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Build a Craftsman's

lilt-in ~ o o r f torage ?ti
11 Soft, Leather-lined Drawers
TOOL CHEST - JC Ct st Conversionb t i 11
on af August Home Pubtishlngr -
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Table ot,
from our readers
Tips & Techniques .............. .4
' weekend project
............ king Chlrels 8 Desktop Message Center.
Every shop needs a gmd set of chiseis. Here's a
Wt h this cumpact unit, pu'll have evmy?fting
look at what5 avallabk and what tto look for.
you need for making calls, paying MEIS,or taklt~~
mesraw,Wt$W. - -
tools of the ttilde c; -- --
Safety Glesras ................ .I 0
designer series projld
Eye protection is a must in the shop. Learn what
cme+- edTable . , , , , , a
you need to know to make the right decidon,
The sleek cumof w-h leg io what catches your
techniques from our shop
eye. Bur R's the kxhnCqw for bendng t f ~ leg$
that will mak ywwant to Ml d this p ~ q j ~ d
Perfect PI ood Edqer ......... . l 2
Find ouz il" ow to get straight, quar e plywaod heirlaom plroje
panels with a hand-held router.
C r s i ~ ~ k T ~ r d a&. .....,...
This tha-sfigd h m W&hm
jigs and fixtures
and pad cammtkm, ad di d br& hardwre
ProMiter-100 ........I........ .I 4
Ps the idm'homg%t all your prized hand twk
Digital accuracy in a miter gauge? With this
technology, there's no guerrrwork at all,
woodworking technique
D m
Inlaying with Epoxy. ........... .28
Dress up any prolea with an easy-@-apply iotay
made ?ram tinted epoxy,
s~t ai j 5mp muvuns
5 Power Tool Storage Soludiens . . .w
5@riw power tmk m k a-MIenqe. M~earw
a Cwid~85 W put # -m in Yiiur h t z
- -a*tkittgis,--
Q&A *.... ...*. *a**.; ..... i TXM
detaiJs of crir&manship
Flawless W g Dmwm.. . . . . . . -50
W d a ~ g e t a d r m & & j ~ ~ ? h a
a& t@hlrq,m p w ' d ~ $rer. mm.
L. =g
:-*, =
L.7- - - '
verhg m d my w0rkbenfl.I and
tools to find the space Z needed.
That is, until Ibuilt the turntable
you see pictnred on the right
What makes this turntable sa
valuable in my shop is &at the top
mt es 350". So, whenI'm fidshhg
&-the- illustrations below
ow, two identical pieces of
of attaching the consuming as it once was. And
isfhatIcanliftit whenI'mfinished,Icansinply
it as a doUy to lean it.up against my shop wato
get it out of.the way.
Boris lbmjak
Tmt o, o,Onfwrio, Catkadn
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F i n M M
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Finishing dcwm arrd g,&er, flat
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i%?&mabM call be @in$ an r n ~
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back. To Rdd the w . ~ ~ at
1, '.. . .. - . ;
, . ,
- 2- ; '
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t h e m&p &s o f t h e we l ~ a
p;air af ~1~~ made fmm "*.
b f ' ~ ' r h a t a e a t ~ p a n a w -
~ A ~ ~ i n t E y ! ~ f p r
@zIEw$d& il!le I* iaf ~ - r n ~ ~ e -
Chkels are w i h a simple t d that it's easy t~ taB6 them 'BF
50 hew's a doset look at thb essential hand tad:.
. .
While it% hard to beat a w d
handle kr camf~rt, pofylpta~l-
me irtougfi anel langlsting.
No. 1%
for eye protection
If y w ' ~ ~ 0 0 ~ for even more eyes to keep liquids and furrres & you can mz Mow, face
pmWm far yWr .eyes, safety from gettine; inko tkm shields came with adjwta&
&&mdhxddd&canhelp. Onttwn$htierfaceshieid, headgeartofitity~urfcead,&y
~mfety~gXesmtheM which p k c b yaur face w h c mg e f f h e s h i e l d s i r i ~ o r ~
below fqnn a ?iesI. around the,eya, mdng a -1- that g m m ~ a lot of po'1ycadmmte.
p e n - dmt ~~ from flyhg debris, sudz as a grinder rider The Thettom h e is to look at the
cbedwbi g@-pb
' 1 >, 'ji$*: w o * m ~ ~ d P i i E ~
I -- %'><2-- l i qpk?&*~* "=9h'&
I;b , , .
nit the* @m tke she& the
don" t M&&hr nr n& <@:?
$I - wialaifispi. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ v v i t h a ~ ~ - h e m ,,. .
:$ . Q@4ingLat 4 Ma-.r.aiebt-aht mttilarLS/e'
i R 3 m p L t a t t & ~ d ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Edbthd-~&MI- mm*' kt LI)*s~: the lEZZie . .
W- ~ r e a w W* emkr&hsmethm. w ~ a ~ c t f a ~ a ~
a CINLIN y t m ~ ~ ~ & . i l M # m ~ % ~ ~ E n &
* .
, .
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w:Fx:>.. >
- W d a i t h ,, - ..;<' -
: r< .Pd.?,G1 I ) I
* c a
& - - . L 1 -
-4.- . ,
-- - m *----
, , . , -..>*-
- - - - I
esswork when making miter and. t i . 3.
bevel cuts. You can get digital accuracy every time
lamr Solutions, the side @hob bebow, right].
L The ProMfter-I# has a dean,
- . .. read rlfgital display*
- .-
. - -:, & a squarecut.Youpmsand
'-, --'- hold the sm;lll bufkxt for a few set-
on& to setlhedhpiaytu OObefOne
nzalcjng yorrrfirstcut.
~ d i @ t a l ~ j s ?asybda.~us.t
: ; - ; fate the head W t ' a redly nice is
- ' - f h a t a s ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t h e h e a d , f h @~ ' ~
an audible "click"' for evay whole
F! dqpe It's a niee tau& to kt you
r ' ' q h w i ~ ~ wmw. w ~ l v e a+
I!-* -
-v is set, tightm the knob and you'm
ready to make a cut. The dkqkiy
* a*- y shut3 off aPber hut
, 30seoondsmw~
- - I PREal#YaAIIQLEE.EWingdi@tal
~ ~ a a w g d u g e i s p t ,
( - I I btstthisgaugehadheruse
'2 4"- ful f e a b . It can help set a ma t e
.h a t t a a t for the miter bar that
< lb
. a
It -
I 5- = '
- " I
, ?:2, .
