent problems
-"is reduces t"e need to install diagnostic patc"es or to reproduce an Agent issue
1t also facilitates t"e monitoring and management of t"e "ealt" of t"e Enterprise
Manager instance itself, including<
%upport +or&benc" support
Distributed diagnostic patc"ing
Diagnostics =it integration
Administration of Management Agents as a group
Monitoring of 'loud 'ontrol component ser$ices suc" as :obs and
Data&a"e Cloning u"ing RMA, -ac+up) Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c pro$ides
abilit! to clone databases using ,MA> bac&ups t"roug" t"e self#ser$ice
portal -"is enables 'loud users w"o "a$e not in$ested in storage cloning
tec"nologies to create full clones of databases wit"in a few clic&s
Maintain Setting" fo &ac+up" an! file "y"tem) Enterprise Manager 'loud 'ontrol to
centrall! maintain settings for Oracle database and file s!stem bac&ups
Inci!ent Manage) -rac& and Manage 1ncidents?problems, Escalate, Assign,
'omments, Ac&nowledge, %ee 1ncident?problem Details
Chage -ac+ A!mini"tation) @sing t"is capabilit!, enterprises can reduce t"eir
capital e/penditures as well t"eir labor costs b! consolidating separate databases
and application ser$ers into a smaller consolidated set of s!stems
'ollects t"e metrics (metering if !ou will) of resource consumption ('3@,
Memor!, %torage) based on configuration or usage basis
abilit! to put metrics in place t"at allow t"e measurements of resource usage
3ro$ides us data t"at can be utilized as a resource planning tool
'onte/t#sensiti$e menus designed to reduce number of mouse clic&s to
'ustomizable .ome 3ages
%tored .istor! and Fa$orites
6lobal Menu
6lobal %earc"
Metic E/ten"ion"
E/tend Monitoring 'apabilities
'ustom Metrics wit" custom t"res"old
Allow full#fledged metrics for man! target t!pes
.osts, Databases, Fusion Applications, Oracle E/adata Databases and
%torage %er$ers, %iebel 'omponents, O01EE 'omponents
Upga!e Path"
One Sy"tem Appoach
'omplete cuto$er wit" "ig"er downtime
EM OM% and all agents upgraded at t"e same time, but wit" some downtime
0ot" pre#121 and 121 installations co#e/ist but onl! one of t"em will be
acti$e at an! gi$en point in time
Entire s!stem (agents, OM%, ,epositor!) gets upgraded ?migrated to 121
T0o Sy"tem Appoach
3"ased cuto$er wit" minimal downtime
@pgrade can be staggered o$er time, but t"is incurs minimal monitoring
0ot" pre#121 and 121 s!stems co#e/ist and be acti$e simultaneousl! until
all targets from Apre#121; are migrated to 121 s!stem in an orderl! fas"ion
121 s!stems will onl! contain 121 agents?targets
In"tallation Documentations
Oracle %upport# EM 12c ,2< .ow to 1nstall Enterprise Manager 'loud 'ontrol 121B2 using
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