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This Sunday at UUFW

This Sunday: June 15, 2014, 11:00 12:00

Journey to Pride
Presented by our honored guest speaker
Cutis Cannon

Join us for Coffee Hour from 10:00 to 11:00 prior to the service!
Our fully-staffed nursery is available for children 4 and under during the worship service from 10:45
until 12:00. Older children may leave the service is accompanied by a parent or guardian.

First Sundays Adult RE. In 2014, Bruce Allen is going to lead Adult RE from 9:45am to 10:40am on
the first Sunday of each month in 2014. We will meet in our newly refurbished sofa room. We are
going to start by using Marcus Borg's Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time to consider the
meaning of the life of Jesus of Nazareth (as understood from Dr. Borg's perspective on the historical
Jesus, rather than from the perspective of the Christ of faith from a traditional Christian perspective).
Of course, the goal of this venture is to see how a fresh perspective on Jesus relates to and possibly
enriches each of our unique UU faith journeys. If you have any questions, please email Bruce Allen at .

Meals on Wheels: Every Wednesday and Friday. POC: Cheryl Foster,
Wed, June 18
. UU Waco Board Meeting. 6:30 PM at the fellowship Board Room. POC: Mary
Cunningham, UU Waco president.
June 21 Vegetarian Potluck with Waco Vegetarians An informal potluck served cafeteria
style. You dont have to be a vegetarian to participate. Bring a dish to share, including a list of
ingredients or your recipe (so that those with special dietary needs can choose appropriately). This is
a wonderful time to socialize with like-minded individuals who are learning more about the health
benefits and affordability of eating more vegetables. 12:30 pm until 2:00 pm, Unitarian Universalist
Fellowship of Waco, 4209 N. 27th Street. For more information, please contact Sherrell Huff at , or visit the groups Facebook page.
June 22 Becoming UU Lay leader presentations and the path to membership! Join us for this
special adult religious education opportunity to learn more about UU, UUFW, and membership.
Whether youre new to UUFW or have been here for a while, this is a great opportunity to learn more,
ask questions, or refresh your memory. 9:45 to 10:45 AM.
Save the Date! Weve secured dates for our annual Habitat for Humanity build! It is going to be
October 11
. As in past years there will be a morning shift (8:30 AM 12:00 PM) and an afternoon
shift (1:00 PM 4:30 PM). Plan ahead and go ahead and sign up for a shift on the Habitat website at
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SAVE THE DATE for the next CRRC Quarterly Meeting!

The next event of the CRRC is our quarterly meeting on Thursday, July 24, 5:30 to 8:30 pm at
the parish hall at St. Alban's Episcopal Church at, 29th and Columbus. This has been our
most popular quarterly meeting for the last three years as the program is fun.

A Celebration of Cultures. Dinner is provided by the CRRC board and then you have an
opportunity to learn someone's life story and hear what they find most beautiful about their
culture, with an opportunity to ask questions about everything. This year we will have
Vietnamese, Filipino, Russian, African -American, Mexican-American, Persian, Native
American and Tongan. Don't miss this special night as we celebrate the beauty of the
diversity in our community.

SAVE THE DATE and call 836-4599 with any questions.

On Sunday morning and after times the kitchen area has been used:
Wash dishes, put away remaining food, clean counters, offer to take home soiled linen and dishcloths
for washing.

Sweep floor in the kitchen and around the tables in the social room where food has been served.

Look in the refrigerator for food that is beyond appetizing, throw it away.

Collect garbage and paper waste throughout the entire buildingnot just in the kitchen.

Check the calendar on the refrigerator to see if the week coming up is marked in blue. Blue weeks
are weeks when the trucks pick up recycling in Waco. If it is such a week, please roll out the recycling
along with the garbage.

Take out garbage to receptacle at the side of the building. Roll it to the street for pick up on Monday

Other Fellowship Rooms:
Please straighten or replace furniture that has been moved, check the rooms appearance before
leaving the room.

RE rooms: Please continue to clean up from activities, put away toys or supplies and straighten
furniture. Ask students to be part of the clean-up.

Sanctuary: Replace cover on the TV screen if it was removed. Straighten hymnals, recycle left over
Orders of Service

Our formal cleaning only occurs on the first Saturday of the month. If we all pitch in and keep the
place neat and clean our Fellowship will be a clean and orderly place for the enjoyment of all.