- IR
.- A Three set screws along tt,,
, . length of the miter bar adjust
,; :I, i, to fit your saw's miter slot. a,
blade with %$ a c w q , You -on
s e e t h i s i n h @r i g h f p h ~ ~ .
The &play an men be 'Wpped"
((See the box below for o p
t i Dnf or~gt hebbl adet i l t ~. ~
~ ma d . e ~ . Wh e n y a u f i r s t
turn th &play on, it shows you
automatic tempmatme mm-
tian &mitry will maihtain its aocu-
r a c p ~ o f t h e ~ .
~ g a ~ ~ p o mw ~ mu p -
grade for your saw. But are a
couple d* INbticed. First: are
the d b b 5 for aikadmg
Wbecaw theyhsfemwiththe
~ y of t he ga ~ Tha ~ ma k e s i n-
~ t h e f e R c e a ~ t r i c k g .
a little getting wed to. Itr@ spring
4adeaIsoi t ot usci t y~~~pul t :
upand~t ei f at t he~e' t i me,
RIB) 1 prefer us& a m a hdi -
t i d upright handle for pushing
the miter g.aupamm the saw.
F ~ y r i t ~ a n k ~ ~ s e t m
anglefa an exact 'hoa. Thafskmw
any slight movematt of the miter
gau&ehdcanrnakethedbplay -
"~bet weent wonumbePs. .
-. -
- -
- 7 I
- -
MWEoRlna Sdawr Soh6Zions has
. .
p b t o mwufachm several a m
~ b e 9 c ~ P r r ~ c ~ r f S . ~ : I 7 2-- . ' -
s hpb as a dhvare d m d ?
. -
me &e &oM&~~O,()'~ $@$r
-. . .
mhsitswaySn~ZEteshnp, 81 .
A Toset the blade angle for a bevel c u t attach A You can set fYte
. the magnetic adapter. This hdds the miter
down to make R easier to adjrtrst @M 1
- bar to the blade to s e t the bevel angle. bevel angle of the blade.
dpaekagta1AaCsthe~~Mrith ~ ~ o n ~ ~ t ; t3dibawh I
,.5;5j$. . 2
- - -I..:L &is digital an@ gauge by Wmy
g a u p & ~ - a & w ~ @ptesshtg the
(see %mw4p@ 493. It"s ol sinzpk "m" btf-. b&&~ bge
a e k r * u p ~ g h o p w Tx;s)will&wm-*
ttat' seasytouse.~oucanusei~~ b h e - & @r n ~
w*rn~.pinuer,w$$CNI ~ * w w * d * - ~ ~ ~
. >+*: cr;*;
., ~p x,.;,,, ~ a d o z h i s , " & ~ o f & F
I ;; , v;r C .
6 dsdintheplaPth~Formmph
t c3s et t kebp4~of t kb&daon q E e
my t a bl e @w/ I ~ mt he @~ m p*
.",[ .-
,:;i$,y the top of@ kw. f3m yoi;:tma setzip a
/ "t ,-+&~\+
- .
_ _ - .
' This desktop organizer is sAll in s& but bigT
- .
writing supplies in one convenient place.
A The closed lid provide a writing surface and
- - - .
. -
,::.-. .<%, , - ,
. . a . .
- . - -
z>- . .
- h.i.@ tl?g itf3-n~ fiored in* , , - :
. 1. - -7 --, I .
z ; -;! .-- .
, .. . -. . - J . ..
- 1 ,, . .&,," ny.lpmk..P&+n&: " :,,t& . . &=- - 31'
'..- I .
- .
This mess& center is compact. l e t s p quickly grab a &-adwive
- -
.:. -
the phone or on my desk is h a p a But don't let the size fool you. Just note whenever yuu& it.
- - . ,
chdhge. It wms I'm always look- lift the lid and it's full of storage. The lid double as a writing sur- '1 , '
ing for a pen or pencil, some paper The inside compments are face whenifs c l o d . And the back -: Z;
, - - imwriteon,aranaddrrssorphane drsdgnedtadeiteasytofind of hm&mgecent whasaPl acet o~
- ,
. . .,'
:. ..
-.--, -
. -
, , ~ & - L . -
. .
-. . . number. So I d e s i the message items you use every day. There's hold envelopes and mail. There's
. .- . +--: =- cent er ym~i nt hephot oabove a c d f i l e t o k w p a ~ s a n d evenatrayontoptokeepapen
. . . . t o h e l p k e e p i b e ~ I u s e mt phonenumbersaty~~fflngertips. wpenrilhandyhrqmcklyjotting-.I;::
- -
+- . .- - A S
- .
- - -
- = - - * - W d d h
. .
- - -.
,-; a-: - -
No. 158
- - . - -
- -
building the 4 .-- K
---A -
\ -- ' T : - , P
. -
0 =----- I
I * - x * ~ t h $ E w m * w u
~ X W ~ i C Q I ~ l e - - . & *Q46FtIrnW,-+*p7an- -m*%d*Mw
* l k 5 l mwq p * b &~ %&***&W-d%? i mt ' b ma n d n z c e a m.
* - m-*&bm. ~ t a ~ ~ T u s e d ~ a n d w ~ y r n r ~ y ~ u 3 l l ~ t I,,?
- a - I,! I f ~ ~ ~ a t ~ h ~ h e t &d ~ j e r i n &a t &o f t . h e ~ yos~~~wte~QtbLsettyp~1. gr.
p " n s a e t b e mt s ~ d y Mb ~ ~ a r e e m y Q ~ a n d ~ u i u m~ LEl i o P, Ct t k f h g ~ e
tEreame.lf@batafEerllyi~l-fi.ame @e Wl n a r s e - a Ww and&gb~p%zrtthe&r _ Z-l:..
rn*@bmanas ji . :
S h r u e ' ~ Rm Ih'n! shallmrr M-
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i a ~ l a . ~ ~ ~ - = - -
- - ( nl yl W*, t cmt i phbb
*' -2
a a i f ! r s @~ b ' b S t
dpMmyJut Ja- -
~ W ~ ~ b L ~ f h e
~ ' * a - S o p " r t &
m --
- -. Wtfhymrawatabhw~p, g
4 To add a m-aearsnce audliary& to the M e .& plt fd-il md
your muter table, simply drill a W hds
clamp W. bpt @ace* Wn d w a
through a piece of hardboard, slip stmight&f&wW~fion fw-
back to As; fpma he
f r o n t o f h ~ ~ a t u d b a
C) dew 'd m the oppi t e pqp. It%
case (detail 'd' rm o p p ~ page).
a a r r r I ma ns s . wi t h~~b; l t ,
b me , I u a e d mt 0 ~ 6 S p ( r a s @
fo the base (dew 'a' abwe). m
way, the wcd a n move.
m.Mhf~I&kb add&&&.
