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Study for Consumer Preference for Branded Ice creams in

Ghazipur City
Submitted to
Veer Bahadur Sin#h Pur$ancha% Uni$ersity& !aunpur
In Partial Fulfillment of the requirement of the degree of
B'C(E)R * BUSI+ESS ',-I+IS"R'"I+
Su.mitted By/ Under the Super$ision of
Pooja Kushwaha Mrs. Fati Shafaat
BBA 4th Semester Senior Lecturer
Roll No. !4"##4$ %e&artment of Business Administration
"echnica% Education 4 Research Institute&
Post/Graduate Co%%e#e& Ra$indrapuri
Ghazipur 5 066112
'his is to certif( that Poo7a 8ush9aha &ursuin) BB' 3
from this *nstitute has &re&ared the sur+e( &roject re&ort entitled
*actoria% study for consumer preference for Branded Ice cream
In Ghazipur City in &artial fulfillment of the re,uirements of the
de)ree of Bache%or of Business 'dministration from Veer Bahadur Sin#h
Pur$ancha% Uni$ersity& !aunpur& for the session of 0126/23:
'his re&ort is based on sur+e( underta-en b( Poo7a 8ush9aha under
m( su&er+ision durin) the course of fourth semester and fulfills the
re,uirements of re)ulations relatin) to the nature and standard of
B:B:': course of V:B:S: Pur$ancha% Uni$ersity:
* recommend that this sur+e( &roject re&ort ma( be sent for e+aluation.
Rahu% 'nand Sin#h *ati Shafaat
Associate Professor. /ead0 Senior Lecturer
%e&t. of Business Administration %e&t. of Business Administration

*0 Poo7a 8ush9aha& hereb( declare that this sur+e( &roject re&ort
entitled *actoria% study for consumer preference for Ice cream In
Ghazipur City has been &re&ared b( me on the basis of sur+e( done
the course of m( fourth semester of BB' &ro)rammer under the
su&er+ision of -rs: *ati Shafaat& ;'ssistant Professor< ,epartment
of Business 'dministration& "ERI& Ghazipur:
'his sur+e( &roject re&ort is m( bona fide wor- and has not been
submitted in an( uni+ersit( or *nstitute for the award of an( de)ree or
di&loma &rior to the under mentioned date. * bear the entire
res&onsibilit( of submission of this &roject re&ort.
Poo7a 8ush9aha
BB' IV Semester
,epartment of Business 'dministration
"echnica% Education 4 Research Institute
P:G: Co%%e#e Ghazipur
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