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Boots On The Ground


OPF Enterprises

Consulting & Leadership for Manufacturing

Who Is OPF Enterprises ?
OPF = On the Plant Floor
The OPF team has almost 60 years of hands-on experience developing
companies, locating sites, building, expanding, and managing manufacturing
plants. OPFs passion and life work is manufacturing and we continue to
believe that American manufacturing has and will continue to lead the world in
innovation and productivity. Made in America is still the hallmark of the

We specialize in assisting the small to mid-size manufacturing facility in
improving operations.
What OPF Will Do:
Take the time in an extensive interview to understand your problems
Observe, measure, and gather data on the plant floor
Identify problem areas and propose solutions with your people
Assist in implementing changes

What OPF Wont Do
Assume that we know your process better than you do
Hand you a written report on our way out of the door
Charge you high fees for untested solutions

OPF =On the Plant Floor
On the Plant Floor is where it all happens and where the heart of any factory
beats. Our goal is to assist the plant management team in improving operations
with time-tested and innovative solutions.
P.O. Box 16898
Missoula, Montana 59808
Office: 406-493-1102
Bryan Geary: Cell #406 370-8923
Carl Sorrell: Cell #731-499-0901
Ryon Lasiter: Cell #479-207-3541

Ceramic Proppant Specialization

Raw Material Evaluation


Physical and Property Testing
API Testing

Plant and Process Design

Cost Estimation
Capital Expenditures
Operating Costs

International Equipment Sourcing

Multinational Experience

Ultra-Fine Grinding
Partnership with CMC
From inks to agricultural colorants to ceramic
to chocolate, OPF can handle your grinding
requirement to sub-micron particle size. We
are highly experienced in dry, wet, and ultra-
fine grinding. We can specify wet and dry
systems to meet your needs. For ultra-fine
grinding to sub-micron size, we have
partnered with Custom Milling and Consulting
to supply one of Americas foremost attrition
mills, the SUPERMILL-PLUS.

Additional CMC processing solutions include
batch mills, planetary mixers, ram presses and
Exakt roll mills. CMCs extensive line of
equipment assures superior mixing and milling
for both low and high viscosity materials.

Contact us for CMC systems in Arizona,
California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas,
Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico
Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota,
Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
Factory Challenges
Factory managers face special demands. Usually overworked and often
understaffed, the operating manager wears many hats today. We know, because
we have been there and done that. If you are wearing the hats of engineer, six-
sigma expert, human resources, accountant, environmental compliance officer
as well as your own, then OPF can help you.

Our special understanding and knowledge of the plant managers responsibilities
allows us to offer multi-faceted assistance to the plant operator.

Problem solving and troubleshooting

Process improvements

Process flow

Engineering and Automation

Equipment design, selection, and sourcing

Team building and personnel evaluation

Leadership training for managers and supervisors

Product formulation

Budgeting and capital expenditure preparation

Productivity gains

Plant Culture
Custom Blending and Milling
The partnership between OPF and
Custom Milling and Consulting
(CMC) offers the finest in contract
materials processing. From batching
to milling to mixing we can effectively
produce product to your

Paints & Coatings
Mulch & Agricultural Colorants
Inks-all types
Herbicides & Fungicides,
Adhesives & Sealants
Minerals & Ceramics
Wax Dispersions
Epoxies & Urethane Coatings
Paper & Thermal Coatings
Silicon & Tungsten Carbides
Concrete/Decorative Coatings
Electronic/Precious Metal
Many Others


Plant Design, Site Selection, Build & Start-Up

The OPF team has built factories from the ground up and renovated numerous
operations, as well as starting and operating them.
Starting from ground zero the OPF team:

Visit locations in multiple states for site selection
Negotiate financial incentives from state and local agencies
Design entire process flow and production process
Selected and purchase all production equipment
Qualifiy and hire all contracting personnel
Hire local supervisory, management, and hourly personnel
Successfully start-up and operate the factory

* Instill a proven culture of effective leadership within the operation.

Whether your project is a new plant or the installation of a single machine, OPF
has the experience and know-how to get it done in the most cost effective way.


OPF knows that one of the biggest needs of the plant operator is the ability to
source a vast range of materials, equipment, and contracting services quickly
and cheaply. Our extensive experience in the equipment market and
contracting community can help you save money. If you dont know where to
get it, we can help.
Bulk Solids & Ceramics
Our journey in manufacturing has taken us to
many places. Ceramic tile, refractories, oil and
gas products, powder coatings, and brick are
industries in which we are uniquely qualified.

Special Areas of Expertise
Ceramic Proppant
Ceramic engineering
Kilns, dryers, heat treatment
Color science, matching, stain selection
Raw material selection, batching, mixing
Ultra-fine grinding
Product formulation
Digital Inkjet
Refractory design, selection, sourcing
Bulk solids storage and transport
Bryan Geary has over 22 years of experience in different
manufacturing roles including production operator, laboratory technician,
laboratory manager, production supervisor, production manager, assistant
plant manager, plant manager, and director of manufacturing. He is an
accomplished student and teacher of manufacturing methods and holds a
green belt in lean Six Sigma.

Cell Phone: (406) 370-8923 e-mail:

Carl Sorrell has spent 35 years in manufacturing roles including
production operator, front line supervisor, engineering manager,
maintenance manager, production manager, plant manager, director of
research and development, and vice president of manufacturing. He claims
to be an engineer and can produce a Bachelor of Science diploma in
Ceramic Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla (now the
Missouri University of Science and Technology). He holds a black belt in
lean Six Sigma.

Cell Phone: (731) 499-0901 e-mail:

Excerpt from our book On The Plant Floor-A practical guide to daily
leadership in the manufacturing factory by Bryan Geary and Carlton Sorrell

OPF Enterprises
P.O. Box 16898
Missoula, Montana 59808
Office/Fax (406) 493-1102
Boots on the Ground
Find us on the Web:

Regardless of your title in the plant, you will play many roles at various times and
stages during your career. Whether you are a supervisor, manager, coach, counselor, or
mentor, employees all call for you to be a leader. People have to believe in you before
they will believe in your leadership. Creating genuine belief in each other requires that
in Building The Culture, you lay a firm foundation. The cornerstone of this foundation is
grounded in a mutual respect for each member of the plant despite their position or rank.
We cannot stress enough how vital the plant culture is to your individual progress as
well as the progress of the entire plant. You can make a difference in the culture.

This book not only represents our years of experience but also our time of reflection.
Looking back at victories and losses, we fully appreciate much more the value of each.
The natural fall of man proves that we are prone to failure. The learning experiences
from failures certainly promote positive change as they are often very painful. Leading
on the plant floor requires that you make constant decisions. Do not fret over failures
or bad decisions as they are the ultimate trainers.