Each fbot is a a p i m pime of W-
r @) 74"-dia. x 5' Wood bwels
flpr)30 mm Bras Cabinet Hinges
(I): %*-long Compression Spring
(I) %"-dia. Rare-eath Magnet
* (1) %" sted washer
[ i ) Ma5bl t crew
.@) #4 x 5$' f h Brass W & m
( l l ) &x 1 "Brass wo-m
r n W r w * & @ S ~ & ~
Mde the &, Tbw indixiduaI
C m v C s mhh a rack for
f i l e & t a d w a d S s -
~ I ~ a ~ t o & n e ~
bythe dbideratuw&dedtItem
s i t s ~ t h e ~ ~ ~ n ~ t d
is easy ta build. Just cut the h i
two hale@ in each of them (detail
FinaIly, glue the rack in pasition
b&wk tk-kvo caere diridaa
'Phe n~xt &hg pu7l wmt $0
W i s & e ~ h t h s @ t h e
e e l f &v e mI AEi Ww, ~byc ut t i n$f hr e e b~f Kt m dacefortheraf.eeasfhmapfb
~ ~ b ~ ~ t k h m q b ~ B u k WsbockT'frasebIcddmm~h h ~ t h e ~ e d , l e : M h ~ p ~
f f g e P* "p. w a l l s We h m~ e n t a t o n e N ~ ~ c u t f h e ~ W p l a t -
WEDISPE11~Asyouseeinth.e sideoftherae.%waltsamka ~ a n d M M ~ ~ T h e t s e ~
d r a w i n g a b w e , t h r s ~ ~ s ma l l ~ s b h ~ ~ d k h e ~ t e p a d madef Krm@- MW.
dtsintEteendm~parbn&tt.It's mdstipparttheRxedandremav- Thesethree@cewodc@gethm - I
made to -!add and &pme a P$td able lids you2 build law, tohegym-them* Pn
o f ~ ~ ~ e ~ ~ T R e n o t e p a d B e ~ ~ g t h ~ w a l l s i n p ~ ~ h p a d . + A ~ y o u s a n ~ I n ~ ~ a ~ Ff
sib in a reaessed area of the com- you% d iu drill a stopped Me &we, the note pad sib on a plat-
p r h mt arid ass a spdq-loaded in the && of om afthe bl da so form with a campres~ion ~pring
platfilrmtodsehmbsotkey youcan-adsteelwwtw pUSki ZnaZup~b@fCTw. Thi s~sa
c a nhdyz t c @ in place. The- wisher pmvldes a lto~e & a ~ in padtian .Fo be used.
i n*. syoupun&mht he
pd.ThaMHdipghuXlinplsce ;-
a ~ a h v e d ~ W w ~
b e l o w s o i t m b e d w h -
e p e r y ~ u ~ t o ~ ~ ~ p a d .
J Bevelaalongthedgaefthelidslet
t l L e ms - d $ M* p a d s
~ a o t e s d W
Nrow ycwJre diim wi i the M e
stor$$e. You can next turn yam
bphtklid Page31 showsyou
simple skp to make the tray
3ne thing that will help you out
leave thehack Eildeof the penciltray
.. .
I * .-- aKtwider.Thhwayyoucandryfit
j'L--. the lid and the tray. Then youq be
> ~J!J.J?
=. 5- able to trim away just the amount
.F .>.
. I-Z Atter fitting the pencil tray, I used
--- completing the lid, 1 cut a bevd
-- -' - E-,
- 5 .r;i-: along the bot bmbt edge to soften
I-7- - - &arp corner as shown in detail
. --,-
=% 'd' above. m also pmvides more
. -
, ;,.=T.r- "
room to reach hi de the case.
I(? m~w~~n.~herrstofmelidis~~ii~~~~
with a tongue and dado joint: like
you see in the drawing and ( - jI
the storagecase.
Just like the pend bas I initidly
left the bottom edge of the front
piece a little bit wider. Hem again,
this lets you dry-fit the lid and then
make sure fie lid fits perfectly be
bottom before it's asmnbki
With the lid front cut to final
width, you can use your muter to
cut two small mortises on the back
edge of the top. Then install the
hmga and attach the lid.
To~l &t hel i d, yw' fl &t Q
add a 1Ed lift on the h t (detail '4.
of leftwer skxk that I cut to the &E
youseeindebid Wabwe.
h t complete. All t l s left is to
Adding d&&tdtauoh is simple.
the trough back to the space re
y w see in detail 'e' abwe.
Your desktop message center is
naw conplete. Just stock it with a
few p and pa ds I file c d s , a
pad of self-adhesive mks, and it's
ready far you to us
A . - -'It find c. -,wing you . . - ~ d
to knowto makethis pencil tray
in S Wlll m k on page 31.
2 7-
Create the gracefully curved
egs for this table using an easy,
bent-lamination technique.
- - .
= '' There are a couple of thugs abut
, , this table that catch your eye right
. . - away - the sweeping m e of the
legs and the decorative, cirmlax
inlay in the round top. But if you
take a closer look at these details,
you'll discover that there's more
herethanmeetstheeye. ,
UMIlUTD US. For exan$e, each
of the lep looks like ifs cut from
a single piece of wood. But they'=
actually made up of thin layers, bent
in a m e and glued together. The
good news is, the hihating tech-
nique is pxetty easy to master.
~ n ~ Y . Y o u ~ t a f s c r a s s u r n e
that the decorative inlay is wood. In
fad, it's c o h ~ d epoxy. This a"nisb
try bath techniques. And the lend
d t is an attractive table.
page shows you how that's done.
