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“The moment you wake up in morning and take a deep gasp of air, Agilent can measure how fresh the air is..

As you enter the washroom and open the tap, Agilent can measure the purity of the water..
The moment you step in to your car and receive a call on your mobile, Agilent can measure the strength of the network..

From Gene mapping, to blood glucose level, to detecting tumour in a cell to detecting a drop of ink in an Olympic sized swimming pool..

Agilent makes devices for measuring almost everything.. Except LOVE”

• Agilent is the world’s premier measurement company exclusively focused on measurement operates in electronic and bio-analytical measurement instruments, a completely B2B organisation
• Agilent Technologies originally with Hewlett-Packard, as part of a corporate realignment separated from in the year 1999 creating two different companies • Agilent maintains facilities in about 30 countries, with worldwide headquarters in Santa Clara, California

• Its global presence offers a distinct competitive advantage, with R&D, manufacturing, sales and support capabilities serving customers around the world.

• Premium quality delivery and innovation beyond market technology • Very strong and employee focused HR policies • Dedicated service team having Agilent exclusively focusing on after sales services and strategies for loyal customers

• Dedicated R&D team taking care of growing technology needs

Agilent Technologies

Electronic Measurement Business (EMG)

Bio-Analytical Measurement Business (LSCA)

Life Science Solution Unit (LSSU)

Chemical Analysis Solution Unit (CASU)

Markets The markets for electronic measurement business includes organisations requiring communications testing and general purpose testing.

Product areas In communications test, Agilent sells products and services for the following types of networks and systems:
• • • • • • • • • • • • • Fibre Optics Networks Transport Networks Broadband and Data Networks Wireless Communications Microwave Networks. General purpose test products include: General Purpose Instruments Modular Instruments and Test Software Digital Design Products Parametric Test Products High Frequency Electronic Design Tools Electronics Manufacturing Test Equipment Thin-film Transistor Array Test Equipment

Markets Agilent’s bio-analytical measurement business focuses on life sciences and chemical analysis. Within life sciences, our markets are:

• • • •

Pharmaceutical Companies Biotechnology Companies Academic and Government Laboratories Contract Research Organizations and Contract Marketing Organization

Within chemical analysis, Agilent focuses on the following markets: • Petrochemical • Environmental • Food Safety • Forensics • Bioagriculture • Homeland Security

Product areas The key product categories for the bio-analytical measurements business include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Laboratory Informatics Gas Chromatography Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Microarrays Microfluidics ICP-MS Reagents Capillary electrophoresis Lab automation Atomic-Force Microscopy Scanning Probe Microscopy Particle analyzers Consumables and Services

Sun Pharma Lupin Labs Zydus Cadila Aventis IPCA Labs Torrent Pharma Novartis Dishman Pharma Wockhardt Pfizer Glenmark Pharma Serum Institute of India Nicholas Piramal Ajanta Pharma Cipla Sandoz Abott Johnson & Johnson Dow Chemicals

Ranbaxy Teva Pharmaceuticals Jubilant Organosys Fresenius Kebi Vita Life Panacea Biotech

Biocon Glaxo Smith Kline Aurobindo Pharma Astra Zeneca Dr. Reddy’s Advinus

• Premier pricing is done for Agilent brand seeing the quality and R&D efforts

• Product Pricing quoting is decided by global prices and is quoted in dollars as per international market exclusive of product import tax. These prices fluctuate every month • Prices are thus manipulated so that inclusive of tax, the product remains competitive in Indian market • Negotiation circumstances including competition breaking scenarios and cases about CRM demand prices to be discounted
• Direct selling and negotiation talks decide the final product prices

Agilent continues to support the values that made its parent company HP a success:
• Dedication to innovation • Trust, respect and teamwork • Uncompromising integrity, speed, focus and accountability to meet customer needs • To create a culture of performance that draws on the full range of people’s skills and aspirations.

• • • • • • •

Electronic job posting on internal server Harassment-free work environment Non-discrimination policy Employee network group guidelines Open Door Policy Education Assistance Program Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

• • • • • •

Open communications within hierarchy Share in company's success Provide development opportunities Competitive pay practices Flexible work hours Creative, energetic and innovative work environment • Mother’s Room and Quiet Room

Agilent Technologies is a fortune 500 company and has been honoured with awards like:

Best Employer by the Business World-Great Places to Work Study in 2007
One of the Top Ten Best Employers in India by the Economic Times-Hewitt Study on 13th April 2007.

One of the Top 10 Best Employers in India by the Business Today – Mercer Study, 2006
One of the Top 20 Best Employers by the CNBC-Hewitt study in 2004

HR Excellence Award conferred by Hindustan Times and NDTV for HR best practices.
One of the Top 10 in the 2001-2002 Hewitt-Business Today Best Employer survey.

• • • • • •

Direct sales Distributors Resellers Manufacturer’s Representatives Telesales Electronic commerce

• Want to Sell Hardware, Sell Software Solutions First!!! • Target Small, Let Them Grow Big • Whosoever Strikes First STAYS.. • Understanding Customer Psyche • Pamper the End Users • Marketing along with Service Support & Good Internal Marketing Communication • Use the Brand to its Max

• Agilent Laboratories is Agilent’s central research organization based in Santa Clara, California, along with additional locations in Beijing, China; Leuven, Belgium; and South Queensferry, Scotland

• Agilent Technologies largely on R&D currently utilises half of the revenue generated worldwide for R&D purposes thus bringing out promising and innovative and market competing solutions • Agilent Laboratories works to create competitive advantage through high-impact technology, driving market leadership and growth in Agilent’s core businesses and expanding Agilent’s measurement footprint into adjacent markets • Agilent Laboratories is able to identify and enable synergies across Agilent’s businesses to create competitive differentiation and compelling customer value

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