Claudia McLatcher,
House and Grounds Team
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Social Action Opportunities

June is LGBT Pride Month!
UUFW is proud to announce that we have an official Interweave chapter! Dont miss the Interweave
Pride Party on June 19
here at UUFW in the Fellowship Hall at 6:30 PM. On-site childcare will be
provided. Come enjoy traditional and vegetarian chili and sides. There will be a surprise presentation
honoring a Waco citizen whos done much for LGBTQ equality in our community. Future UUWaco
Interweave meetings will be hosted the first Thursday of each month and will involve various activities
such as movie viewings, discussions, and speakers.
For more information or to ask questions about our mission toward becoming a Welcoming
Congregation contact the team chairs: Carmen Saenz, or 254-292-
2040, and Marty Van Wagner.

June 21 Juneteenth Family Funday Time: Gates open at 3:00 PM, Event starts at 4:00 PM,
Location: Brazos Park East (MLK Blvd & Herring Ave) Booths, music performances, and
Sponsorships Available. For more information call 254.495.5556 or visit

June 19 CCA Shrimp Boil and Auction Come to the annual shrimp boil and auction to benefit
the Centex Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association of Texas. Along with delicious food,
there will be a raffle, silent auction, and live auction. The shrimp boil will take place at 6 pm at the
Waco Convention Center, 100 Washington Avenue. Tickets COST $75. For more information and
tickets call (254) 405-1300 or email Visit the Coastal Conservation Association
of Texas website at to learn more about how the CCA is helping to care for
Texas coastline ecology.

June 20 Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Sponsors International Soccer Match:
Chivas vs. America U20 7:30 at Waco ISD Stadium, 1401 S New Rd. Purchase tickets at
Hispanic Chamber Office, 915 LaSalle. General admission $16; $10 for adults over 65 and
children under 10. For more information call (254) 754-7111 or email

June 26 Community Movie Screening: Inequality for all Come out and enjoy a free community
screening of the new documentary, Inequality for All. In this film, UC Berkeley professor and noted
economic policy expert Robert Reich serves as narrator and explores economic inequality in the US.
The film interweaves economic theory and Reichs explanations with real-world stories of people from
across the economic spectrum. This film screening will be followed by a panel discussion of local
stakeholders, and attendees will be able to ask questions and engage in a community dialogue about
income in Waco. The film screening takes place from 4-6 PM at the Mayborn Museum, 1300 S.
University Parks in Waco. For questions contact: or 254.753.4593
(ext. 223) <FLYER>

July 14 Act Locally Waco Book Club Well be discussing The Righteous Mind: Why Good
People Are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt. 6:00 PM. Join us for a rousing
discussion! For more details email Ashley Thornton at .

*These are just a few social action opportunities borrowed from Visit the site today to see
more opportunities in our community!
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UUFW Directory
Your Guide to Leadership and Other Important Information at UUFW


The members of UUWaco covenant to be in right relations with one another, and our true covenant is
shown by our actions. Please feel free to speak with a board member if you have concerns about the
Fellowship. If your concern involves activities which are potentially unsafe or illegal, please contact a
member of the Board immediately.
Need help resolving a conflict at UU?
1. First, try to work it out respectfully with the person(s) in question.
2. If that fails, report the issue to the team lead in charge of the area (e.g., religious education,
social action, etc.).
3. If the conflict is still unresolved, report it to any member of the Board and request resolution via
the Right Relations Team.
4. The Board will create an ad hoc Right Relations Team (generally comprised of a small selection
of non-conflicted Board members) to review and respond to the issues raised. Non-board
members and/or outside persons may be included as appropriate.
5. Every effort will be made to create a Right Relations team agreeable to all parties.

2014 UUFW Leadership
The Leadership Roster has been finalized! Listed below are our board members, at-large
directors, and team leaders for 2014.

2014 Board of Directors
President - Mary Cunningham
President Elect - vacant
Secretary Shari Heino
Treasurer - Marty Van Wagner
ALD #1 - Joy Hayes-Gates
ALD #2- John Moody
ALD #3 - Becky Warren
Past-President - Bruce Allen

ALD #1 Team Chairs:
Adult Programs - Joy Hayes-Gates
RE Joy Hayes Gates
Worship - Kris Cervantes

ALD #2 Team Chairs:
Hospitality - Sherrell Huff
Membership - Joe Cunningham/Kris Cervantes

ALD #3 Team Chairs
Social Action - Becky Warren/Ashley Blinkhorn
Care Team - Marty Van Wagner
PR/Communication Joy Hayes-Gates

Reports to the Board:
House and Grounds - Lee Van Wagner/Joe
Finance - Jane Kittner
Ministerial Search Team - Kris Cervantes

Got a news item or announcement to share?
Send it by Wednesday at noon, at
Don't want to receive the weekly digest? Give us a heads-up and it's "as you wish" all the way.
Events and announcements should be brief (not in paragraph form). If further elaboration is necessary for a UUWaco
event, an article can be submitted to the website and a link will be provided from the weekly digest.