After you've m p M the hrm,
it's a gmd idea to give it a coat of
fin&& and thomwy wax the rn
faces that will came in contact with
p W the glue "sandwich," p t
tip~mits side,,asshowninRg. Z
couple dowels to hold the l mb-
clamp (Fi. 33)in the center ta hold
things in place. Now you can add
m a w ~ s t o ~ f m l ~ t -
iqj bemeen the right and &E
of center, slowly bcbgixgh*
togetb. Uw a piece d map and
is built, you're ready to start gluing
up the legs. Une thing to keep in
mi n d ~ i s t k a t y o u l l b e mv ~
a lot of surface and it can be timi+
tmmmhg. So it's important to me
he that gives you plenty of apen
Ed&, a simmg WAglue that pra-
How you apply the glue is also
important. Youcan MU or bntsh it
voids in the lambtian (Fig. I).
:t a1 -
- + I I . glue. This way, you'll have a much
flush trim thr
==- - - -
edge of fop blank
' 3-
m AJ *
W I N G UP. You'll need to give
the glue a full day to cure before
remaving the leg from the benchrig
form After gluing up the he-
ing fhwe legs, you can break out a
scraper and mo v e the squeeze-
out. I also & to follow up with a
just flatten one edge of each kg at
the jointer and run the other side
through your planer, Plane the leg
to a final width of 1%".
Now y a k ready
to trim the ends of the leg parallel.
This way, they'll sit flat bn the floor
and also -ate a flat surface for the
top of the table. The bending form
p :
comes in handy for maktng these
, cub. Just remove the inside form
and attach it to an auxiliary fence
on your mier gauge, as shown in
Fig. 6. Then you can clamp the leg
m position QI I the form and make
FUnSr ONE FACE, With the legs cut
4& a flat spat on the inside face of each
leg for a center block that will be
added later. This will allow you to
assemble the legs into a solid base,
the miter gauge and place the flat
edge against the rip fence (Pig. 7).
Hold the leg in position with spring
clamps, wen out of the way of the
table saw blade For this cut, I care-
.; fully adjusted the rip fence to just
b d y shave ofl the outside edge of
the curve on each leg (Fig. 7a).
Mark bottom
FINISHING TOUCHES. To complete the ing the. flattened face. Then1 sand&
legs, I moved to the router table the outsidetip of thebottomof each
and "softened the edges using a leg kr match the mund profile. Now,
W roundover bit. I rounded both jut give the pi- a final sandjng
the inside and outside edgest avoid- ahd &y%e ready to assemble.
add:. .. the
- -
e-*-r:, : I, -.
' " Shop Tip: Base Assembly Details
The key to successfully assem- s ~ ~ g e t o t he w fop to USE and counkrboi-e holm in the en&,
* b h g , , , , , , , , , , , a, l &xeme, , &, , , h o m h d ~ k l - a ~
Wo pieces flat and square. You lep, ThmiVsjust @matter ofgluing the assembly with screws and use
candotMshyhyhgtwolepan tbcen~b~iriplacenndclanp- thetaHetoptokeptMqpsquare
your workbench md clamphg a ing t h e d I y . After iYs dry, drill as you add the remMq legs. I
c o u p l e g # d ~ q I n e ~ ~ i s t ~ d r a w ~
m&ad.Eirst,,lt"sqwickdeaay l i ne s hr nt kmm, m
to set up and m2rethe cut+ Buk GWWI in Pig. 1. l l mh
mc r r e i m~ t l p i t c u t s a ~ u p t h w~ ma r b wi t %l h
c i r c l e d l e a v e s a ~ ~ t h a t m~af. thelm~, Zapelt
quires ray lit& s d g . in @tl0nf and ym"ff
THE IRMMaB. The &ap'truiES frm- wuredof a a?nkd cut, intmadtfiecenterandiffstiilla
1 ~ 1 e 1 I ~ i s ~ ~ p l e ~ ~ , ~ l M ~ W , W i t b t b b a s e h ~ ~ s ~ &t bi t . Tf Ee e a o x y wi l l
' Y o u ~ h . d u h e ~ f ~ ~ ~ t L X l ~ F C X & W, t k e X l ~ t ~ k " L h ~ Zi adt . xebdWChWUl d~Wd, ~
30. It's veiy sUEe imd accurate. a '%?-&a, straight bit in the mu- you ody need ta mat a lh&s-deq
A n d ~ m & r s ~ r ~ s , 3%en,,dwhMtP&W ~ . Y o u c a n ~ t t h i a p ' ~ t 3 h ; a
fhhl@d-' t*yauba f t r a c i i m * d b ~ e . ~ - s&i&3p@$s,Reft?rMg~%fsffh
a ~ ~ ~ w o r ~ f o r i t s p k o t b e r h t y m n e e d b m ~ b m d~kdl ~af addhgk~rt ybhy.
p h . Th e P i f l f i t s ~ ~ b b a s e ~ k &the-terdthepivotphtbthe
hddinplacewithmptZry>e. W e edge of muter bit b get
~PaWhzl f dWp~~&i ~~, pt di v j ng a l o t o f he a nd~ . qg j a e t w n i a s t e p W*
w a y t o ~ u p t h e a p ~ ~ c y ! o E mnmHondwdinkys. :::,'- me epaxy. Topnmmt he stpoxy
a prajeck. The p&Ia is cukking hl example, the table on page han b1eedhg lnbo thc g~&%@tl. a
andndfttingan&oddlyshapedin- 22kmal audt op*m g di de a t mdx dt kdWby
h y p i e f e a ~ b e ~ f h ~ u l t d inlaymarZhsedge,bwnabo~. spl?ayingonacoatoflacquer.And
l.hntwcxmdq. &I m y Hmd &thg curvd pkxs h ~ ~ i t e a s i e r bmo v e anyex-
ki ~ebt Quaem14epqm- a f wo e d . i n t b f h ~ m& ~ ~ x ~ s u b a r o a t o f w. ~ x r n . t h e
a dbeapratytoughtarl r
s l & a ? d t h e d .
