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Market Intelligence Report:


Helping Foodservice Executives Stay Smart about asian cuisine and concepts

Technomics exclusive report covers

the latest Asian cuisine marketplace
dynamics with in-depth insights and
analysis to help readers:
Understand consumer attitudes
Evaluate menu trends
Explore hot concepts
Develop new products
enhance results

Introducing the Market Intelligence Report: Asian

a comprehensive assessment identifying trends and opportunities.

Capitalize on the opportunities in Asian cuisine and concepts to drive menu

innovation and customer traffic
Asian cuisine is one of the big three ethnic cuisines, along with Mexican and Italian. As consumers have become accustomed to
Asian flavors, their interest has moved beyond Chinese fare to include regional Chinese dishes as well as Thai, Japanese, Indian,
Vietnamese and Korean. Restaurants are responding both with items similar to those served from Asian street purveyors and with
flavorful iterations of upscale dishes. The number of Asian concepts is growing in both limited service and full service, and chains
large and small are seeing annual sales and unit counts rise.
Market Intelligence Report: Asian digs deep into Technomics exclusive consumer, menu and industry data to uncover
insights and opportunities in Asian cuisine and concepts. The report includes data from Technomics MenuMonitor online trendtracking resource, which analyzes the menus of the top chains, emerging concepts and leading independent restaurants. It also
features consumer data culled from Technomics Consumer Trend Reports. Rounding out the data are operator examples, including
the new products and hot concepts driving Asian cuisine innovation.

In-depth coverage and analysis

Market Intelligence Report: Asian provides operators and suppliers with powerful insights to help:

Attract the 84% of consumers who say they would order dishes made with Chinese flavors and ingredients, 53%
who would order Thai, and 50% who would try Japanese dishes.

Understand demographic differences among consumers who like Asian food and flavors to varying degrees to
reach your target customer or market to new customers.

Explore Asian flavors and their use on appetizers, different proteins and meat-free dishes.

Discover the sauces that consumers prefer on Asian dishes, and see how operators are tempting them with curry, miso
and spicy sauces.

new Asian influenced appetizers. Restaurants are having success with new varieties of egg rolls and spring rolls,
dumplings, sushi variations (even vegetarian) and Asian soups.

the latest food trends that Asian flavors and dishes support such as simple street fare, gourmet food trucks,
sophisticated cocktails, satisfying meatless dishes and Korean-style tart frozen yogurt.

Valuable report deliverables

Executive Summary of insights, implications and opportunities for operators and manufacturers.

Real-life examples of new products and restaurant promotions.

Company profiles of established and emerging Asian concepts.

To order your copy of Market Intelligence Report: Asian

or for additional information, please contact Patrick Noone
at 312-506-3852 or

Stay ahead of your competition with powerful market insights.

ns rt!
ok po
Lo e re

Percentage of select entre types with Asian flavor named in menu items

Rice Entres


Salad Entres


Vegetable Entres


Fish Entres


Chicken Entres

in many guises, from the lemon basil in creative cocktails

to tart Korean-style frozen yogurt. When it comes to
describing entres on the menu, the word Asian is used
to describe 17.4% of all rice entres, 9.9% of salad entres,
9.2% of vegetable entres, and 9.0% of fish entres.


Shellfish Entres

Analysis: Asian flavors make their way onto the menu


Pork Entres
Beef Entres


Base: Top 500, 257 emerging chains and 118 independent restaurants
Source: Technomic MenuMonitor, July-Dec. 2010

How likely would you be to order an item made with the typical flavors and ingredients
used in the following ethnic cuisines?
Top two box = likely and extremely likely
% Overall





Analysis: Many consumers are eager to try new dishes

influenced by ethnic cuisines, including Chinese, Japanese,
Thai and Indian. In-depth consumer research reveals the
demographic characteristics of those most likely to find
Asian flavors appealing, such as Gen X consumers.






Gen X


Base: 1,500 consumers aged 1864

Respondents indicated their opinion on a scale of 16 where 6 = extremely likely and 1 = not likely at all
Source: Technomic Flavor Consumer Trend Report

A sampling of established and emerging Asian concepts profiled

In alpha order
BCD Tofu House
Big Bowl Asian Kitchen
Flat Top Grill

Genghis Grill
In The Raw
Noodles & Company

P.F. Changs China Bistro

Panda Express
Pei Wei Asian Diner
RA Sushi Bar Restaurant

SanSai Japanese Grill

Sarku Japan
Tokyo Joes

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Market Intelligence Report: ASIAN

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