flowhb@tdxM Butpucarv6fetasimitardkt M~XEPQWUI DCOLW. W~~~~~~W-
any t&%kpeF by fdmpwn&ingup abzrtclrof.(?p- fa& ppared, b nW skp is b
9xyandddi i al i ~c dal ' k3 duKI sa&~w, I ' wf ocmdmoat
you jwt ripply llw mWme into a bra& work fine, bzrt it's bed tso
ol t dl mv~rnt t i m. &ehpof w a s l o ~ ~ ~ ~ M w a y ,
yam crhoiqe. W~th Ws k-e, I you'll hm af h e ta get it
~riis:&&toaddagreat-la6~+ inphceWg$eitstattgbhBa
s i g n ~ a i t t w t a l o t o f ~ l e . ~wml r aej ust ~ui any~
; .. n
r . c:. GL. _. ... GHilN@g&liIED.ClkR~W$fhe ~ f c o l o m i r t g i n e p ~ ~ f ~ ~ ~ @ ~ e
p ~ m t o ~ i s ~ ~ ~ ~ a r e dyestotheblackfW@kf~pa-vv-
For the mwd table@p, I ~d
dm P 4 rn the . M e tap. Yau'll
a tr+ md a mu@ with a s' just waxit to avoid miots h t are
Testthe u~hr mi s s ~ t 6 i t ~ & ~ ~ c A n d ~ 1 u b k i n b ~ p e o f My o u %
on a sample baard kcausewrdherPsso wd, .eke be a&&g t~ the piae Fa in-
$Q find &@ shack y au grwvp: d y to be b" deep, if yod'e m g = @
want for yaur projem tR&&WB I#E WMB. &I p v a t wsrbr-hdfinisk, stay a m y f r ~&~
the d f2rr the inla& fimds wa-ubk alms m will
m, lff8
- . - l a . i,:,. ':.,..-+- ...-. ... C I ..
ccordlng to the rnanufac-.
Lure& instructions (usually,
aqual amounb of resin and
7ardener). Then mix in the
in the inlay are almost un-
avoidabfe, But you a n fill
them using a drop of spay
CHI g paperdip or toothpick.
Than j ug sand again after
the repairs are dw.
f -3,from -our shop
I ur r r vvur apccc
2nd-farend and
I used two stop blocks -1
on knce ly muter
m e , They dl
Sk~Madd Bead ktdsy
Th e Mh d d - r n h t o o l -&below-&Rilfil)q you esfi ttw a
C b t o n p ~ a ~ a ~ d d I d m get g9t fi p m w W- ~ a d ~ b ~ -
ht mading such a d molding YOU% End it a 10. mfer te wark nose bit in
on t?te rmkr table i~ hard Xat b wi& extmmide wlarkpkes t ht mukt table to
* b%. Q
T! kf omp*l s l e~
d@ fKun fhle WQ~@~&Q $ro k small bead p m
r t t r p - a 8 ~ ~ ~ a ~ ~ p ~ m ~ f l k ame: a!if to
wi t hmmedppt ~Ti l t e!mct mkkintwustqx.
thiqb &&&'Pip&Bbd&d-
tn;g9kbWwo*i ce. Thefl
i t ' s ~ a ~ d c u ~ b t o
le~tgth a m d f i ~ t h ! m i n t o ~
myautp* l
perfa home far Y@U.~ most p W hanel'td..
, j, . .' ' 1 ' : ; .
Some of the hand tools I own are pri&ess. Maybe not
to a cohcbrl but tRey are to me. I've WOW with
I ~ ~ o r o r s o ~ m g ~ e ~ 1 p r n o r ~ ! l i k e ~ ~ ~ . ~ v e
certainly earned a special place in my s b p and you
might say thfs traditional tool chest ie my answer.
Onelook will tell pouthis wasn't meanttobe just a
simple, utilitarian tool ChRd TWO Wngs hmediately
I catchyoureye.The~tbthewd-culyandbirds-
look past the wood and you start to mtice the detalfs.
The frame and panel doors (and back) and ail the deli-
cate ~~ give the chest a chssic look.
But when you open .the doors'and look inside, you
~ y r e a l i z e t h z t t t o o Z ~ i s b r e g o a l h ~ . ~ d
each door you11 find a WOW mxs, perfect for hang-
ing a few often-& tools. Atad thafs just the start. The
chest holds eleven graduated drawers &at pmvide & - .
spotforjustatx, utanydtool. L. 2L%
A Yourit Rndthe mrFect spot for just about any tool in one of oftheeleven, - jew&y,keep&, ma special mIle&m But what-
leather-lined drawers. There's a atre to fit almost anything, ever the contents, this projert will hold than in style.
!-- 3. 1
32b ~mdsinith' , 'fc3 No. 168
- - -
----- b
- - . . . - , .
with wash6
o& a short summary. The
are shown in the box at
of the opposite page
The tongue along the back edge
of the sides comes first. This is
How4o: Make and
: InstaIl the Runners
formed along on the inside edges
of the sides (detail 'a' at left).
Next comes the caw joinery The
upper and lowa hmbntal divid-
ers are joined to the sides with a
tongue and dado (detail 'b'). This
'kf. Ths! two mminhg horizon-
tal dividers and the vertical dividm
fit into full-width dadoes. The key
spaced ammtely and aligned from
side to side and top to bottom.
bling the case, you'll need to make
and install the drawer m~. The
openings are too small to do this
after the case is glued togethec
There are 22 identical ~unnm to
imfdl-Wopetdrawes. Centered
~ e s c u t - i n ~ s i d e s o f ~ d r a w-
ers will fit over the mm. The
illustrations at right show haw to
make and install the mm. 3ut a
liMe expbtim will help.
When I made the nutners, I gave
myself some "wiggle room" by
dr&g oversized counterbores
and screw holes. This adjvstability
makes fitting the drawers easier.
Accurately positioning the run-
ners is the real challenge hem. My
solution was to dry-assemble tire
case piecesand then use
spacers to take any guesswork out
of this process. It worked great.
The front ends of the runners
should sit 1$" back from the front
edges of the case. As you'll see later,
the drawerbnt4 will canoeat them
and act as drawer stops.
One final thing. The upper, cen-
ter opening holds one drawer. So it
mdy needs one set of ruiuters.
AsmwWlttr the $rawm fl nTwW
in place, you can start putting the
pieces together. First, I aswmbled
the two upper liorkmtal and ver-
t i 4 dividers. Then I added the
lawa vertical divider and horizon-
tal dividq using the sides o keep
things squaw. Last come the two
sides and the bottom divider.
[ k uMe ~a ndSc r t e wt j a ~, AftercuE@ Spacets, 7himdifkmt s&ed qsms I
the mnnm b f%t drj4 e shallaw mutt@- albw y~lu to wi& and xwratety pmi-
Bcm fofowed &an @wsi w&shmk h&. tion the mflm in the tax+.
I -
Set square-,
against face 1 ,
Dri# the Mat Holes. A& marking
the b t i o s f ~ l l the @ht Me z@ke
the ewe apart-and dfll themm
a ' a::
;,::. : , ,
,, -
vork tcl do. As y w nav how, dl
tlze drawers slide on the runnars
installed in the wae, The cat& is
. h t you ddt want the grooves in
l W O ~ A t ~ ~ o f & e
c4ixweB yw21 find two j oi aq
w ~ b . MQst of the ih-
hh?e&awer s amt he* e
ywl l add later limit3 access to
whkver is stared at the b a a So,
I decided to ,ifhimte this "bt "
'pace, Full-length sides sti l l sup-
art the drawas whm p e d ,
ht the back fits. into a fecessed
dado, as in detail 'a' at left.
The plywood botfoms of all the
the parts. But thebottolrms of tb
upper row are full depth md fit
mder the back (detail 'a' at M).
the drawasides to m d through
- I J .-A
.&efrontsoft2ledrawer~.Soyou'll Meewdyeverthepwnnmbu-i dl d, t ut nt dpa g e mt i o kd i
vanttocutthmhfmegltEingthe wi~uttoomuchplay, #ame painter5 on &c@tlng he
IrT drawers together. After assan- k BWL Y Y &~ t h e x u x u r e r ~ e s runnershnp&ect&
hrough the drawer backs. cut .to size, you art start gluing drawers with Ieather is h e perfect
! The final two drawfqp hi+ ~ @ - - & - B W ~ ~ ~ . I ~ p l y c u t a p i e c e
/ tow
show what needs to be done. you want to be pretty p e . of pas- b a d m fit eshdrawer
remember that the %''-wide If you make certain the drawers and then glued an wersid piece
qmoves are centered a m the are aqtaare md sit fht, you'll have of leather to it with spray ~ M v e .
vidth af he diffaent h w e r amucheasiertimefh&mingihe Aftw ttinmingtheleatha to she,
sides. And you want the sides to fit And when dl tke drawers are you just pop the liner into place.
completing the
WEE: &ad mldl
fs W ~ Q fPt Bfrrr
me h m b l &
a d rh~mfer
111wb ~ & Baw
Ere* E0 page 31)
mw! Identi&
bead rnaldirg
dlpptledto doors
At t Zr i s poi n, t pt bt t r s l ~t i $~
t a r k i n g h p e , h t ~ a t e a f m
imprbti p& to add. But it's all
~ ~ ~ ~ . h p u c a n s t 3 e
obve the b me ans2 pad back
twon wad p v e j o h q using
curly and b * maple3 A d
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ' a ~ b
I h e o a s e ~ ~ g ~ ~ I n t h e
~ t i l e s * ~ k ~ ~ t O ~
d& on this projectis t h e b d
mlhg &at frames the pan&*
a n d ~ i t t o b ~ ~ ~ h
a n r i ~ k b Kl d ~ .
sma]lrn~mp".p31. Andwtk
~ b d ~ i n ~ , you*
1 P P ~ ~ N a w ; d y a t @p md
can e b e I thmeax~ idertti-
~ l y ~ l i l p k s t o r k . I ~ m ~
withfilletonallthe e t n d h
mlded edges facing me a r mh *
W1& the doors in place+ you &d d
~smUP, After installing the tw5
handles, I d e d the chest to the
fuhhhg mom. &re I applied a
gdnpppf ng wa w- bd M-
l owedbyacoat of wrt i @g~
i s t u . B n d ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *
i n g , ~ - p ~ ~ ~ . w a m
,&SO WEWS: 48% 4P- %" Maple
.-@Om Beerd d d @ fMM1 is 72* rough Igtrg&
arrd rjppmftd size,
#Q?R Par& are pIaned ta @tCknara fmm thick^&&
Door Storage Options
F %TE worEiflg on'this pmje
ect, I couldnt help but thinb
of all t he different ~ p i o n &
for putting I-t; t o us^ - both
G~ ~ Ez ; ? The ehallow drawers
ar6 perF~~$. And addlng a
leather-tined back panel to
the doors provides a plam
for pendants and nmkletces.
.And if Wale are youp
' - &olce, a slmllar rnodifi&or
B Heriintal Dividers (4)
E Drawer Runners (22) %x1h-9%% EE Daor Side Stiles (41
$$xl%-T R Wise1RE+& (2) F Small Drawer Fronts (4)
5 Upper Small Draww 4c 41 6.GBack $tiles (2)
H Uppr Small Drawa Ba, IZ)
J1 %km %~ 2 ~ 5 ' ! 4 6
K Ce r &r Dmr a I Z )
% x ~ % - &
M CcnW Dfawef i%tm 8) Masead Melding (4)
M M Small DEIWS 5'- 141 x tb-sL
0 W r Small PI%W FWa
03) P *a, m~rass
Q Medium Drawer Fwsnb, , &,A 2 - !9s&i (2'pr-1 I +' ! ! +' x 2" Brass Butt Hinge
R Medium Dmwr5i &@ ?5 x 2 - 9% . -. . -* (2) %Ir-&. &rm KnalkNz~mEhean . ,
" .
! '
&~2 - 1 ! 3 ~% $4) liJ-dia- We-brth Magi & --:<'-' .- -. - V. . . . -
%&. - @4x I @&~ #}~4"MqRetCups . . &, - .
'9. -
2 - 2 . @ (4) 3hu-dia. Magnet Washers
- ' '& k 2 - yh3ii . (4) #;4 x FhWwdscrews .
.- Bx2 - 22.b dq (2) 6' Chert Lifts
- ! ,
:t' :: -
\q-$jy. - ~ 3 4 ~ 27% ,: .: 7
- -
(44) #6 x %* Ph W o d x r ~
- -
,c:z.--+. .-. - . -
, F -.
%x 2 ~l33& (44) #6 Flat Washers L-L -- 5 : , :*&--. -
.. . >
?&x2-8%i {41 #B x 1%" E m FhWoodscrew
. . I . . .
> 4
p*- i . . ?+=: e: F c + - - -.---" - - - -
. -.
- .. .- ;t: . . >
- -
. - - I
- - 4 --- I -.
with a well-f
~ m ~ h e m d w w ~ W a T1IEWHTU.Thehtsteptoward
s i m p l e , ~ a r d ~ m ~ ~ a p ~ c u t i s E h n o s i n g t h e r i @
mh c e -you simply s h d the wrk- blade for ma-. For mast 14" band
piece on edge and run it throu* the aawrs, a %$", hook-toothed blade
~ a w . ~ ~ s m o r e t u i i t t h s l n . H ~ r t h e ~ a h o w n i n t l w b w ~ i e f t 0
your saw isn't 9c!t up properl~ tbm are p W ) b the right anma
s f e w p r d e r n 6 h t w i Z l W~ y 1 m ~ , & y o u Z v e . ~ & e
pap up and make getting the rtght hl adeI yd &a want b add an
yauwFlntac%dh.p.Heseartzmm ~ u d b y h - m ~ f s ~ t s n a y g h
A A wall-tubed band a w wiU hdp y ~ u make easy 6xes to a Eav of the most mmsm to support wide 8trabk, Thm Ifs wadly
straight, square, and consistent cuts wen pdbeas. Thw' U @ you an yam way just a makter of finetan@ the nst of
when resawing stock into thin pieces. to mccesful mwling. y ws a wt a @~ t e c u t S .
Flattar Bard Cuts
Oner~nnmre$8*gpaemis 7 1 z i e ~ ~ ~ t n d a i s ~ ~ TheWWgtoduLmakesui.e
known as a bard cut. It's a round- tmkkm. Emkd d dying on yaw the upper blade gltide m b l y is
ed cut that leaves a concave and a ~ w b ~ r n ~ ~ (whichis& mhtothewotsrpi eceaspdb
con~e~:)cfaceOnd~,as&uwn d o ma c ~ &) ~ j u &p ~ ~ ~ b l a a e IIiketokeepitabautWabovtfihe .
in t he l &%~Wbe l ow. Fortu- with yeur finger, mduwnbe1crw. It cut Thia wqfhebladeb ~ e s s : ~ y
na;teay,iit'sanearsyp~totsr. shddn"tmava-mrethanlld'. ~ d ~ i n s i d e ~ wo l c p l e c e .
;uccass begh
with the C a r r e
blade. Chatmi a
4-Pi blade with
deep gullets for
chip removal.
being I3tqwm%& f;o blade"
I& at bath f h upper md l m
hhde @dm. If the)t'* atrt pq-
*ad 2s in & ilIll&b~4on
I & & T q q t h e y r n ~ ~ H a d P 0 ~
Illy thew ww adjustmetkt
adjust ti .r
. j&,75$~:5:
lams WOW kb iabk md a -
y::- . ,
m stop.) Then check the
=-- . -I
Pnvant Blade Drift
A frequent source of hushation
/ when -wing is blade drift. Even
when everythirrg else is set up
pmpx1y, the blade can still wander
off the cut b. This is a d by
the set of the blade arid how flat it
,QI sits em the the. Fo-klly, hre's
an easy solution b .this pbl em.
a U y a u n e e d t o d o i s d ~
face of a b d and make a strargh1
cut, as shown in the drawing a1
fivht When you get about halfway
ugh* cut, turn the saw off
h . &wu h ma
r __.=
Shop Tip Wedge Splitter 1
p around the blade md binding or causing tfie
aaw & W. Most often, this is c a d by intend
~ i n t h e w o o d . I t ~ t ~ ~ p p i n w o o d
i k s " s a very wet ox waB~ p ~ 1 y dries,
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ s ~ u L ~ ~ M ) F B u ~
SLt a ge mne s t s MN
dare orcan liaJaTck@d'an rcrp 8f
esr,th etm & s u 1 f m newTs
Looking for a solution to
sbring power tools! bu
can keep them all close
at hand with any of these
Questions & Answers
As I was applying
prajecf, noflami some
in the m d . I
t hught l haddovreab
w* j o b a f a mlJ3f
neuses Shcrse riopEes and
h o wd o i g e t r i d d ~ 7
Narm, Ohio
When y6u buy sur-
faced lumber from
a horns center or your
local lumbery&i, it's
already been planed t o
rMeknem. And possibty
wen jointed on one
or bath edges.
trut tnlls IB na guaranrrssl tpnnm trerowj.
that the surface i s fl at Then 171 mark
andredyforafinish. t heseareas
Planers and jointers with a pencil.
use rotary outtero like PM00TYllJG.
you see i n thsr drawing Next, P II work
at left. This ratary cutking on smooth-
action can leave ridges, ing the sur-
or bumps, an the surFma face in one of
of the workpiwe. three ways:
R WM e RIM&. The by sanding,
pmb1,lern b you aften wing a hand .. .:. F .-
don? see these ripples scraper, or leveling A ~mout hi ng plane
until the stain or the fin- the ridges out with a can come in handy, toe.
ish iospplhd, Sa how drr smmthing pbns. I set it to take a very thin
you avoid this problsm? When sanding, I start shaving. A hand plane
There are a f ~ w things with er mars% grit and works greet because the
you can do tu ensure the sand until the ripples are sole afthe plane will ride
surfa~s is prepared for gow. Then you a n can- over the ridges as the
stain ar paint. tinue using finer grits tcr iron shavee them down. @ 1
The first thing I do is elirninat~ the scrarches Yau're left with a glass-
try to wrt out the work- I& bythe previous grit. I srnootfi surfam.
pieces that: have these find it best to use a sand- Whatever m%th-od you
ridges and require a lit- ing blockto help keepthe use, it's good to check
tle extra attention. I do surface flat and to keep your pragress periodi-
this bmre. asssrnbling from rounding the csdqes cally. When all the ridges
tha pmjm. SometYmes, of the workpiew, and mT1e-y~ am ganar,
wiping the workpiece Another option i~ to then you know thesur-
with mineral spirits will use a hand scraper. I'll face is ready Per
help you see any ri ~pl es Rald it at an angleso the a finish. &I
or rough areasthat need scraper won" ffail~w the
~ r n ~ *ark A b@4t, rak d&im md w1by1
1- li@& W Bit ar W.@tp &nrs%&&Y %he
ari$l.e ~jr:$.n dsrr hAp %an tlbwsS
f ho hbrdware really gives the
listed in the margin at right. page 24 is slow*& epoxy (Ma, bmkplates (H-121 a, the %*-dia.
5174) from Stewe~-Ma@&nsid knob with wsod (H-a),
MlfER WUQE You can &Isti ordermlswaod (No. and the lr@ rk 2" MI-tipped butt
Setting rhe angle pf your miter 1W) and ebony INa. 1856) inlay hinge$ {FB-W7B).
. gaugle usually lnvBlvas a lot of filler from them to &add c o b ta The I14N-dia, rare-earth mag-
trial and error. But the R~Mfi@r- your epoxy inlay. nets for th@ doors c ~ me from
100 miter gauge shown on page Another gbad source for epoxy Lee Valley (99k31.01). And thqt
14 alirninatss the guesswok. It's inlay materids is Lee Vaihy. They also have the rnatGhirtg W-dia.
available directly from the manu- oarry the epoxy (58271.03) and magnet cups WW.51) and W-
f-wr, &Lazar Sol&iorrs. the an ili'pe dye ptwvder used to dia. waghen (WK-3262).
Fm setting the blade angle just mlw It 456208.10 f Ps six mlcirsj. Finallyp to lina the drawers, 1
r i ~ht for a bevel cut, you mjg bt The dye ia Blm available in Irldi- used dearskin leatherfmm Fan&
1 want to rmn&dar the Wky Dji@1 Yidual mlor packets.
Leather Factory.
Angle Gaff@ (wge 161. You can One more thing - it's nice to
order it directty from W y or have ayringas on hand k r dis- WOOD UlEICniNO
I from RaekJer or Wdwlmfi. pensing the epoxyxy You can find Youcan ma unique lodkkr yuur
them Elt Rockier and tae Vafky. prow by bleaching thewnod as
DESKTO? M E W E CE#TEk S~QW~I an page 46. *rou tan pick
Just a f ~ w pieces of hardware is TQOL CUEST up cxatic acid and the two-part
C.l( alliftakestocompletetttemes- Aprojed likethetooloheston woodblwchwhereverpeintsup
rsally hsndy. It's the spring that sic bead molding detail can be
end eornpTession spring, 0.48' the edge profile on the top and
In diameter. Tke most irnpomnt bottom, I used Aman@ Joo!'s
dimension Tar the spring Is its ogee fillet bit (541123 from the
free length (not wrnp-d), Wo&rnitb Store.
+&<,,,\-: --. - --
, . ./#.*. .,-,%
- -
drawen and consistent, narm,w - gaps. - !.-.x3c==,p. .;'-.. - .
;'-,.$ -
. . \. ,u..., y .
l'keEs&gWWrseIdaM- Ih~v+trvogo&h&l%Wd- ds-ishowtheyna-.
f i t ~ r r g o u s l i d e i t d ~ f i b ing&awa%i-they&buldv Pras roPndnm411*c b a e
w. lk bubleb tbdsnme to sn&ywi&mtaLotofp~.(d&- sidemadsdi hantwd-.
i t ~ s i a p l y ~ ~ d r a ~
n&dymbnding).A&mmd,they YoucnreehmthaewarkIn
dpp#&phei nWophm. Wt s boul dl a~kgmd~yi hat i me~ t h e ~ w i n g ~ A $ ~ o o v e ~ t i n
Tt ~i s ~u&l ga&dgawp@ theetrmwrs5tW-M ~~hdrawmddefitaaveraru~er
andt2llen~alittkfhese.The andhaven&&w,c&mt@~ WsattadWI
&the d r a ~ i 3 ' d ~ ~ ~ t i m &
c u u p l e ~ ~ ~ ~ Wdrawm.
I s i r b . I i * e ( o mQp t k ~ e s
sntheMth~fh*p-~i rs
s h o ~ i n ~ ~ d b a ~ a t ~
~ ~ a ~ w a y Wmt
i h i e p ~ I d d i ~ s r e ~ ~
&a&ofwhichedf4e offbewixk-
rind that if's mud3 &w! tQ get
&?a&draw& tij perate mm*
d Mi b W* i t %@~ d
@>$v -i <*P,@'gp"
&@&g g: : $$&. . .,,.&&i
- -
F-. '
. - - 1
r- U r- '
- --
I I- - -.-
- -
- - - .- - - .. .-. -
- - -
. - ---
- - -
---.-- - -
- *__ . -
- - -..- .I, .
- - - .
--- - -
- -.
- -
- .,- . .A -..- -. - -
.. -
- - L ~~1~ 7-,Zh&kt Here's a srnefl projectthat really stan*?: F L
- --
- .-
- - rlh M@a'~Ga~tl~mean Ks hard to build. We'll show yu;
some strejghtforward techniques and simple tips for making
the curved legs and t h e ~ u @ top.Jua*rn to page 22.
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(Issues 127-1 3 4
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Crrdtrmsn Curk Cabinet, IWterTable, ChWlbwd
PlwICwtwWBox Jol* CuWng Ten- Cutting
Cwtr, woc!&orklng Chmpr, Wng Metal Rules
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(Issues 1 3S138)
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Sectkrnd Wrtalnment Centar, Formal Hall TaWa
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(ISSUU 1 39- 1 44)
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PIUS, ~ I I I ~ rips, n~~toyb~~m ~ a t f ~apa mtdoor
Rnlshss, W Hdf lap, W r Set-upTp
Annual Bound Volumes
(ISSUB 151-156)
r ClardcOakTodWnstFuton,WPwtBsd
C o r mr M~ C a h ~ Mw r l s c h e l r & ~ n
Plus, #18ottom#l Dad- krw Cha*
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Pky, Hatf-Mprtlre Locirr, mh Bhdas,
Mmbk MwtMng llg, Milk Palnt Flnlrh,
F m d Panel Joinery, hc hg RaW
(Volumes 22 thru 26)
Order as a wand n#lva dl 5 bound vdumm
to mkaa complete llknry
8 ~~ Cummet Discount - Saw $30
That's like getting ONE VOLUMEEBEe
(Issues 67-72)
Table Slrw Workatton, Band Saw Upgrade Hcrlmntal Mortlslng Machlnc, Small Parts Storage
Adjustable Mlter Jig, Mlter Gauge Fence Sw~ Awa y Routtlr Table, Drll Press Belt Sandcr
Plus, Jlg Saw Blades, Set-Up Gauge
~kmygnr~ $29.95
v ' w M E 1 3 , w m ~ ~ m :
(lssua 73- 78)
* Benchtop MintLathe, Plank-Top Workbench
Slldhg-Door Shop Cabinet 5 Plywood Shap Projects
8 Modular Shop Cabinets, Auxiliary Rlp knee
s Plu6, 3-h-1 Cut-Off Sled, land Saw Tune-up,
Plus, Water-Based Flnlhes, Palyunthane Glue,
IW Favorlte Pull 5aws
HHnllm3 62989s
Box joint Jig, Router Starage Sptam
8 Router Mortlslng Jlg, Table Saw WorMl an MnadCustomer Dlsmur-it - Saw $30
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